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    Wow! I ordered on the 13th and rec'd my order today, the 15th. Shipping from Nevada to Calif, but still, they filled and shipped on the same day I ordered. Way to go CS!!!
  2. I don't care what they call it, I just wish it worked like it used to .
  3. What type of tax ID?

    I think it's about $800 per year here in CAL for an LLC. Needless to say I don't have one.
  4. eggnog fo ?

    how about egg cream? That sounds kinda easter ish to me
  5. Aroma bead freshners

    That sounds about right. I cant imagine that too much would make em not smell. Just wouldn't be able to absorb it all.
  6. Aroma bead freshners

    I have used aroma beads online and had no problems. I use fo's from CS, NG and aztec. The scents last a good long time. I have not used fo from Texas candle...How much FO are you using? Have you tried fo's from any other supplier?
  7. Equipment Questions

    I don't make lots and lots, but I can't live without my presto pot. I DID start out, double boiling to melt wax, and was thrilled when I got my presto. SO much easier and quicker.
  8. Reorganized my FO stash, wanna see?

    I called mine Garden of Eden
  9. Aloe water

    I have done this. I put the aloe (insides) in water and boil it then strain. I have never had any problem in my lotions.
  10. Samples to go out with orders

    there's always tea lites.
  11. I am using soy 464 and tins that are 4" in diameter. Not sure how much they hold, maybe 12 oz, they are like a large tuna can. I am gonna try doubling up the wicks and see if that helps. Yours are looking good!
  12. @pughaus I finally burned my testers. I would have taken a picture but the tunneling was so bad I was embarrassed Hardly any debris, tho. I did the same as @shicks and waited til it hardened then trimmed the wick and turned upside down. At this point in my testing i would GLADLY settle for the amount of debris you got if I could get your nice burn
  13. That does look like a nice burn. I just poured some wooden boosters to test. Still have to wait a couple more days for the soy to cure. I will let you know what mine looks like.
  14. Looking for a sweet coffee scent!

    candlesoylutions or americansoyorganics has vanilla coffee. Definately coffee but sweet cream too.