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  1. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    Put me down 2 lbs of Sweet Amber, 2 Tonic, 1 Pink Sugar, 1 Provence and 1 Dragon Blood - thank you!!
  2. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    I would be so happy to buy 2 lbs of the sweet amber, 1 tonic, 1 pink sugar, 1 provence, and either a Dragon Blood or Egyptian I will have to go back and sniff. Thank you so much!
  3. Looking for Peak replacements

    Do you know if that is the same as the Patchouli Passion at Pure Fragrance Oils? I was looking for that one. TIA
  4. Looking for Peak replacements

    I use under the 2.6% it says, for bath scrubs and body washes. I don't have to use a lot because it's a strong fragrance.
  5. Looking for Peak replacements

    FYI, if anyone makes bath and body products like I do, FB is skin safe and CS isn't (candles only I think it was)
  6. Looking for Peak replacements

    If anyone uses their Cranberry Apple Marmalade, I subbed it last year because of rising cost of shipping. I get the one from Fragrance Buddy. Smells the same to me.
  7. I have been duped

    with an arrow pointing
  8. I have been duped

    I would put a sign Home of the Original Creation "Macabre" don't settle for substitutes (lol)
  9. Replacement for BB Energy

    Thank you I REALLY appreciate your help!! I mean REALLY x a zillion......it was my personal fave and best smeller for many years
  10. Replacement for BB Energy

    Yes, thank you so much
  11. Just wondering if anyone has found a good sub or even close 2nd for BB Energy they reformulated? TIA PS I apologize in advance if I hijack a thread, double post or quote myself which I've actually done because I'm posting-challenged :-)
  12. Help finding bottles

    Thank you that is a good idea! It's almost a 2 oz bottle, about 4" Thank you thank you
  13. Help finding bottles

    I forgot where I purchased these glass bottles a few years ago, any idears where it came from? Thank you Craftserver Peeps!
  14. My labels smudge. What can I do?

    No I do not change the printer settings. I found this on the 101,000th forum I was searching thru. She said buy an Epson, the cartridges use Dura Bright Ultra Ink (which was the key factor as I recall) and buy the Waterproof matte labels (you can buy they sheets at a time which helps starting out). I've never had a problem with running or smudging labels since. All I can tell you is it has worked for me since I found that post 8 years ago :-)
  15. My labels smudge. What can I do?

    I had the same problem with lotion and bath labels. It does cost more, I purchase the Waterproof matte labels at Onlinelabels.com and bought an Epson printer. I found the info on a forum after Googling my fingers down to a nub lol. The combination of both gives me labels that I can use on my scrub jars and they don't leak ink into your tub water. HTH