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  1. moonshine

    WSP June 26 20% sale

    I had a 2 ounce bottle of rainforest FO & EO laying around here and poured it in melts the other day - they have several rainforest so I’m not sure which one you were looking at but this one smells like a diluted eucalyptus with a lot of earth I think it’s suppose to be the dupe of aveda rainforest and I used to burn that oil all the time in one of those glass dishes with a tealight and I loved it- has a very strong earthy spa scent to it - time to plop one in my warmer and see if it’s what I remember from Aveda
  2. moonshine

    CD wick frustration - UGH

    I should add it has happened with the whole wick and tab coming loose on me but that was because I used stickums on not squeaky clean jars for testing....but that was my fault 😂
  3. moonshine

    CD wick frustration - UGH

    That happened to me all the time with BCN cd wicks - all the time plus they changed the tab height on me with no warning or description and the little stubs just were not safe imo for my jar I ditched them and went with candlewic, they are very consistent and it hasn’t happened with them 🤷‍♀️
  4. moonshine

    This container has me stumped

    It’s been cleaning the glass so far I don’t see an issue with it not continuously doing so....I wouldn’t want the pool to be any deeper than that and wicking up could be problematic but there is only way to find out have you tried one size down? Maybe run a test with one down and one up and see what happens and power burn the size your using now to make sure it doesn’t get any deeper and hotter
  5. moonshine

    Crafter's Choice™ brand FO's

    Just got an email from them about a 8% increase across the board but they are not going to increase prices, instead they are doing away with the 2- 3 and 4% cart discount effective June 25 I think we are going to start seeing this with all suppliers real soon
  6. moonshine

    Crafter's Choice™ brand FO's

    For me a 1 pound bottle of BRV from CS shipped is 29.72 WSP being 35.95 shipped to me is about a 6.00 difference which is roughly 38 cents more an ounce and that is way worth it to me as the quality of Wsp doesn’t compare Believe me I have done the math on most fragrances I use from them and when I try another supplies version I’m usually greatly disappointed I have also found I can use a less percentage of Wsp so I tell mysel it balances out I know a lot of people balk at the prices of Wsp because the shipping is included but for myself it’s worth it, comes down to what your willing to pay and what works well in your wax
  7. moonshine

    Palm 2 Crystalizing votive and pillar wax

    Are you finding feather needs a little bigger wicking? I haven’t burned them long enough to know where I’m at really but it seems feather is more firm I’m liking it more and more now, I do like how matte it is in comparison to crystal
  8. moonshine

    Palm 2 Crystalizing votive and pillar wax

    They are 3.5” diameter X 4.5 and 6.5 tall I went with RRD on both since they were second runner up with glass glow container palm and candlewic sells it by the spool which is needed for these for the length and you can’t get CSN by the spool The crystal palm seems a little over wicked so far with 40 and the feather a little under with the 37 🤷‍♀️ Gotta burn them down to be sure and see if I get blow outs or to much of a shell
  9. moonshine

    6006 cure time

    I’m going to say your over wicked...if your wick almost fell over that isn’t good and deep pools after 2 hours isn’t really ideal especially in a tin....the further it burns down the hotter it will get The 8 isn’t horrible but if you have any 6 or 7 CD I would pull those and try it and see what you get
  10. Pure BS is what they are Do yourself a favor and don’t buy into any of that crap - you will learn way more here on this forum than the marketing hype they portray natural oils 🤣
  11. moonshine

    Hey hey....looking for Hay

    I use Bittercreeks hayride but I wouldn’t say it’s straight up sweet hay and I don’t use it alone I mix it with grass and apple for a scent in my western line I think sweet cakes has one also and I think I have an ounce sample around here somewhere to try it out Horse sounds interesting....I may have to try that one
  12. moonshine

    Palm 2 Crystalizing votive and pillar wax

    I did use a griddle to even out the bottoms but I had a layer of wax towards the bottom of the pillar which was actually the top when pouring from the overpour if that makes sense - I couldn’t scrape it off so I just hit it with a heat gun to melt it off - it was the sides of the candle towards the bottom - not really the bottom bottom I didn’t word that right now let me ask you this - leveling the bottoms on a griddle has been a PIA for me - I cut the wick right at level of the bottom and I still can’t get them perfectly level - they tend to tip to one side when laying flat because of that hump in the middle where the wick is - how do you do that successfully? 🙃
  13. moonshine

    Eco Soya Palm Wax

    I haven’t done many myself but I hold my breath and hope I have it at the right time - I also put the lids on and one time I didn’t have it right and it started seeping out the lid - what a mess but good lesson learned
  14. moonshine

    US Candle Supply

    I found this also in my search for Naturewax but I didn’t order- not only costly but one supplier available for a certain wax is not a good idea in my book....if they are oos or oob that would just put me right back at ground zero- again
  15. moonshine

    Palm 2 Crystalizing votive and pillar wax

    I made the feather palm and I’m not sure how I feel about it I did everything it said to unlike the crystal palm, I heated the molds, I wrapped them in paper towel which was supposed to intensify the feathering and I poured at 200 - I did relief holes and tried to just fill those not going over but it did a little bit and I had to heat gun that off the bottom of the candles I had no leaks this time but I have hardly any pattern at all and they were so hard to get out of the molds - so hard a little disappointing, I’m thinking next round I should do more like rustics and pour into cold molds and maybe even use ice cubes on the outside like I read about 🤷‍♀️ I will light them up tonight and see if they throw as well as the crystal palm and see how I guessed on this wicking 😂