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  1. I know! I hope candle science gets more 464 soon. No way can I afford calif candle supply's with shipping all the way up to the oregon border!
  2. http://calcandlesupply.com/golden-wax-464-all-natural-soy-wax/ California candle supply: Their 464 is kinda expensive but they are located in glendora ca, so shipping might be reasonable to you.
  3. Favorite Aztec FO?

    I like their forever red
  4. Can't help you with the sweating issue, but I love your set up, and the candles look very classy!
  5. Craft show - Day 1

    I just finished day 2 of a 3 day holiday fair. Best sales ever! And that is with pink zebra across the isle from me, and scentsy around the corner. Lots of repeat customers too. Feels really good when they come back for more. 2moro will wrap up my shows for the year, if I'm real lucky I will sell out and not have to cart anything back home
  6. That happened to me when I was ordering jars from anchor hocking. supposed to be free shipping over $100, so I ordered a bunch. Waited and waited weeks, thinking my order was ggonna come any day. Finally got an e mail saying they wanted to charge big bucks for shipping as this was a "heavier" item. NOPE! and no more anchor hocking for me!!
  7. my customers like the orange clove from NG. I'm not crazy about it tho, very clovey to me.
  8. lost Control - Black Friday adventure

    I did pretty good. Only bought from NG. Mostly 16 ounce fo's I already use. And I splurged and bought an escali scale off ebay, that has an ac adapter and weighs fluid ounces, ounces, grams etc. Gonna try to hold out and not buy any more until brambleberry has their 10% off gift certificates, usually around xmas
  9. whats the link to your ebay post? WTH I may just want to try some WTF
  10. lol! I'm not sure its a BAD musk..whats a good one smell like ? No hankerin for cannabis in any form, lol
  11. I have plenty of these! Maybe we should have a WTF swap! Never know, somebody may LOVE the one you hate. Anybody wanna trade for: NG; pineapple orchid, energize Aztec; musk candlesoy; almond
  12. Rain Forest

    I love the look and I love the name!
  13. Black Friday Sales

    I don't remember them having black friday sales before...maybe they saw this thread
  14. Black Friday Sales

    me too! I'm hoping we can still get the $1 off per pound when we buy 5 or more along with the 10% off.