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  1. Hey guys! I contacted Candle Science this afternoon and was told that they will not be impacted by this fire as of now. If anything should impact then in the future they will notify by email and social media so that customers will know.
  2. Just placed my order for the entire year. 😝

    Yeah I saw them but the containers I’m looking at in the link are gallon size jugs. The ones at BC only go up to 16oz but thanks for the response.
  4. Hello all and Happy New Year! I want to know if this type of container is ok to store fragrance oils in? I’d like to start mixing large batches of my FO blends and these look perfect but not sure if this type of plastic is ok for FO. It’s made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Thanks for any help/ advice you have. https://m.uline.com/h5/r/www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-10748/Jugs/F-Style-Jugs-1-Gallon-White

    Bump... Anyone?

    Hi there! I’m lookin looking for a great pear FO that works great in soy wax. I’ve tried PEAKS Bartlett Pear in the past and while it’s good it takes awhile to get a medium HT from it. Anyone tried Filmore’s French Pear? I’ve seen that one.
  7. Need Red Clove replacement

    Ditto on the Winter Wonderful.
  8. Looking for Peak replacements

    JulieB is not the owner of Keystone. Remember Julie was one of the suppliers when Peak first closed that was willing to dupe some of the fragrances. I hope I’m not wrong in my statement.
  9. FAVORITE Halloween / Fall Fragrance OILS

    More fresh/ citrus scents over all. Unique combinations. During fall/ Holiday I sell a lot of Nutmeg + Ginger and Coffee Shoppe. Those are my only 2 “food” type scents. Lots and Balsam and balsam blends.
  10. FAVORITE Halloween / Fall Fragrance OILS

    Testing Toasted Pumpkin Spice from CS today. 464 soy with a 12 day cure and pretty decent already in the living room. I’m just testing for fun. Atlanta just doesn’t get into Pumpkin scents at all. Lol!
  11. FAVORITE Halloween / Fall Fragrance OILS

    So, just throw my two cents in about favorite fall/Halloween fragrances. In the past I’ve used Backwoods honey gingerbread but that was the only scent from them I used. So this year I tested Fillmore’s Nutmeg + Ginger and it has been a great seller for me! I did not change the name at all and I feel it helped because it did not put a specific season to the scent even though it’s technically apart of my holiday collection.
  12. FAVORITE Halloween / Fall Fragrance OILS

    Anyone try BC's Autumn Warmth? It really sounds amazing!
  13. First Show of the Fall Season!

    Thank you very much! I get them at Lonestar Candle Supply. I love them!
  14. First Show of the Fall Season!

    Yes you are correct! I do very well at that price although 7 years ago when I first started my business I sold the same candles for $15 and gradually I have raised my price to $18. The 10oz is the only size I make and do very well at that size. I do agree with @Jcandleattic if you stick to your price and are confident then folks will buy your candles. Plus people want quality and are willing to pay for it.
  15. First Show of the Fall Season!

    I promise no lies. It's actually rather easy.