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  1. Hi Linda, Yes, I agree, sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling....Don'e that plenty of times! lol I guess what I was asking as far as a wick series goes, I was wanting to know if a for example (cd series) worked for an unfragranced candle is that cd series a correct one you can count on when you go with a "fragranced" candle, meaning all you have to do is then find the correct wick size? I know adding additives changes variables but as to what extent we won't know till the testing is complete. I'm thinking say you have for an example a cd 10 picked out for your final choice in a jar. You've done all your testing....great flame, burns clean, etc. etc....ok now you move on to a candle that has fragrance and that wick doesn't work as the flame is too high, not high enough, etc....and you have no scent throw to add to this...so of course now you try out other sizes in that cd series and you still are not satisfied with the performance as it isn't doing the job right. Well after all testings, I in this case would try another series like maybe a performa, or htp or cdn or eco.. but I wouldn't be testing an unfragranced candle, but a fragranced candle as that is what I'm trying to accomplish.....Maybe I've missed something here along the line and just don't understand it, which I don't. I just don't see what you learn from an unfragranced candle when that is not the ultimate outlook I'm looking for to achieve and therefore I won't test something I'm not intending to use when I can't see the purpose of it..... I never saw where Lyschel states wick series for unfragranced and fragranced candles. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for that info! When she says "wickup" she means that you have to go with a bigger wick or wicks....Thankyou for your detailed info Linda and I understand exactly what you are saying...Isn't candle making just soooo fun? Never bores me...I love it! Trappeur
  2. Trappeur

    Candle glitter

    Gotcha! Thanks! Trappeur
  3. You will love Candle Cocoon Linda. On the bottles it says the recommended usage amount of oil to use per pound. Her oils are very concentrated and pretty much I stick to what is recommended by Lyschel. I love all the ones you have selected from CC and will be ordering some of the ones you have. I use Vanilla Voodoo for my go to vanilla....and it is STRONG...my other great ones I use from her is Sultry Angel, Lilac is gorgeous, Lemon Blossom I need to get, the honey is another great one. Please keep us posted on how they perform. So your not going to put the oils in till you find wick size? I see.... I have a question for TTayle regarding this which I really never could understand why. I have never tested for wicks without adding my fragrance oil to it as I really don't understand why a test would be done like that if you intend on using oils. I can understand if they were going to be fragrance free, but just don't understand the reasoning behind this. I mean if you test without oils, is this same wick going to fit well for a candle that is going to have fragrance? Anytime you add additives, it surely does affect what wicking sizes you are looking to secure. So why waste the energy and time to try and find your wick size in an unfragranced candle if you intend on going to do "fragranced" candles? Know what I mean? Just doesn't make sense to me. I can understand that it is important to get to "know" your wax..ok so you've made a candle without any fragrance and after many different wick sizes tested till you found one that works perfect in an unfragranced candle, so now..what? The only thing that I can see that you would have learned is what size I need for an unfragranced candle. So what is next? Now add the oil and start the testing all over again and wait for the cure time and then burn and see if that wick that was originally picked for unfragranced wax is the same size you need for one with fragrance? So my question is why even do that step if it isn't needed to begin with? What is the purpose of a test like that? Know what I mean? My other question too is if testing without oils, then I'm assuming you can test the wick right away as you don't have to wait for any oil to bind with the wax, correct me if I am wrong here. So can you test the next day, 2 days or have to wait weeks? This is my opinion. I'm not trying to rock the boat here as TTayle really is the pro here but I just never could understand why this is suggested if you are going to make a "fragranced" candle versus one with no fragrance? Trappeur
  4. Trappeur

    Candle glitter

    RE has shimmer dust glitter and I posed the question to them and asked if it was safe for candles and they wrote back and said yes and all I needed was a pinch, so I ordered it in the Diamond Dust Color. Trappeur
  5. Your candles look beautiful Linda.....great job! No now on to the wicking and fragrance. What fragrances are you going to test and where are they from? I'm following your post here...... Trappeur
  6. I have to place an order with Community and was going to order a little bit of clear glitter that I was thinking of just putting a few sprinkles on the top of a candle and saw they had mica. They responded it was not recommended due to the possibility of a fire. ok....no problem....Is there something in a glitter type thing I'm looking for out there somewhere that someone would recommend? Thanks. Trappeur
  7. Trappeur

    Which Wick?

    There was a forum member here a while back who used that wax and she swore by the premiers that she used to get at Aztec. Trappeur
  8. Trappeur

    Layered clamshells

    What a "GORGEOUS" name....."Turquoise Paradise"....LOVE IT! TRAPPEUR
  9. Trappeur

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    KK, that is me.....I'm always late to the party....always....your not alone..believe me. I'll be late for my own funeral! Actually, I had thought about it and it will keep me in knowing that Cinnamon and Balsam is Cabin Fever, and so on......Funny you should mention that... There really is no rhyme or reason how I came up with names and telling the actual scent underneath the name. I just wanted to be different. It might also for the ones who don't want to pick up a candle without the actual scent name on the candle make them pickup the candle and smell it....No biggy.... Ians.....no reason in paranthesis....just thought it popped more and looked better? Hi Coffeebean! Actually I was going to name a candle "Cabin in the Woods", but thought it was too common a name so went with Cabin Fever....but then I've heard that name b/4 too! ha...I actually was going to do a Hollyberry as I love the Hollyberry from Just Scent..Thankyou for giving me a heads up on that one! Trappeur
  10. Trappeur

    Layered clamshells

    Wow, so pretty with the crystallization...... What scents did you use in the pictures? Trappeur
  11. Trappeur

    Coloring Candles

    When I first started selling candles, I did color them, but I was never satisfied with the frosting and wet spots that appeared on them. One day I just decided to go au naturelle and never looked back. I have never even been asked if I make colored candles by any of the shops I sell to. Trappeur
  12. Trappeur

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    Great idea of changing Scented Nest to "Lemongrass"! I just changed it....So fitting as nests are made of grass! Your great! And I also changed Cabin Fever to Cinnamon and Balsam! I can't figure out how to do a play on the Honey Dew list......? Love the name of the "Heart of the Appalachians"....Think I'll do that too! Thanks so much Sarah! Thankyou Jerry and everyone else for all your input and suggestions! I really appreciate it! Trappeur
  13. Trappeur

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    Gary, I saw a you tube video on that kid and your right about him not really playing the banjo. Actually there was another person behind the kid playing the banjo as those arms weren't the kids. Also I believe the kid works at Walmart I was reading....so interesting...I believe the film was made on the Chattooga River here in Georgia in Rabun County about 2 hours from me. I have often wondered if there are real hill people like the ones in the movie here and I believe it is true. I would love to find the remote areas here in Georgia which isn't far from me and take a drive there to visit the town where the movie was made. Where the movie is made outside of the town of Clayton is absolutely beautiful. I've been there many many times. Lake Rabun in Clayton is gorgeous. It's a money area.....You should see the Rustic Adirondack homes there and the gorgeous boat garages they have on this lake made of birch bark and gorgeous mosaic twig detailing on these things.....Just like up in the Adirondacks of New York...just breath taking. Remember the part where the kid and his family live and they stop there for gas? I wonder if that is a real town? But then I wouldn't go by myself...cluck, cluck, cluck..... Trappeur
  14. Trappeur

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    Thankyou Sebleo.....this was a hard decision for me too...I love this color too. It pops like the red....Decisions, decisions.. Trappeur
  15. Trappeur

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    I tried to do that Fran but there just wasn't enough room to type in "Romance by the Fire" as I thought that was a great idea.....thanks so much for the great idea. Trappeur