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  1. Got featured on House Beautiful

    That is so flippen cool! YOU ROCK!
  2. name change

    They are over 18 so I feel that. Unless someone dropped a child in a basket on my porch...
  3. name change

    Well, maya is my name...
  4. name change

    I've wondered this too.
  5. So that's where my knife went!

    I would totally do that.
  6. I made $2 at a Craft Show..

  7. I made $2 at a Craft Show..

    For me it isn't just saving the time invested in the six hours of the show it's self. It is time invested in prep, in my own advertising, in getting up early and getting there, in set up and break down time, in what I could have been doing instead. It is also the energy I put into prepping for a show, the products I make for that show, the wear and tear on my vehicle, my self, my assistant, the people my friends and customers who I ask to come, it is also the emotional burn out from doing a bad show, and how it is preceived by the general public if a show isn't successful. and everything else. For me, paying a lot of money for show does not mean it will be successful. I don't know anyone for whom that is true.
  8. I made $2 at a Craft Show..

    Not always true. I've made good money at a show with 250 people. Why would we want to booth fees to be higher? That basement spot you got was.. Ugh. Not good. Could you not move upstairs and outside with the other vendors? It sucks you had a bad show.
  9. Aww crap, ive been doing it all WRONG!

    Huh. I just am stunned.
  10. Rotten Milk

  11. Rotten Milk

    I do. I have used soy milk, cow milk, goat milk, yoghurt of all kinds (not fruit, plain.) It's all worked so far. Knock wood.
  12. What're all y'all getting per ounce?

    Soap has to have (correct) weight on them. Mine are 4/20.00 and 7 ounces each or different a different kind of soap, same price 3 ounces each.
  13. Jars, bottles

    Hi nice to meet you! Where I get supplies depends on what I need and how much. The by state listing above should me really helpful.
  14. Officer I Swear, the Unicorn Is Fine

  15. CP Soapers: Why Did You Choose CP over M&P?

    Tons of reasons, I've only tried M and P once, from Micheals or someplace and that's not very good stuff. I'm into more of the organic health stuff so it just never resonated with me ya know?