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  1. Lighten Up

    Nature’s Garden recommendations

    My must haves from NG(in 415): Apple Pecan Sage Beach Bum Black Raspberry Vanilla Carrot Cake Champagne Pear Children's Room Cranberry Relish Frozen Margarita Green Clover & Aloe Rosewood Musk Rum Raisin Vanilla Bean Vanilla Oak Warm Vanilla Sugar Water Lily & Jasmine
  2. Lighten Up

    What fragrance do you love right now

    Cactus & Sea Salt is one of my favorites and a best seller for me. Right now I can't get enough of Lemon Merengue and Pumpkin Pecan Waffle, both from ICS.
  3. Lighten Up

    Anyone buy 415 lately?

    You're welcome, my pleasure. Let me know if you stick with the 415... we can commiserate.
  4. Lighten Up

    Anyone buy 415 lately?

    The batch of wax I got in spring is quite similar to the pallet I got last fall. I've had to wick down across the board from previous years, but am still getting nice hot throw. The 2017/18 consistency is different from before, more creamy(filmy?) as opposed to oily, and pouring is fussier, lots of bubbles. But, I'm happy with my finished product. I'm just about to order another pallet, so hopefully, no more surprises.
  5. Lighten Up

    Cost of Freight

    Yes, I have to order by the pallet to get my shipping down to that. I've had only a couple minor issues with breakage and they were addressed by the carrier. Once the pallet wasn't secured to the truck and the entire order slid around all over, even coming off the pallet, not much breakage there, but a pain to unload.
  6. Lighten Up

    Cost of Freight

    My next jar order is going to put my total at about 25% shipping.
  7. I, too, am sharing in the angst. I am in the process of minimizing my fragrance line. Just bought more 415 and haven't even tested more than half my fragrances in my pallet from last fall.... 'super small, and profitable'- music to my ears.
  8. As luck would have it, I am almost through my pallet of 415 that I got in the fall. Trying to decide if I should buy another one now or wait. Any 415 users have opinions on any that was processed in the last 6 months? Thank you