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  1. Looking for Peak replacements

    Do you know if that is the same as the Patchouli Passion at Pure Fragrance Oils? I was looking for that one. TIA
  2. Looking for Peak replacements

    I use under the 2.6% it says, for bath scrubs and body washes. I don't have to use a lot because it's a strong fragrance.
  3. Looking for Peak replacements

    FYI, if anyone makes bath and body products like I do, FB is skin safe and CS isn't (candles only I think it was)
  4. Looking for Peak replacements

    If anyone uses their Cranberry Apple Marmalade, I subbed it last year because of rising cost of shipping. I get the one from Fragrance Buddy. Smells the same to me.
  5. I have been duped

    with an arrow pointing
  6. I have been duped

    I would put a sign Home of the Original Creation "Macabre" don't settle for substitutes (lol)
  7. Replacement for BB Energy

    Thank you I REALLY appreciate your help!! I mean REALLY x a zillion......it was my personal fave and best smeller for many years
  8. Replacement for BB Energy

    Yes, thank you so much
  9. Just wondering if anyone has found a good sub or even close 2nd for BB Energy they reformulated? TIA PS I apologize in advance if I hijack a thread, double post or quote myself which I've actually done because I'm posting-challenged :-)
  10. Help finding bottles

    Thank you that is a good idea! It's almost a 2 oz bottle, about 4" Thank you thank you
  11. Help finding bottles

    I forgot where I purchased these glass bottles a few years ago, any idears where it came from? Thank you Craftserver Peeps!
  12. My labels smudge. What can I do?

    No I do not change the printer settings. I found this on the 101,000th forum I was searching thru. She said buy an Epson, the cartridges use Dura Bright Ultra Ink (which was the key factor as I recall) and buy the Waterproof matte labels (you can buy they sheets at a time which helps starting out). I've never had a problem with running or smudging labels since. All I can tell you is it has worked for me since I found that post 8 years ago :-)
  13. My labels smudge. What can I do?

    I had the same problem with lotion and bath labels. It does cost more, I purchase the Waterproof matte labels at Onlinelabels.com and bought an Epson printer. I found the info on a forum after Googling my fingers down to a nub lol. The combination of both gives me labels that I can use on my scrub jars and they don't leak ink into your tub water. HTH
  14. WSP Goat Milk Lotion Base

    I find them both light, little drag, easy to scent, non greasy forumlas HTH
  15. WSP Goat Milk Lotion Base

    I have been using their Whipped Body Lotion, their A C E Lotion, both I liked very much and they sold very well. I did not care for the Souffle and it didn't test too well. I moved back to the Midwest and didn't care for the shipping cost, but may reconsider. I have a lot of customers asking for the Whipped Lotion and ACE hand lotion, and I just noticed they have an Avocado Body Butter. And a Goat Milk....hmmmm I must rethink this lol. I love Cindy and staff, they have the most amazing customer service BTW. :-)