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    I am the single mom of three beautiful children. I am a candle and soap maker by trade. I would not change my job for anything! I love riding on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle in the summer and hanging out in front of the fire in the winter. Sushi and Sake are the perfect dinner!
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    I like Spicy scents. Sandalwood to Cinnamon. Maybe I should say I like exotic and spice. I dislike most floral scents. I tend to favor natural colors to brights and love earth tones.
  1. Yes the color will come out in the fragrance. It is just too much fragrance or not compatible with that wax. Always weigh your wax and scent on a digital scale. Do you happen to know specifically what paraffin wax you are using? (example IGI 1343, IGI 2281 etc)
  2. Fingernailing, my nightmare! Eventually I omitted the steric, added a bit of petrolatum and used 1 tsp pp (if it continued, just add a bit more) and it completely ceased in my containers. I will assume you are not doing pillars? Microcrystalline wax will also prevent this, but that has become very hard to find.
  3. It is the fragrance that is bleeding, not the dye. What wax is it specifically that you are using?
  4. IGI 6006

    I used IGI 6006 from the time it was still Dussek Campbell! About 16 years with this wax. I personally found the CD wicks were best. I eventually had issues with zinc not staying lit, because of the zinc. It happened twice and caused me to lose a ton of money so I zapped the idea of them fully after a lengthy discussion and testing session with Bruce Campbell from Wicks Unlimited. I found for me, the 10 was the best size. I could never use a 7 or 8, too small, BUT the wick can vary from one supplier to the next based on tabbing equipment so a CD 10 from one may be the same as an 8 from another.
  5. 10% vybar is WAY too much. I would recommend to start .5 weight oz of scent to a weight lb of wax with 1 tsp vybar. It to me sounds like the scent is pouring out of the wax. What wax are you using specifically?
  6. Yankee hours

    But Yankee's candles have not changed one bit in the past 25 years, and that only came out about five years ago max. 343 really doesn't enhance mottle but it usually doesn't disturb it. I have used that and it can still decrease the effect. My suspicion is that they have never used any additives in their candles.
  7. Yankee hours

    Vybar inhibits mottle. They likely just use a straight paraffin with no additives other than perhaps mineral oil. Their candles burn very consistent to mine made with IGI 1343 or 2281 with no additives at all.
  8. Honestly after working for a supplier 17 years, I can say the cost is about the same. It's close enough that most often it does not make a difference. A 8 oz jelly jar for me with my soy I used 1 oz per lb of fo but it took 7 weight oz of soy to fill the jar. To the same fill, my paraffin also using 1 oz fo per lb took 6.4 weight oz. So less wax, the cost was a slight bit more but it evened out. I think it's pretty much a wash these days.
  9. Pricing should ALWAYS be based on your cost to produce at a bare minimum. Soy, paraffin, blend...does not really matter. It's what it costs you to produce the candle in total.
  10. Excel Sheet burn times?

    So are you burning for the same amount of time each burn? Taking care to trim the wick to the same length before each burn and allowing a full cool down (I like 24 hours - 12-18 at a minimum) between each burn?
  11. I personally always double wicked 4" diameter apothecary jars with that wax using a 44-24-18z in 4627. I spaced the wicks so that the tabs were just about touching, center of the jar. Never really had a lot of sooting that way, providing I kept the wicks trimmed.
  12. Hot throw

    Candle Diameter makes all the difference here. With a small jar, widest diameter up to 2.5" I'd say about a 12' x 12' room, enclosed think bedrooms. For a 4" diameter I expect the throw to WOW me in larger areas. Pillars, I don't expect much from unless it's a 3 wick honestly, about a 12' x 12' with a good throw.
  13. they are a coreless cotton wick, but I absolutely have to trim them, they do get too long. I hate to admit this but we probably burn 2-5 of these a month in my house. I can smell candle scents I've never made, so it's sort of a treat, even two years after I stopped selling, I still can't smell some of my original favorite scents we made. I'd test CD/HTP/LX wicks.
  14. Pillar mold preferences

    I also prefer seamless aluminum with the concave. I have a ton of them! LOL
  15. PEAK???!!!

    Yup, he can't decide what to do. Too bad that he ran the business into the ground and lost everyone's trust. The business could have been sold. Or at least the fragrance formulas. '