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  1. Does anyone rename Bourbon Soaked Raisins? Does anyone have a suggestion for a different name?
  2. Beautiful!
  3. Revisiting this thread. Anyone have any favorite FO's?
  4. Oh boy, I sure do have a lot to learn!! Thank you Karen. You did clear up some of my questions but I'm pretty hopeless......pretty pathetic for someone who's son is going to college with a scholarship in Software Engineering
  5. Can someone explain a FB Group to me? I am completely in the dark when it comes to this stuff. I don't have any social media accounts now. I'm lucky I can navigate my way around this site and read my email 😜
  6. Hehe! Had me fooled! They are very pretty! I love them & I love your color choices. Great job!
  7. They are so pretty! Pardon my ignorance, but how did you get the blue/turquoise and the purple in the second candle? Did you just pour the purple, let it cool and then pour the blue/turquoise color?
  8. Your candles are gorgeous!! Can I ask what kind of palm wax that is?
  9. I LOVE Flaming Candle. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite suppliers. I haven't made up my mind how I feel about the Tobacco Caramel. I am looking to replicate a candle I got from Terrain called "Tobacco Bark", which is more woodsy/earthy whereas the Tobacco Caramel is more sweet OOB. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears! Some of the other FO's I got from TFC are: Tarocco Orange--smells sharp and tart. Just what I've been looking for Raw Sugar Mandarin--a sweeter orange--really nice Chamomile--nice. clean, floral, herbal Coconut Caramel--super yummy!!! I smell both the caramel and the coconut. I hope they both flourish in wax Coconut Creme--a great coconut vanilla blend Cedar and Saffron-- love this! Unique, great blend Lavender--this was the free sample-- smells like lavender. I can't stand lavender Fresh Outdoors--very clean and green Rosemary Mint--I can smell both the rosemary and the mint. Nice Does anyone use any of these oils regularly? Does anyone have any favorites from TFC?
  10. My all time favorite is Peak's Amish Harvest but my newest Spring obsession is AH's Beachwood Vetiver. I have 3 test candles curing & I can't wait to light them.
  11. Who has the best Pink Sugar?
  12. Thank you. I had not found Moon Glow Candles. I had found Candlesoylutions but I am pretty sure they are out of business. I have tried searching on here but I am not coming up with anything. It makes me a bit hesitant to get attached to it.....I'm afraid it might be discontinued completely.
  13. Does anyone know if American Soy Organics in Iowa is the only supplier who carries the Millenium Wax now? I'm in NY so the shipping is a killer but I love this wax. I wish I had found it years ago.
  14. I am also looking for a true Honey and a good Gingerbread. For those of you looking for a blueberry, I like Candlewic's Wild Maine Blueberries & for Coconut I love WSP's Exotic Coconut. American Soy Organics Strawberry smells good OOB but I haven't got it in wax yet.
  15. Does anyone use this wax anymore? I bought a 10 pound bag just to play with it because just like so many I am always looking for that better HT. I bought a few of their sample size FO's and I LOVE all of them! Does anyone use their oils? I love every one I put in their wax. It was just yesterday so I won't be burning them for a couple weeks but the CT is outstanding!! Does anyone else have any experience they can share with me about this wax or their oils?