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  1. Easter Fragrances

    I say that sometimes. My parents came from Kentucky. I still use my Dad's expression when someone asked how I am.....'fair to middlin'.
  2. Easter Fragrances

    It was me, because I don't rave about any floral scent. I do like the Pink Lilac and Willow though, for a floral, it's not bad. I rave about Aztec's Leaves and Cantaloupe & Lily.
  3. I also get overwhelmed with the amount to sniff. Sometimes I think it's better just to get samples in the mail and sniff to my heart's content before I make the decision whether or not to buy a large bottle. Earlier in the month, I had ordered a Country Sampler pack from The Candlemaker's Store, because I have a country line of candles. So I smelled the 10 over and over and eliminated a couple that cost too much, and finally decided on two that I then ordered and picked up Thursday. If you remember my saga last summer about going to Nature's Garden, I had a list of what I wanted to sniff, but got there late, plus it was just too much, smelling so many at once, so I ended up only buying 6 new ones I think plus restocking a couple.
  4. That would be so fun! Let me hurry and use a bunch of these 200+ FO's I already have to make room for more. It's 5 hours and 20 minutes away for me, so it is doable.
  5. Mrs. Meyer's type scents in FO's?

    Thanks @soshiegirl and @thebeesknees, JS's Bluebell is more in my price range and I just might consider it when I need more Chestnuts & Brown Sugar. I've only ordered from JS once, and the C & BS is the only fragrance I liked of those I got. So I've been hesitant to order again from there.
  6. Mrs. Meyer's type scents in FO's?

    Thanks! I did find WSP's Waterlily and Bluebell when I did a google search, but I don't love bluebell enough to pay $35 a pound for the FO. I also found 3 perfumes/colognes and one was Jo Malone, but I didn't find the FO, so I will check out JS. Two of the cologne brands are out of my price range, but I'm thinking about ordering Yardley's Bluebell Cologne to see if I smell as good as Mrs. Meyer's Bluebell Dish Soap.
  7. I remember that! I felt bad for you that you didn't have time to sniff much. Like when I got to Nature's Garden 40 minutes before closing time and had to hurry and sniff, sniff, sniff. That's why I'd like to go again. Their store is nice and clean and well lit. The Candlemaker's store is an area in their warehouse. It's functional but not pleasing to the eye. But I had all the time in the world yesterday to sniff their 250 some samples available plus their 16 oz specials available to buy. At the end my sniffer was worn out I think, because they had a bunch of Perfume Type 16 oz bottles on a table for sale for $9.99 a lb, and they all smelled pretty much alike to me. But I don't much care for perfume types. I should have smelled them first probably, but couldn't open a one. When I was ready to check out with the 2 specially priced bottles I got, (Honeysuckle & Cedar) I found I couldn't leave without sniffing them so got a guy to help me. I was able to open most all the others because there was more than one of each scent, and if I couldn't open one, I tried another. I should have taken my bottle opening gadget with me. These old arthritic hands are pretty useless sometimes. Oh, BTW, I liked every one of the 4 free samples they gave me so now I want to order them too! Most of the ones I wrote down that I sniffed and liked cost more than I want to pay. My nose has good taste I guess. I may break down and buy the Hot Maple Toddy for $22 because it smelled so good and my friend just mentioned that she would like a candle in that fragrance. I like Aztec's and NG's prices better. But I'll buy the $18 ones from RE and Millcreek if I like them. Yes, I'm a cheapskate I know, but I just won't pay $25 a pound for an FO
  8. Wow! You're close to 3 places. I have ordered a bunch of times from Candlewic and a couple of times from C & S but never Fillmore yet. I also live about 2 hours and 20 minutes from The Candle Source but they don't carry the jars or wax I use. I would love to go to Nature's Garden again someday. That is such a nice store, and I use so many of their oils and have yet to smell so many others. But they are 4 1/2 hours away. Maybe someday I'll take a road trip to Knoxville, TN and go to Aztec. (I live in Central Indiana) It was hard for me to judge how much would fit in my car. I could have bought even more!
  9. Got my jars, got my wax, the 2 FO's I ordered plus the free one, and I only bought 2 of the $9.99 specials. Smelled lots and lots of samples and wrote down a few. When I placed my order, I wrote in the comments that there were 4 scents I particularly wanted to smell, and didn't know if they were included in the 250 or so samples available to smell. Asked if it would be possible to sniff those if they weren't. So they just included the 4 samples in with my order for free! I should have asked to smell a dozen. JK.
  10. Mrs. Meyer's type scents in FO's?

    The UK and Australia have Bluebell fragrance oil. Get with it USA suppliers!
  11. I bought some Mrs Meyer Bluebell Dish Soap and I absolutely love the fragrance. You would think some supplier would carry a Bluebell FO, but so far, I haven't found one. I like Mrs Meyer's Lemon Verbena and Lavender as well. There are dupes of most everything out there, perhaps one day a supplier will dupe Mrs. Meyer's brand.
  12. I wasn't really in the mood to take a 5 hour round trip to Ohio, but the amount I save on shipping makes it so worth it. I am lucky there is a supplier even that close to me, because I know some of you don't have any near to you at al. I'm buying $553 of wax, jars and a couple of FO's and saving $211 in shipping charges! Of course, if I was having my order shipped, I wouldn't buy so much at once. But I am going to fill my car up. I found out my aunt, who usually goes with me, is sick so I placed a second order for another case of wax and 3 more cases of jars, to fill up the front passenger side. I hope I haven't overestimated how much my hatchback will hold with the seats folded down. Of course I will sniff samples while I'm there. Are there any scents at The Candlemaker's Store you want me to smell for you? But I am not very good at describing scents. I called TCS a few weeks ago, and told the lady I had written a review on one FO and submitted it, but it never showed up. She was going to look into it. Well, lo and behold, if you look at the A to Z list of their 1000 plus FO's now, there are a few with reviews, including the one I submitted for Snow Cream....it had 2 reviews, the other one wasn't showing up either when I looked and I believe it was written before mine. I'm glad they worked out the glitches. Even a few reviews are better than none. And a few FO's even have scent descriptions now. Not many but a few. (I'm not sure of the proper initials for The Candlemaker's store. There is also TCS, The Candle Source, and people still talk about TCS, Tennessee Candle Supply)
  13. @Trappeur I used my cell phone.
  14. Sorry these pics are so large.
  15. I just used scrapbook paper and a punch to make my covers. I don't know about the scent fading because to tell the truth, the scents I used sold so fast I didn't have a chance to see. How about pillar candles; does the scent fade in those? I've never made pillar candles. But I remember a 100 years ago or so, my mother-in-law would light a cranberry pillar candle at Christmas time, and it smelled strong every Christmas. So there is my scientific evidence that the scent doesn't fade.