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  1. On average 20 to 30 minutes per batch start to finish (including dishes). That is typically a batch of four logs that I can split four ways if needed. Just about the Same amount of time for a 50 bar block or 100 bar block. Those in the pic above were 5 batches.
  2. My C3 only cracks if I pour too hot. I can tell by the haze in my pot when it's time to pour.
  3. I'm fearful that the oils will not be totally homogenous and will throw off the soap. In the past master batching lye has been a fail. I'm always afraid it will be over or under, so I do each one individually
  4. How are you stirring? Are you introducing air as you stir? Eyster periodically from when I add the fragrance to when I pour. Generally I can tell by the look and the feel of how it stirs in the pot if it's going to crack.
  5. I love that I finally standardized everything so it's cohesive yet as variations within each scent. That saves so much time. One day I'll be brave enough to completely masterbatch and then watch out ladies! (And gents)
  6. Got my head in the game last week and made a few new ones and restocked a few others. Left to right: 2 rows of Winter Birch (a twist on crackling birch) Badde Guys (leather, oud, soft musk, clove, etc) Goode Guys (ocean, brine, Irish hillside grass, etc) Egyptian Musk sparkling Grapefruit Plague Doctor ( similar to thieves blend-my own twist) Sassanach (English rose and Scottish heather) 3 rows of Lavender Patchouli and 2 rows of Bergamot Violet at the end. now to make the next 150! Onward!
  7. I have just begun with this wax. Not sure if I am sold on it, but the throw from the initial testers is promising (finally). i would not have two wax blends. Given how terrible the performance of my other wax has become, a new one would likely save my current accounts. Plus, it seems I may be able to use less fragrance (the most expensive bit of my candles). The new year is approaching. Price adjustments are expected. It is a perfect time. I have not adjusted for market conditions in several years, so I would make a good one just to stay profitable,
  8. Sometimes Ebay is a great source.
  9. I've started to really sell "off-season ideas" to my summer people. If I can get them to check in and see new things now and then I have a good chance to stay nice and busy, that requires follow through on my part though 😏 You are so right about amazon. I spose if 'we' could convince people to front $100 a year for "prime" status with us we would be more happy to ship for free. I do offer free over $75. Some folks really do play the cart game to get that exact amount last year i introduced levels of freebie with retail orders. <$15 gets a small soap (or similar) sample. $15- <$40 get a Lip balm or small ceramic ornament or similar gift. $41+ gets a scent diffuser pendant. Average online sales have risen measurably.
  10. Yay you! You are my hero today. I need to do the same, but dread rhe thought of it. My my relationship goal is to have the data bro taxes all set and ready by the end of the year, so when it is time to file poor hubby does not have to watch me cry. 🤗😅
  11. I have used long popsicle sticks with a hole drilled in the middle. Then I can grab onto the wick with a clothespin to keep it tight.
  12. I didn't provide a link. Look for duper happy sources on facebook. They have loads of happy customers. Maplestreet Fragrancebuddy BeScented Save On Scents has a service too. To go direct to labs, you can apply at Agilex, Simrise, Bell, etc. These are bigger companies that need a pretty big annual commitment.
  13. For a 4 inch across container I would be tempted to use two CD 3. Trappeur might chime in.
  14. The lab where my dupes are made uses a gas spectrometer to analyze the original fragrance and create duplicates. They all use a different aroma chemicals to achieve the final result. And they all have different carrier oils to suspend the aroma chemicals.
  15. When did the video ads start? I have not changed any settings. I usually visit here here on my iPad or mobile phone and have. It et seen those. If i I know how to word it, I can query Google AdSense for answers.