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  1. Beautiful soap Debratant! Love the swirls! Thanks for sharing!
  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHH YES!!!! Just divine!! Those look awesome and the scent blends are wonderful and your colors are so pretty..........you did it..... GREAT JOB....YEA!!! Thanks so much for sharing your pics!
  3. DITTO THIS! Gracious that looks so pretty and yummy! Thanks for sharing TAH!
  4. You are so welcome WaxingPoetic and thank you! It's fun to share and if it helps someone's business to grow....hey it's a great thing! I know you will love making these and the blends go on and on and on. We would love to see your pics!
  5. i heard the word salt bars and got right on here! Shew...been busy and have a hubby that has had surgery....but let's go back to the salt bars....Candybee...those are just awesome!!!! I bet they smell heavenly! Beautiful job!
  6. You did awesome on these Moonshine! Just beautiful! A person can never do wrong with a mason jar....just love them.
  7. Faerywren....those are just gorgeous soaps! Awesome job on those beautiful swirls!
  8. Wonderful items for your new show year Candybee!! Awesome ideas! Would LOVE to see your display...it will SO be gorgeous! Congrats on getting some new pretties for your display.
  9. Oh TallTayl.....that is just awful! Yikes.....Oh gracious....speechless here....
  10. Your candles are just beautiful Trappeur! The labels are eye catching! Hee hee....love the 'possum pic and all your beautiful kitties chowing down and relaxing. Just adorable!
  11. Beautiful recipe and soap Candybee! Thank you so much for sharing. A soap maker will NEVER go wrong making a Oatmeal , Milk and Honey soap....for me it is one of my best sellers. The Sandalwood Rose scent sounds wonderful and love the look of the oats sprinkled on top. Pretty, pretty!
  12. Great to see you back PhoenixFyre! Your soaps are beautiful! So happy to hear that things in your life have turned around and looking much better now. So sorry to hear of loss of Grandpa....but SO happy for your sister on upcoming birth of her baby boy and glad to hear your hubby is mending.
  13. There is nothing that grosses me out more than bare naked soaps/bath & body products that people can handle all over. There is a body product store in our area that sell their soaps and bath bombs without even a smidge of wrapping on them.....imagine all the dirty and germy hands that have been all over those products. There are people who STILL do not wash their hands after using the bathroom and people that STILL wipe their noses on their hands....and they would think nothing of handling these products after doing such. I wouldn't use these bare naked products even if they were GIVEN to me. YUCK!! Beautiful and thorough packaging IS a must!
  14. I do the same as Jcandleattic. Do second pour a couple hours later.
  15. Welcome!