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  1. Week/end plans?

    OH MY GAWD. My basement flooded once with uh, raw sewage. I swear I thought, well, I thought all kinds of things. This weekend I am flying down to get my mom from Texas!!!!! I fly down, and drive her and her little suitcase back up. YYYYYAYYYYY
  2. I was looking at the lights and stand, too. I take ALL my product photos outside because inside lighting sucks for me. Anyone have recommendations?
  3. ME! 100% this is what I do. I just ordered mine too. Thank you *so* much @TallTayl!
  4. Who am I to say another person is incorrect in the way her work operates? *Very nicely saying that I think that isn't how it really goes...
  5. Packaging! Finally Proud of Sniffies

    Seriously gorgeous!
  6. Peaks sugared Peaches

    Sugared Peaches sounds like a 1970's Super Group get laid song.
  7. Why pay $50 for a candle??

    I really want her to do cold process soap, or OH! Bath Bombs! Pinterest "recipes" Oh My Gawd!
  8. Why pay $50 for a candle??

  9. Why pay $50 for a candle??

    I am ten seconds in and not only is it hilarious but completely could be done with herbalism and or soapmaking!
  10. Scent Museum

  11. Week/end plans?

    I'm making elderberry syrups, liquid soap, bar soap and bath bombs, I am so, amazingly far behind. I'll be working all weekend. I got a SAD light from a friend, I still have to pick it up but I'm really excited to try it. I also just got asked to teach classes on traditional Scottish herbalism and healing so I'll be thinking about that.
  12. A rose oil to use in a facial mist?

    You mean a rose hydrosol?
  13. Copyright infringement

    This. 100% this. I mean I think the some governmental organization is the devil personified that doesn't mean they can't mess up my Sunshine completely if I break the laws, so I don't.
  14. Is this really that ugly?

    Also, Trap, your friend can just F right off.
  15. Is this really that ugly?

    I love them. SERIOUSLY LOVE.