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    I'm a busy wife and mom of 4. I work full time as an RN and run my hobby business in my free time (ha ha whats that?)
    I've been making soap since 2004 and love it as much today as I did in the beginning. I have an unhealthy relationship with wax. I'll just leave it at that.
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    I love anything related to soap making or bath and body production. I love candles, tarts and anything that smells yummy!

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  1. Faerywren

    Please Help Me!

    IMO, JustScent has less than stellar oils.
  2. Faerywren

    Community Candle Order

    Community is (some what) local to me. Only an 1 1/2 hour drive. They are super nice folks and have some lovely oils! Haven't tried the Coffee and Doughnuts or the Tuscan Lemon Blossom. I'll definitely have to try those 2 next go!
  3. Faerywren

    I should probably introduce myself...

    Welcome! Glad you could join us here! It's a great forum. It is so easy to want to make ALL the products. I was backwards from you, though. I started with CP soap. Started playing with M&P and other bath products, solid perfumes etc. Then, I graduated to candles as a means of using up FOs that didn't sell in bath and body applications. You know, the "No one is buying this blueberry muffin soap, but I bet they'd love it in a candle" idea! So much $ and time invested, but it's fun and brings me joy.
  4. Faerywren

    Welcome to our newest members this week!

    Welcome to Craftserver! There is a wealth of information here!
  5. Hey, PC

    I'm interested in the Cedarwood Vanilla, Volcano and the Little Black Dress. Shipping to 36265

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    2. pcbrook


      Ugh!  Didn't I put tape over the flip top to hold it down?  So sorry about that.

    3. Faerywren


      No worries. The tape came off with the labels I'm afraid. Nothing had tape on it.

    4. pcbrook


      :o  Wow!  I used a rubber glove to tighten those bottle caps.  Maybe too tight!

  6. Faerywren

    Hey from Buffalo NY

  7. Faerywren

    Hello from CA

    Welcome! Lots of great info here!
  8. Faerywren

    Merry Christmas and Hello!

  9. Faerywren

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    Many of us here do items that are inspired by things we love, but we've given them original names. For instance, I have a Red Witch soap that is GoT inspired and a soap called Baker Street that is Sherlock inspired. Back in the day I had Twilight inspired products. The names gave recognition, but I never used any trademarked/copyrighted images, logos or graphics. I saw a local chandler ignore advice to stop selling candles with college football logos and NASCAR logos/driver likenesses on them. She thought she would be fine because she "wasn't that big a company". She wound up losing her candle company and a lot more.
  10. Faerywren

    Hello from Houston, TX Introduction

    Welcome! It's a crazy, time and money consuming endeavor, but we all love it!
  11. Hi Faerywren! I'm new to the blog but hopefully I can get some tips. I'm interested in adding soaps to my line.

  12. Faerywren

    Greetings from Maryland!!

    Welcome! Good luck!
  13. Faerywren

    Hello from Alabama ?

    Another Bama person here! Welcome to the board!
  14. Faerywren


    Welcome! There is tons of info here! So, settle in and peruse the topics. You'll be engrossed for hours!
  15. Faerywren


    Welcome Tina! I'm also in Alabama. Tarts are so fun to make! Glad you could join us! Did anyone else giggle when Tina said she'd save money making her own? LOL. Darling, you are in for a ride!