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    I am the single mom of three beautiful children. I am a candle and soap maker by trade. I would not change my job for anything! I love riding on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle in the summer and hanging out in front of the fire in the winter. Sushi and Sake are the perfect dinner!
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    I like Spicy scents. Sandalwood to Cinnamon. Maybe I should say I like exotic and spice. I dislike most floral scents. I tend to favor natural colors to brights and love earth tones.
  1. I poured candles while pregnant with all three of my children. I just made sure we were well ventilated and wore gloves and a respirator mask. My first and second I was pouring about 10 lbs a day. By my third it could be several hundred lbs at a time daily. No problems other than some scents made me sick to my stomach. I worked for a supplier during this time as well. Most women don't give it up, they just work safer.
  2. Always, always, always trim the wicks correctly.
  3. http://letitshineusa.com/candlewax.asp They are in Seattle...
  4. Powdered dye

    Never and never. You use so little that it doesn't clog the wick....even in soy I get a true black and no burn issues unless it's the scent itself causing that.
  5. Powdered dye

    Yep! I use almost exclusively powders. All dyes begin as powders, they are then added to solvents to make liquids, and or steric acid to make the flakes and paraffin and steric for blocks and chips. I find that adding it to the fragrance before adding to the wax is easiest. It takes some playing to determine what amount makes the color you desire. But I use pinch, dash and smidgen spoons that I purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond years ago to measure. I just add the the dye to the FO, swish around in my pot and add the wax and blend well. I absolutely LOVE powders. Less wick issues, no frosting in soy. They are stronger colors, less prone to fading.
  6. When you say whitish bubbles two things pop into my head, the first is that it is mottle, but my thought is that it actually needs to be poured hotter. Also, I agree with the others, absolutely no need to spray silicone molds.
  7. Also, glass breaks down with heat, and canning creates heat. Because of that, there can be micro cracks in the glass not visible with the human eye that would cause the glass to shatter when burning. I personally would NEVER sell something made from a glass container that was not brand new. Just my quarter but I've heard horror stories working for a supplier.
  8. Tips for layered candles

    I do this different than any of you from what I can tell. When making soy and doing layers, I pour at the congealing point of the wax. Basically as soon as it's poured, it's almost set. I wait about 1/2 hour so its solid but warm and then do my repour the same way, at the congealing point and it sets up right away, leaving a nice smooth, flat top. For 415 the congealing point is about 97*, but I go by look. At the point where the wax is starting to form crystals on the top (about 110*,) I start swirling it around in the pot until it becomes the consistency of an ICEE starting to warm up and then pour into room temp jars. I can't say I don't get wet spots, they happen, but I can tell you my layered soy look perfect every time!
  9. How to get a true black in 444?

    I don't measure, but for a lb of wax maybe 1/16 tsp? Not much. I get mine from Bitter Creek. It also does not have ANY smell and does not usually alter the burn.
  10. I use a standard mouth and the burn I get is amazing. A CD 18 really isn't that big...compared to a zinc, it's around a 60-44-18z I use the same size in a paraffin blend actually. My melt at 4 hours never exceeds 1/2". Wicks Unlimited and I worked for years perfecting this combo...Bruce is amazing. I've used the same wax since about 1999-2000
  11. Light bulb rings

    No. I only sold a handful of them and working for the supplier, we sold very few as well. Folks were more inclined to want room sprays or melts for flameless options.
  12. This is a loaded question, it may yield you dozens of answers, none the same. However, I personally love the IGI 6006 and have been using it so long, that when I started it was still Dussek Campbell making it, then it went to BP, then to IGI. Yep, a long time. I personally love it. Enough soy to "keep it clean" enough paraffin to burn stellar and throw amazingly!
  13. Light bulb rings

    I have. Just be sure to blend the oils with at least 50% DPG or they can flash and or smoke.
  14. I must use a different supplier for my CD wicks. In a standard mouth half pint mason, about 2.25" diameter I use a CD 10 with most scents. For a standard pint I would use a CD 18, and that is about the same diameter as the jar you are currently testing. I found that the larger wicks burned perfectly for me. Mine came from Wicks Unlimited and Bitter Creek. The catch with 6006 is it's a low melt paraffin blend with about 30% soy. The charts are based on a straight paraffin with no additives. So it won't necessarily even be a starting point in terms of wick size. Sooting and mushrooms can be too large or too small a wick. I suspect in both these, too small. HTH!
  15. 3.1" where it is widest? I'd use a CD 16-18 with that myself. Keep in mind, different suppliers wicks can vary too, depending on who tabbed them.