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  1. Atkins and Pearce....they have 5000 minimums on each wick you purchase direct from them - they are a wholesaler that I'm sure supply our main suppliers but they have son many series and other sizes of common series available that our suppliers don't carry And they have sample sets of series you can buy to test or request the inbetween ones not available to us
  2. so after almost a year - my 2 whacked out cases of 415 I have left that I left partially opened I made a few candles with various additives and some with none and it's still not what it was but it is better....still not going back but kinda proves some of the moisture issues they supposedly had with equipment failures and the fact that they couldn't produce fast enough for all the ecosoya people that were buying up whatever they could since they couldn't buy anything at all for a long time - I don't think soy is ever going to be the same again with new regulations in place but it can be worked with ....my issue is I know what it "could" be and it's not good enough for me - and on top of it I'm nit testing every lot that comes in because I'm so anal about all that EVERY fragrance would have to be tested also and that is just not practical it's so sad burning my old tester jars with the good stuff but it will be okay- this has forced me to revamp my branding and my whole line and I'm actually pretty excited about launching a new blend 👏👏
  3. Here is a cottonwood in a maxi tealight its a 20...smallest you can go and it definitely didn't self trim and look at that shroom I have had success with other fragrances though in the maxi and other containers so they are not a total fail for sure - they do throw very good and make a nice melt pool and flame but they can get out of control fast as TT mentioned I have them on the back burner for now but do plan to revisit them in larger jars and harder waxes once I get my other crap together
  4. Glass Glow Palm Wax

    Try candlewic also and see if their shipping is better they Call it crystallizing container fill, Candybee told me about it- I haven't used it but I think it's identical...right @Candybee Suppliers are all so different with shipping rates - I have one here in my state about 5 hours away and they are almost double to ship to me than candlescience so play the cart game and see who is cheaper
  5. This Ol' House

    How about one of those pillars 😂 Seriously I haven't a clue what I even paid for them so if you can use them pm your address and they are yours
  6. This Ol' House

    I also have raspberry peach magnolia, honeysuckle and dried apple wreath
  7. This Ol' House

    Those are beautiful!!!! I love this old house and when they went OOB I stopped testing it because I knew I would scream when I ran out so I just didn't make anymore - I would be happy to send you the rest of the 16 ounces I have - I maybe used 3 -4 ounces
  8. @KervenI have tried the midwest soy and millenium waxes and they suck too, there are a few from some suppliers that do not put a name to their soy claiming it as their "own" but I have not gone down that road and have no plans to either I went with 444 after so many years of 415 and the second lot I received was like daja vu - back to issues and TT says it gets worse so I am almost a year into testing different crap and I am done with soy- just done I agree cocunut has its issues but it is consistent at least and that is major at this point, Just need to perfect my wick sizes and I am off and running with it and if for any reason it fails on me and becomes inconsistent I will be going all palm or paraffin The 200 plus pounds of soy I have around here are going to go in jars I want to get rid of and I will just have to wick down and be okay with the fact that they are not throwing as well as they should and have a heck of a soy blow out special- SEE YA - and I can make up a bunch of cool fire starters I suppose
  9. Easter Fragrances

    I don't really do Easter themed candles at all but frank and myrrh comes to mind when you say Easter and so does pink sugar and marshmallow along with hyacinth that you smell in every store around Easter 🐣
  10. That is plain old 464 with that crack?? this is a little surprising, it's been years since I used that wax but it's so soft of a wax I can't even believe my eyes soy is a major problem right now and I'm beginning to think it goes deeper than we even imagined I have been getting cracks in soys adding different waxes and hardeners trying to get the burn under control without having to wick down so drastic and compromise throw that has already been compromised some how in the last several months, almost a years time of lots of soy - this is baffling coconut waxes seem to be pretty consistent so far but I haven't worked with them long enough and I don't use straight paraffin so I can't help you there How I wish none of this ever happened - almost year later and I'm still working on a new blend - I can't sell 415 anymore and sleep at night knowing it's basically crap now
  11. Yep that is a mushroom LX wicks are notorious for that not to say they are bad wicks, I personally have a love hate relationship with them and use them in votives based off the look of your jar your early into the burn? I would wick down a size and see if it helps - LX are flat braided cotton wicks that are supposed to slightly curl while burning which is supposed to help reduce mushrooming ( Carbon buildup) and smoking but it doesn't always work like that unless it's living in its perfect world what wax are you using? that's not a horrible mushroom but if that was your first burn and you reached full melt pool I would see what a size down does
  12. Soy wax back to normal???

    Just be thankful your aware of this before hand 😂 Figuring this out in the middle of season when you had stock made with it unaware is not cool - as far as melts with 415 I saw no difference at all myself but I blended with PB (the old PB- I won't touch the new stuff for nothing) but there have been complaints with 416 with melts that I know of and I tried it myself and it is pretty ugly there is a good thread in here with all the issues people have had - once you figure out wicking again some are satisfied with the results - myself, I am not- so that's why I sugggest you try it in a small quantity and see what you think or you will keep thinking about "what if" jumping into something new off the bat - if it's totally different and you hate it the decision to move on will be much easier - ask me how I know 😉
  13. Soy wax back to normal???

    I haven't bought any new lots of my soy lately but what I do have I can say it just isn't the same or typical soy behavior at all from the last many years I've been using it- 415 that is I have bought several other soys and although I can't say I have used them in the past to be able to compare but being a soy user for over 10 years I can say I have never seen anything like this before - the new ones I'm testing are all over the map as well 444 is very different from my first lot than the new ones I have soooo 🤷‍♀️ All I can say is order the smallest amount possible of EZ soy and see what you think from when you used it before
  14. Yes you definitely are posting as a "know it all" facts about what your saying I personally after reading your posts and your watching your video would never buy a thing from you - you are only looking at profit and profit only along with how many "views" you get - you don't seem to give a crap about quality in your product and that is not what this all about here on this forum of course we all want to be successful but having a quality, safe and exceptional product is and should be number 1 I wish you luck I really do but your blogs and videos are very unsettling - especially to the new people here that actually want to learn and know the truths in this business
  15. An order to Fillmore

    Which wick series do you use in 444 I am curious now that I did the pan test to see what 4 series would do with naked wax - adding FO changes things