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  1. moonshine

    WSP 10 lb drums

    I’m down for all of them 🙊😂 Black salt and cypress is beautiful - guava mojito is amazing, I too am having to wick up They have so many great oils 👏👏
  2. moonshine

    Issues with GB444 or 464??

    415 is ruined and 444 is ridiculous to work with - that wax craters and cracks like none I’ve ever seen I have used everything possible to add to it and it just doesn’t work - great ht with 444 but those cracks and sink holes are not something I will put out for purchase and you have to look real hard to see them a lot of the time 415 lost its throw imo- I switched wicks wicked down added different additives and it’s just not the same - I could get by using it still wicking down but I’m not satisfied with it at all in comparison to what it used to be 464 I can’t help you there I personally dislike that wax and haven’t touched it in many years before the problems but it’s GB so I think it’s safe to say it’s not the same anymore either look up all the threads on this....you will see what a nightmare it has become FYI....Midwest is a okay soy - I found it needs an insane cure time and that stuff is rock hard making wicking a little challenging but I did see more consistency in that wax as opposed to GB
  3. moonshine

    Hit or Miss Rate

    Which ones did you get from Wsp? I have some of the best luck with their oils in a variety of waxes for me all the flaming I ordered are duds....I should of known better to only get a couple and see before ordering a dozen 😂
  4. I am not super experienced in glass glow but I can tell you this.... what a nice change from soy! This stuff is amazing to work with and not having to wait for cool pour temperatures is fabulous- the flip took me a few times to know exactly when to flip but that is how we learn....making mistakes that include palm wax leakage all over the place- LOL I use CSN and RRD wicks, never tried the Eco with it but with palm I never let it cure more than 48 hours before lighting it up, I have not noticed any significant burn changes either unlike the soy waxes Candybee is a palm expert so hopefully she chimes in for some tips and you can search some of her threads for some invaluable advice- JCcandle is also a palm user I believe with extensive knowledge
  5. moonshine

    Starting Over

    It feels like your going through a divorce because you are going through a divorce...... been there and I can totally relate, it is a very devastating feeling Starting over is scary but it will be so rewarding for you- take this opportunity to use your vision of what you want the business to be and run with it. You have no limitations now, as scared as you are right now once you start testing your new product and work on your new branding you will start to feel a sense of closure and excitement in your new venture- you got this!
  6. moonshine

    What do you think of this meeting?

    I agree - it’s a totally horrible site with very few offerings geared only to a select obviously small audience and I can’t even see a contact us link..... yes I thought about it 😂 They will crash and burn soon enough, chin up Trapp and carry on Oh and I would let your supplier know that was totally unacceptable and nobody but yourself is to have access to your information- they obviously know you being local so they can’t use they told them they were there to pick up for you....a phone call to you could of headed that one right off
  7. moonshine

    What do you think of this meeting?

    Maybe I missed this part but how do you know they have the exact same stuff as you from this supplier if you did not divulge that information to them? Did the supplier tell you it was the same stuff Creeps....I would jump start talking to your accounts and letting them know what these people are up to and how despicable and deceitful they are because you know likely the next step in the game is to ruin your name in attempt to get your accounts
  8. moonshine

    What do you think of this meeting?

    Don’t do it- don’t answer a single question ....they are up to no good I would simply tell them if they can afford to buy your supplies they can afford to give you a deposit for their order- plain and simple your product and sources are none of their business and you won’t share that information -period If they don’t want to do business with you then oh well- any information you give them other than the wax type of candle your selling will bite you in the ass Those are not normal inquiry questions at all
  9. moonshine

    So what did you order from the WSP sale?

    I somewhat kept myself under control I ordered more of the ones I tried from the previous sale agave nectar pumpkin oud and then threw in some new ones Burmese wood black salt and cypress Guava mojito bourboned tobacco Orange guava Cardamom true sugar
  10. moonshine

    Flashing and smoking flame.

    Eco 12 doesn’t sound unreasonable for that jar being wide mouth but 11% FO is crazy high even for soy I don’t know how long you have been doing this or realize soy has undergone significant changes and most are needing to be wicked smaller now as a result and eco is about the hottest burning series out there So maybe try a 10 recall all your candles and Start over is my advice back your FO down - 1 ounce per pound is roughly 6% but doesn’t always work in soy you may need 1.5 ounces per pound which is roughly 9% and you shouldn’t need more than that at all start with eco 10’and go from there retesting all your scents it could be contaminated oil if it’s all the same fragrance with the issue but still imo you need to back down the fo load and try a wick size down this likely sounds to me like a cavern issue - 444 is notorious for creating caverns under the surface - you very well may have hit a big air pocket I take no chances with this wax and poke relief holes doing a second pour And some lots are worse than others I have found
  11. moonshine

    Candle surface caught fire

    Zero experience with gel wax but I would be hesitant to keep burning that and contact the supplier you got it from for advice on how this happened with no fragrance oil added or embeds at the surface
  12. moonshine

    “ Sweet” wax

    Someone actually made a video suggesting this 😂🙈 your best bet to add sweetness to your scents is a sickly sweet FO like a vanilla or creme brûlée or like Sarah suggested a marshmallow or pink sugar I think Wsp makes a actual sugar fo but I could be wrong on that
  13. I believe that one smells like frank and myrrh
  14. moonshine

    Wick Migration when wax is low

    Thanks executor of bad ideas for the ideas 😂 Red gasket sealer in my parts is under 5.00 a tube and lasts a really long time- I didn’t think that was expensive 🤔 so this silicone caulking....is that a permanent stick and okay for high temps? I’m not versed in these type of things and went with it based off many on here using it successfully
  15. moonshine

    What would you blend with wood?

    I use TT’s Amber and Wsp vanilla bean Noel or CC vanilla Voodoo- I don’t have one that’s already blended vanilla amber