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  1. I do. I have used soy milk, cow milk, goat milk, yoghurt of all kinds (not fruit, plain.) It's all worked so far. Knock wood.
  2. Soap has to have (correct) weight on them. Mine are 4/20.00 and 7 ounces each or different a different kind of soap, same price 3 ounces each.
  3. Hi nice to meet you! Where I get supplies depends on what I need and how much. The by state listing above should me really helpful.
  4. Loverly!
  5. Tons of reasons, I've only tried M and P once, from Micheals or someplace and that's not very good stuff. I'm into more of the organic health stuff so it just never resonated with me ya know?
  6. Thank you! I imagine I'll say I'm going to make one of these someday. And then the idea will fade away after a short time. They are so beautiful!
  7. The DIY herbalist and essential oil ones are the things that invoke this reaction in me.
  8. Those are so beautiful! What exactly are you all doing to them?
  9. Yes! It is wonderful! My mom uses it. And she has very bad arthritis in her hands and spine. I am so greatful for this plant.
  10. Or I could do a double extraction method for an arthritis salve, a really good one contains Marijuana which is still illegal in some places tho. Feel free to laugh at that.
  11. That color! They are fitted perfectly! I should reallllllly buckle down and get some made...
  12. I could do something like a jewel weed skin spray.
  13. gorgeous!
  14. I dry the jewel weed or I get it already fried from another herbalist, I insue it in olive oil, in a quart mason jar I add probably two inches of dried jewel weed then I fill the mason jar with olive oil. I let it sit for six weeks or so. you can also do a quick bane marie style. The I use the oil and OTHER jewel weed in the soap. I make a jewel weed tincture too. same thing as above but with vodka. (And obviously not in the soap but in a spray bottle.)
  15. I do Jewel Weed soap. I infuse it in OO and I add some one top for scrubbing action.