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  1. franu61

    himalayan pink salt

    Not sure if this belongs here, but I just found course Himalayan pink salt at my Grocery Outlet. 2 pds for $3.99
  2. franu61

    Brambleberry FOs---for candles only...

    I've only used the lemon verbena yankee type. It is great in 464 at 1 oz p.p.
  3. Thank you @GailC for letting us know about this!
  4. wow! I just put 6 dozen apothecary jars and lids in my cart. The shipping would be over $100. Of course I just bought wax and I am broke but this is too good to pass up.
  5. franu61

    What do you do...?

    Same here! But lately I have a whole bunch of spigots that won't fit my new bottles.
  6. franu61

    Did the print just get larger?

    lol, that's why she posted the same thing 3 times above...lol, lol
  7. franu61

    Back from yonder....Alabama

    Welcome back. I think there are a few folks still around from 8 years ago.
  8. franu61

    New to candle making

    My 6th grade teacher (MR. Seever) taught our class how to crochet
  9. Thank You so much for the offer of a Bergamont sniffie. 

    If you don't mind sending it to Canada, I'll gladly take the offer and can PayPal funds to cover your costs too, if not wanting to send to Canada that's okay too. Here's my Addie. 

    Maggie Anderson

    Box 1805

    Merritt, BC


    V1K 1B8

  10. franu61

    Light a candle for Vicky

    I am so sorry!. She was such an inspiration. Prayers for her family.
  11. franu61

    New to Soap

    I have these that I can sell. I will pm you with details. Fran (Admins: If this is not appropriate here please remove, I would post on classifieds but I don't think CKMM can see them yet.)
  12. franu61

    If you got your email?

    Oh Jeez, that was me above, forgot to sign in. duh! I got it
  13. franu61

    A Little help getting to know you.

    What's your name? Fran How old are you? 52 Where do you live? In the redwoods How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? 3 years How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? bought the business from a friend Are you married? Any kids? yup 28 yrs, yup 2 guys 22 &25 If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? part time sec/bkkpr for economic development company, also part time shampoo girl for dog groomer friend Anything else we should know? I didn't mention my third child...my dog! LOVE MY DOG
  14. Hi,

    I need some more watermelon from The Candle Source, but I hate to pay shipping on one bottle. any chance you'd want to order one for me also and ship to me in a padded flat rate envelope? Figure out how much more your shipping would be for 1 more bottle?? I can paypal....