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  1. scrubzz

    FedX Video

    I watched it earlier as well but I don't see it now
  2. scrubzz

    Hello - again

    Thank you and welcome back to you also - life does have tendency doesn't it
  3. scrubzz

    Color bleeding in M & P soap...Help!

    TKB is TKB Trading Company - www.tkbtrading.com
  4. Well after reading all this I took Aztec off my list of potential suppliers - too many other FOs out there to even risk it - might be different but it doesnt sound like they are making any attempt to address the problem or even admit there is one - its sad too since I ordered from them back before life got in the way and I took a break from playing in the wax
  5. I had my identity stolen once - my credit score went up 100 points
  6. scrubzz

    Color bleeding in M & P soap...Help!

    What colorants are you using? For M&P you need to use colorants specifically marked as non-bleeding - these are available from a number of companies - Brambleberry first comes to mind but I know at least several others also have them
  7. scrubzz

    Respectful Request

    I apologise - I did not mean to offend anyone - I just remember the old board where the wix and wax section was as full of posts as the rest of the categories - I see people posting their testing in the general section and thought maybe writing it up and putting it in the actual wix and wax section might be nice
  8. I am still laid up and still just reading and making notes on about a million differerent things (as well as being too broke to actually do anything being off work anyway lol) but anyway, I have a request to make - I know there are people who have been recently been doing wax/wix/jars testing as well as those who have a combination that they have down - how about sharing your info in a write up in the Wax and Wix Test section - It's nice having all the info in one section like that and there are a few that are in there but I sure would enjoy reading anyone else's tests results - It would be nice to have that section of the board filled up with write ups Thanks
  9. Thank you for this! I have been on Lonestar's site a million times as i order my wax from them since they are closest to me and have never seen this as I never thought to look!
  10. scrubzz

    FO Companies

    The problem I have is - everytime I narrow my supplier list down or my list of possible scents down I get to reading on here and add more - if I ever hit the lottery every penny of it will disappear immediately into FOs
  11. scrubzz

    FO Companies

    I am so proud of myself! I have narrowed my new potential FO suppliers down to 25!
  12. Thank y'all - in case you have not guessed my friends have always said I have a very unique sense of humor (well, actually they said weird but they kinda mean the same thing and unique sounds so much cooler) Anyway - back to reading
  13. Please forgive me - I would like to apologize if I ask stupid questions while on some pretty good prescription medications - and I might as well go ahead and apologise for more stupid questions in the future because I ain't gonna stop taking these meds for awhile - oh l so bad want to be back to doing stuff and not just reading - reading about stuff is not near the same as actually doing - but I have literally spent hours upon hours reading and taking notes and learning - and I have been doing so every day since February - I have learned a lot about a lot and have a lot more to go - and I have found that when reading and not doing sometimes a really stupid thought brings up a really stupid question in your brain and the meds are immediately convinced that this is an absolutely brilliant question - and furthermore this question is so brilliant it must be answered immediately and so the message is sent to the fingers and did I just hit the "submit" button? I wonder what I said? Anyway I am sure we can all look forward to some porentially possibly maybe sort of interesting in a weird sort of way questions from me in the very near future - Thanks! Mark (scrubzz)
  14. Asking this again for this category - What is the shelf life of the B&B products you make when they are stored properly on average? I know everything is full of variables and different ingredients can completely change things - but just what do you expect from your tried and true recipe so one knows if they are in the ballpark or else knows that maybe they should relook at what they are doing - for instance - I made a lot of lip balm and never sold any but gifted a lot to my co-workers at Christmas every year at various nursing homes where I worked through the years - I would also just make batches here and there and give them out to everyone as my way of saying thanks for the hard work they do - Most places I worked had over 100 employees and everyone got some so I made enough to get to know my recipe - I found that the flavor lasted well over a year before it began to fade and even after fading the balm was still the best I or anyone else around here had ever used - Of course I would never sell or even gift it once the flavor began to fade - on the other hand, every attempt I ever made with shea in it began to get "gritty" before the flavor faded and after several attempts I gave up on shea - So what about your creations?
  15. scrubzz

    Shelf Life

    Thank you very much