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  1. Taylored FOs & AAA Candle

    yeah I like their stuff. Just wish they'd have Taylored as an in-stock item and not a made-to-order item.
  2. Taylored FOs & AAA Candle

    I really like Taylored's oils. That said sometimes I want to only order an ounce or so for that one off customer but can't because AAA doesn't have them in-house. Nevitt has to formulate them and we must order by the 8oz. I wish AAA would just go ahead and add Taylored's oils to their catalog.
  3. Freshly Baked Bread: Has anyone nailed it?

    That was an aspect I liked about it too! I'm thinking of using it as a base for a Ball Park Pretzel fragrance blend. I've tried SoS's pretzel FO and didn't think it worked all that well. I'll see if I can use this combined with a few other goodies.
  4. Cinnamon broom differences?

    SOS has one not sure of it's scent. They mention an East Indian flair which leads me to believe it probably has Cardamom in it. A good choice. Most cinnamon brooms in retail stores are scented with additional oils. If you do try it please let us know. I'm interested in trying this oil myself.
  5. ISO help...Wheat fragrance?

    I liked their Dirt FO it's interesting. Their Vanilla Mint is nice. I use it as a blender but it also has a TicTac vibe about it. Hot Pepper is fun to use but I fear it's on closeout. Need to order more of it while I can. Madagascar Black Pepper is another good blender although it is light. Good on it's own. It has as an almost soot-like aroma. You can do a good fall/winter FO renaming Rum caramel truffle. I might put in an order for the Pumpkin Lager. Haven't tried that one but I like the description. Lastly and I really shouldn't share this one but I will... Ripe Tomato. Seriously It's so multi-use it's ridiculous. Instantly adds a freshness to anything.
  6. ISO help...Wheat fragrance?

    I have and like it. It's not a reg order but It is a good fragrance. It's not overly sweet and actually smells of bread unlike others I've tried. It's not the best I've found but the best is currently elusive because I didn't take note of it at the time. I'm still hunting but WSP is a good one.
  7. Bacon. Whoops didn't read the entire post.
  8. I have been duped

    Got any for sale?
  9. Gunpowder FO and Burnt Rubber FO

    I'm always looking for a more accurate gunpowder FO. Do you think the small perfumer would be up for a group buy if we can get one going? I'd be in for some.
  10. I have been duped

    I'd consider buying one just on the name alone. What could Macabre possibly be in aroma? Color me interested.
  11. I rather liked Gemlite's Menthol fragrance. It wasn't all what I expected. More clean and fresh without the nose tingle. That's the closest I've found to "Cold" without smelling like mint. If your up for experimentation you might get good results mixing Clary Sage with your strongest Mint FO.
  12. Just Ordered These Unusual Scents

    The sweet dry burning plastic aroma?... I'm on the case!
  13. Just Ordered These Unusual Scents

    It doesn't. It contributes to the smell of paper. And even then "contributes" is the keyword. The aroma chemicals of paper have the same base chemicals that is aldo found in Almond FO, FCGrass FO and many vanilla fragrances. Combined (the aroma chems) they add characteristics of paper. The above recipe (if you can call it that) has been grossly simplified. I provided a better recipe on another thread if you want a leatherbound old book smell. And even that formula is more pleasant and avant guard perfumey to realistic old dusty books. Results may vary. See store for details...lol
  14. Just Ordered These Unusual Scents

    SoS has a scent called Magazine... Smells just like that!
  15. Freshly Baked Bread: Has anyone nailed it?

    Save on Scents for Graham scent Kettle Popcorn from WSP Fenugreek and Valerian from eBay EO suppliers