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  1. Looking pretty good so far. What style jar and size is it.? What wax are you using? What style wick and size is it? Trappeur
  2. Yes, like Thomas said space them a little further apart. Don't fret if you don't get a full melt pool on the 1'st or 2'nd burns.....You DON'T want to get a full pool so quickly. That wax will catch up in the wax melting the further down it goes. You have shoulders on that jar and the heat is going to get trapped under them and make the wax melt.... Burn all the way down....unless of course you can tell within reason those wicks are too small... How are you doing your testings? Burning for how long? Trappeur
  3. For the ones who like this wax and are thinking of changing from your normal wax, how do you go about setting prices if you sell wholesale? Do you just offer another line to your present line or do you change your whole pricing structure. I see so many testing new waxes and if you have established accounts such as I, I find it would be just too much to up my prices for the same product and then for the store to up their prices. For me, as much as I am always reading about new waxes, I don't think I could do this and have happy customers..... Trappeur
  4. I agree with Goldie....a heat gun will take care of the tops when the candle has cooled and set. Or just pour a 2'nd very thin pour over the set candle called a "repour". You might have to take a skewer and put relief holes around the wick if you do a repour. In order for the oil to bind correctly and incorporate into the wax, heat the wax to 175/180 and then add your oil at 175 and stir/mix very very well. Your adding your oil at too low a temperature. Pour like what Goldie's suggestion is. I do that do give or take. Experiment going from like say 145 to maybe 155.....give or take. The lower the temperature you pour as what you are doing I have found produces cottage cheese tops. Pour very slowly too and yes, try tapping the glass slightly as I know so many do that. So maybe that will help. Now I don't preheat my jars or put in the oven....that's me. Since you have a draft overhead I would put maybe a towel down on the counter and set the jars on top and pour. Try covering the candles after poured with maybe a box to slow down the cooling and away from the draft. Also too I have found when you have poured a bunch of jars do not sit them close to one another. They need space like maybe 2" away from one another in order for them to set nice and even. They shouldn't be touching one another the glass jars. Also too, this may sound a little weird but when you put the jars in the oven to cool, believe it or not, since they are sitting on a rack, walking around/movement can disturb the jars as the rack is not a solid foundation. And too if the the jars are not cooled in the oven, moving the jars out from the oven can break the seal of the wax.....These are all possibilities. These are suggestions from me. Others will come and offer their suggestions too. Trappeur Let us know how things work out.....
  5. Moonshine I used to use those exact jars and beautiful lids quite a while back and unfortunately I didn't like the fact of the lid sitting on top of the glass myself, so I used to put a placecard sitting next to the jars sitting of the shelf "do not pickup by the lid".....Now that helped and I never did have an accident but the lids were really loose that when someone tried to pickup by the lid, just the lid lifted up off the jar and not the entire candle. And I believe those are the country comfort jars. As far as wicking goes, I could get by with 1 cd 20, but it would struggle at times depending on the fragrance so I wound up going with 2 cd 4's or 2 cd 5's. I wished I could give a better suggestion but that is the best I can do....And yes, I love those lids at CS....and especially the new bronze ones! Let us know what you wind up doing.... Trappeur
  6. If you can get the correct size the metal silver or bronze (by cs) or a wood lid would be other options. Trappeur
  7. Thats a good far as pricing goes..... Well, if you do a co-op, I definitely will go in on it.... Trappeur
  8. Where did you get it from Cat? Flaming? Trappeur
  9. All right!! Thankyou so much KK....I love that name..... I always like to ask first so I know it is ok with the owner.....ya know? I have respect for THANKYOU! I'm ordering labels right now..... Trappeur
  10. Your candles TT sound so amazing!!!! Trappeur
  11. I'm stealing that name!! Can I? Trappeur
  12. Which Bonfire Bliss is this? RE? Trappeur
  13. Boy I better start testing with other companies if this should ever happen to CS or Flaming...I guess I'm spoiled with great shipping prices and next day delivery. Trappeur
  14. Amazing how our noses smell things differently....One of the few scents that I do have from Candlewic is Jasmine and I found it really lovely.....No stench here....I think I may have used a portolet once in my life and it's pretty nasty. You must have got a bad oil.... The most foulest fragrance in my life I have ever ordered was Marijuana from RE for a special request from an employee. Omg, I can't believe they still sell this and actually think this smells like pot. Now I like the smell of pot, even though I don't smoke it, but I do like..... This fragrance was the most foulest, rank scent I ever poured. When I poured it, I literally started gagging and ran to the basement to wrap it up and pitch it (a whole pound of wasted money). The stench it left in my house stayed for days and even stayed in my nostrils for hours...No coffee did the trick to mask it either. Trappeur