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  1. Keeping wax warm

    Yes If I forget to watch closely, I have heated up to 200 before, which is the lowest setting on my presto. But I turn it down to warm as soon as I can. No problems so far, and I use 464 too. Goldie is right, the last few degrees come on fast.
  2. Anyone use Candlesoylutions?

    Kinda cologny but has an outdoor scent to it that i like.
  3. Anyone use Candlesoylutions?

    Trappeur if American still has the $5 fo's I highly recommend the sweet merlot and the black ginseng. I also got the blue sage & sea salt ($11 I think). I mixed blue sage & sea salt with black ginseng 50/50. Poured candles about a week ago. They are awesome, with great CT. can't wait to light em up. Speaking of the price is right, I'm so excited! I scored a huge box of FO's and soap molds on craiglsist. Only 10 bucks for the lot. My nephew picked them up for me, so I haven't seen them yet, but it will be better than Xmas .
  4. Keeping wax warm

    That's what I do all the time. Also I usually end up leaving a little wax in the presto pot and re-heating it next time. Haven't had any problems. What do you mean by a regular melting pot? Is it a pour pot?
  5. Those scents sound delish! I really like the look too.
  6. Needing help like seriously BAD

    There are a lot WORSE things we could be addicted to And if you really have too many FO's, please do list them for sale on here...so you can help enable the rest of us!
  7. 10% off American Soy

    Not ordering anything now. Got a follow up e mail from them for my last order and they had discount code. Yes you can get the wonderful lemon cheesecake from them or candlesoylutions.
  8. 10% off American Soy

    code: 10off American Soy Organics
  9. I think that will look beautiful!
  10. Thank you!

    yup that's what I wonder too...why do they stop if they don't like it. Glad u did well in spite of it.
  11. Macintosh Apple Rename

    @Moonstar I have used both millennium and their regular soy. The millennium has nicer tops. Have to do 2nd pour on the regular, but has same throw and burn qualities. I used htp wicks. I just put the sweet merlot in wax...it has good cold throw so far. Really like the driftwood n coconut, black ginseng, out of bottle but havent put em in wax yet. Their sweet pea is good strong thrower but not my favorite. Fruit slices good seller. Vanilla coffee good throw smells like coffeewith cream . i used. to use so many of theirs when they were ENchanted lites but a lot were discontinued. Used to get orange vanilla. Will have to try mixing my own now. Glad to hear the plain orange is good.
  12. I DO NOT LIKE nag champa! It is my best selling scent in soap and wax
  13. Macintosh Apple Rename

    @Moonstar I got the black ginseng also. It is good OOB, but not sure how to describe it I have used harvest and essence of nature in blends, both good throw. @Trappeur yes american soy organics...have you ordered from them?
  14. Macintosh Apple Rename

    I used to use the millennium, love it, but it got too expensive. I highly recommend lemon cheesecake, pina coloda. great throwers. I recently ordered the blue sage and sea salt and I love it OOB. The merlot is pretty sweet, not too winey, definately worth 5 bucks Theres another thread somewhere about american soy and milennium from last month I think.
  15. Macintosh Apple Rename

    I'm renaming the sweet Merlot fragrance, that I got from American soy for $5 a pound , Christmas Cordial