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  1. UV inhibitor - when to use

    Most definitely you need to add uv if you start to sell. You don't know what type of lighting shops have. So yes, you will need it. Trappeur
  2. I made 3 testers in status jars as one of my accounts uses that style jar and I have to get this wicking figured out right away. Ok: Jar: 12oz status(elite jar from Flaming) Wax: 464 My present wick size: cd 14 I just poured 3 new testers in this jar...1 in cd 8, 1 in cd 10, 1 in cd 12. Since I'm having to wick down on all jars, now gotta do this one. I will be burning all 3 tomorrow as the wax is cured now for 11 days..(couple days short of 2 weeks) I was wondering what others are now using for wicks for this jar and in 464. I just want to compare. Trappeur
  3. Got another question? If I added a tiny amount of beeswax like say maybe 10% to 464 do you think that could help in scent making it stronger? Also if I did like 10% would it make the 464 more rigid? I'm trying to figure out another possible way to save my wicking to its present size instead of downsizing? I have never ever blended anything...keep in mind for these questions I'm asking. Or for that matter if I tried 4630 blended to 464 I have the same questions as above. I know I can 't do a 50/50 that is for sure because it would be too expensive. Trappeur
  4. Pulling wicks?

    I test mine the same way without a wick tab. Granted when you get down to the bottom that wick is going to fall over...but it is still a good enough test to burn about 3/4 of the candle with the wick upright as I can tell from the whole burning process if that is a good choice wick or not. Trappeur
  5. Like everyone said....it's a wet spot. Just forget about....just happens at times - nothing you can do about it. If you somehow you get it gone, it most likely will return. No one will say a thing about it. Just look at all the candles where ever you go. Its everywhere even some of th best expensive lines have em. Trappeur
  6. UV inhibitor - when to use

    I don't think it really matters. I don't for friends and family myself. Trappeur
  7. Newbie from NJ

    Welcome...nice to meet you! So you just started out in this awesome world of candlemaking...It will be quite an adventure especially with so much going on with the changes in the waxes today. You have selected a great forum to learn so much. I suggest reading and reading on all the subjects pertaining to general candlemaking and for your choice of wax whatever you select.... Trappeur
  8. Thankyou for that tip Moonshine....sounds perfect for a solution. Now I burned it fully again all day.....and unbelievably the candle burned absolutely perfect....and the melt pool depth stayed a tad under 3/8 ...actually is more closer to `1/4:...... just perfect. It's at the 1/2 way mark now. Still testing to the end. Now scent throw that is another story...couldnt tell if because this is a light thowing oil - candy corn....it's the first tie I have used it. Will have to do another tester.
  9. I questioned Flaming a few weeks back about what has been happening and they said they have not received any reports. My thinking is why would they admit yes and jeaopardize their sales? Trappeur
  10. I'm simply amazed at all the knowledge you have on candlemaking Tall Tayle? I swear you must be a chemist..... Trappeur
  11. My honest belief is that I agree no one has reported and if some have, why would they say yes there have been issues? Trappeur
  12. Well, you go girl! I guess I'm coming up right behind you Goldie.... Trappeur
  13. Just Scent

    Wow Soshiegirl when I get some money saved up I'm going to give a bunch of these a try. Every scent you have recommended to me has been wonderful...well all but 1 (lol)...you've really got your stuff together...I love reading your posts and recommendations...A couple weeks ago I called Just Scent to ask a question and it was after hours like 2 hours...(didn't realize it) and the owner picked up. Well, long story short we were on the phone I bet over an hour. This woman was so very nice and so informative and made a lot of suggestions for different scents (I was actually looking for a marshmallow (again))and a cider.....well I wound up getting so many samples and 1 pounders that I'm really liking so much! One I just poured for a shop 24 of them is called Cranberry/orange....just lovely! Just looking at her pictures alone, I could order 1 of everything on her site! And I have never even ordered from them except for Chestnuts and Brown Sugar. She was so nice and so funny! She had a sale going on at the time and she threw in a few 1 ouncers to me at no charge...I told her she should come over here where the supplier section is and advertise when she is having a sale or something new comes up and unfortunately she had some bad run ins with some nasty members who were on this forum years back b/4 Vicki took over and then Tall Tayle and she just never came on to the board back then when things happened. Well actually I was here then and I had the same problem with nasty members and I would never come here for that reason, but it has been a long time since then and all those nasty people are far gone down the road and now this forum was run by at the time Vicki and now a super lady, Tall Tayle! Yaye! I told her all the horrible people are gone and all the members here are just awesome, like family..... and to rethink about coming here once in a while. I would gladly do business with an honest and nice person who took my interests to heart so I'm going to start more testings with Just Scent just for the fact she was so nice to me.....You treat me nice, you get my business......that's my motto. Trappeur
  14. Well I won't use 4625 with the 464...... I'll just use it for the melts. In the mean time I need to finish up my orders and I'll somehow figure this out with different wicks like the rrd ones, and premier...I don't know.....I'm just so lost especially now that I have a tremendous order for 8oz tins that I am retesting tomorrow with other wicks. This just makes me sick. Here is a picture of a 3" crystal that is burning right this minute that I have downsized to a cd 8 from a 10 and some that needed a 12 for tougher scents....Now this is the 2'nd burn...but it's been burning all day. I clipped the wick only once since I initially burned it. The melt pool is close to 3/8". Granted this candle is burning all day long and the wick wasn't trimmed but I like the melt pool depth, the glass is not hot at all as I can pickup very very easily and the throw is good (9 days......I got frustrated and antsy) It's candy corn from bittercreek. I consider Candy corn to be a light thrower anyway. Now this passes my inspection and I am very happy with it if it stays like that to the end. But it probably won't stay like that. I would guess a cd7 is going to be perfect....if not I guess I will try some rrd's or premiers...or maybe some 4630 added to the wax or maybe some beeswax???????????????????????????? .or who the hell knows....Just disgusting to say the least... Now the 8oz tins are 3" so I have a cd8 and a 10 I'm testing from a cd 12....I've gone to cd 10s in the pint jars that I'm happy with so far....now I'm worried that maybe my throws aren't good enough...? hmmmm I'll burn 2 tonight.... Trappeur
  15. So don't do a blend of 4625 with the 464 for candle jars since 4625 says for pillars or tarts? Is that wrong? Trappeur