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  1. iansmommaya

    Forum active?

    ITA, I would be flabbergasted if they did.
  2. iansmommaya

    FedX Video

    I cant see it. whhhhhhaaaaaaaa
  3. iansmommaya

    Forum active?

    What would you loose?
  4. I think the thing that got her kicked off was crystals. CRYSTALS, y'all. ROCKS.
  5. And I'm looking at Stripe too.
  6. I'm trying to get a paypal reader, they've turned me down for a business one, I don't know why, so I'm looking at buying one now.
  7. I use square because Etsy changed to square, but Square did a hinky thing a while ago and now I'm looking for something else. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/3dmy38/witches-are-being-kicked-off-of-square-for-selling-occult-items This would cover me 100%. Does anyone use a different app for processing CC at sales?
  8. iansmommaya

    The other side of art...

    Oh man those are nice! And for me, there isn't sharing too much.
  9. iansmommaya

    Forum active?

    I see posts in this area a lot. Have you reached out to Candlescience to ask?
  10. iansmommaya

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    I like them bpth. The only thing I would ask is why the scents are in parenthesis. Why not OLD LONGING CAMP balsam and cedar instead of OLD LOGGING CAMP (balsam and cedar)?
  11. I’m raising my prices on everything but soap. Not just on Etsy but this Sunshine with them encourages me to do so. I only really use Etsy as a catalog anyway.
  12. iansmommaya

    Ocean Sunset

    That's gorgeous!
  13. iansmommaya

    Show Us Your Booth!

    A capentur friend made them for me, here is his shop https://www.custommade.com/by/johntasto/ I also have table/bed riser on the feet of the table and at first I thought you were talking about them. Thank you for the compliment!