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  1. Trappeur

    What would you do?

    Ahhhh, that's too bad KK and knowing you are the only one doing candles? Are you just tired of it. If it is too personal a question, don't feel like you have to answer. Are you wanting to still supply candles or just get out of the entire thing Trappeur
  2. Hmmm, interesting KK.....only thing is if I stood them on end they wouldn't fit into the shelf space. But I see what your talking about. And then the handles wouldn't look right standing on end....hmmm But once I put a block of wood in the bottom of each section, you will see the clam shells, not the full clamshell but the top 1/2. Know what I mean? Trappeur
  3. Trappeur

    Community Candle Sale

    HI CLVC, maybe you didn't read the post I just made that is above this post, but they are both different. Been using them for years. I love both. Just depends on what type pine you are looking for. I'd get the Fillmores Christmas tree which is a true "Balsam Fir"....unlike Community Candles which is a basic pine but just lovely. Now Community offers 2 fragrances - 1 called Christmas Tree and one says "Balsam Fir" and they say on their site that these two scents are one in the same but just renamed differently. They are not "Balsam Fir".....I can tell you that even though it says Balsam fir, it isn't a Balsam Fir....lol I know my pine trees....lol Trappeur
  4. One of my accounts I am making the clam shell melts for them and to just put the clam shells on a shelf unit is really going to be a mess real quickly so I ordered this for 11.99 and thought I would set the clam shells into each section by fragrance name. It would look neat and orderly and organized I think. I was thinking I would make up a label and put on the drawer front of each fragrance. Now the depth of this drawer is 4" deep so you wouldn't really see the clam shells as they would be hidden in the sections so I thought I would cut a block of wood 1 or 2" in thickness and drop into the bottom of each section so when the clam shells are set upright in each section they would stick out of each section. I hope this works....I can't think of another better idea. I ordered just one for me to see how it works. Geesh, I could make these instead of paying 12.99 and 9.00 shipping...And too, I would have to order 2 units to sit side by side to go the length of the shelf they will sit on, so maybe I better make them and I'll just keep this for me. Trappeur
  5. Trappeur

    Community Candle Sale

    Hey Forest! Well the best way I can describe Christmas Tree from Community is that it is a great all around simple clean fresh pine scent - no pine sole here.....and a great thrower. Over the years since I'm big into the pines I've settled on the below listed pines for the best throwing scents and I have never looked anywhere else afterwards as they are that nice. These all are truly best sellers for me. #1 Seller - Christmas Tree - Fillmore - This is the truest 'BALSAM FIR" out there in the market. Everyone loves this scent on the board. If you have never ordered it, don't get a one ouncer and waste your money....get the pound bottle! lol #2 Seller - Fraser Fir - CS - If you have ever heard of the famous brand "Thymes" Fraser Fir - well this is pretty damn close to that scent. Is beautiful. Is not a Balsam fir - but a Fraser Fir - 2 different pines but oh so beautiful.... #3 Seller - Blue Spruce - CS - another wonderful seller - very different scent from Balsam or Fraser Fir - love it also #4 Seller - Blue Spruce - Flaming - this is pretty neck in neck to CS versian - can't tell much difference what so ever #5 Seller - Christmas Tree - Community Candle - like I said above - just a beautiful straight pine - different from the others listed You can't go wrong with any of these fragrances Forest....if you don't like any, I'll buy them from you! Most people like Just SCents Chestnuts and Brown Sugar.....me personally....I like this better. Trappeur I see so many companies have their own versions of Bergamot Orange and Grapefruit and that scent seems to be a great seller. I'm not into that type scent as I can't stand smelling a grapefruit (that's me personally) , but New Blue is into those type scents so I guess I should get for her so I'm going to add that to my list from Community and see if she likes it, once I get into wax. And she wants some new scents so that could be a good option for her. Actually I have been wanting to get a Lemongrass so I'll order that one too. Trappeur
  6. Trappeur

    Community Candle Sale

    I ordered a few pounds of Luxe Linen, (Used for years) Kudzu, (Used for years) Christmas Tree, (Used for years) Coffee & Doughnuts, (A new scent for me) Chestnuts & Brown Sugar, (Used for years) Orange Peel and Cinnamon,(Used for years) Olive Blossom, (A new scent for me) Warm Bourbon Cider, (A new scent for me) Trappeur
  7. Trappeur

    What's going on with Yaley??

    I've never heard of this company but I went and checked and the site is up and there is a notation of the fires and that there are delays because of that. Trappeur
  8. Trappeur

    Community Candle Sale

    When is this sale over? Tonight at midnight? Geesh I have 15 minutes to order if so....
  9. If only I could understand a word what you just said I might be able to comprehend some of this.....Science was not a subject in school I liked and/or could grasp onto anything and therefore never got good grades....Mostly got D's on my report card.... 😖 Trappeur
  10. lol, lol...geesh with 2 heads thinking, maybe we can come up with something....you would think. Trappeur
  11. I'm thinking, I'm thinking....lol Trappeur
  12. Trappeur

    So what are you getting from Daystar?

    That scent is not on the website. What is it called? There were so many out of stock fragrances I noticed. Trappeur
  13. Trappeur

    So what are you getting from Daystar?

    Belinda, I know you use her oils. What do you like you can suggest as I spent some time on her site to figure out an order and I really couldn't come up with much. For some reason, it looks like there are less oils than what she used to have or maybe it is just me. I know there were a bunch I had thought about getting, but I can't seem to find them. So what do you suggest? Trappeur