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  1. TallTayl

    Beeswax VS Stearic

    Totally depends on your brand of wax. Some do not blend well with beeswax. Sometimes stearic will cause loss of HT.
  2. TallTayl

    Palm candle test

    Makes absolutely no difference if you are selling or not. I really hate when the whole ‘I don’t sell so is it worth it to learn my wax’ defense comes up. It does you a disservice to brush off learning the basics. Making a naked candle to learn your wax is worth it every time. Palm wax can vary lot to lot just like ay other wax. Fragrances impact the burn in so many ways you will never know where your baseline is which compounds future problems, meaning you will waste exponentially more supplies and MONEY. At least of your wicking is off on naked tests you can just melt it down and start again. Not so with scent and dyes added since the various components will not reheat well. Plus with uncolored and unscented Wax you can easily see if the wick Choice discoloration the wax without the added variables of dye or fo - each of which can discolor the melt pool.
  3. TallTayl

    No FREAK'n WAY...

    I’ve always had good luck with them. Never used for oils, just serving pieces, and Glassine bags. Just watch the measurements on your oils. The coconut is only 35 pounds. Soapers Choice might still be a better bet for you.
  4. Hope you find that nice balance. It’s magical when it comes together. 👍🏻🤞🏻
  5. TallTayl

    Palm wax questions

    I have had nice burns with RRD too.
  6. Could just be wicked wrong. Eco is often pretty hot for paraffin even in blends unless you hit the sweet spot of balancing the ROc with heat the flame let’s off. Usually that means wicking down more than you are used to. I get fryolator smell from most soy wax. It’s pretty off-putting in its own way.
  7. TallTayl

    Smells like fuel

    Could be it is overwicked. That happens with some fragrance oils too.
  8. TallTayl

    Posting photos

    It’s usually because the resolution is set to a size that makes the file size huge. You can usually shrink that by editing the photo on your phone. From your phone while viewing the photo, choose the edit feature. Depending on the phone you should see some sort of edit link to click. Crop it a little and save.
  9. They both have a similar thread braid appearance.
  10. TallTayl

    black candles

    Maybe I did not write clearly. Soy candles and beeswax candles are separate. Both of which are use liquid.
  11. TallTayl

    black candles

    I use liquid dyes in beeswax and soy. No specks and jet black wax.
  12. In my humblest opinion, All but zinc were pretty well overwicked. I’d bump down several sizes at least. If if I were using eco, I’d start at about a 2 or at most a 4. Those generate some serious burn power 4630 is such a different wax. It will weep wax from the walls without a super deep middle in melt pool. I would use a paper core in the 44- similar to the zinc, personally.
  13. TallTayl

    C3 best wick

    Depending on the size on the material eco-for me
  14. Wow!! Makes me want to order wax just because. that’s a great deal.
  15. TallTayl

    Pouring and Curing Process

    @Brad Ford may be able to best advise with clarus waxes. He is their rep and an absolute wealth of knowledge. Super friendly and helpful. If he does not see this, I’m sure he would not be opposed to a PM.