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    I lean more towards the right. I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing so I can spend time with my husband who is an avid outdoorsman. I love to read. I don't like to cook...but someone's gotta do it. I love being creative which is why I started making soap and candles. This is a hobby that is really fulfilling for me.
  1. Favorite Aztec FO?

    I ordered from Aztec between Christmas and New Years and I can tell you that all the reviews were on there as I read them all. I always read reviews before buying. But I went there 2 nights ago to refresh myself on the reviews as I was wanting to soap an oil I got and they were gone. Not sure what is up with that. Anyway, I bought Volcano after reading JC's post listing it as a favorite and so JC if you are reading....how does it soap?
  2. Burn tests

    what size of htp are you using to double wick? also, what is your FO load? you could try 1 htp 126 or a 1212, but the 1212 is very large and would likely be too big.
  3. E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

    Yes, I have googled lol! Google can scare you. I googled way back when they started. Thyroid tests normal, negative for HIV, clear xrays, no TB, blood work clear. ALL of my bloodwork was done again this year. Cancer...who knows. Lymphoma is one on the list for night sweats. Congrats on being a 14 year NHL survivor! My MIL also had NHL....she was stage 4 at one point, then the Dr removed her spleen as a last resort and she had a miraculous recovery. She lived to be 86 and was cancer free for nearly 30 years! She passed of heart failure 2 years ago. She told me she had night sweats with lymphoma. That was my first concern years ago with me.
  4. E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

    I am going to google pro gest right now, thanks Belinda My Gyno did not recommend HRTbecause I am a smoker and side affects....so will research the bio identical to see if there are any risks with smokers. Edited to add, since Moonshine mentioned it.....my bloodwork and levels were normal....minor perimenopause, but nothing thru the roof. I can't think of anything else that would cause these night sweats. I'm not very hormonal during that time of the month (at least I don't think so LOL) I don't get emotional. Just the normal occassional cramps, backache. In fact, my period is getting lighter and lighter each month. Moonshine, for sure I am not comfortable taking estrogen or progesterone or testoterone either.....would rather deal naturally. But I will be googling the bio identical. When my mom used them, she had to go to a special doctor somewhere outside of Detroit....the hormones were touted at the time by Suzanne Somers. My mom swore it helped her tremendously. At the time, she had to pay cash...as it was not covered by insurance.
  5. E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

    I am 49 and have had horrible night sweats for at least 6 years. My mom had them horribly too and at one time she also did the bio identical hormones, which she said helped alot. She says she still gets hot at night, but not the sweats. What is weird is I don't get hot flashes during the day....just the sweats at night, no matter the cool temp. I wake up drenched nearly every night and have to start stripping clothes off because they are soaked, and now I am cold. I'm exhausted from the sleep disturbance....if I get 4 hours of sleep, I'm lucky. I tried EO's, tried black cohosh, I bought 200 dollar bamboo sheets....bamboo shredded pillows...frozen pillow cooler thingy that you put in your pillow. Not wanting to do HRT if I don't need to, so hoping this will subside in the next 10 years LOL
  6. Yes, wick pins do work with concave. Here is a video on how it works, however, they don't appear to have any to order. http://www.candlewic.com/store/product.aspx?q=c163,p805&title=Pillar-Wick-Pin-(4-inch) I moved away from wick pins and went to flat braid, 30 ply. I wick them as shown below in the vid You could just order the tabbed and cut them off and wick the mold like they show here https://www.candlescience.com/learning/how-to-wick-a-pillar-mold I just use metal tape that you can get at a hardware store, to tape off the bottom (top) so the wax doesn't leak out. hope I am making sense. Also...I would get a size up and a size down from the lx 24
  7. Wow, why are these wick pins so scarce? I bought mine years ago and they were in abundance! I just googled and all I see are votive pins. I may be able to gift you 1 or 2. Not sure that will help you, but it would be a start.
  8. Best place for Scents

    Do you mind if I ask how long you have been making candles? I ask because you say you have your first craft show in a few months, and I want to be sure that you feel you have done extensive testing before sending your candles out to the public. Keep in mind that every single scent you use must be tested for proper burn, to the end of the candle, for safetly reasons. Most here have tested for years before sending their burning, highly flammable product out to market. Also, don't forget to have your liability insurance in place before you do that craft show! I am not saying this to discourage you....I have been making candles and soap for years....and I still don't sell my stuff yet. I give away soap, and on rare occassions candles to family only at this time. As far as buying fragrance, everyone else has covered the usual great spots
  9. Oh Lena, I'm so sorry for the loss of your little guinea girl. I hope you find another girl for your little guy.
  10. Hey from Buffalo NY

    Hi Candle Husband. Welcome to Craftserver! Happy New Year!
  11. favorites from Elements Bath an Body

    I just ordered from there absolute favorite....BALSAM AND CITRUS.....sorry for screaming, it's a great scent LOL patchouli honey, first time I have ordered and LOVE the OOB smell. tuscan lace lavender martini kai lime crystal kisses manuka lavender body wrap patchouli raspberry is next on my list to order soon
  12. Creamy Sugar Scrub Recipe

    I made this scrub last week and gave some out to girls at work, kept some for myself too. Its NICE. Followed the recipe as written and very pleased with it. Thanks TAH for sharing!
  13. FO in a diffuser?

    Not a stupid question at all. I just got a new diffusor from amazon and was wondering the same thing I bought this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07146JWR9/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I turned mine on for the first time tonight. I used lavender EO in it though because was not sure on fo. If I am not mistaken, I thought I read somewhere on amazon that people use fo in theirs. My only concern was getting the fo smell out of the plastic resevoir. FO seems to stick to stuff more than EO, to me anyway.
  14. Plastic wrap on candles

    You can use a pencil or bamboo skewer, depending on how tight you want the curly cue to be...:)