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  1. pcbrook

    Calling all incense makers!

    Okay, now you got me curious! How do you make bamboo incense? I have never heard of it. If they are cleaner than the charcoal I am all for it. Are you talking about the regular sticks with the resin on?
  2. pcbrook

    Calling all incense makers!

    I use charcoal sticks and soak for 24 hours and then lay them out to dry. I lay them in those longer aluminum foil pans to soak. The 16 oz FO bottles weren't high enough for the charcoal ones I buy so I had to look for something else to soak them in. I have found that just about any FO works okay. I never ran into any duds like in candles but like Sarah said there are some FOs that don't like to mix up too good with the DPG so I leave those alone. Most of the FOs I use are from BC.
  3. pcbrook

    Favorite FO from Fillmore?

    Mayan Gold is pretty good too. Daffodil is great but not a big seller for me. Nutmeg and Ginger is wicked strong and smells like nutmeg and ginger to me. Lavender, Sage and Rosemary is a good seller and also strong. I like Amaretto Tiramisu but that is another one that people don't buy much. Butterscotch Brulee is pretty yummy.
  4. pcbrook

    An idea I'm thinking about.

    I get mine from Webstaurant. With shipping they cost 2 cents each for the cup (including the lid).
  5. pcbrook

    Weird reaction with Palm

    Wow! That is weird. Palm doesn't melt that easy to begin with and to just sit there and do that. I never heard of such a thing. Maybe someone is trying to mess with you? I could see someone in my family doing that to me just to get me all in a tizzy! Let's see if we can get Mom to freak out! hehe
  6. pcbrook

    An idea I'm thinking about.

    I used to use the larger portion cups (I think they were 1.5 once but not sure) but I have switched to the 1 ounce. They do only hold 3/4 ounce but people seem to like that size better. I got feedback that the larger ones were too big and they had to cut them in half. With the new size they don't have to do that. I charge $1.50 for one. The more they buy the cheaper they get. If the buy 10 or more they are $1 each. I sell a ton of those little buggers.
  7. pcbrook

    Respectful Request

    OMG! I never even knew there was such a section. When I read this I thought......what are they talking about? So I looked and sure enough....there it is. LOL!
  8. pcbrook

    How do you cut 4794?

    I tried that once and it did not work too great for me. Hammer and chisel work faster.
  9. pcbrook

    Best Black Ice

  10. pcbrook

    Bitter Creek

    Of what you have on your list I have tried Home Sweet Home which is good and strong, Fresh Cut Grass which is very weak and did not really smell like grass to me and Georgia Peach, which is also very good. I love their Lemon Pucker, Hot Maple Toddy, Lilac Bush, Mistletoe, WYW Sage & Citrus, Sleighbells, for candles and melts. For incense I use their Jasmine, Dragon's Blood, China Rain, Nag Champa, and Opium.
  11. pcbrook

    Northwood Candle Supply?

    I liked them in the status jars but I just decided not to offer those jars. But the worked pretty good
  12. pcbrook

    Ratio for aroma beads

    4 parts aroma beads to 1 part FO. I go by weight. So for example: 2 ounces beads with 1/2 ounce FO. 2 divided by 4 is 1/2.
  13. pcbrook

    Caribbean Teakwood

    Caribbean Teakwood is an awesome thrower for me but I have not ordered it in a while. I still have some from over a year ago. It could be weaker now.
  14. pcbrook

    Ratio for aroma beads

    I use BCN's beads and use a 4:1 ratio. 2 ounces of beads and 1/2 ounce FO. Or 1 ounce of beads to 1/4 ounce FO, etc. I am not sure about the 3 cups thing. I go by weight. Sometimes it takes a while for the FO to soak in. Some of them might take a couple days to a week.
  15. pcbrook

    Aroma bead freshners

    Polypro bags shouldn't be the culprit. Honestly, the problem might just be that the FOs aren't strong enough. I use BCN FOs mostly. Spiced Cranberry, Vanilla Grapefruit and a couple others. Love Spell from CS works good and Peak (Keystone) Midsummer Night is a good one too. You just have to keep testing until you find something. Like I said before the stronger ones in other applications might be your best bet.