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  1. TallTayl

    CD's and CDN's

    CDN and CSN all seem to burn about 1/2 size smaller than the same number CD in my waxes.
  2. TallTayl

    Getting "lit" this weekend?

    What a great image for a T-Shirt Ha!
  3. Read a potter post elsewhere this morning that can apply to chandling - I think. Opening a glaze load is like Christmas! Opening a bisque load is like leaving the dentist with no cavities. Both are satisfying, but one more hella pleasurable than the other.
  4. Oh. And I’m a new Englander originally, so Wicked means so many things!
  5. The English Language is ridiculous sometimes, isn’t it?
  6. TallTayl

    Love the new banner!

    yes, it is two-toned.
  7. The $19.04 is just a simple calculation... the number is how much MORE his current order requires to qualify the minimum for pick up.
  8. They set an order min for local people who want to pick up. uline did this to reduce the amount of traffic caused by small orderers.
  9. TallTayl

    Favorite type of dye for soy

    I use liquid. The source makes a difference.
  10. This could be the fo causing all the trouble. Two scents I use require a wick down of 3-4 sizes in all of my waxes.
  11. Not necessarily. 464 melts soooo easily now. The melt point is super low compared to other soys. Cure time only only Does so much. The wax itself is the problem. Besides any wax purchased now is likely pretty different from those cases. It is total BS.
  12. 78 is higher than I would bet most homes are typically when burning candles. That alone will make it seem your wick is too big. Trim a wick in your current batch to a bit shorter than normal (if normally you trim to 1/4", trim to 1/8" to narrow that variable a bit). Testing an old case of wax, unfortunately, won't tell you squat on that new lot of wax. Do you have time to send one from a new case to a few people in homes not so warm and see how they do? This whole soy thing is total BS (are you reading Golden Brands/AKOSoy, Candle Science and anyone else that KNOWs this is a jerky thing to do to us makers?) Funny you should mention too hot - I just blew out one made with 444 and 415 that has been curing for a full year. ECO10 wick and it went totally liquid in a few hours. Such BS. ECO10 is generally around a CD12/CD14 in my waxes.
  13. TallTayl

    Calling all incense makers!

    for soakers, I’ve seen PVC pipe with end caps pushed on to soak without spill risk or stinking up the whole space. @Faerywren have you tried making your own cones? It takes a bit of time and patience, but mixing sandalwood, aloe wood, etc. resins, etc. into a dough, forming and drying is kinda cool. My family does not let me make or burn incense anymore. Something about stinking like cheech and Chong’s car. I dunno. They’re crazy. 👻. (So I just wait til they’re gone to work and school then spark them up.)