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    I lean more towards the right. I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing so I can spend time with my husband who is an avid outdoorsman. I love to read. I don't like to cook...but someone's gotta do it. I love being creative which is why I started making soap and candles. This is a hobby that is really fulfilling for me.

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  1. debratant

    Hey from Buffalo NY

    Hi Candle Husband. Welcome to Craftserver! Happy New Year!
  2. It's ok, it's the Holidays mad rush. I am so far behind that at this point, I've given up on making anyone anything lol. Although, last night I did manage to whip out some lip balm (used a base LOL) and a lotion (again, used a base) So I accomplished that at least. No one needs to know I didn't whip that stuff up from scratch I don't know why I don't post often at smf. Mostly it's a time issue....I come here first since I've just always been here since I started....then I go over there and end up reading and reading. It is on my list to contribute more so that I can get my post count up so I can do the monthly soap challenges. I love reading the threads and looking at everyone's results and hope to join in one day! I have not been scared yet lol....everyone sounds nice.
  3. debratant

    Hello! Glad to be among peers.

    Welcome Cherl Ann!
  4. debratant

    Hello there from Misty

    Welcome Misty!
  5. Hi lenarenee, welcome to Craftserver! I've read many of your posts at smf! (I mostly lurk, post seldom there) So glad you are here!
  6. debratant

    Newbie from NJ

    Hi LRed, I'm down in the Southern Part of Jersey, near the Commodore Barry Bridge. Welcome to the Forum!
  7. debratant

    Welcome to our new Admin

    Congrats TallTayl! Having just read of Vicky's passing...I'm still stunned. You will be a great admin. Thanks also to Alan.This site is very much appreciated. This is the first site I joined...and I just feel so at home here.
  8. debratant

    Light a candle for Vicky

    I have absolutely no idea HOW I missed this post. I am shocked! I don't even know what to say. Vicky...her husband Bob and son Brandon are certainly in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. quick qu4estion.  what would be the price of the total lot with shipping after the pending are gone to 85258

  10. Hi Deb,


    Karen here  the 1 oz bottle person


    Can I have  the following from your posted list?

    Lavender vanilla $4

    Aprilicot $3

    Lavender Nector and good looking cowboy for 3.50





    1. debratant


      thanks Karen.....I'm at work, but will get this added up for you tonight.  I will also have a list of the samples done for you.  I will add up the remaining left and give you a price

  11. debratant

    A Little help getting to know you.

    What's your name? Debbie How old are you? Ugh....47 1/2 Where do you live? South Jersey....but a Michigan Native...grew up in the "thumb" of Michigan How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Since 2008 I think? Started with soap....then candles. Dabbled in some lotions, scrubs lipbalms. How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? Got hurt at work, used to be a mail carrier for 18 years, got stressed out after surgery to my hand....started using essential oils in diffusers to calm down, wanted to shower with calming oils....thus the soap journey began lol. I still diffuse essential oils to this day...favorite is lavender, peppermint and my thieves oil. Are you married? Any kids? Yep...16 years together for nearly 25 though. No kids....fur dog....Primo. He's my baby boy If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? I moved on to real estate 4 years ago. I can no longer do any heavy lifting or repetitive mail work, so decided to get my real estate license and I kinda like it....but I'm certainly not selling New York or LA ....I wish! LOL. Anything else we should know? I'm married to a cop....so I naturally support those in blue or tan or black or whatever color they wear....and think that it's a bit unfair the way they have been portrayed in the media the last year or so. There are bad apples in every facet of society....but for the most part...they leave their families every shift to protect everyone else, with no guarantee they will come home afterwards...and get little thanks for it.
  12. debratant

    We have a new Mod

    Great news! You will be a great mod jc!
  13. debratant


    In my browser, chrome....if you right click (when you are typing a reply/post) the spell check option is in the drop down menu. HTH
  14. debratant

    If you got your email?

    I got the email...however as an fyi it was in my spam folder. I always check my spam folder, so I hope others that may be mia do too