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  1. It’s all dependent on the container. A full melt pool on the first couple of burns can mean a candle that is just plain too hot later in the candle’s life. You can’t judge a candle on the first burn, though with good wax, fragrance and the right wick it can begin to throw pretty quickly after being lit regardless of a melt pool.
  2. I get cracks in upper layers too. The rest of the candle is too cold and the melted top wax cracks as it cools rapidly. Happens when I do a second pour to level or repair caverns often when the temps are cold in the shop.
  3. Testing without FO

    Like Candybee said, it all depends on the fo. Some I need to go up 1,2 sometimes 3 sizes. Others I need to go down the same. Testing without fo has helped me to recognize changes between lots of wax and has saved me a ton of $.
  4. An order I received

    I bought by the kilo.
  5. An order I received

    I account for it as about a penny a candle generally. For soap about a nickel for mica. Yes an overestimate, but it keeps the COGS numbers favorable.
  6. New England Made show

    Your state tax ID is all you need.
  7. Leave-in conditioning spray going bad?

    It could be any number of things. Did you monitor the heat and hold process with a digital thermometer? Fully Sanitize all equipment and such? Cetac does not have a fishy odor. It is kinda neutral unless aerolized. Then it will take your breath away. At that tiny percent you’d not even know it’s there.
  8. Leave-in conditioning spray going bad?

    Did you heat and hold the distilled water phase? Honeyquat and BTMS can have an odor like you described, but should not come through in such a low concentration. You weighed everything on a gram scale, including the preservative I’m guessing. And added the preservative at the right temp....
  9. Leave-in conditioning spray going bad?

    What is the formula?
  10. Testing Wicks

    Works great in fairly deep containers. Shallow ones not so much. Tins get one, maybe two burns before the wicks topple over.
  11. @Kerven that is as good a reason as any. If the beans changed that would explain an awful lot.
  12. I had hoped the cottonwood would solve a problem in wider vessels. I just did not hit the right combo. flames could get pretty high in no time leaving a huge melt pool in my different wax blends. Once the summer season is over i may return to test cottonwood again.
  13. I have not tried Helix. If anyone has a source I'm happy to buy a trial pack.
  14. mine never seem to self trim those get super hot in a hurry without trimming well before lighting. when they get hot the start to lean off-center pretty significantly in my tests.
  15. @birdcharm Oreos changes are likely more to do with being made in Mexico than just the more recent trans fat issues. The flavors changed quite a long time ago, right around when the lines made the move. Since going low carb I no longer eat them, and with your observations that they are not as good I won’t miss them 🤣 Every chocolate product has changed in response to costs. cocoa butter has been replaced with palm oils, etc. you get the drift. Hershey bars are gag worthy. Crunch bars taste disgusting with that odd mouth feel of fake chocolate-like ingredients. We can look at ingredient lists on packaged food items to see changes as the laws for food are pretty specific. Not so with our waxes. The recipes for wax sure seem to have changed, possibly because of costs, possibly because of other things. Wax Manufacturers claim nothing in their processes have changed. Could be the engineered beans themselves for all we know. They have a few lab tests for insignificant things like color and needle penetration. None for burn characteristics. All all I do know is the soy waxes all blow and we are being told the wax is not the problem. I am tired of being lied to.