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  1. puma52

    Chunk Tart Melts :)

    Hi Peppie, Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed and I hope you try this...it is so much fun. It's important that the overpour does not melt your chunks too much. For my overpour, it is totally melted but I pour it over the chunks as cool as I can between 160-165 with the waxes I use. NOT a silly question....an excellent question. Have fun and let us see YOUR chunk tart melts!
  2. puma52

    Chunk Tart Melts :)

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH YES!!!! Just divine!! Those look awesome and the scent blends are wonderful and your colors are so pretty..........you did it..... GREAT JOB....YEA!!! Thanks so much for sharing your pics!
  3. puma52

    Chunk Tart Melts :)

    You are so welcome WaxingPoetic and thank you! It's fun to share and if it helps someone's business to grow....hey it's a great thing! I know you will love making these and the blends go on and on and on. We would love to see your pics!
  4. puma52

    Hello from Alabama ?

  5. puma52

    New here!

    Hi there Leesa! Welcome!
  6. puma52

    Big hello!

    Hi Alison and welcome to our group!
  7. puma52


    Hi Shauna!! Welcome!! We are so glad you are here!
  8. puma52


    Welcome back to the fold Scented Creations! Glad to have you here with us!
  9. puma52

    Hi Guys!

    Warm welcome to you Smell Obsessed! Awesome place, awesome people, awesome information....well just ALL awesome! Glad to see you joined all of us other addicts!
  10. puma52

    New to the forum

    Hi Lora and welcome to the board! Fellow paraffin user here. I love my 4786 container wax and 4625 pillar.
  11. puma52


    Hi Jul! Welcome....Welcome! You have come to the right place to learn. So glad you are here.
  12. puma52

    I'm the newest CANDLE member :)

    Welcome!! We are so glad you are here!
  13. puma52


    Hi Cynna and welcome to our wonderful site! Lots of great folks here! Looking forward to your contributions here! Please don't be horrified by paraffin wax ....it as well as palm wax is as natural as soy wax..... Anything natural is anything that is and of the earth that is from nature....paraffin wax (petroleum), soy wax (soy beans) and palm wax (palm plants) all start out as raw material that is natural and is and of the earth...each has to be refined in order to get it to wax form....petroleum that is and of the earth becomes gasoline, soy beans that is and of the earth is one of the most popular forms of bio diesel, palm plants that is and of the earth... also right behind as a form of bio diesel. So all of these natural products that are and of the earth.....all of these products end up being refined and made into bio diesel or a petroleum fuel and waxes. No ones wax is above anyone elses...all of these waxes are on the same playing field, everyone can create a superior product out of their chosen wax. Everyone needs to stand tall and shine bright and not ever put down our competition...there are enough customers for everyone. All of our products start out natural and all are of the earth, all products have to be refined and all products are in one way or another a bio diesel or a petroleum fuel. We all need to be positive about our competition, have a positive outlook about our company and our products without putting down our competition. We need to explain what is great about our products without being negative about our competition. The 3 main components of a clean and awesome burning candle with ANY of these waxes is a high quality of wax, high quality fragrance oil and correct size of wick. We all need to be bright lights in our industry and positive about one another and our results will show in a great bottom line, great sales and growth in our customer bases. Alllllll good!
  14. puma52

    Greetings from Candles by Amy Lynn

    Welcome to Craft Server Amy Lynn!! Come on in and join us!
  15. puma52

    Hey everyone

    Thanks guys! My sister's second opinion is this Thursday. She will be seeing a scoliosis and spine specialist at the hospital I work for, so hoping for the best. You know when people are willing to share, a person REALLY realizes that they are truly not alone. You both have been so sweet to share. Blessings to you both!