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    I make Candles, Tarts and CP HP soap has a hobby

    I love working in my flower garden and planting a vegetable garden I also enjoy fishing. I plant all my flowers for the hummingbirds I am a hummingbird watcher. I enjoyed evenings out in the Sun and talking to friends and neighbors. My second love is soaping and candle making I give them to friends and family as gifts.

    I am a Cancer survivor twice and I want to be able to do all the things in life that I enjoy and love, I am very giving pers

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  1. Sounds like they are blending 3 different fragrances together Lavender Sage, Vetiver, and Sandalwood wish I could smell it.
  2. Barbara AL

    Apple Connamon Berry

    I bought Apple Berry and Apple Spice from The Candle Makers Store going to mix the two together.
  3. Ok I forgot to put the Vetiver in the search maybe if we can put our heads together we could find it.
  4. I googled those fragrances and got a Company up called Oakland Gardens that is their Oakmoss and Amber they are on EBay and Amazon.
  5. Barbara AL

    Respectful Request

    I spent a lot of money testing why would I share that? 🤫🤫🤭
  6. Barbara AL

    Apple Connamon Berry

    Looking for a good Apple Cinnamon Berry Thanks
  7. Barbara AL

    Best lavender chamomile FO?

    Brambleberry has a very good one!
  8. Barbara AL

    Hello from Alabama ?

    Welcome to the Board Neal I see we are close neighbors! The board might be a little slow after the holidays but don't be afraid to ask questions.
  9. Barbara AL


    I put my color in dye bottles put the tip down in the soap and made circles with both colors. I than took a metal skewer and started in the corner going inward and outward making the flower design.
  10. Barbara AL


    Haven't soaped in awhile this is my new design. Thank You for the nice comments.
  11. Barbara AL

    Wild Flowerbomb cut

    Scented these are some old neons I had from TKB.
  12. Barbara AL

    Ocean Mist

    Shar yes you would love this scent.
  13. Barbara AL

    Ocean Mist

    Ocean Mist from RE smells just like Coast soap to my nose love this scent.
  14. Barbara AL

    Wild Flowerbomb cut

    It is totally Wild! Thanks for looking!