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  1. Got the apple orchard account

    Oh gracious friend...where do I begin Trappeur? It has been a LONG 7 months. My sister had to have the major back surgery w/the rods running the full length of her back w/32 screws..I stayed the whole week in the hospital with her..boy am I glad..there are just not enough nurses and nurses aides to go around and i feel blessed to have been with her the whole week in the hospital to help..but man..what a week! shew! Then we have been helping her out since then...at first she could do nothing and now she is able to do some things, but still in pretty major pain at times..Dr said it could take a year to heal well. THEN MY husband had back surgery this spring and me and the kids have had to do ALL the bending over stuff that my husband has not been able to do. I had to wash him in the shower, do lawn work, mow, do all the planting of stuff...just anything that requires bending...I will tell you what girl, I really appreciate him more now than ever...you don't realize what you had until the help is gone and you have to do it and DO I FEEL LUCKY to not have to deal with this back stuff...at least not now...I have herniated , bulging discs...but so far I am able to deal with it fine. My husband has been off work 3 months and is going to the Dr this week on Thursday. My husband doesn't even know if he will be able to return to his work (maintenance). So a lot of stuff up in the air...taking it one day at a time. Anyhow back to the feel good stuff........I got SO EXCITED last night when I seen your account being mentioned!! I told my husband...oh my gosh, one of my buddies on Craftserver has a wonderful account with these people! That was awesome to see....and it sounds like an absolute dream account Trappeur! Those folks sound like angels to me....good, good people which we love to work for!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! The apple pies sound delicious...yummm!!!
  2. Got the apple orchard account

    Hey Trappeur...I just had to mention this...last night my husband and I was watching Home Hunters and they were looking for lakefront property in the Georgia area and the people who were hunting houses on this episode LOVES to go to Mercier Orchards in Georgia....we hope this brings lots of folks their way and more buyers for your beautiful candles. The orchard looks like a wonderful place...these folks went on a hayride there and picked blackberries. We wish they would have shown the store and more of what the orchards offered, but they didn't...but you got some free advertising for your account...yea!
  3. Chunk Tart Melts :)

    Hi Peppie, Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed and I hope you try this...it is so much fun. It's important that the overpour does not melt your chunks too much. For my overpour, it is totally melted but I pour it over the chunks as cool as I can between 160-165 with the waxes I use. NOT a silly question....an excellent question. Have fun and let us see YOUR chunk tart melts!
  4. My table set up with new tablecloths

    Looks sharp there Candybee!!! Love your setup and the sage green cloth with your two V shaped overlays .....an attention getter for sure!
  5. New pictures of new labels

    Beautiful, bright and inviting labels Trappeur! You never FAIL to amaze me at what all you do! Awesome girl!
  6. June 2017 SOTM - Botanical Acne Soap

    Yea....Soap of The Month Time!!! Wow Candybee!!! This recipe sounds DIVINE, I love the color of your soap and love the tutorial! All of these soap ingredients sound so soothing and just wonderful! Who wouldn't want to TOTALLY bathe in a soap made with such a recipe like this? I will have to try this. Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. Beautiful soap Debratant! Love the swirls! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Chunk Tart Melts :)

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH YES!!!! Just divine!! Those look awesome and the scent blends are wonderful and your colors are so pretty..........you did it..... GREAT JOB....YEA!!! Thanks so much for sharing your pics!
  9. Creamy Sugar Scrub Recipe

    DITTO THIS! Gracious that looks so pretty and yummy! Thanks for sharing TAH!
  10. Chunk Tart Melts :)

    You are so welcome WaxingPoetic and thank you! It's fun to share and if it helps someone's business to grow....hey it's a great thing! I know you will love making these and the blends go on and on and on. We would love to see your pics!
  11. More salt bars..

    i heard the word salt bars and got right on here! Shew...been busy and have a hubby that has had surgery....but let's go back to the salt bars....Candybee...those are just awesome!!!! I bet they smell heavenly! Beautiful job!
  12. Chalk painted masons

    You did awesome on these Moonshine! Just beautiful! A person can never do wrong with a mason jar....just love them.
  13. Some of my hot process soapies

    Faerywren....those are just gorgeous soaps! Awesome job on those beautiful swirls!
  14. New tablecloths

    Wonderful items for your new show year Candybee!! Awesome ideas! Would LOVE to see your display...it will SO be gorgeous! Congrats on getting some new pretties for your display.