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  1. jackbenimble


    This is great help! Thank you! I don’t have a smaller container that I can test. I will try the eco 2 and eco 4 to start. My system I use is double wicking for my jar type. Thank you again! I learned something new today!
  2. jackbenimble


    @TallTayl- could you recommend a comparable ECO wick size to a CD6?
  3. Hello all! I’ve been testing Filmore’s Pa’s Tobacco Pipe FO in 464 soy wax for what seems like forever. It’s a super heavy FO and you need to wick up. Little did I know how much! I started out at a double wicked CD6 and have tested all the way up to a double CD14. I’ve never had to go this high for a FO. The most is a CD8. So so my question is if the CD14 double wick is working and the flames are not too high and the jar isn’t too hot. Is this acceptable to sell? Had anyone else ever run into this issue with a FO? Is there an alternative wick that might be better suited to this FO because of the heaviness of it? Thank you for any any help or advice you can give 🙏🏻🤗
  4. jackbenimble

    WSP Recommendations?

    Sugared Amber + Plum is great and super strong in soy wax!! 😍❤️
  5. jackbenimble

    Show Us Your Booth!

    @Hopie- Thank you so much!!🤗🙏🏻 I don’t do outdoor shows past Mother’s Day because of the increasing heat. The most heat I’m in is upper 80’s and I ask for shade so my candles are fine.
  6. jackbenimble

    Show Us Your Booth!

    This was my outdoor booth setup last spring and summer. It’s basically the same this year too.
  7. jackbenimble


    Thank you! I’ll check that out🙏🏻🤗
  8. jackbenimble


    Hello all!! I’m looking for your best recommendations for a strong Magnolia FO in soy wax that is also true to the flower. Thank you! 🤗
  9. jackbenimble

    Light a candle for Vicky

    Omg!! This makes me so sad. My condolences to her family at this sad time.
  10. Hello Paul,


    Thankyou for the fragrances and recipes.  They are lovely.  And everything arrived in good shape.


    I will be busy this week using the fragrances.





    1. jackbenimble


      Wonderful to hear!! Let me know how they all turn out. 

  11. jackbenimble

    Fall Festival On Ponce Booth 2015

    Our booth display this past weekend Oct 2015

    © Jack Be NImble Candles 2015

  12. jackbenimble

    Roswell Arts Festival 2015

    Thank you! I transferred the pics from my phone to my computer first. Strange it said from an iPhone.
  13. jackbenimble

    Close Up Of Candles

    © Jack Be Nimble Candles 2015

  14. jackbenimble

    Roswell Arts Festival 2015

    Roswell Arts Festival 2015

    © Jack Be Nimble Candles 2015