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  1. Reorganized my FO stash, wanna see?

    Woot! I use enamel trays to but my oils on.
  2. Cost of Labels

    I changed up my business model recently, fine, I'm in the middle of changing things. Part of the reason that I am struggling with labels is that I have say 35 aromatherapy roll ons, I'm testing which ones work best and are most popular, lowering it to 15. So I can afford to buy labels at onlinelabels and get the oil proof IE more oil and water resistant then regular ones from Avery which I have been using for YEARS.
  3. How would you reorganize the forums?

    I had no idea! <3
  4. How would you reorganize the forums?

    Can you ask for money from the members to support the forum? I would kick down.
  5. Dyed vs Natural white melts

    I don't make candles I like the slightly off white ones, I think I perceive them as undyed although that may not actually be true. I do buy dyed ones, too. I guess I'm not really helping. lol.
  6. How would you reorganize the forums?

    See that wayyyyyy up there that says new posts? Me either. I would make that button way bigger. I would also embolden the search function. I like @Sarah S suggestions.
  7. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    Would you mind sending me a link to your site? Thank you so much!
  8. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    Before the spring thing happens could I get a sniffie of a couple of them?
  9. OH LORT. I am so glad my brand can, did, continues to evolve. I can't even explain to you HOW BAD the first labels were. I am not kidding, they were pixelated. Y'all, they were so bad!
  10. Hello from Texas

    Greetings! My family live in far west Texas, near the Big Bend National Park. I am in Minnesota.
  11. EBC Hair conditioner

    I love this thread.
  12. Wooh-whee! Breathing a sigh of relief!

    Still. I am still so very tired. I need a day off.
  13. Wooh-whee! Breathing a sigh of relief!

    Candybee, that was/is my season, too. Several shows that I thought nothings coming of this I did really well. I *might* doa sale on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on how I feel. I AM SO TIRED.
  14. Sweet 7,000!