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  1. TallTayl

    Wick Migration when wax is low

    Also, the melt pan has an adapter to use a glue stick. I know my big box has super high temp glue sticks
  2. TallTayl

    Wick Migration when wax is low

    i threw away my package (grumble grumble). Pretty sure it is this one https://www.menards.com/main/paint/adhesives-glue-tape/glue/glue-guns-glue-sticks/surebonder-reg-skillet-pan-glue-1-lb/b-2001/p-1444430629385-c-14002.htm?tid=5031253741023570089&ipos=11 The pellets are pretty white, not tan though as in the description. Softening point is about 200*F High strength/superior bonding/minimal stringing For use in Surebonder® #805 glue skillet 1 pound bag Ideal for artificial floral arrangements and various craft projects Softening Point: 176°F to 212°F Color: light tan I’d give them a good long, hard test in your containers before selling. These definitely are sturdier thank typical glue sticks, but nowhere near permatex tough. I use in tins and am fully satisfied with it for that container. If a wick wanders a bit in a tin it’s not as much of a deal breaker as in glass. As an aside, permatex red gasket sealer is available in most auto parts sections of big box stores. Great stuff for when it absolutely positive y has to stay stuck.
  3. TallTayl

    Tins vs. Glass Jars

    Impossible question. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. simple answer, the smallest size you can for the type of wax you use. In my case, the current lot number of C3 soy open in my shop, eco 6 - eco12 or eco14 in extreme cases depending on scent. You have to test each and every fragrance, color, change from start to finish. Different batches of soy wax may need different sizes. Last year’s soy cd10-cd16. 4360 in my dragons blood I got a nice burn with paper wicks with the size starting with P44.
  4. TallTayl

    How long should I wait?

    I’ve made up a little tear sheet to go with my little speech at Faire reminding people to trim those wicks! If it’s warm, keep it short. They seem to understand. when described like a car, with the wick being the throttle they really get it. Gas mileage=wax mileage.
  5. TallTayl

    HELP PLEASE 6006 wicking & FO

    Cure time also has to consider the vessel size, material and a,bent temps. The biger the contNer, the longer it takes for that middle part to fully reach its final consistency. Ever poke around a freshly made candle with a skewer? Or chunked out one that was not wicked right? The middle can stay relatively soft for several days. This relative softness changes the burn since the wick flame will melt more deeply in the softer wax than usual.
  6. TallTayl

    How long should I wait?

    That should be plenty of time to see if your candle has changed with time. keep in mind, though, ambient temps also play a part in your burn.
  7. TallTayl

    Mason jar cracked?

    Pouring at 135 is pretty low. I would not expect that to cause a crack in a canning jar. Jars can get to 170 or higher while burning. canning jars get some rough treatment from factory to home. They get banged around enough to form small cracks. Definitely check them all well before using.
  8. What other unit of measure would give the consumer the information needed to decide if the item were as described? By “the candle” could be a jar with 1 oz of wax or 100. we buy our wax by the lb. fragrances from the lab are by the lb, (later rebottled by retailers as fluid ounces with specific gravity info provided to calculate actual costs, etc. ) cereal is by the oz. meat by the lb. lip balm is by the oz/gram
  9. Some kind people on other forums, the years at B school, and pros in the industry at trade shows helped with the lingo and legal terms to search for.
  10. TallTayl

    HELP PLEASE 6006 wicking & FO

    Cd18? Yeah that’s a heckuva big wick for a tin. Too hot of a wick can diminish any hope for HT. Tins get extremely hot by the middle, so that nice first burn will quickly become far too much. And as written. Vybar can definitely trap scent.
  11. @ncraiders, @Quentin @Trappeur Heres a handy guide that will answer many many of the questions and comments above: https://www.nist.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2017/04/28/1020-1-labeling-guides-weight.pdf pages 10-11 spell out the solutions to the challenges named above, namely approximate and the location of each piece of info (front panel, etc.) Marie Gale is very helpful for soap and cosmetic labeling - which is very similar to candle labeling https://www.mariegale.com/quick-labeling-faq/
  12. Replying to the approximate weight comments above. The quick and dirty answer is no. Approximate or ~ is disallowed by fair labeling law. Instead, weigh what your lightest will be, and use that weight, like for soap, candles, etc. fluid ounces is inappropriate for melts as well, since a packaged wax melt is not a liquid in its sale form. Listing a guild ounce may be seen as misleading as the number is larger than the net weight of the lower specific gravity wax. Weights need to appear on the front panel of the product, not hidden inside.
  13. They can. It all depends on the type of ceramic, thickness, shape of the container, etc. and, of course, how you wick. I usually am able to wick down several sizes in ceramic to control the heat transfer.
  14. TallTayl

    TT’s 2018 Faire Days

    Sharing the 2017 commercial the Faire posted on Facebook. As the dragon flies in during the last 7 seconds my shop is in the top right hand corner. The red and yellow pavilion.
  15. TallTayl

    Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    I’m really low on most. Could use some myself can we rally to get a couple in?