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  1. Grainy Body Butter

    I used butterez successfully. Now that butterez is discontinued I need to go back to Cera bellina. It works but takes a good bit more.
  2. That sounds like a lovely scent blend. If applying after a shower, you can towel off lightly to ensure not much is left behind. of those in the list, avocado seems the "heaviest" to me. And it is still a light feeling, decent shelf life oil. jojoba I use all over-face, hands, hair, you name it. It has the longest shelf life and is closest to human sebum. Just use a teeny tiny amount.
  3. Coconut oil. fractionated coconut oil. Jojoba oil. Olive squalane avocado
  4. West Coast suppliers

    Eap innovations is another place I go for candle waxes. Shipping is kinda high to me. and bulk apothecary. With their constant coupon offers they are usually the cheapest to me, but they are in PA or OH, I forget.
  5. I saw at. He posted a few days after the keystone notice. We're all watching closely.
  6. Tests performed and posted by Moonshine.
  7. Tests in this thread performed and posted by Moonshine.
  8. Wax and Wick Test - Clarus 3022

    Next Step: None of the traditional wicks I chose passed this test. Normally I would eliminate the mushrooming wicks entirely from further testing. For the sake of completeness I will wick up just to see if a larger size performs any better without mushrooming. I also have a few wicks from Precision wicking to add to the test. The wicks were recommended by Precision, so well worth the try. I will melt these down and re-wick with larger sizes of the original wicks as needed based on above burns. Then I'll cure for at least 1 week before lighting again.
  9. Wax and Wick Test - Clarus 3022

    Burn 1 - Hour 3 RRD, ECO and CD still look clean. CDN potentially a good choice if I can find a big enough size. will need to wick up at least 2 sizes. HTP, WI and LX do not seem to like this wax. all developed huge mushrooms. Wood wicks burned well, but discolored the wax. In a container I may need to wick down a size or two to account for the air current.
  10. Wax and Wick Test - Clarus 3022

    First burn - hour 2 RRD, ECO, and CD burning well, with no mushrooming. CDN, CSN,Performa, HTP and LX developing mushrooms and "ugly" flames. Wood wicks burning steadily.Flames may be a bit tall, but watching. Dual a complete fail.
  11. Wax and Wick Test - Clarus 3022

    First Burn Very early on I knew the dual wood wick would fail. It was difficult to light, and barely remained lit. Also knew early on that I had chosen mostly too small sizes in these series to meet the 3" container objective. The two original booster wood wicks burned steady and beautifully from the beginning.
  12. Clarus 3022 wax is a para soy approximately 70% soy to 30% paraffin. Color: ivory Form: 10lb slab Melt Point: Feel/Texture: Firm, slightly greasy. Odor: little to no odor. Goal Melt Pool" 2.75-3" for tins and status jars single wicked. Observations: extremely easy wax to work with. One tray I barely melted before pouring into the cold pan. The other I heated to 180 and poured. Both ended up smooth, shiny and with no apparent cavities or surface issues. This wax seems very "manufacturing friendly". Heat Gun Test: Several waxes I have worked with since the changes to soy have not responded well to heat guns. Clarus 3022 melted and cooled perfectly when heat was applied. Note: Clarus 3022 is a container wax. There was about 1/8" - 1/4" shrinkage in these pans. Could be due to the dimensions and temps of this wax. Wicks in this test: RRD47, ECO8, CD12, CDN16, CSN16, Performa 100, Wood Wick Original Booster 0.03" x 1/2" wide, Wood WIck Original Booster 0.04" x 1/2" wide, Wood Wick Dual 0.02, HTP 104, WI777, LX24. Pans were poured and allowed to fully cool and cure for 2 weeks before lighting. Even though this is not a scent throw test, a proper cure of the wax should give better, more reliable results. Ambient temperature in the ship approximately 60*F
  13. Still creating for the season?

    Aw candy I am so sorry kitty is feeling unwell. Big hugs.
  14. A supplier for box padding/inserts

    Does sunshine container have anything close? http://www.tealightboxes.com/category_s/61.htm