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  1. Favorite FO from Fillmore?

    Ditto first 3 of candybee's daffodil apple bossom hot Cocoa
  2. Reusing plastic Clamshell molds/removing labels?

    Buy some more clamshells - they are so cheap and will look a heck of a lot better than trying to recycle plastic molds if you were doing this for your own self tests different story but giving them to anyone I wouldn't do it
  3. How soon do you feel we are going to start seeing this?
  4. 😳 Thank you for posting this Brad
  5. It does blow believe me but maybe take this new lot of wax and start from ground zero - maybe do a cake pan test with a few different series of wicks and naked wax test at 1 hour intervals and move it around room to room see if it shows any signs of the sweating all by itself ....then once you finish the test take the best wick from that test and do it again In your jars naked and then do it again with fragrance You will know when your ready....you had doubt that were ready all on your own with your post, so you will know when you feel confident in the wax....chin up you came this far you can do this It very well could be a fluke or bad batch but this way you will know testing the new stuff from the ground up
  6. Your welcome and if you want more feedback you could send out a few to some very experienced chandlers in here for feedback- I do this often also if your concerned about looking back on your website you can just tell them the new regulations in soy wax has caused a bump in the road and you will be delayed I lost most of my season over this crap and people understand ...I am almost depleted of old stock but need to be sure the wax I put out there next is going to perform as expected and it's been since summer and I'm still not quite there but getting closer and I have been doing this part time over 10 years
  7. I think what is kindly trying to be said here is you started in August- that's not long to be launching a grand opening you haven't been making and testing your product long enough to know what it's going to do over great lengths of time - wax burns so diffferent from 1 day to 1 week to 1 month to 6 months to a year 464 is notorious for bloom- growing to the point of burying the wick - do you know if yours are going to do this? Your issue with sweating....you don't know this wax well enough to be able to explain what is happening and a temperature issue would have likely shown up sooner soy wax can sweat if sitting in hot weather but it shouldn't with only a 5-8 degree temperature change like you said there is nothing wrong with wanting to start a business and be excited about it but you have to take a step back sometimes when issues arise - your sending a flammable product out to people's homes - it would be a different story if this was wickless I would test your new wax and just change your date on your opening until your 100% confident
  8. Do you have insurance in place just in case this is more than a sweating issue
  9. Palm wax shrinkage

    I love palm! Finally got the nerve up to try it and am no where near ready to actually sell it but I'm enjoying my testing candybee gave me excellent advice and tips and after 1 disaster of flipping I think I finally have that part down 😂 Still working on correct type jars for this wax and wicks you should make some votives with your pillar palm...it is a very cool wax and burns and throws fabulous
  10. The coconut beads I'm kinda liking also...too early to tell but the little ceramic I did with a wood wick is throwing through the whole house I have a tray test with no scent and 4 series of wicks to begin testing with this wax and go from there testing some more with Scent added 444 I am liking a lot...it's burning and throwing very very well so far - being a 415 user for years this is the next best I have tried so far 🤞Crossed
  11. Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils

    Lavender I'm pretty sure is ok with cats but I wouldn't bathe them in it and don't quote me on that either - it's been years since I have studied them or use them Like Candy said cats are very sensitive to smell and you will know if it's bothered by them with horses in the past I found if they don't like it they move away and if they like it they actually breathe deep and stick around - but horses are more tolerable than cats and metabolize differently at horse shows years ago I carried a diluted bottle of geranium oil and it was amazing how some horses would just bend their head and smell and completely relax before going into their class but my daughters speed horse would have nothing to do with any of them....he just wanted to let it rip when he got in the ring 😂
  12. Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils

    Yes there are concerns as a maker I did this for so many years in my kitchen then in my basement with no windows open and my family and pets in the house and never thought anything of it because there was no information hitting me in the face saying I should be concerned most msds sheets say no respirator needed and nothing is widely talked about handling fragrance and even wax, the new quantum waxes are now saying in their sheets not to breathe the vapors from the wax I came across a thread in here a few years back that made the bells go off....I can't undo all those years of how I was making but going forward I did buy and now wear a respirator, I was finding my face got itchy and my eyes just hurt pouring and sometimes a headache and cough after I had a exhaust system installed in my storage room where the furnace and water heater are and a system on the furnace that is supposed to zap all chemicals and dust- I forget what it's called but it's a blue light inside the ducts I only make in that room now and leave the exhaust running for hours after and it's helped tremendously, you can still smell a little in the main basement but not anything like it was before so do take precaution and I commend you for even thinking about it before getting started because like I said....the possible dangers are not talked about enough- suppliers do not label handle with caution, wear a respirator, etc etc
  13. Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils

    @MoonstarIn the classes I took many moons ago I just remember learning cats and EO do not mix ...their liver and kidneys can't metabolize them causing a toxic build up from what I understood and this is in relation to direct contact using them directly on them but breathing them they can become sensitive as well as they are very sensitive to smell in general I think it's candybee that has a cat that is very sensitive to FO
  14. Wow that looks really bad you need to light one preferably outside and see if it catches fire something is very very off and I recommend you not sell these at all What did you heat the wax to- what temp did you add FO and how often and much did you stir what companies are the FO and you measured by weight 1 ounce of FO and poured it into 16 ounces of wax? thats not looking like a temp issue to me - did you add stearic by chance?
  15. Take some of those that you have left and burn them- take notes and see if anything has changed in the burn quality from your prior tests eco 10 might be too much wick now for that wax and jar, you may need a 8- most soy is burning too hot now with the changes with the exception of C3 as far as what's been reported by users of these waxes - I use 415 and have to go down 1-2 sizes of wick now your FO load should be fine and it sounds like a temperature change to me that caused the sweating BUT you still should burn a few start to finish and power burn a few to be sure your okay in your wicking...last thing you want is a too hot candle out there when people don't extinguish and trim when they are supposed to if they are too hot you can join the rest of us soy users retesting and using our candles and testers we made before we noticed the changes for personal use 😂 Sorry it's not really funny but it kinda is....I have to laugh to not lose my mind over this, I feel real bad for the ecosoya users who are basically starting from ground zero with a completely reformulated wax that sounds impossible to work with