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  1. Thank you!!! Definitely thicker than the average votive holder.
  2. This pic shows three votive holders (please ignore the soot; I tossed these together for the sake of this picture and didn't clean anything first), two of the usual thickness of glass and the one with the lit candle is really thick. Have any of you seen anything like that anywhere? I figure the heavier weight glass is probably at least a little safer and less likely to break from heat. I always always always have these inside something else that's fireproof, but a bit more safety still can't hurt.
  3. It's still summer-hot here and it's making me not go for the rich, buttery, pumpkiny Autumn scents just yet, but it's September, dang it. What are you burning right now? I'm looking for inspiration. Thanks!
  4. Cinnamon scent pine cones?

    I saw a bag of these in At Home and they smelled wonderful. They are not wax coated, so what do you think they are dipped in or sprayed with? I'm wondering, if I make a strong cinnamon scent with a body or room spray and spritz that on some pine cones from my yard. if that will smell as strong and last as long as those? Applying to cinnamon brooms would work too. Have any of you seen those brooms at Dollar General lately? Mine are a few years old and I don't go in Dollar General much these days.
  5. Peak returning

    Sure, I'll share!
  6. Seriously, can someone advise me of a better way to chop up blocks of IGI 4794? I've been taking a huge pointy screwdriver, and banging the handle so the tip drives into the wax and breaks it up. But the screwdriver just goes into the wax and sticks as much as it breaks any wax off, and it's a struggle to get that back out and start over.
  7. Peak returning

    I don't have a business depending on suppliers being reliable, so I can consider being more forgiving and giving another chance to someone who looks like they've had a bad patch and have been struggling to keep it together for a couple of years. Going through hell and then trying to heal from it and get back to normal can take quite a long while, and some never get back to the way they were. If I were running a business, I'd probably think differently. From what little I've seen on their Facebook page, both parties (wife included) were pulling some immature public drama crap that seemed unnecessary, but there's a lot we won't ever know.
  8. Peak returning

    I'm buying all the Amish Harvest as soon as he opens the doors bcuz that scared the crap out of me.
  9. Peak returning

    Excellent. I want them to mend their family, live happily ever after, and get back to providing us with great candle stuff.
  10. Thanks, I already line everything with wax paper and just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking any info about the cookie tin.
  11. I'd read somewhere that warming the glass before pouring helps, but it's never worked 100% for me.
  12. Metal shouldn't alter scent in any way, right? I've got a few of those Danish butter cookie tins I could use for storing votives.
  13. These are my favorite kind of scents and I've been pouring Halloween votives for the past 2 weeks. But......pretty much all I'm pouring are discontinued ones that I'm finishing up my last few ounces of each to be done with them: Mr. Missy's Falling Leaves JS Pumpkin Patchouli Moonworks Gaia Mr. Missy's Snow Flurry BCN / Bubbles n Lights Hayride Scent Works Apple something I have a few more cued up to get poured next: Peak Amish Harvest Green Leaf Pumpkin Harvest Candle Science Apples & Maple Bourbon Candlemaker;s Store Caramel Apple (this one hasn't turned bad like Absinthe I bought from there) Is BCN's All Hallows Eve one of those orange + clove blends? I loooooove those but I've always gotten a fuel smell from them. I'm on the lookout for a good absinthe, if anybody can recommend one.
  14. NG Hayride

    Thank you, I will stick with the Bubbles n Lights one from BCN.
  15. Do you by chance have the company's description of this? Where was it from?