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  1. Thank you I REALLY appreciate your help!! I mean REALLY x a zillion......it was my personal fave and best smeller for many years
  2. Yes, thank you so much
  3. Just wondering if anyone has found a good sub or even close 2nd for BB Energy they reformulated? TIA PS I apologize in advance if I hijack a thread, double post or quote myself which I've actually done because I'm posting-challenged :-)
  4. Thank you that is a good idea! It's almost a 2 oz bottle, about 4" Thank you thank you
  5. I forgot where I purchased these glass bottles a few years ago, any idears where it came from? Thank you Craftserver Peeps!
  6. No I do not change the printer settings. I found this on the 101,000th forum I was searching thru. She said buy an Epson, the cartridges use Dura Bright Ultra Ink (which was the key factor as I recall) and buy the Waterproof matte labels (you can buy they sheets at a time which helps starting out). I've never had a problem with running or smudging labels since. All I can tell you is it has worked for me since I found that post 8 years ago :-)
  7. I had the same problem with lotion and bath labels. It does cost more, I purchase the Waterproof matte labels at Onlinelabels.com and bought an Epson printer. I found the info on a forum after Googling my fingers down to a nub lol. The combination of both gives me labels that I can use on my scrub jars and they don't leak ink into your tub water. HTH
  8. I find them both light, little drag, easy to scent, non greasy forumlas HTH
  9. I have been using their Whipped Body Lotion, their A C E Lotion, both I liked very much and they sold very well. I did not care for the Souffle and it didn't test too well. I moved back to the Midwest and didn't care for the shipping cost, but may reconsider. I have a lot of customers asking for the Whipped Lotion and ACE hand lotion, and I just noticed they have an Avocado Body Butter. And a Goat Milk....hmmmm I must rethink this lol. I love Cindy and staff, they have the most amazing customer service BTW. :-)
  10. Thank you Moonstar, I did try some last year and the shipping left me tight in the shorts lol
  11. WSP will not have Goat Milk lotion base back in stock until 11/18, does anyone have a good rec for a close 2nd? TIA
  12. Gulf Tides™ Reminiscent of salty air skimming over ocean swells to kiss the sandy dunes.HTH Don't know if it's close but I've used and love this one for years (Keystone Candle) Unmistakable fragrance of a seaside resort.� This fragrance lets you know you've arrived at the beach.� Close your eyes, and take a deep breath and smell the salty aroma of the ocean.� A top seller!
  13. I already gave up an ounce to Save On, 4 months and $75 I think and nowhere close. I don't know why I thought Fragrance Buddy only duped oils like BBW, etc.
  14. Thank you for the heads up, I hadn't checked Facebook. I realized I'm not out money, but you know what's is like to cling to the remnants of your favorite oil......very sad to lose
  15. Does anyone have any idea were Mike's Fragrance went? I have been leaving messages and the website is down. Just wondered if I missed something, they were working on a dupe for me - which would be sad it was most of what I had left of it. TIA