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  1. Gail when you go to Knoxville, let me know as I'll drive there and meet you and we can sniff together and we could spend the night there. Trappeur
  2. Hmmmm...I'm going to refigure pricing again Clear Black...Maybe I made a mistake....Wouldn't be the first time. Thanks! Trappeur
  3. Oh gosh I know what your talking about Clear Black. Once I bought a candle like what your making and the exact thing happened to me....when I lit the candle all this black gunk flew all over the candle and turned the top somewhat black and very nasty looking. Actually as the candle was burning it spit out that black stuff in intervals. I threw out the candle afterwards. Sorry can't give any advice.... Trappeur
  4. New England Made show

    Clear Black if you buy any of your supplies wholesale, you have a resale tax number, don't you? That's all you need to get into the show. They also would need probably your business card and some sales invoices of someone you buy from to show proof. Trappeur
  5. New England Made show

  6. What wick style are you using in 6006 Clear Black? Wow it's about double 464 in price...For me selling wholesale, I could never up my prices to the shops.... You know I hate to put this out there after so much discussion is going on about all these waxes and the problems that everyone is having and so many switching to other waxes but I have upped my percentage of oils to 1.2 or 1.3 oz per pound of wax and I am having just wonderful luck (knock on wood) with awesome throws.....I'm absorbing this extra cost of goods for right now as I can't possibly change my wholesale pricing...well, not right now. Trappeur
  7. Needing some help

    Another thing.....curing you need to do that to get a proper burn to figure out your wicking. And to get the best results for throw of fragrance. How long have your candles cured for?? I like to keep mine at a 2 week cure time. At times I get antsy and test them at 9, l0, ll days...But generally for me 2 weeks. Trappeur
  8. Needing some help

    Hello Tokoo, First off, welcome.... 2'nd: You made your candles perfectly from beginning to end....great! 3'rd: There is absolutely NOTHING can do about what the physical appearance of all your candles, frosting and wet spots. It is a natural characteristic trait of soy and you can heat all you want, do different pour temperatures, etc.....You may have 1 candle turn out perfect and 2 that don't...whatever...even heating your jars may or may not help, most likely not and to me is a complete waste of time. You would have to go to a paraffin to get the results you are looking for. So many come here and ask this question all the time who are new to candle making. The only thing you can do is embrace this situation...plain answer. I use 464 and used to color my candles years ago...not any more...Leaving dye out is the only answer to the frosting problem. Now you can get wet spots and we all do periodically but it is something you just have to accept. You probably don't like this answer but it is what it is. No one cares in my opinion and I sell to stores...never once did I ever get complaints or negative reviews on the candles. I didn't like the frosting either and it bothered me. Once I went au naturelle, no more problems like this. Trappeur
  9. Testing Wicks

    I test the same way too. Trappeur
  10. Merlin's Forest

    Beautiful pillars and they sure do look like trees with the sun overhead! Trappeur
  11. Easter Fragrances

    You guys are so terrific! I love each and everyone of your suggestions. Moonshine that pink sugar and marshmallow I have those scents! Love what you said. Are you saying to mix them together or just leave separate? Sarah I haven't ordered from Aztec in a coons age and I'm always looking at their scents and all the new ones they are coming up with. I just love that name, Pink Lilac and Willow. Sounds like a heavenly fragrance. Scented I just ate a package of Reeses PB cups...my favorite. I do have the Honeysuckle Jasmine from CS and I like. Guess I might as well get it into wax. Belinda, where have you been girlfriend!???Was just thinking about you last week and yesterday... This is Dogwood Haven here. Lots of them around my house and shack property. I have only an ounce sample from someone. I was just looking at Texas Candle Supply yesterday. Have never ordered from them and really need to. Great suggestion! Trappeur
  12. lol, lol I bet they were! Trappeur
  13. Yep, we should do a contest with photos....I bet it would be hilarious! I've always thought wouldn't it be neat to have a contest or just a thread showing our first candle/soap creations that we ever made. Especially when we thought making our first creations we thought they were beautiful when in fact they werent? lol...Yep, we could show all our ugly puglies...Now I think that would be funny. Trappeur
  14. This Ol' House

    Those pillars are stunning and right up my alley....love the colors, the look, and like Candybee said has that old aged crackle look....beautiful... Trappeur