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    I am happily married to a wonderful man and we have 4 children. We do a lot of organized trail rides and horse shows. Horses are my passion but I love all animals.
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    I always feel sorry for the underdog. Hate bullies!

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  1. coffeebean

    Please help! Packaging and shipping advice

    I am currently using shippo https://goshippo.com It's a free membership with great discounts in shipping.
  2. I just love the natural white, creamy look of soy in a jar, but customers want color.
  3. coffeebean

    Suggestions for Fragrance Buddy Oils????

    I get my Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from them.
  4. coffeebean

    Opinions on Pumpkin Souffle

    CS has been a huge seller for me 10 years now. Couldn't due without it.
  5. coffeebean

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    Hey Trap! Labels look great! I did see where you mentioned a scent for cabin fever? I carry a candle "Cabin In The Woods" sells like crazy and it's actually Holly Berry. I just sold out of that one Friday at one of our shops. You can smell that one before you even go inside where it's burning. If you try that let me know how it goes for ya.
  6. coffeebean

    Hello From Ontario

    Welcome aboard! So mant things to read, and I learn something new everytime I browse around on here. haha.
  7. I told you I'd let you know about the WSP tests I did. Well you were spot on ;) with the VBN! Thank you so much, I really appreciate the advice. As for the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, that didn't test as well as FB.

    So thanks again, VBN rocks both hot and cold!

    1. moonshine


      Good to know about the PPW- I use the FB so I won't consider testing the WSP Version

      Their VBN is amazing and I got my order the other day of Fraser fir and I LOVE it 

      the rainforest is interesting I have to put it in wax to see oob it doesn't seem to be the same as Aveda

      magogany teakwood and fabulosa are spot on and smell amazing