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  1. 415 users

    Thank you for your response Jeana. I was referring to all the new inconsistencies in soy wax that are causing all the headaches. I am curious if people have noticed testing differences between one box and the next.
  2. I, like so many others, feel so helpless with my candle testing!! If I am understanding what I have read right, I might get a great wick/FO/throw combination in one box of 415 and order another box of 415 next week and get completely different results. Has anyone found this to be true? It's one thing if the testing has to start all over again, but does it really have to start over with each and every box? How is that even possible? I am hoping I am misunderstanding.
  3. I love Blackberry Sage from Aztec, as well as their Pumpkin Caramel Latte. They are both big sellers for me.
  4. WSP Frasier Fir is the same as CS Frasier FIr
  5. Millenium Wax

    I have toyed with the Millenium wax some. I first tried RRD wicks like their website suggested. I wasn’t blown away. I tried some HTP which made me happier. I emailed and asked a rep what they preferred and she told me she used CD’s. I had several testers love the candles w the CD wicks in them. I plan to do more testing.
  6. Need Red Clove replacement

    Red Clove is my number one top selling tart right now, by far ? I, myself, prefer Flamings Clove 10x over but I can tell you it does not smell like Red Clove at all, unfortunately.
  7. Millennium wax

    I used HTP's per their recommendation on the website and I wasn't blown away but I only used 6% FO. I called them and asked if there was another recommendation and the tech I spoke with on the phone suggested I try CD wicks. That is what she has always used and preferred. I haven't taken the time to test with them or up the FO load, which I thought I might try bumping it to 8% the next time. Let me know if you do choose to order some and if you have any luck. ?
  8. Looking for Peak replacements

    Thank you GoldieMN
  9. Looking for Peak replacements

    Can someone tell me how we know Peaks is closing??? This is terrible! When are they closing or are they already closed? I added Red Clove, Pear Spice and Wild Rasberry. I have never smelled a clove like Red Clove or nearly as strong. To my nose, RE's Honey Bee is exactly the same as Wild Mountain Honey but their Amish Harvest is nowhere near as strong in wax as Peaks' is. ?
  10. Oils from Flaming Candle....yes or no?

    Does anyone rename Bourbon Soaked Raisins? Does anyone have a suggestion for a different name?
  11. Salt Bars

  12. New York Scent?

    Revisiting this thread. Anyone have any favorite FO's?
  13. Facebook Group

    Oh boy, I sure do have a lot to learn!! Thank you Karen. You did clear up some of my questions but I'm pretty hopeless......pretty pathetic for someone who's son is going to college with a scholarship in Software Engineering
  14. Facebook Group

    Can someone explain a FB Group to me? I am completely in the dark when it comes to this stuff. I don't have any social media accounts now. I'm lucky I can navigate my way around this site and read my email ?
  15. May as well post pics, I guess !

    Hehe! Had me fooled! They are very pretty! I love them & I love your color choices. Great job!