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  1. I think I'm going to throw up

    If we go all the way down to the bottom, everything's natural. We never create anything that doesn't start with components already there. We came up with different ways of combining parts and pieces, but the basic bits are from nature.
  2. What are you using to scent your car?

    If you find the instructions for that, please post! I do have some DPG. I think I bought it to make incense and that sucked so I gave up on that project. It would be nice to use that up on something else.
  3. Do any of you have any favorite unscented moisturizing conditioner bases that I could add FOs to? I also do the "conditioner cleansing" trick instead of shampoo and and I could make use of some of this plethora of FOs at my disposal. Silicones tend to build up on my hair so I look for good conditioners that don't have them. Besides, I'm having a hard time finding lavender in commercially made conditioners so I might as well try some bases that I can add FOs to. Is there any supplier who sells sample sizes before I commit to huge jugs?
  4. What are you using to scent your car?

    SarahS, how is that made? It looks like a block of wax but you said aroma beads so I'm guessing wax isn't it. I've used the corn cob in organza bags and it didn't last any time before it faded to nothing so I'm casting about for other ideas.
  5. Meaning the item you add FO to, but I'd also be curious what scent you like in your cars. Do you use an ornament that you dab some FO on every now and then? Or a little cloth sachet bag? A little pot or jar of some type that you put some kind of stuffing in and add drops of FO? Is there anything you can make that attaches to vents? I've seen little balsa wood cutouts with FO dribbled on them also used as car scenters. I'm looking for ideas of something simple to use or make. Thanks, guys!
  6. I'm trying to make a really large eyeshadow palette. The following video shows one made from a kids' book which can be had for just a few dollars from Amazon. The problem is the size shown in the video does not look like the dimensions mentioned on Amazon for the book (12"x10") so I'm trying to find something larger, if possible. Or maybe it really is and she's just tiny so it looks huge! I'm literally going to my local public library today to see if they have this book and to look around for others that I could then go purchase, but I thought I'd run this by you guys to see if you have any suggestions. Basically I need the largest, 1/2" thick book I can find. Any ideas?
  7. Order placed. #160149. Thank you.
  8. Please don't take them down before I get home tonight and order sniffies then! I was blind buying a few weeks ago to try to help make the co-op special order happen, but this works out for me to try first.
  9. Still creating for the season?

    To sell, no. But I make Autumn and Christmas scented stuff year-round just because I like those scents all the time. Candybee, I am so sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to you.
  10. CT Scent of a Dream

    There's a cosmetics company that puts out a perfume they named Scent of a Dream. It's described as "fruity-powdery" and "blends notes of lemon, patchouli, musk, and woods (a combo knows as a chypre in perfume land) with florals like violet and jasmine." This isn't sold anywhere near me so I can't check it out, but I love the sound of that blend. Is there anything similar from our FO companies?
  11. They are out of so many things on that site, have not restocked in ages, and it looks like they are on their way out of business.
  12. I just found something on apricot kernel oil that sounds appealing so I'll try to find more info on that. Jojoba I use on my face and in my hair since as you also noted it's said to be close to our own sebum. I have argan but it's kind of expensive so I thought I'd do a little research into some others. Will probably use up this argan, though, since I've had it a while, and keep notes for future reference on whatever I dig up now.
  13. All those are ones I was counting as too heavy! I did find somewhere recommending avocado oil, and it had this beautiful sounding EO blend to add to it: 1 drop Lavender Essential Oil 1 drop Jasmine Essence 1 drop Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil 1 drop German Chamomile Essential Oil 1 drop Bergamot Essential Oil 1 drop Geranium Essential Oil 1 ounce carrier oil (we used avocado oil) 1 ounce dropper bottle https://www.recipeswithessentialoils.com/moisturizing-after-shower-body-oil/
  14. Kitchen oils are OK, but everything I can think of seems kind of heavy so I know I'm missing some. I looked into grapeseed and then saw somewhere state that it is somewhat astringent, and that scared me off from using it all over for sealing in moisture after toweling off. Suggestions? I'm hoping to find something unscented that I can mix in a dab of my plethora of skin-safe FOs.
  15. Tips to increase storage space

    Bed risers. Though you may need a small step stool then to get into your new kingly elevated bed. https://www.amazon.com/Home-Adjustable-Risers-Furniture-Heights/dp/B00MH74S16/ref=sr_1_4?s=bedbath&ie=UTF8&qid=1513319085&sr=1-4&keywords=bed+risers