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    I am the single mom of three beautiful children. I am a candle and soap maker by trade. I would not change my job for anything! I love riding on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle in the summer and hanging out in front of the fire in the winter. Sushi and Sake are the perfect dinner!
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    I like Spicy scents. Sandalwood to Cinnamon. Maybe I should say I like exotic and spice. I dislike most floral scents. I tend to favor natural colors to brights and love earth tones.
  1. I was doing some testing the other day and it dawned on me, that I do things COMPLETELY different. When I need to test wicks, I pour 1 jar with my wax/fo/dye combo as usual with NO wicks. Once the wax is fully cured, I drill a hole out for the wicks. I cut the tab off the wick, place in the hole, heat gun it a second to fill the small bitty void, trim and light. You can now test one size, if it does not work, level the top off, pull the wick that didn't work out, replace with another size and test again. I've done this for years, and it makes testing SO much faster and easier. Bruce Campbell from Wicks Unlimited taught me this years ago. I have saved so much time and money it's probably not funny. I hate testing wicks, so this method goes fast and is very easy on resources.
  2. I personally have made a pillar that was 68# of wax. It was massive, and there is no amount of money that will ever get me to make another. LOL
  3. Bitter Creek sells a wick setter that they will customize to your jar diameter and wick configuration for just the cost of the setter and shipping.
  4. So is the jar black too? Because as the others said, if not, that is not the candle doing this. I am almost wondering if you have a fuel oil furnace?
  5. I have used that wax for about 15 years and NEVER had anything remotely like that. How much scent are you adding to what amount of wax? Also, how long are you burning each time?
  6. When I made candles on a daily basis, I had master cases of 5000-10000 from the mfgr that were labeled and I used big black notes on. Yep, really systematic. Now I just toss bags in a drawer and dig. Even worse!
  7. Burn Test part two

    Have you tried two Eco 1 or 2?
  8. This is a smart a$$ comment... LOL I pay myself with my real job. I am an addict with a need to fuel my addiction with candle making.
  9. Spotted Pillar Candle

    It's an element of mottle. What paraffin wax specifically are you using and what if any additives?
  10. Like Tall, I wick about 100 at a time. I use a high temp industrial hot glue (friend works for an adhesives co!) that melts in a little vat thing. I dip the wick, insert it in my wicking tool and blamo! drop the plunger in the jar and press, on to the next. I can do 100 in no time. I grab from the box and line up, wick, next
  11. The zinc core are paraffin container wax appropriate, but pretty small. Jelly jar in like a 4786
  12. Braid wicks are most commonly used in pillars. They are probably not going to be the best in containers. And most are too small really to use for much more than paraffin.
  13. Bubbly 6006 wax???

    You will get sink holes with that jar/wax. Pour hotter at 185-190. Tent newspaper over the top to slow cooling. You will probably have to top them off. I usually check them in a few hours, poke relief holes and do my repour.
  14. Top to bottom 6.5" 44-28-18 Zinc Core 4" 44-24-18 Zinc COre 9.5" #2 Square Braid Cotton 6.5" " " " 9.5" " " " 6.5" 36.24-24 Paper Core 9.5" ??? More info needed
  15. It's variable. 3-6% but mostly 6%.