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  1. Hey everyone.

    Welcome to the board
  2. New to the forum

    Welcome we are glad to have you here.
  3. Look at our new Labels

    I like them.
  4. Are there any real craftshows left?

    Like that but included would be Pamper Chef, Avon, Mary Kay ect...
  5. Are there any real craftshows left?

    It everywhere Direct sales people have pretty much taken over the craft shows which is sad they have for year suppose to be for crafter to sell the products they make but that has changed. I only know of 2 with a 150 miles radius of here that has crafts and crafts only. There use to be 3 but a couple of year ago they started letting direct sales in.
  6. Keeping Pour Pots Warm?

    An electric griddle they work great for that.
  7. Flavor of the day

    I have done a similar blend and yummy is all I can say. I do love the color.
  8. Kshaler

    Welcome to the board! ?
  9. HI, I haven't been here in quite a while.  Really miss this forum.  Do we still have a list of the suppliers?  Or, is that gone now?


    Thank you for your time,



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    2. Vicky_CO


      When it come to EO I am not the best person to ask I only use 3 and I get them from a friend.

    3. Luvcandletarts2


      Do you by chance know of anyone that has tried Bulk Apothecary or is it alright if I ask that on the forum?

    4. Vicky_CO


      Please ask we do not have any limiting of mentioning of supplier here.

  10. Actually what you said makes perfect sense and you are right. People think that tunneling candle is using to small of wick when that is not usually the case. A wick that is to large will burn up the wax faster and some times so fast it can not create a wax pool that is usually when you obvious tunneling. To small a wick will usually drown out in the wax pool it creates.
  11. June 2016 Soap of the Month

    I waited and it was worth the wait I love it in the shower lather nicely not hard on my skin and clean and rises off well. I told my kid I thought the bars were ready and that I was going to try it out that night I was missing a bar rotten kids. He loves salt bars I guess I should feel lucky he left me a bar. LOL
  12. introduction

    Hi Patricia Welcome to the board
  13. Hello All

    Welcome Tricia we are glad you joined us?
  14. Hiya!

    Welcome to the board
  15. A Little help getting to know you.

    Welcome Sara it is nice getting to know you a bit.