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    I'm a busy wife and mom of 4. I work full time as an RN and run my hobby business in my free time (ha ha whats that?)
    I've been making soap since 2004 and love it as much today as I did in the beginning. I have an unhealthy relationship with wax. I'll just leave it at that.
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  1. Egyptian Sheets! A really nice clean scent that is powdery, floral, musk and sandalwoody all in one. A best seller for me in candles and room sprays! I like Cowboy, Twilight Woods, Mahogany Woods, Nordic Spa and many others. I use parasoy, though. So don't have a lot of the issues pure soy folks have.
  2. What a great idea! So pretty!
  3. To me, upscale scents are those that have a bit more complexity to them. The notes all work together perfectly and take the FO up a notch, for a more sophisticated scent profile. Scented is correct, saying something is "upscale" is largely a marketing ploy. The same way companies selling FO don't just have plain Vanilla, it's a Vanilla Voodoo or Vanilla Select or Vanilla Bean. It's a perception of it being "better".
  4. Community Candle is only an hour's drive from me, so I use them a lot. Lux Linen smells like muscadines to my nose, but it is clean at the same time. It is a very popular seller in room sprays. I've been happy with everything I've gotten from them.
  5. I have 4 pour pots. One for florals. One for fruity. One for spicy. And one for foody. I also have an assortment of cans that I use for smaller amounts of wax for tart testers. Any extra wax (usually a couple ounces) gets poured into a souffle cup for use in the tart warmer later.
  6. I just did a mock order on my work computer and it didn't give me any shipping options other that UPS, even when clicking the "more options" box. It would be $24.76 to ship a pound to me!
  7. I always assumed the surplus was just that; an overstock. But after using it for over a decade, you'd think it would have run out by now!
  8. I use a blend of 464 and 4630. My labels say Soy Blend rather than parasoy. Noone gives a crap.
  9. I use 464 and 4630 at a 60/40 ratio for containers. For tarts, I use 464 and 4625 at a 50/50 ratio.
  10. What M&P base did you use? I know I tried some M&P from Nature's Garden once and that stuff was crap. It started to get rubbery in the measuring cup before I could even get it all poured. It did make a good, hard finished bar of soap, but it was a nightmare to work with. I tried it because it was cheap, even though I've been using SFIC since 2004 and should have known better!
  11. I use the surplus and it smells great and sells great!
  12. I like BBs Oatmeal Milk and Honey (although it doesn't sell for squat), Grapefruit Lily, Honeysuckle (a best seller for me. I blend with just a bit of Peak's Wild Mountain Honey) and Coconut Lemongrass.
  13. But, inquiring minds want to know!
  14. I adore perfumes and collect them. After researching aroma chemicals, I decided to leave it to the professionals. I'll stick with my roll ons and sprays made with FOs and/or EOs!
  15. I may have to try that! I usually work with my HP at an apple sauce stage, but I like how malleable her batter stays! Old dog, time for a new trick!