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  1. Natures Garden recommendations

    I have a bunch of NG oils, but in looking at my list, I just realized that most of of 40 some bottle I have are spring/summer scents. Potpourri Spice is a good fall scent, along the lines of Amish Harvest and all those other spice FO's Winter Candy Apple is nice and sold pretty well for me last year Tinsel some customers just love this one. One lady wants it all year round. It's minty and a little fruit. Very unique Hot Orange Danish My DIL loves this one
  2. Pleasant surprise from RE

    @Sarah S You are so good at describing scents! I can't do that. Too bad we have complete opposite tastes in FO's. I got French Vanilla and Amber from Peak last year for my DIL. She likes it, but I don't. So no more amber for me. You must be young. I don't want anything with tobacco or patch either, although I do have a bottle of both. Your lovely description of Corriander does sound nice though. I bought some Peak's Cornucopia a few years back. I really liked it. Fruity and nutty but no spices. It didn't sell well though.
  3. Needing help like seriously BAD

    I started doing the same, Pam. Hoping that blending scents would satisfy my craving for new FO's. It's also a way to use a fragrance oil I don't care for by itself, like Gingerbread from Aztec. It didn't sell well either, so I blended it with Pumpkin Souffle and a little cake, and Voila! Pumpkin Gingerbread. But I'm not brave enough yet just to throw some scents together and hope for the best like you. Must be fun though when it is a smashing success. I was going to wait until Black Friday sales to buy anything else, but I caved when I went to The Candlemaker's store last week to pick up wax and jars....I mean who can buy just boring wax and jars? I only ordered one to pick up, Snow Cream, which I had liked years ago, and got one free one. But I had to smell the specials, and had to buy 4 of them. So had to make more room in my cabinets somehow.
  4. Nature's Garden has the cheapest shipping I've found. I live in Central Indiana and NG is in northern Ohio so that may help but they are still cheaper than other close suppliers. I believe their UPS shipping notes that it reflects a 30% discount. For example, on one order, I bought 5 sixteen ounce bottles of FO and 2 packs of wicks and the shipping was $10.07. But I never place small orders, because then the shipping would be about the same as the item/items.
  5. @Sarah S I would rather live close to Candlewic. They have so many FO's I like. I agree about scent descriptions. I don't know why The Candlemaker's Store is the ONLY supplier I know of who doesn't include scent descriptions. And seeing as how they have over 1000 FO's, it's overwhelming to try to just blindly order oils from them. I also wish I could sniff a sample, then buy a 16 oz bottle if I like it. But I have to write down the ones I like and order them online. I am glad I asked about Grade B. It stands to reason that the cheaper version wouldn't be as strong/good as the regular version. Some of their FO's are so expensive it's been tempting to try the Grade B, but I sure won't now. I ordered a new style jar from them, because they keep discontinuing the ones I use! I was getting such a good deal on the oval hex jars, but then they quit selling them. Ordered some from Peak, then they went out of business! Shipping charges on jars are so expensive I thought I'd give a new kind a try....now let's see how long it is before TCS discontinues this one.
  6. New Espresso FO?

    The best coffee I've tried so far is RE's Spiced Pumpkin Latte. I really don't smell much pumpkin. It has a strong, real coffee scent. I also like NG's Mountain Hazelnut Coffee. Actually, the coffees I liked best were from companies that are out of business. Columbian Coffee from Heaven Scent and Hazelnut Coffee from Bluegrass Candle Supply. But I may have finally found a straight coffee that doesn't stink at The Candlemaker's Store. And NG Hazelnut Coffee is close to the one I liked from Bluegrass.
  7. New Espresso FO?

    Sorry, it wasn't me. I mentioned some coffee FO's I sniffed at The Candlemaker's Store this week, but they weren't new or Espresso.
  8. Just Scent

    I like their Chestnuts & Brown Sugar. And so do a lot of other people from searches I've done.
  9. Went to Hamilton OH, almost 2 1/2 hours from my house, but I picked up my aunt on the way to keep me company. She lives in Greensburg, right off 74 so it is real handy. Got 4 cases of wax and 20 dozen jars, so you can imagine what I saved in shipping charges. They have their 16 oz Specially priced FO's available for sale. So I ended up getting: Granny's Pumpkin Pie (have had this one before; use it as a mixer) Country Clothesline - toss up between that one and Cotton Linen, but my aunt and I thought Country Clothesline was a little nicer Bergamot - I really liked this one. Kind of an herbal orange. Cotton Candy - I wasn't even going to smell this one, but my aunt picked it up, and I sniffed it and liked it. She said it was her favorite of the ones she smelled. I was anxious to sniff the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and it did smell pretty good, but I have to stick with the Spiced Pumpkin Latte from RE; it is so good that I don't care if I could save a few dollars if I got this one. The only ones I ordered to pick up was Snow Cream, which I had bought a little bottle of years ago. Kind of a butter mint scent. And Summer Orange which was my free one. There's not a lot to choose from in the free FO's when you spend over $100. I already had several. It's a nice refreshing orange. It would be a good blender too. Here are some samples I sniffed that I liked, but some cost more than I usually pay for a pound: Hot Maple Toddy Fresh Strawberry - Really nice strawberry scent. I will probably get this one next time I order. Better than the Strawberry cream I also smelled. Lavender Fields - I don't usually care for lavender but I like this one. I wrote it down one other time when I went there, but still haven't bought it. I need to though. Mocha Cappuccino - This one is good but at $24 a pound, I'll stick to the coffee ones I get from RE Oak Moss - also expensive but I actually liked it! Raspberry Creamy - looking for a replacement for Millcreek's Raspberry Cream, which was discontinued. This one is close Cedarwood Spice - I may get this one some day. Nice! Cedarwood - also nice, but I like the spiced one better Woodberry - this one was different, wish I would have written down what I thought it smelled like. Coffee Caramel - I have Caramel Cafe from RE, so although I liked this one, RE's is just as good....and cheaper. Clove - I would like to have this one to blend Bamboo Lime - I like this one! And finally.....guess what?? They have a fresh ground coffee that smells like coffee! There were some very unusual FO samples. Like Burnt Rubber and BEEF! I didn't even sniff those. Met a very nice lady there who makes soap and was excited to find out The Candlemaker's Store is about an hour from her house in KY. She was having fun sniffing samples too. When I was checking out I told the guy I wished I had called ahead and asked to smell a Grade B fragrance oil and compare with the regular priced fragrance oil. He said if I liked the regular priced FO's I wouldn't be happy with the Grade B's. So there you have it. I said, so you get what you pay for? And he said pretty much. Or something like that. I asked him if the specials were grade B, and he said they were B minus, because they were even cheaper than the Grade B's! But the website says they are full strength. I think it depends on the FO. I have a few specials I've liked and some I didn't. One of my best sellers last summer was a $9.99 bottle of Botanical Breeze. Too bad they don't carry that one any more. All in all, it was a good trip with my Aunt. I always love sniffing new FO's and going to Cracker Barrel for lunch was an added bonus. Then we took a long detour through the country and went to Metamora, IN....everything was closed though during the week except the grist mill museum, where they still grind corn and wheat. Very interesting.
  10. Needing help like seriously BAD

    I kept all my FO's in one cabinet and all my one ounce samples in a little drawer....until 2017. Now I've got FO's in that cabinet in the kitchen, on a couple of shelves in my closet and another shelf in my bedroom. And I've filled a shoebox with samples because my little drawer was crammed full. BUT...I haven't ordered any more fragrance oils since 9/12/2017. Wish I could be more excited about that.
  11. Hi from a lurker

    @osso38 Hello! Glad you decided to come out of the shadows. Welcome, from one FOHO to another. I'm from central Indiana.
  12. Who has the best of these scents?

    For coffee scents I like RE - Spiced Pumpkin Latte RE - Caramel Cafe NG - Mountain Hazelnut Coffee I have a good Home Sweet Home dupe from Cierra Candles. Haven't actually compared it to YC to see if it's exactly the same though.
  13. Did Three Orders Last Night

    I've bought more fragrance oils from Aztec (42) and Nature's Garden (46) than any other suppliers and I am happy with the quality of both.
  14. Opinions on RE fragrance oils

    I really like Caramel Pretzel Bar OOB but haven't put it in wax yet.
  15. Best eucalyptus fragrance?

    Oh man, Aztec has a lot of fragrances I like that are good in soy wax. Caramel Pecan Pie Applejack & Peel...this one is strong! Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar! Yum! Leaves....I am in love with this one and so are several others who have smelled it Vermont Honey Apple Victorian Christmas Peaches & Pumpkin Patch To name a few....I have another list of good spring/summer/clean FO's.