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  1. Candlescience

    I've loved Candlescience for a long time and still do! I did have a recent issue, but it worked out in the end. I pretty much just buy oils from them, occasional jars, but no wax or wicks. I must be in the right area to get my order in 2 days from NC with reasonably priced shipping. I'm waiting on my first order from the NV location, which will be 6 days, but over the long weekend, that was pricier shipping, for sure. The split shipping thing does bother me, I have almost fallen for it a few times. I can play with my cart until I find the offending product(s) and decide if I can live without. After the terrible time I had last fall with my wax, I have had to look long and hard this year to decide what I can do with my candle business. I really can't quit, but I am going to try to streamline a little bit, and at the same time, add an oil supplier or two(since I'm re-testing everything anyway). Between what happened with Peak, the fire in Germany, and other iffy vibes, I feel it's prudent to spread the risk. I would rather pay a little more shipping to use several different suppliers, than be dependent on one or two for survival.
  2. A little honesty goes a long way. Just be straight with what we're dealing with, so we can figure out what we need to do. Too much to ask?
  3. First let me say how much I love CS, love, love, love!! That being said, I had my own recent encounter with their customer service, the woman was super nice, but not terribly helpful. We went round and round for a while, and I ended up going around her and solved my own problem. Thankfully, I kept at it or I would be s*** of luck. Makes me wonder how really how much that person knows or is willing to actually find out. I actually gave her info she didn't have. I'm not saying it was her fault, maybe just poor communication all around. So, if you want info, be persistent. I also would like to say that any suppliers out there(do they watch the boards?), could lose all credibility over this reformulation issue, I don't want to believe that they'd risk it. I do not keep 'all my eggs in one basket'. Yes, it would hurt to eliminate a favorite, long-term supplier, but I will have no problem washing my hands of them. As the saying goes - screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me.
  4. Thanks for that info, I was just thinking I would contact them about it. Really didn't want to put my winter/spring fundraisers on hold.
  5. Lilac - Nature's Garden

    That is a good idea, but, I have to say, that almost every time(not necessarily CS), I have had to address an issue with a supplier, I have been shot down and the other elements of my candles were questioned and/or blamed. So, I guess I'm not very hopeful. The last CS Lilac I bought was Sept. '17, it wicks lovely in the old wax. Are you saying that if it has been reformulated, it may work for me now?
  6. Lilac - Nature's Garden

    Agreed!! I would not have been aware of it if not for this board. Thank you all!!!
  7. Lilac - Nature's Garden

    When I first heard about these changes, I emailed my wax supplier, they said they were not aware of any changes or problems(really?). Thanks to Goldie, I was able to contact AAK and spoke to the wax lab about what was going on. Even though we are a secondary market, I do think they recognize us. Interesting to hear that it could still be changing - that could go on for a long time. I think the dates on the packing is used as the batch number, so there may be a way to find some consistency there. Thankfully, I buy by the pallet, but to think I could be going through this chaos every year is not pleasing at all.
  8. Lilac - Nature's Garden

    I believe all soy waxes have been affected by the FDA removing the trans fats, therefore, it's like working with a totally new wax. I have been using 415 for 11 years, and I am now retesting everything. The consistency is totally different, much creamier and fussier to pour, thankfully, I'm still getting terrific throw.
  9. Lilac - Nature's Garden

    Anyone have an opinion on Nature's Garden Lilac in soy? Sadly, I'm looking to replace mine(that I love) from CS, as I cannot get it to burn in this new 415.
  10. burnt out :(

    I found myself burned out on candles this fall after having the year from hell. The new soy wax pushed me over the edge. Fortunately(or unfortunately) I had bought my supplies for the year an had huge orders to fill. Thankfully, I had a couple friends that got me through it (testing, labeling, and kicking me in the butt). I seriously would have quit if I could have. I had to prioritize to get through the season and as soon as the orders were out, I took a good break. I did almost no holiday candles, except for some layered with the old wax). Today is the first day I poured- mainly testers - in over 3 weeks. I did come to the realization that I could get by quite well with just my 16 fundraiser fragrances if I was too overwhelmed with all the rest.
  11. Coffee fragrance oil

    It just smells like black coffee to me. I use it at 7% in 415 and it's one of my best sellers. I've easily sold 1500 of them over the last 11 years. I don't think it smells like burned popcorn, but I will see if I can notice that note next time I pour it. I do happen to like my popcorn a little burned... so there is that.
  12. Coffee fragrance oil

    I use Coffee Bean from Indiana Candle Supply in 415, terrific throw and also a great mixer.
  13. That's exactly why I am asking here. Thanks to you all(esp Goldie), I was able to salvage my fundraiser season with the new 415. I will be asking my oil suppliers flat out before making any orders. I don't think they'd lie?
  14. Thanks for posting this. Nice that they got out in front of it, I am interested to see how other suppliers are handling this, as well.
  15. Are there any updates on this? Anyone encountering problems yet?