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  1. Blending waxes I measure it out first before melting if your doing a pound batch measure 8 ounces of 464 and 8 ounces of 4625 and then melt it together then add FO and pour at your pour temp 4625 I put in a garbage bag and slam it on concrete several times to break it up then put it in a container - for smaller pieces to get your measurements exact usually a screwdriver and hammer will chisel some away....it's the hardest wax I have ever seen 😂
  2. Moonstar if you haven't ordered millineum let me know - you can have mine - it's not a bad wax at all but I'm determined to make the 415 work in one way or another
  3. I haven't tried their melts at all their candles are rock hard premium paraffin ....whatever that could be and they throw instantly
  4. 464 and 444 are both blended with soy additives - even though one supplier states they both have 2% added the 444 has a higher melt point - so they may be using different additives to achieve this idk....they both state up to a 10% fragrance load which doesn't always mean to use that as issues come into play with more FO and wicking before switching waxes try using additives to firm and slow that burn using a wick that will get that center hot enough to dispurse in the air without causing the entire candle to get to hot I am still sorting this all out myself but I use 415 and I can't get anywhere the throw as a hard as rock Mccalls candle so in saying a lower melt point wax is easier to create Scent throw....I am not seeing it myself paraffin is a firmer wax than soy and throws much better with half the FO load with your 444 try adding beeswax or stearic and wick up
  5. Adding more FO is going to cause more problems - I suggest you try TT suggestion of getting the melt point up there higher
  6. Why is scent throw diminished?

    So 464 is supposed to have USA added Also?....so what the heck is the difference from these waxes then because 415 with USA added is nothing like 464...makes me wonder if the reps even know what they sell and these are interesting descriptions from candles and supplies vs elements bath and body 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ C&S says 464 mixes with bees just fine so why are some saying no
  7. Why is scent throw diminished?

    This makes zero sense to me also basically 444 is 415 with universal soy additive added and that what I use 415 with USA and I have blended with bees no problemo I also used it with 464 way back when and I obviously didn't like it for some reason because I don't use it but it blended.... they say 415 is good with bees and what used to be 135 and AS Midwest blend All soys with additives they say no....but we all know better now to listen to the general rules anymore....they just don't apply 🤦‍♀️
  8. Unfortunately they are all denying it and that cannot be true....they HAVE to be getting complaints by now, half this board is having issues now and I chatted by text with CS awhile back and know people on here that inquired as well and they denied anything at all....🤷‍♀️
  9. Bingo birdcharm And not dumb at all, very observant! the removal of transfat seems to be all the issues here and what to add back in or how to wick for this new "new" is the million dollar question cocoa butter I'm not familiar with hopefully TT will chime in here but believe me when I say several of us are and have been trying many things for months now I don't know much about paraffin at all or additives for it but is a harder wax and I don't believe soy being softer throws better at all - I think it's a balance of what wax no matter the type with what wick I bought a couple Mccalls candles and they appear to be a molted paraffin, very hard wax and one is a double wick and one a single wick and within seconds of lighting these things I could smell them and I had to blow them out after about an hour they were so flipping strong - now I make a damn good soy candle if I do say so myself 😂 but they never have been that strong now with soy I am not sure that universal soy additive is needed for throw at all- I actually had better throw at first testings when I started with it years ago BUT it DOES help the appearance tremendously palm stearic will harden the wax but not sure that improves throw any either
  10. Actually a 37 or 40 or even a 47....gotta find that balance of hit flame but keeping entire candle temperature under control and 464 I haven't used in years but I know it's way softer than most soy
  11. Palm and tallow stearic along with USA can be found at the candlemakers store Any of those would be good in soy
  12. A CDN 8 could be a good balance if the 7 is too weak and if you find the RRD work better in 464 for throw try the 34 or 37 and see what happens
  13. It has been thought to hinder throw if using to much but are we using the right wicks with it? these are questions That need to be revisited now with the changes in soy - all normal is not normal anymore and no rules apply as a general rule yes 1 T per pound stearic is what you would start with to see if does anything for you In a container and like 10 percent to aid in mold release for melts and pillars palm stearic IS different, it's palm - they have tallow stearic also and USA works well with soy waxes- I use it in 415 but it hasn't solved burn and throw issues for me so far Vybar is more paraffin I believe but don't quote me on that as I never used it before
  14. That is a very high FO load - if you have been using this much for 5 years and are just now seeing this 1- I am amazed and 2- another case of absolute affirmation soy wax is NOT anywhere near what it used to be
  15. It could cause some shrinking and pulling away from the glass but it can't hurt to try I use 4625 with a parasoy container for melts and chunk tarts - I have never added it to a glass container candle 4630 may be your best bet if your wanting to blend but you may not need a lot making it more cost manageable have you tried adding palm stearic? this will firm the burn and could boost ht- I added it when I used 464 years ago but as we all know...."soy wax is now cray cray 😜 and doesn't do what we think anymore"