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    I make Candles, Tarts and CP HP soap has a hobby

    I love working in my flower garden and planting a vegetable garden I also enjoy fishing. I plant all my flowers for the hummingbirds I am a hummingbird watcher. I enjoyed evenings out in the Sun and talking to friends and neighbors. My second love is soaping and candle making I give them to friends and family as gifts.

    I am a Cancer survivor twice and I want to be able to do all the things in life that I enjoy and love, I am very giving pers

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  1. keystone bought remaining peaks inventory

    It was on their Facebook page
  2. Yes you were converting liquid weight to solid weight. When waxes are melted the liquid is more than 16 ounces for instances soy when melted is more like 18 liquid ounces
  3. Looking for a good Pomegranate FO

    I have a whole pound I think from TCS let me double check
  4. Why is scent throw diminished?

    I have started a new blend using 50% GB464 and 50% Flaming’s Problend 600 so far I am liking it. I am using the Premier wicks and using 8% fragrance load. Right now I am testing the Premier 760 and the 765’s in a Pint size jar
  5. Ky 133 Versatile Paraffin Wax Blend

    I love this wax for tarts/melts Vickey that use to own KY told me she liked this wax better. i mix a little soy with mine like 25% just to get the dimples out of the wax and make smooth looking tops.
  6. keystone bought remaining peaks inventory

    I haven’t gotten those two in the wax yet if I get time I will today. Candy Crush smells so close to Fruit Loops Cereal or Trix Cereal and Hawaiian Punch smells close to Bite Me from NG
  7. Satsuma FO

    Guess we could ask her
  8. Satsuma FO

    I miss that one too Talltayl
  9. Birthday Cake!

    I second that!
  10. New to this

    Keystone is now carrying Peaks original oils they will be having a Grand Opening soon. You can Call Keystone and pre order fragrances from Peaks.
  11. Made my first beer soap!

    I don’t insulate when I use PVC pipe molds they get very hot no matter what kind of fragrance I leave it on the counter with the top open.
  12. Looking for a nice Plum fragrance but not Spiced Plum Thanks in Advance
  13. Satsuma FO

    https://rusticescentuals.com/Satsuma-Body-Shop-type.html i see my friend Mary a review on it sticking after 2 years
  14. Satsuma FO

    Satsuma (Body Shop type) RE carries this I use this in soap though and it sticks. I had a friend give me a bar and I told her how strong the Orange was and it usually doesn’t stick she told me the bar was 2 years old. 😱
  15. Your Favorite Gingerbread FO

    I got the Gingerbread .99 scent sample from Candle Science really smells good but I made Tarts with it.