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  1. MY American Soy Wax Order

    Sooooooo, this leads me to believe they know something.... their wax has had issues with igniting. Lemon verbena from candle science a while back had a problem with the top of the candle surface igniting. I think it was from syneresis (or the squeezing out of the fragrance by the wax). Entire surfaces of the candle were a flame. It was a mess.
  2. Replacement Suggestions?

    Get in touch with Keystone Candle Supply. They have just about finished unpacking three semis worth of Peak inventory. Call them and they will sell Peak fragrances o you prior to them being offered on their site.
  3. I have a case from this year's IGI 415 here. This is one soy wax that has low melt point, and poor hot throw in my tins. It is supposed to not contain any additives, so it's a blank slate if you will. I purchased it originally it to dilute C3 which was not burning well, or throwing on its own. Goals: A) raise the melt point economically so it burns with a hot enough wick to throw the fragrance using a single wick series (either CD or RRD) B ) Get it to throw well using only 6% of a commonly available inexpensive fragrance. Part 1: single additive tests I selected additives that I have in my shop, and from excerpts of threads relating to the soy issues with this years crops. - USA from The Candle Makers Store - Palm Stearic Acid from Soapers Choice - Beeswax - Refined from bulk apothecary - Cocoa Butter - Refined from Soapers Choice - Carnauba Wax - Candelila Wax - Sunflower Wax - Paraffin Wax 4986 from Bulk Apothecary Any other additives you want me to add to the list before I get started??
  4. I used the wayback machine to find this snapshot of their site from July 1, 2017. Last known prices, reviews, etc. https://web.archive.org/web/20170701122957/http://www.peakcandle.com/
  5. Just saw this on their Facebook page. This is an idea of the magnitude of what they had to plow through. This is the very ending of three full semi loads just like this. This seems to me like the light at the end of our tunnel. I know they're happy to see the end of theirs.Just saw this on their Facebook page. This is an idea of the magnitude of what they had to plow through. This is the very ending of three full semi loads just like this. This seems to me like the light at the end of our tunnel. I know they're happy to see the end of theirs.
  6. Trademarks and/or Copywrites?

    A trademark is something that lets you have sole use of a word, phrase or image. Your company name should probably be trademarked if you plan to stick with it for any length of time. Any unique artwork used as your logo should also be trademarked. Names and images need to be unique enough within the business category you register so as not to be confused with any others. For instance, you can trademark "Pamorama's Candles" in the respective category if nobody else has it. The trademark is ONLY for the EXACT words used in the trademark. Someone else can use Pamorama's Awesome Candles. It would be up to you to attempt to defend the use of that phrase. Trademarking scent names becomes difficult when using commonly used words or phrases. It is not impossible, as people who trademarked Unicorn Farts and unicorn Poop for soap. They had to sneak it in as others had first use, but did not know it was being trademarked under their noses. Someone trademarked MY WORDS in a similar product a couple of years after I began using using it successfully. Now I see it, and bastardizations of the words all over. It is very frustrating and expensive to defend. Someone tried to trademark "Soap Loaf" a while back. It made it all the way through to the Registered TM stage. When it became known a lot of opposition was raised through various Facebook groups whose members use the term, and had for years and were able to prove first use in business. The trademark was later revoked. The expense of the process to trademark was lost. Check on the online trademark electronic search system , TESS, http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=tess&state=4806:kegher.1.1 to see if words you are thinking of trademarking are already taken. if you find something fairly close, I would personally try to think of something else that is totally unique and totally YOU. To trademark a business name, the business entity must already be legally established. This can be as a sole prop, s-corp, LLC, etc. you will need to provide a specimen, or physical example of how you are using the name, phrase or image. It can be a photo of Your product. You will also need to provide the date of first use. A listing on your web site that is easily verified, or an etsy listing should do. Make it clear so that there is zero chance it could be misunderstood. Copyright is "usually" on a written piece of work, or a physical piece of work/art. As artists, we have immediate implied copyright on all things we create. Like when someone creates a statue, for instance, another person cannot simply mold it and begin using the resulting copies. We cannot take licensed images or ideas and automatically apply them to our work without express permission of the license holder (think movie and pop culture images along with sports logos). And you cannot copy and paste someone else's words without credit given the author(and sometimes permission from the author.) does this help at all?
  7. @Moonstar palm stearic and stearic are the same. One form of Stearic from candlemakers store is tallow based. Similar use but different origin. I did not test this one. Too much palm wax (gg) made the candle cool very ugly. I did not continue with palm container wax only because I decided to not go with extra single use ingredients. I use stearic for other products. My soy candles were burning well with 5% palm stearic. Mine neeed more stearic to begin throwing better, but I ran out of testing time before summer faire began. Then I got really burned out. I will be picking up once again as I get back into the shop more. Have been focused on beeswax lately and am still mad at soy 😜
  8. You could also pick up some usa from the candle makes store or American soy organics and try adding a bit more to the 444. Or add some stearic. Each additive will raise the melt, with slightly different results. Your goal is to balance the melt with the wick - you need enough energy from the wick to throw that scent into the air without over or under melting the wax. Different roads lead to Rome.
  9. My eyeballs are all googly from reading tech pubs. Seems like many retail soy container waxes are nearly identical using USA to change burn characteristics. C3 is different with lecithin. That stuff really raises the burn temp! i do not see a reason to not try bw with 444. Nowhere in any literature have I seen what negative "thing" happens when 444 or 464 is mixed with it.
  10. The difference, from what I have researched, between 444 and 464 is the amount of usa. 444 uses more.
  11. Ring of HT

    A votive size should reach the edges. here are the maxi tea lights it's soywicked with rrd29 and rrd34. They both melt similar diameter melt pools, but the 29 is cooler leaving a bigger carbon ball and weaker throw.
  12. I seriously don't think adding more scent is the answer. Raise the melt point of that wax, balance that wi the right wick and you will save yourself a ton of money. I burned a tea light here that filled my living room. Am burning another candle here with 5% that is killing me it is so strong.
  13. Well, please do try some in he melter. If it throws strongly, it is your wick choice combined with the current melt point of your wax.
  14. If you put some of that wax from the candle in a waxtart melter can you smell it?
  15. I don't know if they have changed. I tried millenium just this year for the first time. It has a strange feel to it, but it threw the coffee FO from ASO ok. I don't plan to go further with it only because I am achieving what I need through other blends using waxes, oils and additives I already use for bath and body products. My goal is to reduce the number of raw materials I need to stock. @Trappeur I would try percentages in a line blend to test. A line blend would have several tests of increasing percentages so you can compare side by side. Start at 1%, 2%, 5%, etc. you might be able to adjust the burn well enough. Too much BW and the candle will shrink from the container. It might shrink so much as to rattle like the tins I am burning today. For the record, beeswax does not magically improve throw. All it does is change the blend qualities so it can reach a temp range where your wick can work well enough with your other variables. When i read people just add a spoonful of coconut oil to improve throw, again, coconut oil does nothing unless the wax being burned needs to be tweaked in that direction to work with your wick and fragrance in that particular candle.... there is no magic ingredient to make a poorly performing candle work perfectly. It takes a little time to understand what all the ingredients added can do. Experimenting is definitely worth a shot though! I have learned an incredible amount this year by blending, burning, blending, burning, rinse repeat.