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  1. Hi are the maxi tea lights still available? My zip is 61614 for shipping  quote 

    1. moonshine


      Yes they are 

      I don't do much shipping so I have to figure out how to get a quote 

    2. mzphee


      Ok ...whenever no rush

  2. how many lbs of shea do you have? I will take it... abanga karite? is that a butter? if so how many lbs do you have of it too

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cindym


      It's awesome stuff,  I have 3 total lbs to sell, how much do you want

    3. mzphee


      I will take the 3lbs trueroyaltyscents@yahoo.com 61614...

    4. cindym


      Hey there, okay,  I will send paypal later tonight or in the am.  thanks

  3. Hello are you located in Illinois?  I saw you mentioned Black Crow candles and their not far from me

    1. GoldieMN


      I'm in Minnesota--SE corner.  They sure have come a long way from the first time I saw them at market in Madison, WI.


    2. mzphee



      wow really they have a store in Canton, Il that's not far from me at all... I also did a few big vending shows with them... they have a huge set up...lol


  4. Hi,

    I tried to pm you but it says your mailbox is full. I still have the lip balm pots. Let me know how many and your zip and I will get shipping quote (they may fit in small flat rate). Wednesday is fine for payment :)

  5. wow thats just across the river from me, its just amazing how small this area is, I did not know of anyone in my area making candles, now I am finding alot of people to network with. what part of Illinois do you live in

  6. Hi Mzphee....I am in Illinois too and my husband's family are all from East Peoria!