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  1. wait! What? real eating chocolate? where?! All i see is flavor oils.
  2. Is "Soaps By Sponie" the company name? how bout that little logo? That belongs front and center as your brand. It is 'there' but barely visible. I'd stick that very near your brand name in a bold color. About logos.... to anyone willing to listen... Logo identity is critical. I just redesigned my company logo (again) into a custom petroglyph that symbolizes my "story". That petroglyph now appears on all things sent out of my shop. I've made a clay stamp to make the mark on diffuser pendants that go out with orders over $50 and as gifts to favorite customers. They advertise "me" every time they wear that thing. SPONIE - your symbol is perfect for branded merch. Run with it.
  3. Is "Tiffany s at Breakfast" the soap scent or the company name? i would put contact info on th back.
  4. labeling becomes so much easier once you get to the standardization stage. good start though!
  5. Conclusions after Burn 2: - CSN wicks by CandleScience are smaller than CD and CDN counterparts of the same number size. All are a Big fat fail in these tins in my current C3 lot. - 464 comparisons will be re-done. Why is the CD14 melt pool bigger than the CD16 in these? opposite of the C3 tests. - CDN series burn slightly smaller than CD of the same number size. Someone needing n "in-between" size might get lucky with these. - CD12 still burning a slightly wider MP than CD14. CD14 seems to consume more wax judging by consumed wax depth. MP depths seem similar. From experience with these waxes and wicks, many of these may need to be wicked DOWN when fragrance is added.
  6. Ends Sunday at midnight...It doesn't get much better! Save $10.00 on orders over $30.00 using code 10now at checkout or Save $15.00 on orders over $60.00 using code 15now at checkout or Save $100.00 on orders over $550.00 using code 100now at checkout
  7. Nice job. Kraft is so comfy. Will that glue glue eventually mess with the soap surface? I'd drop the techie part about unsaponified oils. Unless your lye was 100% pure, you scraped every last gram of oils, lye solution, etc. from the pot, and you lab tested it, then it is a baseless claim, KWIM. Non soap people might question it and lead you into a rabbit hole debate that does not need to be had. i'd also not go with exact weight per bar. Those will still cure and lose some weight for months to come. Plus, if some busybody threw it on the scale and it came up short you might get more debate than our bargained for. Go with what should be the lowest cured weight and save yourself a headache.
  8. I would test using 1/2 or even 1/3 of the wax. It will give you an idea of how that candle will behave further down. Tall containers are very challenging to wick, if they look good at the top, they may quickly look not so great further down the container. I did not not see what wax, fragrance, colorants, etc you are using in this jar.
  9. My resellers got the order and forwarded details to me, or I would log into their order system and ship things out. I preferred accounts that had shipping accounts in their own names versus those I had to prepay and bill monthly for. Got stiffed by one for a bundle.
  10. observations on burn 1: in C3 the CD14 and CDN14, nearly always produce slightly smaller but deeper melt pool. CSN wicks are slightly smaller than CD and CDN of the same numbers.
  11. I had previously burned BCN CD12 and 14 in my wax for 3 burns. Here is the comparison. I knew the CD12 and 14 would never catch up, so i omitted them from this particular burn comparison in favor of the other series from different suppliers. Now compare those in the new case of C3 to the 464. In 464 the CN12 is only slightly behind the CD14 and CD16. In my new case of C3 wax the CD12 and 14 are a good 2 sizes too small. The CD16 gets to where it "should" by this time.