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  1. Vicky_CO

    Hey everyone.

    Welcome to the board
  2. Vicky_CO

    New to the forum

    Welcome we are glad to have you here.
  3. Vicky_CO


    Welcome to the board! ?
  4. HI, I haven't been here in quite a while.  Really miss this forum.  Do we still have a list of the suppliers?  Or, is that gone now?


    Thank you for your time,



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    2. Vicky_CO


      When it come to EO I am not the best person to ask I only use 3 and I get them from a friend.

    3. Luvcandletarts2


      Do you by chance know of anyone that has tried Bulk Apothecary or is it alright if I ask that on the forum?

    4. Vicky_CO


      Please ask we do not have any limiting of mentioning of supplier here.

  5. Vicky_CO


    Hi Patricia Welcome to the board
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    Hello All

    Welcome Tricia we are glad you joined us?
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    Welcome to the board
  8. Vicky_CO

    A Little help getting to know you.

    Welcome Sara it is nice getting to know you a bit.
  9. Vicky_CO

    Problems Viewing Pictures

    Thank you guys for helping me out.
  10. Is any one having problems viewing pictures on the board? Please post here if you are this is important.
  11. Hi Guys, Please reply to your PMs from the board not your emails. If you reply from your emails they go to a junk email account and the one you reply too does not get it. So if you have PMed someone and did not get an answer that may be the problem. Please give them the reminder about the PM system.
  12. Vicky_CO

    Hey All!

    Hi Ryan welcome to the board
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    A Little help getting to know you.

    Welcome Brittany Love the baby.
  14. Vicky_CO

    Hellooooo :)

    Welcome Kima I am glad you found us.
  15. Vicky_CO


    Welcome to the board