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  1. My fav Amish harvest that threw like crazy was originally from Tennessee candle supplies. I know I’ve read good things about Peak’s but am afraid to go that route right now. Keystone is out of stock on the 16 ounce size, so I was wondering if FB Amish harvest is like Peak’s and if it’s as strong. Also, is RE’s Celtic Moonspice as good as Peak’s in the throw department for those of you that have tried both. Years ago, I tested the Celtic Moonspice and it smelled similar to the one I had from TCS, but don’t remember how well it threw. Any other Amish Harvest scents y’all can recommend from other suppliers. Secondly, who do you think has the best and truest buttercream? I have tried many—Daystar’s and Bluegrass (now at RE) seemed to be the most authentic but I never could get Daystar’s to throw well in my parasoy blend and the one from Bluegrass/RE was a real wick clogger.
  2. RWV

    Bitter Creek North (New Scents)

    I love their spiced cranberry, Northwoods Christmas, All hallow’s eve, biscotti (Wix and wax)—great mixer, too, Sissie’s sugar cookie (makes an excellent snickerdoodle cookie scent), pear tart (Wix and wax), candy corn, and Yuletide. I’m sure I’ll think of some more. They were the first place I ever ordered from and that was over 15 years ago. Trappeur, I love the Yuletide, but I tend to get the dreaded butane smell with it—do you have that issue, do you add anything (vanilla, coconut, etc.)? I use a parasoy blend and have tried various percentages.
  3. WooHoo—Keystone has it! 😀 Thank you thank you thank you Jeana!
  4. Next to sugared spruce/Santa’s spruce, this was my favorite tree scent. I tried RE Ozark forest recommended in the fragrance twins section, but it’s not quite the same. Does anyone know of an equivalent substitute for this scent? Thank you for your help.
  5. Thanks TallTayl. I’ve tried cornstarch to absorb some of the oil, although I don’t think it did much, then tried some carpet cleaners. Will get some Simple Green and give it a try.
  6. Don’t know if this is the right place to post this but here goes. Went to pull a plastic bottle of fo from cabinet and the bottle split and now I’ve got fo all over my carpet. Well, it’s the area rug I put over my carpet in case I have an accident like this. What should I do to get the oil out AND the smell? Won’ tbe pouring anything strawberry for a lllloooooong time
  7. RWV

    What is your #1, VERY favorite FO?

    Sugar and butter—absolutely nothing wrong with that in my opinion. SVS from Candlewic is very similar to the sugar cookie royale (Moonworks) from Fragrance Buddy, if memory serves me. I never did get the one from FB in wax to compare the throw with CW but I do know the sugared vanilla shortbread threw like crazy for me.
  8. Does anybody know why it was discontinued? I must have seen you guys post about it here years ago and so I bought it.
  9. RWV

    What is your #1, VERY favorite FO?

    Jenni Wix, if you love butery cookie scents, you must try Candlewic's sugared vanilla shortbread! I LOVE sugar cookie-type scents and it is one of my absolute favorites, hands down! Just ordered from RE and ordered the Danish butter cookie to try--so glad to hear you recommend it🙂
  10. I did mean Satsuma guava from TSW (duh) and I LOVED it--still have almost a bottle but it's starting to go bad I think. The one from RE I tried was the plain Satsuma so I guess that's where I got confused; easily done. Sadly, REAH is out of freshed squeezed oranges due to a shortage of materials Tall Tayl. TT, can I just say that doggie is the CUTEST thing EVER!!! Kerven, I don't think I've tried either of those but will order them soon. Is the orange and goji all citrus? I love the Satsuma from the Body Shop in their shower gel--it has that sharp tanginess I'm looking for but the body spray loses that tang, I think because it has to be added at such a lower concentration maybe? I know years ago, The Body Shop had this scent in a perfume oil, and it did have that sharp tang and a little went a long way, but they only sell the body spray now.
  11. RWV

    Adding honey to lip balm

    Candybee, where do you get your neem oil, if you don't mind my asking and do you know what the minimum percentage usage is to get the anti-itching benefit? Or, if you don't want to share the percentage info and that would be compromising your formula, I totally get it, just have never heard of it before and having that kind of benefit would be great!
  12. Wow, so glad you guys posted. I have a pound tub of the stuff so I think I'll put it to good use. Thanks so much!
  13. Sometimes it's those single-note type scents that seem to be the hardest to find. So I like Juicy bits of orange from Genwax for mixing. My absolute favorite "orange"-type scent was the Satsuma guava from The Scent Works. RE/AH has a Satsuma guava similar but a little sweeter and less complex (I'm contradicting myself--wanting single note but loving the complex in this one). I've read previous posts and I'm not even sure that straight orange is what I'm looking for so here goes. An "orange" scent--no vanilla or spices, I want it to be tangy (is that even a description for a scent rather than a taste?), no bitter/sharp pith notes, no "green" notes per se, and without a lot of sweetness like a candy. I was thinking what I'm looking for may even be a tangerine, blood orange, mandarin type of scent so it would be more like TSW Satsuma scent that I loved. It's fine if it's for candles but I want it also to be for bath and body products because I use the juicy bits of orange from Genwax for mixing for candles and, although it's a really good straight up orange with less fuel notes when burning, it's still just a bit too sweet for my taste for b&b stuff. Just think, if I could find that perfect cinnamon, mix it with that perfect orange/tangerine/mandarin/Satsuma, wouldn't that make an awesome Christmas scent (for candles, of course)? Anyone out there found that perfect orangy/Satuma"y", tangy, only mildly sweet, non-bitter fo? Whew!