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    I am the single mom of three beautiful children. I am a candle and soap maker by trade. I would not change my job for anything! I love riding on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle in the summer and hanging out in front of the fire in the winter. Sushi and Sake are the perfect dinner!
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    I like Spicy scents. Sandalwood to Cinnamon. Maybe I should say I like exotic and spice. I dislike most floral scents. I tend to favor natural colors to brights and love earth tones.

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  1. NM you don't have a full case. Honestly I'd call the supplier, because that does not even look like 4625 to me.
  2. Is there a label on the box? That doesn't even look like 4625...
  3. Flicker

    Candle nose?

    I never test burned in my home. I found it too full of scent, and I was immune to it there. I brought my candles to friends homes and had them test them, then I went over while they were burning to see if I agreed.
  4. Flicker

    Which Wick?

    I used almost all CD wicks in that wax. I used it over 15 years, different suppliers wicks may burn different depending on who tabs them. Mine came from Bitter Creek which uses Wicks Unlimited, for most scents a CD 10 did well. An Eco 2 or 4 may also work well.
  5. Flicker

    How do you cut 4794?

    I place a small block of wood under the slab and break it up using a hammer. This has been most effective in the 25 years I've used that wax.
  6. If your wax pulls away, I do my repours before they are totally cool. In pillars I do them actually more than once, and keep doing them as the candle cools, poking relief holes each time. If the wax adheres, I wait till they are cool and repour at once.
  7. Flicker

    Strange smell with 6006

    Does it sort of have a fuel smell?
  8. Flicker

    Strange smell with 6006

    What fragrance are you using?
  9. Flicker

    Best LILAC fo?

    Candle Cocoon! Hands down!
  10. Flicker

    black candles

    A tip for mold release, powder mold release works incredible! I have a healthy stock of it I bought years ago, BC may still sell it? But it worked better than any spray and I never had issues with it messing with my candles exterior.
  11. I have. they all look similar but burn very differently. eco work fine in 6006 but use a MUCH smaller size
  12. Flicker

    black candles

    That was me. Mixing it into the fragrance acts as a solvent for the dye. I usually mix in what I need to the entire lb once I figure out how much I need in a particular wax.
  13. I have always used cd series in it
  14. I was doing some testing the other day and it dawned on me, that I do things COMPLETELY different. When I need to test wicks, I pour 1 jar with my wax/fo/dye combo as usual with NO wicks. Once the wax is fully cured, I drill a hole out for the wicks. I cut the tab off the wick, place in the hole, heat gun it a second to fill the small bitty void, trim and light. You can now test one size, if it does not work, level the top off, pull the wick that didn't work out, replace with another size and test again. I've done this for years, and it makes testing SO much faster and easier. Bruce Campbell from Wicks Unlimited taught me this years ago. I have saved so much time and money it's probably not funny. I hate testing wicks, so this method goes fast and is very easy on resources.