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  1. franu61

    Lone Star recommendations?

    What another sale?...ugh. I haven't purchased directly from lonestar before, but I got some pumpkin pie spice from another chandler and I really like it.
  2. franu61

    Presto Pot Melters

    I have never melted my soy with the lid on either. I do put the lid back on when the remaining wax has hardened, to deep the dust out
  3. franu61

    When did you start?

  4. franu61

    Your startup costs?

    Well, I went about it a little differently....bought an already established business. Purchase price was $3500. That included recipes, wholesale accounts, equipment and supplies (no premade product) I did not ever think about it, but it sounds like I got a bargain, lol. Course I did and still do lay out more money on new product testing and equipment upgrades, and insurance is a major, ongoing expense.
  5. franu61

    Natures Garden

    Absinthe, Nag Champa, Orange Clove, Cracklin birch, all good in wax and M&P soap.
  6. franu61


    I haven't tried re's lemon verbena but Brambleberry's is very good!
  7. franu61

    Sewing machine recommedations?

    lol, I have one of those pieces of garbage I agree! Don't have any recs, tho
  8. franu61

    Blending Peppermint

    I recently did a blend of peppermint and green tea. All of the others above sound great too.
  9. franu61

    Weird Results Using GB 464

    @Trappeur i am gonna try pouring at 149, cuz I want beautiful candles like you make!
  10. franu61

    Fragrance prices

    I know what you mean @ShelleyF. I've seen those FB groups too. Funny they call them" de-stash" groups, but more like "make a profit groups", lol. I would never buy used for more than original price, but I noticed the shipping is usually less than you'd pay from the original, so maybe people figure it's worth it for 1 or 2 bottles?
  11. franu61

    Home Interiors Type Mulberry?

    Yeah, that's what I'm running into with all the plum scents...a lot more going on than just plum. I bet they smell delicious, but my customer wants just plum. thanks for the info.
  12. franu61

    Home Interiors Type Mulberry?

    I don't know about the HI scent, but have to say: WOW! 2 months and 4 days?? What is your secret? Seriously, there are a bunch of us FO addicts that wanna know how you did that. Does the plum tart REALLY smell like plums? I have been looking for a true plum scent.
  13. franu61

    Weird Results Using GB 464

    Are the spots through out the candle or just on the bottom? It looks like dirt or debris particles or flecks of un- dissolved dye chip? What color was the dye? The streaks hmm, almost looks like the glue from the sticker smeared? Sounds like you did everything right except I do pour 464 a little bit cooler. I shoot for 120 or so, but if that is undissolved dye pouring temp would not have made any difference.
  14. franu61

    Bakery scents

    There is a facebook group called melt & pour soapmakers. They have some very talented crafters. Tons of pictures and info. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1460683120854552/