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  1. Peaks sugared Peaches

    Did you check out Keystones price? She was the one who bought Peaks oils here a couple months ago. https://keystonecandlesupplies.com/products/sugared-peaches-peak?variant=4164072767515
  2. Still In Search Of A Good Bayberry

    Thanks for the offer soshigirl, I think I'm going to just stick with NG. It's what my hubby suggested from the get go. You have a happy thanksgiving also :-)
  3. I was reading a couple weeks ago on here where someone mentioned VA Candle was where TCS bought their Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. Well I just bought a bottle and its nothing like TCS PPW, smells totally different. I got a little excited thinking they had the original PPW I was using from TCS.
  4. Still In Search Of A Good Bayberry

    Thank you for all the great suggestions!
  5. Still In Search Of A Good Bayberry

    I'm placing an order with RE soon, so I'll try one. Thanks Yes, I'm finding some smelling like cheap perfumes also.
  6. Anyone have any good suggestions for a strong realistic bayberry please? So far I've tried NG and CS, with both being totally different.
  7. Some cat Kodak moments

    What a ham, he is gorgeous!
  8. Peak Fragrances Reopening?

    I too was over and bought some Peak oils and spoke with Pam. She reassured me that she did buy the codes and will be carrying their oils.
  9. Candle Science’s Mulberry is gone?

    I too miss CS Mulberry, I'm just about out. Now I have to find another one.
  10. Peak Fragrances Reopening?

    Either way I'm still buying my so called "Peaks" oils from Keystone.
  11. Need Red Clove replacement

    While your ordering I highly recommend her Blueberry Cobbler, Sweet Vanilla Pumpkin Pie, Fruit Loops, & Country Berry Hotcakes to name a few. You won't go wrong with them.
  12. Need Red Clove replacement

    I just looked at her website and found she does have Peaks oils listed as Peaks. https://keystonecandlesupplies.com/collections/fragrance-oils
  13. Need Red Clove replacement

    I went to her grand reopening on Friday and bought some of the Peaks oils. She still has so so many boxes from Peak to get through and I'm still waiting on a call for the pre-buy Amish Harvest. It won't be much longer I'm sure and She'll have Peaks oils sorted through. I did however pick up Peaks Holiday Sparkle, Almond Pastries, & Red Clove.
  14. Need Red Clove replacement

    I just bought some Red Clove from Keystone and it is Wonderful! I think it was one of Peaks scents that she bought out.
  15. It had some frosting and it seems to be a bit softer than the ecosoya pb I was using but it worked better that the rest I sampled.