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  1. When someone copies your design

    Over the years, I've had a of couple 'copiers'. Not to the extent of yours, but still, a local 'friend' copying my candles, and someone copying my fundraiser model with party*ite. Nothing really I could do about it(except ditch the 'friend'), but neither lasted anyway. Is it your original artwork they copied/altered?
  2. Soy wax back to normal???

    I don't think 415 will be going back to the way it was before. If I recall, it changed because of the removal of trans fats? I did talk to the wax lab at AAK a few times, but I need to dig out my notes. I have about 10 cases left from the pallet I got in Aug. I am not looking forward to ordering more, I'll probably have nightmares when it's time. That being said, this batch I have has been good, in fact I often wish I had started with this new 415 all those years ago. Aside from retesting everything(which has been absolutely miserable), the wax itself has given me good results as far as throw. But, so far, everything is wicking down, except one fragrance that is wicking up so much I have to dump it. It also is very fussy for pouring, which takes more time to mess with so my output is decreased. As Moonshine said, be thankful you know this ahead of time. If not for this board I would have been unprepared and totally screwed. You guys rock!
  3. It's pretty simple. I offer one jar and a limited selection of fragrances, some are year round, some seasonal. I provide a flyer with all the info and, when it's time, an order form. I do not offer 'samples'. I do have a promo pack with 2 full sized candles and the flyer. I will, however, front the committed group a mixed case of the fragrances to count against their order. I started with friend that was a teacher and it has snowballed over the last 10 years. Everything has been referral or someone that has bought my candle from a fundraiser and has a group of their own. I do no advertising.
  4. Schools, sports teams, dance, band, 4-H, travel clubs, etc... anyone that has a group that needs money.
  5. My entire business is wholesale, mostly via fundraisers. I do have a few stores, but I just consider that advertising as they really don't give me much return. Our area is flooded with cheaper soy candles, so retailing is difficult. I am happy to wholesale and 'mass produce' a pre-ordered product. Is your above mentioned cost materials only?
  6. I love my Presto Pots, none have the spigot. I have a scale next to each one and just ladle into my pour pot right on the scale.
  7. I usually buy by the 1000, so those go into a well marked shoe box sized transparent plastic box with a snap lid (from the dollar store). Anything else goes into a well marked zippy bag.
  8. Best vanilla and other strong scents

    I have several vanillas, but my favorites are both NG - Warm Vanilla Sugar(more subtle) and Vanilla Bean(smells like BBW? Vanilla Bean Noel).
  9. Funny Customer Stories - Light Side of Biz

    I did a lot of craft sales when I first started out with candles. I would constantly get people asking if the candles tasted as good as they smelled - 'sure, lady, take a bite'.
  10. I can't nail this scent....HELP

    I hope you love it as much as I do. Good luck!!
  11. I can't nail this scent....HELP

    I'm at 7% with that, and not wicking up.
  12. I can't nail this scent....HELP

    Sorry, 2017 - the 415 I mentioned in my previous post.
  13. I can't nail this scent....HELP

    I have not had to wick up so far, but I only have it tested in one small jar and tea light with '17 wax at 7%.
  14. I can't nail this scent....HELP

    I get mine from NG and love it, throws very well in 415.
  15. So Many Changes and Loss

    I don't use your wax, but welcome back! I'm glad you found a doctor to identify and manage your pain. My husband is in chronic pain and it took many years to get someone to listen to him.