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    I love horse back riding, creating rustic furniture, sewing, working in my floral gardens and custom candles.


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  1. Hey Gary, I have no idea what a sand molded candle is even after you described it...lol Sounds pretty cool....and "back in the day"?.....oh shit that sounds old....I don't even want to go there....lol I don't know how in the world you guys can make candles at the prices you pay with the shipping....God love ya. And what Goldie said about pricing wax with shipping for 85.00 delivered....that is what I pay also. A good price you are correct in that. Geesh I kringe buying some paraffin to experiment by adding to soy. I would have to adjust my prices as I sell wholesale to shops and I just can't do that but I'm going to experiment when I have a breather. Trappeur
  2. Pink sugar

    Darbla, you need to come out of your kitchen once in a while! lol On second thought, then you wouldn't put up all those awesome recipes here. I always look to see what your cooking up next. Just love all the things/ideas you do when your cooking. I've made a few of your recipes! But I'm sure they were no where close to how you make them.... Trappeur
  3. Reusing plastic Clamshell molds/removing labels?

    As cheap as you can get them, why go through all that? I wouldn't reuse them.... Trappeur
  4. Favorite FO from Fillmore?

    I just put in my shopping cart the warm caramel and vanilla. I use all the others and love. Trappeur
  5. Sunday, have you tried Flaming Candle for what ever you want? They have pretty much all the same things CS does.... They are my main supplier. What I especially love about them is that when they ship to save on shipping and not going in separate boxes and having all these extra charges, they will put my box of wax in another bigger box (double boxed) and in the same box they will put all my oils, lids, and other things and it is a huge savings let me tell you. I do use CS as I love them but I find their shipping expensive and they will not combine things like Flaming does. It's certainly worth a shot to give them a call? Great customer service...I'd give them a call. Was just a suggestion.... Trappeur
  6. Sunday, after reading these posts I feel horrible for you. The only suggestion I could think of if it was me is if there are limited suppliers in Canada such as there is, I would work with the ones available, choose a wax or waxe(s) and experiment with all of them till I found one I was fairly happy with and "make" that wax work for me. Surely if these waxes are available and they sell they have to be somewhat good? I would think that. I wouldn't and (I COULDN'T) ever afford to put that type of money into shipping. Why can you not do that? Where there is a will, there is a way.......surely there has to be. On another note....living on an island? Gosh would love to hear more about that! You been there a long time? Is it your own island or a lot of people live there? You have to take a ferry to get there? So many questions....sorry..just so interesting this subject sounds! Good luck...I truly wish you well. Trappeur
  7. Amber Tumblers

    Yes, exactly! That is the company.... Trappeur
  8. Amber Tumblers

    There is a company that makes gorgeous ones. I think it's something like curion or something like that. There is a post here somewhere on the forum about them but they are very expensive. I have been looking for jars like that but have never found them. The ones that CS sells are spray painted amber. They are not amber glass. Even the black ones they have are spray painted. I won't buy them. The scratch and chip easily. Good luck! Trappeur
  9. Me too, I'm very curious! Sounds so unique. Trappeur
  10. There you go! You can't beat that! Trappeur
  11. Good job....good job Goldie....that's the way I do it too! Trappeur
  12. RE's Rustic Lodge

    Wow....Think I'll get a case of it..... Trappeur
  13. RE's Rustic Lodge

    What wax you using Pam? 4630? Is that right? Is it a blend your doing yourself? Have you had any problems with 4630 and wicking? Trappeur
  14. Oh my gosh.....that is disturbing TT....Makes me think, I better too if you are....I better go and reevaluate my 464 with oils. Trappeur
  15. Are you adding 6% oil to a pound of wax or did you do per each 9oz jar? The wickig wouldn't affect them sitting there and you are adding your oil at the right temp.... I'm thinking what else could it be? Trappeur Y