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  1. I found them in a google search for GW444 once. I'm always on the lookout for deals. I did buy from them once because the shipping was cheap. But they sure raised the shipping rates the next time I went to order. Sometimes I drive to Ohio and pick up wax at The Candlemaker's Store. Ohio has a plethora of candle making supplies companies.
  2. We who live east of the Mississippi should be counting our blessings. I knew Northstar Candle was sort of west, (turns out it's in Minnesota). So just to see, I put 4 cases of GW464 in my cart. Shipping to my cousin's zip code in California was $235.00 Shipping to my zip code in Indiana was $127.00 Even shipping is higher out there, not to mention gas and housing, etc.
  3. @Jeana, have you checked the price of shipping at Candelwic? They offer FedEx and UPS shipping and FedEx is always at least $10 cheaper for a case. I have bought a few pounds of FO from them plus a 50 pound case of wax and the shipping was only $26.00. But I live in Indiana so it may be just as costly as Candlescience to where you live. Plus they have lots of little sales. I started ordering with them by liking them on Facebook and got a $10 coupon. Then I joined their mailing list and got $10 off a $50 purchase. That would offset the shipping a little at least.
  4. Favorite Aztec FO?

    Leaves Cantaloupe & Lily Caramel Pecan Pie Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar Applejack & Peel Citrus Fantasy Georgia Peach
  5. Yes it is strong in soy. I haven't used paraffin. It's not one of my favorite scents, but I sell a lot of it.
  6. I think Millcreek's FOs are very good. I have gotten a couple of samples that were a little weak, but most I have used perform well in soy wax. Her High Cotton is one of my favorite clean scents. Backroads is a YC type of Storm Watch. Love the scent and it is strong. Grandma's Kitchen is a good apple spice scent Seaside is a really nice ocean type scent. Harvest Spice is my favorite cinnamon spice scent I've found so far. I renamed it Welcome Home so it could be for all year. Customers like it too.
  7. I have ordered from 3 of those suppliers and have many favorites. I'll name a few. Candlewic: Berry Tangerine Apple Cider Donut Cranapple Spice Summer Fresh Pumpkin Chai. My customers love this one more than I do. Aztec - oh so many Cantaloupe & Lily is a favorite of mine Caramel Pecan Pie Applejack & Peel Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar Orange Blossom Georgia Peach Citrus Fantasy Leaves - oh so popular with my friend and family and me. Love Spell Natures Garden Apple Orchard Black Raspberry Vanilla Coco Mango Eucalyptus & Spearmint - customers love this one Cottage Breeze Hot Orange Danish Mountain Hazelnut Coffee Seaside Tropical Blast Monkey Farts Winter Candy Apple Tinsel - customers love this one too
  8. @katmeltswax I did pretty well for a few years keeping not adding suppliers, but couldn't resist one of Fragrance Buddy's sales and free shipping. Then it was Candlewic with their little deals and free samples. Then I found Flaming Candle carried the jars I used that I used to get from Peak. So far I've only ordered 2 FO's from there though. I don't even remember why I ordered from Southwest. Geez. Here's my list of those I bought from in 2017: Aztec Nature's Garden Rustic Escentuals Fragrance Buddy Candlewic Millcreek Cierra Candles & Supplies Flaming Candle The Candlemaker's Store Southwest Candlescience Peak At least I can cross Peak off the list for next year.
  9. I almost some some from there until the bubble problem with the one sheet I had. I ended up getting some pretty scalloped oval labels, then was bitterly disappointed when they came and I discovered that the only templates for them were PDF and Maestro. No Microsoft Word. So I had to work with Maestro online, and it was a pain. Plus, the free activation code is only good for 3 months. What a ripoff.
  10. @Sarah S, I didn't order the Eucalyptus & Spearmint from Aztec. I get that scent from Nature's Garden and it has been so wildly popular with customers, I was afraid to switch. Although, I have compared other scents from both companies and can't tell a lot of difference.
  11. @NaughtyNancy, yes I like food type, spicy scents as do 95% of my customers probably. I also like fruity, tropical and clean scents. Oh and coffee! I don't care for florals, but I do like some floral/fruit combos. Cantaloupe & Lily from Aztec is one of my favorite scents for spring/summer Yes, you do need to try the Spiced Pumpkin Latte. I am almost out. Not enough to make another batch. But I'm not buying more until I need something else from RE. I'll just have to make do with the 4 kinds of coffee scents I have now. Your candles don't look bad. A lot of people like that rustic look.
  12. By the way @NaughtyNancy, out tastes in fragrance oils are polar opposites. The only ones on your list I would even consider are Vanilla Oak, (I got a sample of that from Millcreek and it was OK, different) and Pumpkin Peppercorn. I don't want any leather, sandalwood, tobacco or patchouli. I do have Indian Sandalwood from NG that I got for my daughter and it's not awful. I also have Peaceful Patchouli that I bought from Aztec a few years ago. Haven't convinced myself to do anything with it yet.
  13. OK @NaughtyNancy, your vivid descriptions of your oils put mine to shame. Me: Vanilla Latte- smells good! You: Vanilla Oak - definitely woody, with a mild sweetness, but not overtly vanilla, just a sort of soft and mysterious sort of sweetness to it, pleasant Show off. Really, I wish I could describe fragrances like that. The Vanilla Latte is truly a latte scent I think. Lots of cream, sweet smelling, some coffee. I got another coffee FO today on backorder from Fragrance Buddy. Cappuccino Espresso. Now it smells like a robust, strong coffee with a touch of sweetness. I wanted the Vanilla Latte for a top layer in my coffee candles. I will probably use my new Cappuccino Espresso for the bottom layer. I already have Caramel Cafe from RE that I used for the bottom layer last time. It's a wonderful coffee scent too. But my favorite so far still is Pumpkin Spice Latte from RE. Coffee is the dominate scent to me. Love it!
  14. These days I mostly buy new FO's after I order one ounce samples first. Or get them free at Aztec and Candlewic. (Or smell them 'in person' at Nature's Garden) Since Cierra was having a good Cyber Monday sale, and I really wanted some more Sea Island Cotton, I took a chance and ordered enough to get free shipping. I think I'm going to like them all! Of course you can't really tell until you put the FO in wax, and sometimes you can't tell until you actually burn the candle. Like Hot Buttered Rum from Candlewic. I thought it was weak and meh until I lit it...Now I love it!.....but I digress. Here are my new ones from Cierra: Lime Basil Mandarin Jo Malone Type - unique and interesting. Cherry Cobbler - I really just smell cherries but we'll see Vanilla Latte- Smells good! Island Dreaming - Another nice tropical scent for spring/summer, and a little different from what I already have. It has honeysuckle with the fruit Baja Cactus Blossom - BBW type Did any of you take a leap of faith and buy some new FO's during the sale that are winners?
  15. Well, now you have me curious so you have to make candles and show us a picture of your creation!