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    I make Candles, Tarts and CP HP soap has a hobby

    I love working in my flower garden and planting a vegetable garden I also enjoy fishing. I plant all my flowers for the hummingbirds I am a hummingbird watcher. I enjoyed evenings out in the Sun and talking to friends and neighbors. My second love is soaping and candle making I give them to friends and family as gifts.

    I am a Cancer survivor twice and I want to be able to do all the things in life that I enjoy and love, I am very giving pers

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  1. Just Scents Oils I can't decide on....

    They all sound good Trappeur I have used the Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo and love it. The Shampure is a little Earthy if you like those kind of smells.
  2. Blending suggestions?

    That reminds me of a scent Tennessee Candle usd to have called Grandpa’s Garden do you have anything with a green clean smell you could add to it like tomato leaf?
  3. Looking for a sweet coffee scent!

    ICS Coffee Bean does not smell like Burnt Coffee.
  4. Best place for Scents

    I love Coffee Bean from Indiana Candle Supply they have several coffee scents
  5. Lemon see and parsley

    I have Parsley Water from Daystar I love it in soap haven’t made a candle with it.
  6. Roasted Pinecones

    Parasoy don’t know the percentages burns like 50/50
  7. Roasted Pinecones

    Problend 600 by me adding more 464 it is more like 75% soy 25% paraffin
  8. Roasted Pinecones

    It is my own blend 50% 464 and 50% Problend from The Flaming Candle 5/8 inch wood wick
  9. Roasted Pinecones

    Burned my Roasted Pinecones today I am not a pine person but I like this one. the scent fill the room in less than 30 minutes
  10. What are you favorite spiced orange scents?

    I like ICS Spiced Oranges
  11. TT’s Provence from her Co op and add a little Lavender to it.
  12. Ed Hardy Type in the Mold

    I got Ed Hardy from Bittercreek Candle Supply
  13. Roasted Pinecones

    Sorry I have been so busy trying to get ready for Thanksgiving I hope to get it in the wax soon.
  14. Fragrance Oil Finder

    I believe that website has been gone awhile
  15. Roasted Pinecones

    Trappeur loves Pine Scents I will let you know going to get it in the wax soon.