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    I'm a busy wife and mom of 4. I work full time as an RN and run my hobby business in my free time (ha ha whats that?)
    I've been making soap since 2004 and love it as much today as I did in the beginning. I have an unhealthy relationship with wax. I'll just leave it at that.
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    I love anything related to soap making or bath and body production. I love candles, tarts and anything that smells yummy!

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  1. Merlin's Forest

    I like the one from Fragrance Buddy. I'm also hoarding a bit from my old Moonworks stash.
  2. Merlin's Forest

    Love them! How do you get them colored like that?
  3. Body/Linen/Room Spray base?

    I loved the Multi base from WSP! It was from Crafter's Choice and I can't find it anywhere. It was so much cheaper to ship because you added the distilled water to it, so it saved on weight. I use one from Just Scent now that can be used for body or linen sprays. I just adjust the % of FO depending on application.
  4. GB 464 & IGI 4630 blend questions

    This is the wax combo I use, also. I use CD wicks. Usually an 8 or 10 for an 8 oz jelly jar, depending on fragrance. I usually cure 2 weeks, but a few fragrances that I know take a tad longer. Egyptian Sheets from LoneStar is one that comes to mind right off.
  5. Fun game - maybe? (read on)

  6. I should probably introduce myself...

    Welcome! Glad you could join us here! It's a great forum. It is so easy to want to make ALL the products. I was backwards from you, though. I started with CP soap. Started playing with M&P and other bath products, solid perfumes etc. Then, I graduated to candles as a means of using up FOs that didn't sell in bath and body applications. You know, the "No one is buying this blueberry muffin soap, but I bet they'd love it in a candle" idea! So much $ and time invested, but it's fun and brings me joy.
  7. Funny Customer Stories - Light Side of Biz

    Years ago I did farmer's markets and displayed some of my soaps unwrapped in baskets. One of them was a kitchen coffee soap that was dark brown, cut into chunks. A man walked by, reached in the basket, grabbed a soap and while bringing up to his mouth said, "What you got here? Brownies"? When I told him that it was not food, but soap, he exclaimed, "Who has soap out in baskets looking like food"? To which I answered, "Who randomly grabs things out of vendor baskets? And who would eat unwrapped food from a stranger"? I have often had my soaps mistaken for fudge or cheese, but no one had tried to eat one with out asking before.
  8. Welcome to our newest members this week!

    Welcome to Craftserver! There is a wealth of information here!
  9. An order I received

    That's ridiculous!
  10. Luxe Linen and Parasoy

    Community is one of my main suppliers as I'm just an hour and a half drive away and can go pick my orders up from the warehouse. The owners are super nice and I like dealing with them. Some fragrances I use of theirs are: Spa Day- Nice and clean, but not a laundry type smell. Sells great in room sprays and wax. Barnwood and Burlap (I changed the name to Barn Dance)- I love the smell out of bottle, and my husband loves the candles, but they seem kind of one dimensional and blah to me. White Tea and Berries- Sweet and fruity. Sells well in wax. Kudzu- Smells like grape soda. Exactly like kudzu in bloom. Huge seller in wax Tangerine Dreams- Citrus and lavender. Soooo nice. Great in room sprays. Caribbean Calypso- Coconut and beachy fruits. Smells good. Sells well in wax in summer months. Coffee Shop- Generic cafe latte smell. I use it as part of a blend, so it works. Luxe Linen- High end, clean, linen. I've been told it smelled like scuppernongs or muscadines, so now I smell that! It is a great seller in room sprays and wax.
  11. 1st go at soap using M&P

    Where did you get the soap base from? Like Candybee mentioned, some brands are just junk. I tried a batch of Nature's Garden melt and pour base once because it was cheaper than my normal base. It was total garbage. It got all lumpy and stiff before I poured all my molds.
  12. Castor Jelly

    I used to use castor jelly years ago for lip gloss in the squeeze tubes. I bought mine from Oak Court Creations. I don't think they sell it any more. Camden Gray, Essential Wholesale and Essentials by Catalina carry it, though.
  13. Okay, I was just funnin' and set this up in 2 seconds to see what all the fuss was about. This thing is awesome! Edited to add: When I take pics for real, I don't have shrink wrap on them. I like the bars nekkid!
  14. Thanks to you enablers, my light box was delivered yesterday. Before that, I had one made from a cardboard box that I had cut the sides and tops out of and covered with white tissue paper. The inside was lined with white poster board. I used it outside on sunny days and reflected the sun with either another piece of white poster board or a piece of cardboard covered with foil. This thing is going to be so fun to play with.
  15. I use a plastic tube holder from a thermometer to set my wicks. I also do them by the case.