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  1. I don't really know. I know I've been having trouble for several weeks at least. Sometimes more than others. I can't find an X on the ad to close it, but supposedly can pause it. But it doesn't stay paused. The ad sure interferes with scrolling down on a page. Or I can be writing a post and all at once the page moves up to the top where the ad is. Like you said, the ads aren't on my phone. But I usually get on craft server from my laptop.
  2. The video ads make the page jump around. It's so frustrating. I scroll down and the page goes back up, etc. I pause the ad video but it doesn't help for long. It's hard to type a post with the page moving up and down . Mostly up to the top where the ad is.
  3. Guess I will have to get a sample of Jasmine from Candlewic one of these days and see whose nose my nose agrees with.
  4. Since closed I do a google search for fragrance. Put the entire name in quotes; "cool citrus basil" fragrance oil I did that and so far I see that Nature's Garden, Rustic Escentuals, Flaming Candle, Lonestar and some others sell it as does the aforementioned Candlescience.
  5. I'm terrible with names but I looked up the description and FB says its rich sweet raspberry and cranberry. So for some reason I thought of Razzleberry. Turns out that's the name of a pie Marie Callender makes from raspberries and it's close! The only other one I can think of is Sweet Berries, or Mixed Berries. Sometimes the plain names work because then the customer knows just what the fragrance is. Or Berry Delight. I didn't care for the name Tropical Blast so I changed it to Tropical Delight.
  6. Pumpkin anything is always a good seller. At least in my neck of the woods. Also Apple Pie. My #1 seller by far is my own blend of Cinnamon Vanilla. I have used Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla from Rustic Escentuals until I started just blending cinnamon and vanilla I had on hand. My daughter doesn't want anything from me now but Cinnamon Broom from Fragrance Buddy. My favorite cinnamon after nine years is still Cinnamon Stick from Candlescience. The possibilities for fall are endless. Celtic MoonSpice from RE has done well for me, as well as Potpourri Spice from Nature's Garden, Hillbilly Homebrew from Mill Creek (I changed the name to Autumn Spice.), also Grandma's Kitchen from MC. I like the nutty ones like Caramel Pecan Pie and Squirrelly Nut from Aztec. Oh, speaking of Aztec, love their Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar. I have some new ones I'm going to try this fall, like Cranapple Spice, and Pomegranate Cider. I love fall fragrances!
  7. Thanks for the warning!
  8. @GoldieMN I keep thinking about blending cake with the Pineapple & Brown Sugar and calling it Pineapple Upside Down Cake to see if it will sell then. But haven't got aroundtoit yet. I will have to keep the others you mentioned in mind for next year's sale. Except I am going to buy the Spiced Pumpkin Latte sometime this season.
  9. I am increasing my inventory of RE fragrances. For quite a while, I mainly used their HI Baked Apple. I bought Frozen and it was a moderate seller. Pineapple & Brown Sugar wasn't popular. Then last winter, I bought Celtic MoonSpice and it was a hit. This summer I got Da Lime in Da Coconut and Sea Grass & Sand Dunes (got a free sample of that and loved it.) Also got Black Currant Tea which I like OOB but haven't used it yet. Got that when I ordered Pipe Smoke per special request. Now I think I'm stuck with most of a bottle of that, because no one else seems to want it. My new ones with this order were Caramel Cafe and Plum Tart (bought this one because of a free sample too.) Which 10 do you use? I may need to try some more.
  10. No, I meant Ginger Souffle didn't smell like spiced apples like so many fall fragrances do to me. For instance, I got Cranapple Spice from Candlewic, and I like it, but I mostly smell spiced apples. I smell fruit and spices in the Ginger Souffle, but it's different. The description says "light nuances of apple and peach" and "hint of black currant". I don't smell any brown sugar in the Bourbon & Brown Sugar. I just had an instant reaction of turning up my nose at that one.....but others might love it. I listed every oil I got. I don't know which ones were new, if any. I like Blue Skies, just don't know if I have to have it. I have other nice fresh fragrances. It is different though. Sorry you didn't get in on the sale. I have noticed that items don't stay in my cart until I make up my mind like they do on other suppliers' sites. I like Candlewic, cause my stuff stays in the cart forever.
  11. Here are the ones that stood out to me OOB. For Fall: Caramel Pretzel Bar - I can smell the chocolate and the caramel...just yummy and unlike anything I already have. Ginger Souffle - Also a 'new' scent. Not just apple spice. Spiced Pumpkin Latte - You can really smell the coffee, it's oh so good. Wish I had bought a big bottle of this one instead of the Caramel Cafe, which is good but this one is better to me. For Christmas: I got Christmas Fantasy and Christmas Cheer but my favorite was Main Street Christmas For Spring/summer Tuscan Fields - Oh I like this one and it's also different from anything I have already. Caribbean Day Spa -I will be anxious to put this one in wax come Spring. Nice! Raspberry Lilac - I am discovering more and more that while I don't like floral scents, I do like floral/fruity blends. Maybe/on the fence Blue Skies and Clothespins - these are both lovely fresh scents, but I have to decide if I just want to stick with High Cotton and Sea Island Cotton. Welcome Home, Amish Quilt, Rustic Lodge - all are my kind of spicy fruity fall fragrances, but I have so many already. Earl Grey & Apple - love the name, smell a lot of apple. Have to think about this one. Hot Apple Pie SNC - I love apple pie and this is a good one. Less expensive than Baked Apple HI, which is my absolute favorite. For my daughter: White Sage - She says it smells more like the real dried sage she burns than the Sage I have from NG. NG's is sweeter. This is not my kind of scent, but it's not bad. Definite NO: Bourbon and Brown Sugar - Just ewwww. Sour to me. Got this sample for my son and his wife who smelled a beer barrel bourbon candle somewhere and liked it. But Jon said it smelled like caramel coffee. That's why I bought the 16 oz bottle of Caramel Cafe. Sure glad I didn't buy a 16 oz bottle of this. Other no's: White Chocolate Apple - All my friend and I could smell was apple OOB. Fruit Medley - It's nice and all, but nothing special. I have better fruit FO's Molasses Cookie - It's OK but I don't smell molasses Badedas - Well I don't like the name for one. It had some good reviews on this forum, and I think it's OK, but nothing special. Those are my first and second and third impressions. I have to smell them some more. I think my very favorite is the Caramel Pretzel Bar. I am ready to order it and the Ginger Souffle, Pumpkin Latte and Main Street Christmas right now, but I have to make myself wait until I use some of the new ones I have already. I'd be interested in hearing about what you got and how you liked your samples.
  12. I'm not really comparing the just made me think how the whole Baltimore/Indianapolis thing comes up whenever we play the Ravens. In Baltimore, they won't even say "indianapolis" Colts. They called us the Indiana Colts. And a big moving van with their equipment really did leave Baltimore in the middle of the night way back when. I haven't bought a lot of Peak's FO's. Frankly they are so expensive, I usually get mine elsewhere. But I have bought a lot of M&P base and jars there. But after all this mess, don't think I'll be buying any more Amish Harvest from them. They were supposed to send me some gold lids when they were back in stock to replace all the dinged up, scratched up ones I got in a shipment. But now I guess that will never happen, since they're just going to sell Fragrance oil for now.
  13. You know Baltimore still holds a grudge against the Indianapolis Colts because they kinda did the same thing.
  14. @Jcandleattic Oh I ordered a sample of Raspberry Lilac because of you.
  15. It's Christmas in August! I'm excited to get my 20 samples today! I've never gotten so many at once. I like to sniff them all, leave them out awhile, and go back and sniff them again.....and later again. I'm also getting 16 oz of Plum Tart. Loved the free sample of that I got earlier. And 16 oz of Caramel Cafe. Taking a chance on that one because my son and his wife liked a candle that smelled like caramel coffee, so I ordered it for them.