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  1. pcbrook

    How do you cut 4794?

    I tried that once and it did not work too great for me. Hammer and chisel work faster.
  2. pcbrook

    Best Black Ice

  3. pcbrook

    Bitter Creek

    Of what you have on your list I have tried Home Sweet Home which is good and strong, Fresh Cut Grass which is very weak and did not really smell like grass to me and Georgia Peach, which is also very good. I love their Lemon Pucker, Hot Maple Toddy, Lilac Bush, Mistletoe, WYW Sage & Citrus, Sleighbells, for candles and melts. For incense I use their Jasmine, Dragon's Blood, China Rain, Nag Champa, and Opium.
  4. Hey, PC

    I'm interested in the Cedarwood Vanilla, Volcano and the Little Black Dress. Shipping to 36265

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    2. pcbrook


      Ugh!  Didn't I put tape over the flip top to hold it down?  So sorry about that.

    3. Faerywren


      No worries. The tape came off with the labels I'm afraid. Nothing had tape on it.

    4. pcbrook


      :o  Wow!  I used a rubber glove to tighten those bottle caps.  Maybe too tight!

  5. I was thinking about ordering some feather palm from Peak while they had their 50% off shipping sale going on and when I clicked on the link I got an error page. So I called them and was told they have discontinued all the palm waxes. I am not sure why but I find that interesting. Makes me wonder why. Not sure what to think about that. I know there is a lot of bad press about palm in general. Even though, I still have cusotmers that love it and want it.
  6. pcbrook

    Welcome to our new Admin

    Congratulations Shannon! You have big shoes to fill but I don't think that will be a problem for you!
  7. pcbrook

    Light a candle for Vicky

    I didn't say anything too quotable but have at it!
  8. pcbrook

    Light a candle for Vicky

    Ugh! I am going to miss her as well! I was shocked when I saw this post and feel so sad for her family. This stuff is never easy.
  9. pcbrook

    Problems Viewing Pictures

    I can see all the pictures in the posts I checked out.
  10. pcbrook

    Search Function

    Yep! That is what I was looking for! Thanks!
  11. pcbrook

    Search Function

    I am thinking I am not too crazy about the search function on this new board. Maybe I am missing something. You used to be able to narrow down which section of the board you wanted to search in. Can you still do that here?
  12. I have been able to use it thank goodness! I think I would be lost without it.
  13. pcbrook

    If you got your email?

    I got the email also but I was already here!
  14. Well with the ones you picked out it is $3.90 for the FOs. I have a few options for postage: 1st class parcel is 3.60. Flat rate envelope is 5.05. Priority envelope is 5.75. And a small flat rate box is 5.80. You can have your choice. Of course if you add more FOs the cost will be more.


  15. Interested in White tea dn G 1/2, Hillbilly 1, Sweet orange 1, Smooth bourbon 1/2, Mids summers 1, Sunflower, Dream Weaver, Spa maybe a few more but I am in 85258 zip...What would be the cost?