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  1. And now I see WSP's is on sale right now. Go here for details: http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/products/shampure-essential-fragrance-oil-blend.aspx?utm_source=Wholesale+Supplies+Plus+%26+Handmade+Studio+Newsletter&utm_campaign=053819a67d-30-Off+-All-Essential-Fragrance-Oil-Blends&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0fd7a88983-053819a67d-24467853&mc_cid=053819a67d&mc_eid=3f55f02bc1
  2. https://www.candlemaking.com/shampure-aveda-type.html Aztec just got that and I loooooove that scent in general. Just throwing that out there if anyone wants to try it. Candybee has raved about Nurture's version, and WSP, Just Scent, and Day-Star also carry it but I don't know whose is the best. I love that stuff as well as other eucalyptus spearmint and rosemary mint type FOs. Do you guys have favorite suppliers in those scents? What about other spa type scents, in general? Badedas from RE/AH is a favorite of mine, and Tonic from a supplier who is out of business now. Lavender is another favorite, so I'd greatly appreciate discussion and recs from all of you for these type scents.
  3. Darbla

    Lone Star sample sale

    Back to School sample sale All 1 oz FOs on sale for 50% off https://www.lonestarcandlesupply.com/ Sale ends September 18th at 11:59pm CST. Limit (2) 1oz bottles per fragrance. No promo code needed, discount calculated at checkout.
  4. Til I'm tired of it. Or it becomes a fire hazard.......
  5. Darbla

    Bitter Creek North (New Scents)

    Do any of you have experience with their body spray base, shower gel base, and any lotions or creams they have? I am thinking on trying some of those new scents but need some of these other things too, and it would be nice to get everything from one place and not have to pay shipping all over again somewhere else.
  6. We all go for apple cider, pumpkin pie, and fallen leaves type scents for this time of year, but what are some more uncommon ones that say "Fall" to you? I've mentioned in another thread that B&BW orange ginger smells like Fall to me. Is there such a thing as an Autumn rose? What does chrysanthemums smell like, and is that an FO anywhere? What are some good incense type of FOs? Anything else interesting?
  7. What I want is a $659 Janome that my local sewing machine shop has, but that's not happening anytime soon. So do any of you have recs for less expensive but good sewing machines I can check out? I had a Brother from Walmart that was an utter piece of garbage, so no more of that.
  8. If I break down and just have to have something new, I may instead of spending money in B&BW, make that Essentials by Catalina order I've been looking at for months for some base shower gel, lotion, body cream, and body spray/perfume. If I'm bound and determined to spend money, I think I'd be better off getting some ingredients like all this and making my own. So please fill me in on your favorite Fall scents you've gotten lately, or whatever you're enjoying now, and maybe that will help keep me out of B&BW! I think some of the appeal of B&BW is the cute labels (marketing really works!), but I don't even have a printer at home to rustle up something cute to slap on a plain jar or bottle. Maybe I need to try decoupaging interesting pictures onto them......
  9. How about having a hollow spot in the middle and you swap a regular container candle out in that?
  10. I'm sure that depends on how honest the retailer in the middle is, but I think most of our favorite suppliers* on here are and just re-bottle into smaller quantities that make it more available to us little guys. Which is fantastic and I'm glad someone's doing it, because as a hobbyist I wouldn't ever need a whole barrel of some scent. It did cross my mind to wonder if any of those huge suppliers have been struggling like the others and if any have gone out of business. *There's one that I've thought sold awfully weak scents and I suspected they were diluting. But I can't remember their name right now, I never bought from them again after that first experience, and I never see them talked about on here so I think you're safe. But when I'm home, I'll look at an old bottle I still have and let you know the company.
  11. The numbers are parts. So 4 parts cardamom + 2 parts cinnamon + 1 part clove. That could be drops, ounces, or whatever. I saw that somewhere and it sounded like a great Fall blend, so I thought I'd throw it out here. I think I have FOs of all three so I'm going to try this, since it's easy enough if you just use q-tips or drops.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-44904298 Now, have any of you found an FO that truly smells like that after-the-rain scent?
  13. Darbla

    Fragrance pairings

    Your question reminded me of something puma52 posted here a couple years ago. Is she still around? I don't recall seeing any posts from her lately (but then I haven't been specifically looking). You can find her original post if you search here on the word "mixology", but here's the gist of it: Yankee Mixology Lists SPRING 2010 Afternoon Showers: Drift Away™ and Storm Watch® Age of Aquarius: Tahitian Tiare Flower and Patchouli Apple Blossom: Tahitian Tiare Flower and MacIntosh Appletini: Pineapple Cilantro and MacIntosh April Showers: Blue Hydrangea and Wedding Day® April Showers Bring May Flowers: Spa Fresh™, Storm Watch®, and Sweet Honeysuckle™ Arabian Nights: Drift Away™ and Patchouli Aroma Therapy: Eucalyptus and Lavender Vanilla Baby Fresh: Baby Powder and Spa Fresh™ Baby Shower: Tahitian Tiare Flower and Baby Powder Baywatch: Storm Watch® and Sun & Sand® Beautiful Bouquet: Beautiful Day™ and Blue Hydrangea Blushing Bride: Ocean Blossom™ and Wedding Day® Breakfast Blend: Early Sunrise™ and Hazelnut Coffee Butterfly Fields: Beautiful Day™ and Dune Grass Butterfly Whispers: Beautiful Day™ and Garden Sweet Pea Calm Waters: Drift Away™ and Beach Walk™ Calm Before the Storm: Cottage Breeze® and Storm Watch® Calming Breeze: Drift Away™ and Cottage Breeze® Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Hazelnut Coffee and Sweet Strawberry Citrus Breeze: Pineapple Cilantro and Beach Walk™ Citrus Madness: Early Sunrise™ and Island Guava Cloudburst: Spa Fresh™ and Storm Watch® Coffee & Cream: Hazelnut Coffee and Buttercream® Cool Front: Mountain Lake™ and Storm Watch® Cooling Spa: Honeydew Melon and Spa Fresh™ Country Clean: Early Sunrise™ and Clean Cotton® Dawn to Dusk: Early Sunrise™ and Evening Air™ Early Morning Rain: Early Sunrise™ and Sage & Citrus Easter Egg Hunt: Lilac Blossoms and Buttercream® Exotic Bouquet: Tahitian Tiare Flower, Fresh Cut Roses, and Garden Sweet Pea Field of Flowers: Beautiful Day™ and Sweet Honeysuckle™ Flower Garden: Ocean Blossom™ and Blue Hydrangea Flower Power: Ocean Blossom™, Tahitian Tiare Flower, and Garden Sweet Pea Fresh Comfort: Drift Away™ and Sparkling Lemon Fresh Escape: Dune Grass and Spa Fresh™ Garden Pond: Ocean Blossom™ and Dune Grass Good Morning: Beautiful Day™, Cinnamon Stick, and Hazelnut Coffee Hawaiian Lagoon: Ocean Blossom™ and Pineapple Cilantro Hawaiian Lei: Tahitian Tiare Flower and Sweet Honeysuckle™ Hippie Hideaway: Mountain Lake® and Patchouli Honey Bee Good: Honeydew Melon and Sweet Honeysuckle™ Honeymoon: Tahitian Tiare Flower and Wedding Day® Hummingbird’s Paradise: Midnight Jasmine and Sweet Honeysuckle™ Island Storm: Coconut Bay™ and Storm Watch® Jelly Bean: Kiwi Berries and Sparkling Lemon Jolly Rancher®: Pineapple Cilantro, Juicy Watermelon, and Kiwi Berries Jungle Love: Tahitian Tiare Flower and Sun & Sand® Laundry Day: Drift Away™ and Clean Cotton® Lazy Lake: Drift Away™ and Mountain Lake® Lovey Dovey: Tahitian Tiare Flower and Plumeria Midnight Rain: Midsummer’s Night® and Storm Watch® Midnight in Tahiti: Tahitian Tiare Flower and Midsummer’s Night® Moonlight Sonata: Ocean Blossom™ and Midsummer’s Night® Morning at the Lake: Drift Away™ and Early Sunrise™ Morning Air: Drift Away™ and Midnight Jasmine Morning Dew: Early Sunrise™ and Dune Grass Morning Glory: Early Sunrise™ and Garden Sweet Pea Morning Showers: Early Sunrise™ and Storm Watch® Morning Tea: Early Sunrise™ and Home Sweet Home® Mountain Meadows: Drift Away™, Mountain Lake™, and Spa Fresh™ Mountain Morning: Early Sunrise™ and Mountain Lake™ Napa Valley Sunrise: Early Sunrise™ and Napa Valley Harvest New Car Smell: Ocean Blossom™ and Lavender Vanilla Peace, Love & Understanding: Eucalyptus and Patchouli Pina Colada: Pineapple Cilantro and Coconut Bay™ Pretty Petals: Beautiful Day™ and Fresh Cut Roses Pure Elegance: Beautiful Day™ and Tahitian Tiare Flower Rain-Washed Garden: Honeydew Melon and Storm Watch® Rainbow’s End: Beautiful Day™ and Storm Watch® Rise and Shine: Beautiful Day™ and Early Sunrise™ River Rapids: Drift Away™ and Ocean Water Seashore Wedding: Beach Vacation and Midnight Jasmine Serendipity: Fresh Cut Roses and Sparkling Lemon Serenity Lake: Beach Vacation and Mountain Lake® Southern Garden: Garden Sweet Pea and Sweet Honeysuckle™ Spa Getaway: Drift Away™ and Eucalyptus Spring Awakening: Beautiful Day™ and Lilac Blossoms Spring Cleaning: Beautiful Day™ and Sage & Citrus Spring Clothesline: Beautiful Day™ and Clean Cotton® Spring Fresh: Sage & Citrus and Sparkling Lemon Springtime in Williamsburg: Pineapple Cilantro and Sweet Honeysuckle™ Spring is in the Air: Drift Away™ and Spa Fresh™ Spring Melt: Drift Away™ and Sparkling Snow™ Spring Picnic: Garden Sweet Pea and Honeydew Melon Strawberries and Champagne: Island Guava, Napa Valley Harvest, and Sweet Strawberry Sunday Brunch: Blueberry Scone and Hazelnut Coffee Sunny Breezes: Island Guava, Coconut Bay™, and Sun & Sand® Sweet Blossoms: Ocean Blossom™ and Garden Sweet Pea Sweet Citrus: Early Sunrise™ and Pineapple Cilantro Sweet Heart’s Bouquet: Tahitian Tiare Flower and Fresh Cut Roses Sweet Honeymoon: Sweet Honeysuckle™ and Wedding Day® Sweet Sunrise: Early Sunrise™ and Sweet Honeysuckle™ Tranquility: Eucalyptus and Spa Fresh™ Truly Lime: Early Sunrise™ and Island Spa™ Valentine Candy: Almond Cookie and Black Cherry Vanilla Nut Latte: Café Au Lait, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut Coffee Very Cherry Punch: Black Cherry and Cherry Lemonade Wake Me Up: Café Au Lait, Cinnamon & Sugar, and Hazelnut Coffee Wedding Bliss: Beautiful Day™ and Wedding Day® Wedding Bouquet: Tahitian Tiare Flower, Fresh Cut Roses, and Lilac Blossoms Wedding Reception: Almond Cookie and Wedding Day® Wedding Rose: Fresh Cut Roses and Wedding Day® Wine Country Tour: Napa Valley Harvest and Vineyard® Wine Garden: Tahitian Tiare Flower, Midnight Jasmine, and Vineyard® Wine in the Garden: Tahitian Tiare Flower and Napa Valley Harvest Zen Garden: Beautiful Day™ and Evening Air™ HOLIDAY 2009 A “Pear” of Kisses: Mistletoe™ and Orchard Pear A Walk in the Woods: Mountain Pine and Balsam & Cedar After Dinner Mint: Christmas Cupcake and Jack Frost® Bayberry Balsam: Holiday Bayberry™ and Balsam & Cedar California Christmas: Christmas at the Beach™ and Napa Valley Harvest Candy Cane: Christmas Eve® and Jack Frost® Candy Cane Cupcake: Christmas Cupcake and North Pole™ Candy Cane Kisses: Jack Frost® and Mistletoe™ Candy Land: Peppermint Swirls™ and Sugared Plums™ Cherry Candy Cane: North Pole™ and Black Cherry Christmas Cabin: Red Berry & Cedar and Sparkling Pine Christmas Joy: Christmas Tree and Welcome Christmas™ Christmas Kiss: Mistletoe™ and Sugared Plums™ Christmas Lollipop: Cranberry Peppermint and Cranberry Chutney Christmas Memories: Christmas Eve® and Christmas Wreath® Christmas Morning: Christmas Cookie™ and Home for the Holidays® Christmas Party: Eggnog and Holiday Home Sweet Home® Christmas Punch: Snow Berry™ and Pineapple Cilantro Christmas Snow: Christmas Eve® and Sparkling Snow™ Christmas Hot Toddy: Candied Apple and Mulling Spices Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy: Sparkling Angel™ and Sugared Plums™ Deck the Halls: Holiday Bayberry™ and Mistletoe™ Eggnog Latte: Café Au Lait and Eggnog Festive Feast: Be Thankful and Christmas Eve® Frosted Bayberry: Holiday Bayberry™ and Jack Frost® Frosty Pines: Mountain Pine and Jack Frost® Gingerbread Latte: Café Au Lait and Gingerbread Grandma’s Kitchen: Christmas Cupcake, Harvest®, and Pumpkin Pie Gum Drops: Mulling Spices and Red Apple Wreath Heavenly Gifts: Snow Angels™ and Sparkling Snow™ Holiday Cedar Wreath: Home for the Holidays® and Red Berry & Cedar Holiday Cheer: Holiday Bayberry™ and Christmas Eve® Holiday Fruit Basket: Welcome Christmas™ and Farmer’s Market™ Holiday Open House: Holiday Home Sweet Home® and Mulling Spices Holiday Pine: Holiday Bayberry™ and Mountain Pine Holiday Punch: Candied Apple, Pomegranate Cider, and Sparkling Cinnamon Holiday Sage: Holiday Bayberry™ and Sage & Citrus Holiday Sparkle: Home for the Holidays® and Sparkling Pine Holiday Spice and Everything Nice: Autumn Wreath™ and Cinnamon & Sugar Holiday Tradition: Holiday Bayberry™ and Red Berry & Cedar Holiday Treats: Christmas Cupcake, Balsam & Cedar, and Candied Apple Holiday Wassail: Mulling Spices and Sparkling Cinnamon Holiday Wreath: Home for the Holidays® and Red Apple Wreath Holly Wreath: Christmas Wreath® and Hollyberry Hot Apple Cider: Candied Apple, Holiday Home Sweet Home®, and Sparkling Cinnamon Ice Wine: Sparkling Snow™ and Vineyard® I’ll Be Home for Christmas: Christmas Eve® and Home for the Holidays® Italian Holiday Biscotti: Almond Cookie and Christmas Cookie™ Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe: Eggnog and Mistletoe™ Kissing Ball: Mistletoe™ and Red Berry & Cedar Kiss-mas Morning: Home for the Holidays® and Mistletoe™ Magical Memories: Snow Berry™ and Jack Frost® Merry Margarita: Christmas at the Beach™ and Vanilla Lime Milk and Cookies for Santa: Christmas Cookie™ and Eggnog Mint Cookie: North Pole™ and Christmas Cookie™ Ms. Claus’ Bakery: Christmas Cookie™ and Christmas Eve® Night Before Christmas: Christmas Eve® and Red Berry & Cedar Over the River and Through the Woods: Christmas Tree and Mountain Lake® Peppermint Bark: North Pole™ and Peppermint Swirls™ Peppermint Forest: Mountain Pine and North Pole™ Peppermint Latte: Café Au Lait and Peppermint Swirls™ Peppermint Vanilla Latte: North Pole™ and Café Au Lait Peppermint Overload: North Pole™, Peppermint Swirls™, and Jack Frost® Red Hot Holiday: Festival of Lights® and Sparkling Cinnamon Ribbon Candy: Christmas Eve® and Holiday Home Sweet Home® Roasted Chestnuts: Cinnamon & Sugar and Home for the Holidays® Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree: Christmas Tree and Holiday Bayberry™ Mountain Snow Berries: Mountain Pine and Snow Berry™ Santa’s Beach Vacation: Christmas at the Beach™ and Beach Vacation Santa’s Midnight Snack: Eggnog and Gingerbread Snacks for Santa: Christmas Cookie™ and Pomegranate Cider Santa’s Village: Christmas Cupcake, Mountain Pine, and North Pole™ Santa’s Workshop: North Pole™ and Christmas Eve® Seaside Snow Flurry: Snow Berry™ and Beach Walk™ Season’s Greetings: Christmas Tree and Festival of Lights® Ski Slope: Mountain Pine and Sparkling Pine Sleigh Ride: Christmas Tree and Sparkling Snow™ Snickerdoodles: Christmas Cookie™ and Sparkling Cinnamon Snow Angels: Snow Berry™ and Sparkling Angel™ Snow Bird Getaway: Christmas at the Beach™ and Snow Berry™ Snow Caps: Mountain Pine, Mountain Lake®, and Sparkling Snow™ Snow Kissed: Mistletoe™ and Sparkling Snow™ Snow on Forest Glen: Holiday Bayberry™ and Sparkling Snow™ Snow Storm: Snow Berry™ and Sparkling Snow™ Snow-Covered Branches: Red Berry & Cedar and Sparkling Snow™ Snow-Covered Pines: Sparkling Pine and Sparkling Snow™ Snowed In: Home Sweet Home® and Sparkling Snow™ Snowflakes: North Pole™ and Sparkling Snow™ Snowy Woods Retreat: Holiday Home Sweet Home® and Jack Frost® Snowy Woods: Mountain Pine and Sparkling Snow™ Spiced Eggnog: Cinnamon & Sugar and Eggnog Spiced Apple Cider: Red Apple Wreath and Sparkling Cinnamon Spicy Gingerbread Cookies: Christmas Cupcake, Gingerbread, and Sparkling Cinnamon Sugar Plum Fairies: North Pole™, Sparkling Snow™, and Sugared Plums™ Surfing at the North Pole: Christmas at the Beach™, North Pole™, and Sparkling Snow™ Sweet Christmas Memories: Christmas Tree and Holiday Home Sweet Home® Sweet Scents of the Season: Cinnamon & Sugar, Red Apple Wreath, and Sparkling Pine The Holly and the Ivy: Christmas Eve® and Hollyberry Wassail Bowl: Cranberry Chutney and Harvest® Welcome Christmas Morning: Welcome Christmas™ and Café Au Lait Welcome to the North Pole: North Pole™ and Welcome Christmas™ Winter Vacation: Christmas at the Beach™ and Sun & Sand® Winter Rose: Snow Berry™ and Fresh Cut Roses Winter Walk: Christmas Tree and North Pole™ Winter Wonderland: Balsam & Cedar and Sparkling Snow™ Winterberries: Snow Berry™ and Welcome Christmas™ Winter’s Night: Jack Frost® and Sparkling Snow™ EQUIVALENCE NOTES Christmas on the Beach=Pineapple Cilantro (Fruit) Witches' Brew=Patchouli (Fresh) UTILIZING READILY AVAILABLE SCENTS AS OF 1/13 FRUIT STRICT Appletini (MacIntosh+Pineapple Cilantro) Berry Blast (Black Cherry+Mandarin Cranberry) Berry Lemonade (Mandarin Cranberry+Meyer Lemon) Bigger than Your Head Daiquiri (Honeydew Melon+Sweet Strawberry) Candy Rush (Meyer Lemon+Pineapple Cilantro) Caribbean Christmas (Mango Peach Salsa+Pineapple Cilantro) Cherry Bomb (Bahama Breeze+Black Cherry+Cherry Lemonade) Cherry Limeade (Cherry Lemonade+Meyer Lemon+Vanilla Lime) 5 O'Clock Somewhere (Bahama Breeze+Cherry Lemonade) Fresh Picked (Juicy Peach+MacIntosh+Meyer Lemon) Fruit Cup (ver. 2) (Black Cherry+Pineapple Cilantro+Vineyard) Fruit Explosion (Black Cherry+Mango Peach Salsa+Pineapple Cilantro) Fruit Orchard (Black Cherry+Juicy Peach+Meyer Lemon) Fruit Punch (ver. 2) (Honeydew Melon+Mandarin Cranberry+Mango Peach Salsa) Fruitini (Juicy Watermelon+Meyer Lemon) Juicy Fruit (ver. 2) (Juicy Peach+Juicy Watermelon) Lemon Drop (Black Cherry+Meyer Lemon) Lemonade Stand (ver. 3) (Cherry Lemonade+Meyer Lemon+Sweet Strawberry) Mandarin Lime Martini (Mandarin Cranberry+Vanilla Lime) Mango Tango (Mango Peach Salsa+Meyer Lemon+Pineapple Cilantro) Margaritaville (Bahama Breeze+Pineapple Cilantro) Melon Madness (Bahama Breeze+Honeydew Melon+Juicy Watermelon) Melon Medley (Honeydew Melon+Juicy Watermelon) Merry Margarita (Pineapple Cilantro+Vanilla Lime) Midori Sour (Honeydew Melon+Meyer Lemon) Monster Margarita (Bahama Breeze+Meyer Lemon+Vanilla Lime) Peachy Keen Mango Margarita (Mango Peach Salsa+Meyer Lemon) Sangria (ver. 2) (Cherry Lemonade+Mango Peach Salsa) Sensational Fruit Salad (Honeydew Melon+Juicy Watermelon+Mango Peach Salsa) Strawberry Daiquiri (Pineapple Cilantro+Sweet Strawberry) Sour Grapes (Meyer Lemon+Vineyard) Sparkling Seltzer (Meyer Lemon+Vanilla Lime) Strawberry Lemonade (ver. 2) (Meyer Lemon+Sweet Strawberry) Strawberry Limeade (Sweet Strawberry+Vanilla Lime) Strawberry Margarita (Meyer Lemon+Sweet Strawberry+Vanilla Lime) Summer Cocktail (Bahama Breeze+Pineapple Cilantro+Sweet Strawberry) Summer Picnic (ver. 2) (Cherry Lemonade+Juicy Watermelon) Sun-Kissed Vines (Napa Valley Sun+Vineyard) Sweet Sangria (Juicy Watermelon+Meyer Lemon+Vineyard) Tropical Lemon Drop (Bahama Breeze+Meyer Lemon) Tropical Lemonade (Meyer Lemon+Pineapple Cilantro+Sweet Strawberry) Tropical Punch (Honeydew Melon+Mango Peach Salsa+Pineapple Cilantro) Tropical Smoothie (ver. 2) (Bahama Breeze+Juicy Peach+Juicy Watermelon) Tropical Sunset (ver. 1) (Bahama Breeze+Mandarin Cranberry+Mango Peach Salsa) Tutti-Frutti Melon (Honeydew Melon+Juicy Watermelon+Meyer Lemon) Very Cherry Punch (Black Cherry+Cherry Lemonade) Wine Tasting (Grapevine & Oak+Vineyard) Wine Tour (Grapevine & Oak+Napa Valley Sun) FOOD & SPICE STRICT Cinnamon Blueberry Cobbler (Blueberry Scone+Buttercream+Cinnamon Stick) Coffee and Cream (ver. 2) (Buttercream+Hazelnut Coffee) Hazelnut Espresso (Cinnamon Stick+French Vanilla+Hazelnut Coffee) Ice Cream Truck (French Vanilla+Orange Dreamsicle) Morning Jolt (Buttercream+Cinnamon Stick+Hazelnut Coffee) Summer Fair Fare (Blueberry Scone+Cinnamon Stick+Orange Dreamsicle) Sunday Brunch (ver. 1) (Blueberry Scone+Hazelnut Coffee) FRESH STRICT Aquatic Lullaby (Coastal Waters+Lavender Vanilla) Aroma Therapy (Eucalyptus+Lavender Vanilla) Barefoot in the Grass (Green Grass+Meadow Showers) Bayside Breeze (Beach Walk+Fluffy Towels) Beach Baby (Beach Walk+Pink Sands+Soft Blanket) Beach Blanket (ver. 1) (Fluffy Towels+Sun & Sand) Beach Serenity (Beach Wood+Lavender Vanilla) Beach Sunrise (Early Sunrise+Sun & Sand) Beach Towel (Beach Wood+Fluffy Towels+Sun & Sand) Beachside Cabin (Beach Walk+Coastal Waters+Mountain Lodge) Beachside Morning Stroll (Beach Walk+Beach Wood+Early Sunrise) Bliss (Coastal Waters+Pink Sands) Clean Sheets (Clean Cotton+Lavender Vanilla) Coastal Sunrise (ver. 2) (Coastal Waters+Early Sunrise) Cool Springs (Meadow Showers+Sage & Citrus) Country Clean (Clean Cotton+Early Sunrise) Country Quilt (Clean Cotton+Lavender Vanilla+Soft Blanket) Crisp Linen (Clean Cotton+Coastal Waters) Crisp Mountain Air (Clean Cotton+Mountain Lodge) Dawn of a New Day (Early Sunrise+Fresh Mint+Meadow Showers) A Day at the Cape (Coastal Waters+Soft Blanket) Day Dreaming (Early Sunrise+Mountain Lodge) A Day in Provence (Lemon Lavender+Sage & Citrus) Deep Forest (Mountain Lodge+Patchouli) Dew Drops (Early Sunrise+Meadow Showers) Diamonds and Pearls (Clean Cotton+Sun & Sand) Early Morning Rain (Early Sunrise+Sage & Citrus) Ebb Tide (Beach Walk+MidSummer's Night) Emerald Coast (Coastal Waters+Meadow Showers+Sun & Sand) Enchanted Escape (Coastal Waters+Midsummer's Night) Enchanting Lagoon (Lavender Vanilla+Pink Sands) Eucalyptus and Sea Salt (Coastal Waters+Eucalyptus+Meadow Showers) Everglade Waterfall (Coastal Waters+Meadow Showers) Fall in the Mountains (Mountain Lodge+Sage & Citrus) Fresh Aroma (Lavender Vanilla+Meadow Showers) Fresh Escape (ver. 2) (Beach Walk+Coastal Waters) Fresh Start (Early Sunrise+Fresh Mint) Gentle Waves (Coastal Waters+Fluffy Towels) Good Day, Sunshine (ver. 1) (Early Sunrise+Lemon Lavender) Good Morning, Sunshine! (Early Sunrise+Soft Blanket) Haunted House (MidSummer's Night+Patchouli) Healing Waters (Coastal Waters+Eucalyptus) Herb Garden (Fresh Mint+Meadow Showers) It's a Guy Thing (MidSummer's Night+Sage & Citrus) Just Out of the Shower (Meadow Showers+Soft Blanket) Laundry on the Line (Clean Cotton+Fluffy Towels+Soft Blanket) Low Tide (Beach Wood+Pink Sands) Luxury Spa (Fluffy Towels+Pink Sands) Midnight Showers (Meadow Showers+MidSummer's Night) Morning Breeze (Early Sunrise+Fluffy Towels) Morning Dew (ver. 2) (Beach Wood+Coastal Waters+Meadow Showers) Morning Meadow (Early Sunrise+Green Grass+Meadow Showers) Mountain Falls (Meadow Showers+Mountain Lodge) Mountain Meadow (ver. 2) (Green Grass+Meadow Showers+Mountain Lodge) Mountain Spa (ver. 1) (Eucalyptus+Mountain Lodge) Mountain Spa (ver. 2) (Mountain Lodge+Soft Blanket) No Shoes...No Shirt...No Problem (Coastal Waters+Sun & Sand) Paradise (Beach Walk+Pink Sands) Paradise Awaits (Golden Sands+Turquoise Sky) Peace, Love & Understanding (Eucalyptus+Patchouli) Peaceful Slumber (Fluffy Towels+Lavender Vanilla) Pink Showers (Meadow Showers+Pink Sands) Pretty in Pink (ver. 1) (Pink Sands+Soft Blanket) Raindrops of Paradise (Island Spa+Meadow Showers) Relax (Beach Wood+Lavender Vanilla+Sage & Citrus) Relaxation (Island Spa+Soft Blanket) Relaxing Rain (Lemon Lavender+Meadow Showers) Relaxing Retreat (ver. 2) (Eucalyptus+Lavender Vanilla+Meadow Showers) Romance Novel (MidSummer's Night+Soft Blanket) Romantic Rendezvous (Beach Walk+Lavender Vanilla) Sand Sculpture (Beach Wood+Pink Sands+Sun & Sand) SANDsational! (Pink Sands+Sun & Sand) Sandy Beaches (Beach Walk+Sun & Sand) Sea Breeze (Beach Walk+Beach Wood+Coastal Waters) Seashells on the Shore (Beach Wood+Coastal Waters) Seaside Stroll (Beach Walk+Beach Wood) Seduction (MidSummer's Night+Sun & Sand) Serenity Shower (Beach Wood+Meadow Showers) Seventh Heaven (Beach Wood+Patchouli) Shower Fresh (Fluffy Towels+Meadow Showers) Soft Sands (Beach Wood+Soft Blanket) Soothing Shores (Beach Walk+Beach Wood+Lavender Vanilla) Soothing Waters (Coastal Waters+Early Sunrise+Lavender Vanilla) Spa Day (Eucalyptus+Fresh Mint+Island Spa) Spring Break (Island Spa+Sun & Sand) Steal Away (Island Spa+Pink Sands) Subtle Serenity (Lavender Vanilla+Sage & Citrus) Summer Camp (Green Grass+Mountain Lodge) Summer Fresh (Eucalyptus+Fresh Mint+Sage & Citrus) Summer Horizon (Early Sunrise+Pink Sands) Summer in the Mountains (MidSummer's Night+Mountain Lodge) Summer Lovin' (ver. 1) (Sage & Citrus+Sun & Sand) Summer Lovin' (ver. 2) (MidSummer's Night+Sage & Citrus+Sun & Sand) Summer Rain (Coastal Waters+Green Grass) Summer Shower (ver. 2) (Clean Cotton+Meadow Showers) Sun-Dried Linens (Fluffy Towels+Lemon Lavender) Sunrise at the Beach (ver. 1) (Beach Walk+Early Sunrise) Sunrise at the Beach (ver. 2) (Beach Walk+Early Sunrise+Pink Sands) Surf & Turf (Coastal Waters+Mountain Lodge) Swayin' in the Palm Trees (Beach Wood+Sage & Citrus) Sweet Escape (Fluffy Towels+Lavender Vanilla+Pink Sands) Triple Threat (Clean Cotton+Fresh Mint+Patchouli) Tropical Bliss (Lemon Lavender+Pink Sands) Truly Lime (Early Sunrise+Island Spa) Vanilla Musk (Lavender Vanilla+Mountain Lodge) Warm Sheets (Lavender Vanilla+Soft Blanket) Wading Pool (Beach Walk+Soft Blanket) Weekend Retreat (Coastal Waters+Sage & Citrus) ??? (Mountain Lodge+Patchouli+Sage & Citrus) FLORAL STRICT Bali Blossoms (Beach Flowers+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Beach Blossom (Beach Flowers+Lilac Blossoms) Blooming Meadows (Tulips+White Gardenia) Bridal Flowers (Beach Flowers+White Gardenia) Flora and Fauna (Lilac Blossoms+White Gardenia) Honeymoon (ver. 1) (Tahitian Tiare Flower+Wedding Day) Island Flowers (Tahitian Tiare Flower+White Gardenia) Pure Romance (True Rose+Wedding Day) Soft Petals (Beach Flowers+Midnight Jasmine) Stargazer (True Rose+Tulips) True Elegance (True Rose+White Gardenia) White Floral Bouquet (Midnight Jasmine+Tahitian Tiare Flower+White Gardenia) White Wedding (Wedding Day+White Gardenia) FRUIT/FOOD & SPICE Apple Berry Crumble Crisp (MacIntosh+Blueberry Scone+Cinnamon Stick) Apple Pie (MacIntosh+Buttercream+Cinnamon Stick) Berry Cobbler (Black Cherry+Sweet Strawberry+Vanilla Cupcake) Cherry Cheesecake (Black Cherry+Buttercream+Vanilla Cupcake) Chocolate-Covered Strawberries (ver. 1) (Sweet Strawberry+Hazelnut Coffee) Citrus Sherbet (Meyer Lemon+Vanilla Lime+Orange Dreamsicle) Cranberry-Orange Bread (Mandarin Cranberry+French Vanilla) Freezer Pop (Vineyard+Orange Dreamsicle) Fruit Smoothie (ver. 2) (Mango Peach Salsa+Sweet Strawberry+Buttercream) Fruity Pebbles (Meyer Lemon+Vineyard+French Vanilla) Grape Soda (Vineyard+Buttercream) Home Spun (Buttercream+Home Sweet Home+Pink Sands) Key Lime Pie (Vanilla Lime+Buttercream) Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake (Meyer Lemon+Blueberry Scone) Lemon Cupcake (Meyer Lemon+Vanilla Cupcake) Lemon Meringue Pie (Meyer Lemon+Buttercream+Vanilla Cupcake) Lemon Pound Cake (Meyer Lemon+Buttercream) Peach Cobbler (ver. 2) (Juicy Peach+Buttercream+Cinnamon Stick) Popsicles (Sweet Strawberry+Vineyard+Orange Dreamsicle) Rainbow Sherbet (ver. 1) (Black Cherry+Vanilla Lime+Orange Dreamsicle) Rainbow Sherbet (ver. 2) (Meyer Lemon+Sweet Strawberry+Orange Dreamsicle) Sparkling Mimosa (Juicy Peach+Orange Dreamsicle) Strawberry Shortcake (ver. 1) (Sweet Strawberry+Vanilla Cupcake) Sugar Dreams (Vanilla Lime+Orange Dreamsicle) Tropical Cooler (Bahama Breeze+Meyer Lemon+Orange Dreamsicle) FRUIT/FRESH Cabo San Lucas Breeze (Mango Peach Salsa+Coastal Waters) Calypso Christmas (Pineapple Cilantro+Island Spa) Canadian Getaway (MacIntosh+Meadow Showers+Mountain Lodge) Citrus Breeze (Pineapple Cilantro+Beach Walk) Clothesline (Meyer Lemon+Clean Cotton) Cotton Candy (ver. 3) (Mandarin Cranberry+Pink Sands) Fresh Summer Breeze (MacIntosh+Clean Cotton+Meadow Showers) Gardener's Delight (Meyer Lemon+Green Grass+Meadow Showers) Hawaiian Getaway (Coastal Waters+Pineapple Cilantro) Holiday Beach Vacation (Pineapple Cilantro+Vanilla Lime+Sun & Sand) I Love Lemon (Meyer Lemon+Lemon Lavender) Ice Cream Castles (Bahama Breeze+Pink Sands) Lemon Fresh Clean (Meyer Lemon+Coastal Waters) Lemon Grove (Meyer Lemon+Beach Wood) Lemon Heaven (Meyer Lemon+Lemon Lavender+Sage & Citrus) Lemon Sorbet (Meyer Lemon+Early Sunrise) Lemonade Stand (ver. 1) (Cherry Lemonade+Early Sunrise) Lemongrass (ver. 2) (Meyer Lemon+Green Grass) Magic Mojito (Juicy Peach+Meyer Lemon+Fresh Mint) Melon Balls (Honeydew Melon+Juicy Watermelon+Pink Sands) Midnight Margaritas (Bahama Breeze+Midsummer's Night) Mint Julep (Meyer Lemon+Fresh Mint) Mint Tea with Lemon (ver. 2) (Meyer Lemon+Early Sunrise+Fresh Mint) Mojito (Meyer Lemon+Vanilla Lime+Fresh Mint) Mojito Madness (Pineapple Cilantro+Fresh Mint) Orchard Sunrise (Juicy Peach+Early Sunrise) Pacific Coast Highway (Napa Valley Sun+Coastal Waters) Picnic Basket (Juicy Watermelon+Green Grass) Pink Lemonade (ver. 2) (Meyer Lemon+Pink Sands) Poison Apple (MacIntosh+Midsummer's Night) Poolside (Bahama Breeze+Fluffy Towels) Refreshing Sweet Tea (Vanilla Lime+Early Sunrise) Salt on the Rim (Vanilla Lime+Island Spa) Seaside Escape (ver. 1) (Pineapple Cilantro+Sun & Sand) Spring Cleaning (ver. 3) (Meyer Lemon+Clean Cotton+Fluffy Towels) Springtime Air (Meyer Lemon+Coastal Waters+Pink Sands) Strawberry Mojito (Sweet Strawberry+Fresh Mint) Strawberry Patch (Sweet Strawberry+Green Grass) Sun-Bleached Wood (Napa Valley Sun+Beach Wood) Sun-Kissed Glow (Meyer Lemon+Sun & Sand) Sweet Citrus (Pineapple Cilantro+Early Sunrise) Thirst Quencher (Cherry Lemonade+Meyer Lemon+Island Spa) Throat Balm (Meyer Lemon+Eucalyptus) Tiki Bar (ver. 2) (Bahama Breeze+Beach Wood+Sun & Sand) Tropical Mornings (Bahama Breeze+Early Sunrise) Tropical Storm (Pineapple Cilantro+Meadow Showers) A Walk on the Beach (Napa Valley Sun+Beach Wood+Lavender Vanilla) Wild Strawberry Patch (Sweet Strawberry+Meadow Showers) Wine by Candlelight (Grapevine & Oak+Beach Wood) Woodland Fall (Grapevine & Oak+Autumn Leaves) FRUIT/FLORAL Apple Blossom (ver. 1) (MacIntosh+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Balloon Ride (Napa Valley Sun+True Rose) Be Mine (Sweet Strawberry+Beach Flowers) Caribbean Bouquet (Bahama Breeze+Beach Flowers) Cherry Blossom (Black Cherry+Beach Flowers) Easter Celebration (Pineapple Cilantro+Tulips) Hawaiian Holiday (Pineapple Cilantro+Beach Flowers) Hummingbird Nectar (Black Cherry+Mango Peach Salsa+White Gardenia) Island Wedding (ver. 2) (Bahama Breeze+Wedding Day) Lemon Blossom (Meyer Lemon+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Luscious Petals (Mango Peach Salsa+Pineapple Cilantro+White Gardenia) Meadow Lark Lemon (Meyer Lemon+Meadow Showers) Nectarlicious (Juicy Peach+Midnight Jasmine+True Rose) Peach Blossom (Juicy Peach+Beach Flowers) Radiant Rose (Grapevine & Oak+True Rose) Sweet Bliss (Honeydew Melon+Beach Flowers+White Gardenia) Tahitian Breeze (Bahama Breeze+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Tahitian Paradise (Pineapple Cilantro+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Wine & Roses (Vineyard+True Rose) Wine Garden (Vineyard+Midnight Jasmine+Tahitian Tiare Flower) FOOD & SPICE/FRESH Autumn Woods (Kitchen Spice+Mountain Lodge+Sage & Citrus) Boardwalk (Orange Dreamsicle+Beach Walk) Breakfast Blend (Hazelnut Coffee+Early Sunrise) Cotton Candy (ver. 2) (Buttercream+Pink Sands) Herbs & Spices (Kitchen Spice+Fresh Mint+Sage & Citrus) Kentucky Blend (Black Cherry+Mountain Lodge) Morning Tea (Home Sweet Home+Early Sunrise) Orange Julep (Orange Dreamsicle+Fresh Mint) Orange Tree Grove (Orange Dreamsicle+Meadow Showers) Something Wicked (Vanilla Cupcake+MidSummer's Night) Spearmint (Home Sweet Home+Fresh Mint) Spicy Nights (Kitchen Spice+MidSummer's Night) Tequila Sunrise (Orange Dreamsicle+Early Sunrise) Theme Park (Orange Dreamsicle+Pink Sands) Toasted Marshmallows (ver. 1) (Vanilla Cupcake+Mountain Lodge) Witches' Brew (Cinnamon Stick+Vanilla Cupcake+Patchouli) Young Love (French Vanilla+MidSummer's Night) FOOD & SPICE/FLORAL Easter Egg Hunt (ver. 2) (Buttercream+Lilac Blossoms) Orange Blossom (Orange Dreamsicle+White Gardenia) Red Hot Romance (Home Sweet Home+True Rose) Romance (Buttercream+True Rose) FRESH/FLORAL Age of Aquarius (Patchouli+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Allure (Soft Blanket+White Gardenia) Aloha Fresh (Fluffy Towels+Beach Flowers) Beach Blanket (ver. 2) (Soft Blanket+Beach Flowers) Beach Breeze (ver. 2) (Sun & Sand+Beach Flowers) Beach Getaway (Beach Wood+Pink Sands+Beach Flowers) Beach Grass (Green Grass+Beach Flowers) Beach Hideaway (ver. 2) (Beach Wood+Meadow Showers+Beach Flowers) Beach House (ver. 2) (Mountain Lodge+Beach Flowers) Beach Resort Vacation (ver. 2) (Island Spa+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Beach Wedding (ver. 1) (Beach Walk+Tahitian Tiare Flower+Wedding Day) Beach Wedding (ver. 2) (Beach Walk+Pink Sands+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Beach Wedding (ver. 3) (Beach Walk+Beach Flowers+Wedding Day) Beachfront Wedding (Beach Wood+Coastal Waters+Tahitian Tiare Flower) The Beauty and the Beast (Mountain Lodge+True Rose) Bed of Roses (Soft Blanket+True Rose) Blue Lagoon (Beach Walk+Coastal Waters+White Gardenia) Blush Petals (Lavender Vanilla+Soft Blanket+Beach Flowers) Breezy Spring Waves (Coastal Waters+Meadow Showers+White Gardenia) Bubble Bath (ver. 2) (Sage & Citrus+True Rose) California Dreaming (Beach Walk+True Rose) Come What May (Meadow Showers+Wedding Day) Dark Passion (Midsummer's Night+True Rose) Date Night (Beach Walk+Midsummer's Night+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Dutch Countryside (Green Grass+Tulips) Escape (ver. 2) (Lavender Vanilla+Beach Flowers+White Gardenia) Flower Shop (Green Grass+True Rose) Flowering Meadows (Meadow Showers+White Gardenia) Flowers by the Sea (Coastal Waters+Beach Flowers+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Heartbreaks (Midsummer's Night+White Gardenia) Herbal Essence (Eucalyptus+Sage & Citrus+Lilac Blossoms) Herbal Spa (Sage & Citrus+Lilac Blossoms) Holland Vacation (Meadow Showers+Tulips) Honeymoon (ver. 2) (Pink Sands+Wedding Day) Honeymoon (ver. 3) (Pink Sands+Midnight Jasmine) Honeymoon Hills (Mountain Lodge+Wedding Day) Honeymoon Suite (Sun & Sand+White Gardenia) Island Breezes (Coastal Waters+Beach Flowers+White Gardenia) Island Wedding (ver. 1) (Sun & Sand+Wedding Day) Jungle Love (Sun & Sand+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Kiss from a Rose (Lavender Vanilla+True Rose) Long Summer Days (Green Grass+White Gardenia) Meadow Flowers (Meadow Showers+Beach Flowers) Meditation Garden (Beach Wood+Sage & Citrus+White Gardenia) Mermaid's Cove (Coastal Waters+Beach Flowers) Night Garden (Midsummer's Night+Lilac Blossoms) Romantic Retreat (Mountain Lodge+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Roses of Cliff Walk (Coastal Waters+True Rose) Showers of Roses (Meadow Showers+True Rose) Soothe Me (Eucalyptus+White Gardenia) South Pacific (Coastal Waters+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Southern Shores (Beach Wood+Sun & Sand+White Gardenia) Spring Morning (Meadow Showers+Lilac Blossoms) Springtime Rain (Meadow Showers+True Rose+White Gardenia) A Stroll in Paradise (Coastal Waters+Pink Sands+Beach Flowers) Sultry Summer (Midsummer's Night+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Summer Lovin' (ver. 3) (Meadow Showers+Midsummer's Night+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Summer Stroll (Beach Walk+Beach Flowers) Sun-Kissed Roses (Early Sunrise+True Rose) Sunshine on Petals (Early Sunrise+White Gardenia) Surfside (Pink Sands+Beach Flowers) Tahitian Rain Showers (Meadow Showers+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Tahitian Sunrise (Early Sunrise+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Tranquility (ver. 2) (Lavender Vanilla+White Gardenia) Tropical Oasis (Beach Walk+Island Spa+Beach Flowers) Tropical Paradise (ver. 3) (Coastal Waters+Sun & Sand+Beach Flowers) True Love's Kiss (Pink Sands+True Rose) True Romance (Midsummer's Night+Pink Sands+True Rose) Twilight Meadow (Meadow Showers+Midsummer's Night+Midnight Jasmine) Twilight Floral (Midsummer's Night+Midnight Jasmine+White Gardenia) Twilight Kiss (ver. 1) (Pink Sands+Tahitian Tiare Flower+Tulips) Twilight Kiss (ver. 2) (Midsummer's Night+Beach Flowers) Under the Boardwalk (Beach Walk+Beach Wood+Beach Flowers) Vacation Getaway (ver. 2) (Early Sunrise+Beach Flowers) White Linen (Fluffy Towels+White Gardenia) Whitewashed (Beach Wood+White Gardenia) Windowsill Garden (Fresh Mint+Tulips) FRUIT/FOOD & SPICE/FRESH Breakfast in Bed (ver. 2) (Meyer Lemon+Blueberry Scone+Early Sunrise) Heaven (Pineapple Cilantro+Buttercream+Soft Blanket) Sunshine (Napa Valley Sun+Orange Dreamsicle+Early Sunrise) FRUIT/FOOD & SPICE/FLORAL Tropical Sensation (Juicy Peach+Orange Dreamsicle+Beach Flowers) Tropical Twister (Bahama Breeze+Orange Dreamsicle+Beach Flowers) FRUIT/FRESH/FLORAL Beachside Spa (Pineapple Cilantro+Coastal Waters+White Gardenia) Good Day, Sunshine (ver. 2) (Pineapple Cilantro+Early Sunrise+Beach Flowers) Peachy Beachy (Juicy Peach+Pink Sands+Beach Flowers) Summer in the Garden (Meyer Lemon+Green Grass+White Gardenia) INCORPORATING SCENTS NOT READILY AVAILABLE AS OF 1/13 FRUIT STRICT Autumn Bounty (Autumn Fruit+Orchard Pear) Autumn Orchard (ver. 1) (Autumn Fruit+MacIntosh+Orchard Pear) Banana Strawberry Smoothie (Sweet Strawberry+Tropical Fruit) Blackberry Zinger (Autumn Fruit+Cranberry Chutney) Candy Apple (ver. 1) (MacIntosh+Tutti-Frutti) Candy Slices (Tutti-Frutti+Vanilla Lime) Cherry Orchard (Black Cherry+Orchard Pear) Colada Cooler (Island Guava+Tutti-Frutti) Dew Berry (Berry Tangerine+Honeydew Melon) Escape (ver. 1) (Island Guava+Pineapple Cilantro) Fairground Cotton Candy (Kiwi Berries+Vanilla Lime) Freckled Lemonade (Country Lemonade+Sweet Strawberry) Fruit Cocktail (Fruit Salad+Island Guava+Sparkling Lemon) Fruit Cup (ver. 1) (Cucumber & Cantaloupe+Sweet Melon) Fruit Loops (Juicy Watermelon+Sparkling Lemon) Fruit Punch (ver. 1) (Berry Tangerine+Black Cherry) Grenadine (Cherries on Snow+Pineapple Cilantro) Harvest Fruit Basket (Autumn Fruit+MacIntosh+Orchard Pear) Harvest Wine (Autumn Fruit+Vineyard) Hawaiian Luau (Fruit Salad+Pineapple Cilantro) Jaw Breaker (Juicy Watermelon+Tutti-Frutti) Jelly Beans (ver. 1) (Kiwi Berries+Sparkling Lemon) Jelly Beans (ver. 2) (Cherry Lemonade+Sparkling Lemon) Jolly Rancher (Juicy Watermelon+Kiwi Berries+Pineapple Cilantro) Juicy Fruit (ver. 1) (Country Lemonade+Fruit Salad+Juicy Watermelon) Lemon-Lime Fizz (Country Lemonade+Vanilla Lime) Lemon-Lime Soda (Sparkling Lemon+Vanilla Lime) Lemonhead (Sparkling Lemon+Tutti-Frutti) Mango Berry Tango (Berry Jam+Mango Peach Salsa) Margarita Mixer (Bahama Breeze+Napa Valley Harvest+Vanilla Lime) Melon Lollipop (Honeydew Melon+Tutti-Frutti) Paradise Jubilee (Napa Valley Sun+Orchard Pear+Vineyard) Pineapple Margarita (Pineapple Cilantro+Sparkling Lemon+Vanilla Lime) Pineapple Wine (Napa Valley Harvest+Pineapple Cilantro) Pink Grapefruit (Island Guava+Tutti-Frutti) Pink Lemonade (ver. 1) (Black Cherry+Sparkling Lemon) Pixy Stix (Cherry Lemonade+Tutti-Frutti) Rockin' Fruit Punch (Bahama Breeze+Black Cherry+Country Lemonade) Rum Runner (Bahama Breeze+Fruit Salad+Pineapple Cilantro) Sangria (ver. 1) (Cherry Lemonade+Fruit Salad) Sangria Soiree (Autumn Fruit+Grapevine & Oak+Orchard Pear) Sparkling Fruit Punch (Bahama Breeze+Country Lemonade) Sparkling Wine Cooler (Fruit Salad+Napa Valley Harvest) Springtime Picnic (Country Lemonade+Fruit Salad) Strawberries and Champagne (Island Guava+Napa Valley Harvest+Sweet Strawberry) Strawberry Lemonade (ver. 1) (Sparkling Lemon+Sweet Strawberry) Summer Sweets (Kiwi Berries+Tutti-Frutti) Sun Downer (Bahama Breeze+Napa Valley Harvest) Sunset Cocktail (Mango Peach Salsa+Starfruit & Orange) Swedish Fish (Black Cherry+Tutti-Frutti) Tiki Bar (ver. 1) (Country Lemonade+Napa Valley Harvest) Tooty Fruity (Sparkling Lemon+Vineyard) Tour of the Wine Country (Napa Valley Harvest+Vineyard) Tropical Smoothie (ver. 1) (Pineapple Cilantro+Tropical Fruit) Watermelon Wine (Juicy Watermelon+Kiwi Berries) FOOD & SPICE STRICT All Fall Cafe (Apple Pumpkin+Banana Nut Bread+Hazelnut Coffee) Almond Cream (Almond Cookie+Creamy Caramel) Apple Bundt Cake (Candied Apple+Cinnamon & Sugar) Apple Butter (ver. 1) (Buttercream+MacIntosh Spice) Apple Butter (ver. 2) (Apple Cider+Apple Pie) Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (Farmer's Market+MacIntosh Spice) Apple Cinnamon Strudel (Apple Pie+Buttercream+Cinnamon & Sugar) Apple Crumble (Be Thankful+Candied Apple) Apple Fritter (Apple Cider+Be Thankful) Apple Pickin' (Apple Cider+Autumn Wreath) Apple Pie a la Mode (Apple Pie+Buttercream) Apple Pumpkin Tart (MacIntosh Spice+Vanilla Pumpkin) Apple Snaps (Almond Cookie+Apple Cider) Apple Spice Cake (Apple Cider+Apple Pumpkin+Banana Nut Bread) Apple Walnut Pancakes (Fall Festival+MacIntosh Spice) Autumn Brunch (Cinnamon Roll+Cranberry Orange+Maple Pancakes) Autumn Housewarming (Autumn Wreath+Pumpkin Buttercream) Autumn Market (Autumn Wreath+Farmer's Market) Autumn Orchard (ver. 2) (Autumn Wreath+Cranberry Orange) Autumn Spice (Autumn Wreath+MacIntosh Spice) Autumn Spiced Wreath (Autumn Wreath+Mulling Spices) Bake Me Crazy (Apple Cider+Maple Pancakes+Pumpkin Pie) Bake Sale (ver. 1) (Almond Cookie+Apple Pie+Cinnamon Stick) Bake Sale (ver. 2) (Almond Cookie+Apple Cider+Cinnamon Stick) Bake Shop (Banana Nut Bread+Caramel Pecan Pie+Pumpkin Pie) Baked Bliss (Be Thankful+Pumpkin Pie+Spiced Pumpkin) Baked Pumpkin (Spiced Pumpkin+Vanilla Pumpkin) Baker's Delight (Blueberry Scone+Cinnamon Roll+Cranberry Orange) Bakery Bliss (Almond Cookie+Buttercream) Baking Spices (Almond Cookie+Autumn Wreath) Banana Split (Banana Nut Bread+Vanilla Cupcake+Whoopie Pie!) Bananas Foster (Banana Nut Bread+Caramel Pecan Pie+French Vanilla) Bed & Breakfast (Cranberry Orange+Home Sweet Home) Biscotti (Be Thankful+Cafe au Lait) Blue Ribbon Beauty (Apple Pumpkin+Farmer's Market) Blue Ribbon Pie (Apple Pie+Pumpkin Pie) Blueberry Funnel Cake (Blueberry Scone+Maple Pancakes+Vanilla Cupcake) Blueberry Muffin (Blueberry Scone+Cinnamon & Sugar) Blueberry Pancakes (Blueberry Scone+Maple Pancakes) Bobbing for Apples (ver. 2) (Apple Cider+Spiced Pumpkin) Bobbing for Apples (ver. 3) (Apple Cider+Apple Pumpkin+Pomegranate Cider) Bountiful Harvest (Harvest+Pumpkin Buttercream) Breakfast in Bed (ver. 1) (Cafe au Lait+Home Sweet Home+Maple Pancakes) Breakfast Sensation (Banana Nut Bread+Blueberry Scone+Hazelnut Coffee) Butterbeer (Apple Cider+Pumpkin Buttercream) Buttermilk Pumpkin Pancakes (Buttercream+Maple Pancakes+Spiced Pumpkin) Butternut Pumpkin (Apple Pumpkin+Banana Nut Bread+Buttercream) Cafe con Leche (Cafe au Lait+Cinnamon & Sugar) Calorie Overload (Apple Pumpkin+Buttercream+Whoopie Pie!) Candied Almond Apples (Almond Cookie+Candied Apple) Candied Pumpkin (Candied Apple+Vanilla Pumpkin) Caramel Apple (ver. 1) (Candied Apple+Fall Festival) Caramel Apple Buttercream (Apple Cider+Caramel Pecan Pie+Pumpkin Buttercream) Caramel Apple Drizzle (Apple Pie+Creamy Caramel) Caramel Crumb Cake (Cinnamon Roll+Creamy Caramel) Caramel Latte (Creamy Caramel+Hazelnut Coffee) Caramel Macchiato (Cafe au Lait+Creamy Caramel) Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake (Buttercream+Creamy Caramel+Spiced Pumpkin) Chocolate Bread (Cinnamon Stick+Spiced Cocoa+Whoopie Pie!) Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas (Banana Cream Pie+Chocolate Truffle) Chocolate Frosted Cupcake (Chocolate Truffle+Vanilla Cupcake) Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies (Pumpkin Buttercream+Spiced Pumpkin+Whoopie Pie!) Christmas Hot Toddy (Candied Apple+Mulling Spices) Chunky Monkey (Banana Nut Bread+Whoopie Pie!) Cinnamon Crunch Cake (Cinnamon & Sugar+Vanilla Cupcake) Cinnamon Fried Dough (Cinnamon & Sugar+Maple Pancakes+Pumpkin Buttercream) Cinnamon Toast (Be Thankful+Cinnamon & Sugar) Coco Puffs (Buttercream+Vanilla Cupcake+Whoopie Pie!) Coffee and Cream (ver. 1) (Buttercream+Cafe au Lait) Coffee Cake (ver. 1) (Cafe au Lait+Vanilla Cupcake) Coffee Cake (ver. 2) (Cinnamon & Sugar+Maple Pancakes) Coffee Cake (ver. 3) (Buttercream+Hazelnut Coffee+Whoopie Pie!) Coffee Indulgence (French Vanilla+Hazelnut Coffee+Whoopie Pie!) Coffee Shop (Cafe au Lait+Cinnamon Roll) Coffeehouse Cobbler (Caramel Pecan Pie+French Vanilla+Hazelnut Coffee) Copper Kettle Caramel Corn (French Vanilla+Maple Pancakes+Spice Cake) Cornucopia (ver. 1) (Fall Festival+Vanilla Pumpkin) Cornucopia (ver. 2) (Be Thankful+Cranberry Orange) Country Cakes (Apple Cider+Maple Pancakes+Pumpkin Buttercream) Country Kitchen (ver. 1) (Autumn Wreath+Be Thankful+Vanilla Pumpkin) County Fair (Candied Apple+Farmer's Market+Spiced Pumpkin) Cozy Home (Harvest+Home Sweet Home+Pumpkin Buttercream) Cranberry Crumble (Almond Cookie+Cranberry Orange) Creamy Cafe Mocha (Buttercream+Hazelnut Coffee+Whoopie Pie!) Creamy Pumpkin Pie (Pumpkin Buttercream+Pumpkin Pie) Deep Fried Ice Cream (Almond Cookie+French Vanilla) Deep Fried Twinkie (Be Thankful+Cinnamon Stick+Vanilla Cupcake) Dorothy's Funtastic Funnel Cakes (Cinnamon Stick+French Vanilla+Pumpkin Buttercream) Elephant Ear Party (Buttercream+Cinnamon & Sugar+Vanilla Cupcake) Essence of Fall (Kitchen Spice+Pumpkin Buttercream) Fall Carnival (Apple Cider+Apple Pie+Creamy Caramel) Fall Celebration (Farmer's Market+Spiced Orange) Fall Splendor (Harvest+Pumpkin Pie) French Toast (ver. 1) (Be Thankful+Cinnamon & Sugar+Fall Festival) French Toast (ver. 2) (Buttercream+Cinnamon Stick+Maple Pancakes) Fresh & Hot Waffle Cone (Almond Cookie+French Vanilla+Spice Cake) Fresh Apple Dumplings (Be Thankful+Farmer's Market+MacIntosh Spice) Frosted Cinnamon Roll (Buttercream+Cinnamon & Sugar) Fruit and Cloves (Farmer's Market+Mulling Spices) Funnel Cake (ver. 1) (Buttercream+Candied Apple) Funnel Cake (ver. 2) (Creamy Caramel+Vanilla Cupcake) Funnel Cakes (Almond Cookie+Buttercream+Vanilla Cupcake) Give Thanks (Be Thankful+Buttercream+Harvest) Good Morning (ver. 2) (Cinnamon Roll+Hazelnut Coffee) Graham Cracker (Buttercream+Cinnamon Roll+Maple Pancakes) Grandma's Famous Apple Butter (Apple Cider+French Vanilla) Grandma's Kitchen (ver. 2) (Cafe au Lait+Cinnamon & Sugar+Home Sweet Home) Grandma's Kitchen (ver. 3) (Be Thankful+Home Sweet Home+Kitchen Spice) Grandma's Pumpkin Pie (Kitchen Spice+Pumpkin Buttercream+Spiced Pumpkin) Halloween Festival (Creamy Caramel+Spiced Pumpkin) Harvest Cider (Cranberry Orange+Pomegranate Cider) Harvest Festival (ver. 1) (Candied Apple+Harvest) Harvest Moon (Farmer's Market+Harvest) Harvest Pie (Apple Pumpkin+Farmer's Market+Harvest) Holiday Spice and Everything Nice (Autumn Wreath+Cinnamon & Sugar) Hometown Memories (Farmer's Market+Home Sweet Home+Treehouse Memories) Hot Apple Pie (Buttercream+Cinnamon & Sugar+MacIntosh Spice) Hot Tottie (Kitchen Spice+Pomegranate Cider) Iced Chocolate Chop Banana Bread (Banana Nut Bread+Buttercream+Whoopie Pie!) Johnny Appleseed Pie (Be Thankful+Chocolate Truffle+MacIntosh Spice) Kettle Corn (ver. 1) (Buttercream+Creamy Caramel) Kettle Corn (ver. 2) (Be Thankful+Pumpkin Buttercream+Vanilla Cupcake) Maple Candy (Almond Cookie+Maple Pancakes) Maple Sugar (Almond Cookie+Vanilla Pumpkin) Mocha Latte (French Vanilla+Hazelnut Coffee+Whoopie Pie!) Mulled Cider (Apple Cider+Cinnamon Stick) Mulled Punch (Apple Cider+Cranberry Orange+Spiced Orange) Mulling Spices (ver. 1) (Apple Cider+Harvest) Mulling Spices (ver. 2) (Apple Pumpkin+Kitchen Spice+Pomegranate Cider) Nana's Pum'kin Cake (Pumpkin Buttercream+Spice Cake+Vanilla Cupcake) Nan's Nutcake (Almond Cookie+Kitchen Spice) Neighborhood Bake Sale (Blueberry Scone+Caramel Pecan Pie+Pumpkin Buttercream) Nuts About Pumpkin (Banana Nut Bread+Hazelnut Coffee+Pumpkin Buttercream) Oh My Chai! (Apple Pumpkin+Buttercream+Cinnamon Stick) Orange Spiced Cake (Kitchen Spice+Spiced Orange+Vanilla Cupcake) Peach Cobbler (ver. 1) (Cinnamon Roll+Farmer's Market+French Vanilla) Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich (Apple Pumpkin+Hazelnut Coffee+Pumpkin Pie) Pies on the Windowsill (Be Thankful+Farmer's Market) Pilgrim's Pride (Be Thankful+Harvest) Potpourri (Autumn Wreath+Be Thankful) Pumpkin Bread (Be Thankful+Spiced Pumpkin) Pumpkin Cheesecake (ver. 1) (Buttercream+Pumpkin Pie+Vanilla Cupcake) Pumpkin Cheesecake (ver. 2) (Buttercream+Spiced Pumpkin) Pumpkin Cheesecake (ver. 3) (Blueberry Scone+Pumpkin Buttercream) Pumpkin Cookies (Almond Cookie+Pumpkin Buttercream) Pumpkin Donut (Harvest+Spiced Pumpkin) Pumpkin Explosion (Pumpkin Pie+Spiced Pumpkin+Vanilla Pumpkin) Pumpkin Farm (Cinnamon Roll+Vanilla Pumpkin) Pumpkin Ice Cream (French Vanilla+Pumpkin Buttercream) Pumpkin Latte (Cinnamon Stick+Hazelnut Coffee+Pumpkin Buttercream) Pumpkin Nut Latte (Hazelnut Coffee+Pumpkin Buttercream) Pumpkin Pancake Perfection (Maple Pancakes+Spiced Pumpkin) Pumpkin Pancakes (French Vanilla+Maple Pancakes+Pumpkin Buttercream) Pumpkin Patch (Harvest+Vanilla Pumpkin) Pumpkin Picking (Fall Festival+Spiced Pumpkin) Pumpkin Pinwheels (Almond Cookie+Pumpkin Buttercream+Spiced Pumpkin) Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Pumpkin Pie! (Pumpkin Buttercream+Pumpkin Pie+Spiced Pumpkin) Pumpkin Roll (Buttercream+Creamy Caramel+Pumpkin Pie) Pumpkin Spice Latte (Cafe au Lait+Spiced Pumpkin) Pumpkin Spiced Muffin (Cinnamon Roll+Pumpkin Pie) Rice Pudding (Cinnamon Stick+Creamy Caramel+French Vanilla) Rocky Road Ice Cream (Caramel Pecan Pie+French Vanilla+Whoopie Pie!) Rolos (Chocolate Truffle+Creamy Caramel) Shoofly Pie (Maple Pancakes+Spice Cake) S'Mores (ver. 1) (Buttercream+Hazelnut Coffee+Maple Pancakes) Snickerdoodle (ver. 1) (Almond Cookie+Fall Festival) Sparkling Sangria (Pomegranate Cider+Spiced Orange) Spice it Up! (Harvest+Home Sweet Home) Spice of Life (Home Sweet Home+Kitchen Spice+Spiced Orange) Spice Rack (MacIntosh Spice+Spiced Pumpkin) Spiced Almond Truffle Cake (Almond Cookie+Chocolate Truffle+Spice Cake) Spiced Butternut (Buttercream+Hazelnut Coffee+Spiced Pumpkin) Spiced Cookie (Almond Cookie+Spiced Orange) Spiced Mocha (Cinnamon Stick+Hazelnut Coffee+Whoopie Pie!) Spiced Pumpkin Muffin (Spice Cake+Spiced Pumpkin) Spiced Rum Cake (Harvest+Vanilla Cupcake) State Fair Treats (Candied Apple+Vanilla Pumpkin) Strawberry Cheesecake (Cinnamon & Sugar+Strawberry Buttercream) Strawberry Shortcake (ver. 2) (Strawberry Buttercream+Vanilla Cupcake) Sunday Breakfast (Blueberry Scone+Harvest+Maple Pancakes) Sunday Brunch (ver. 2) (Hazelnut Coffee+Maple Pancakes) Sweet Autumn Nights (Harvest+MacIntosh Spice) Sweet Spiced Pumpkin (Frosted Pumpkin+Spiced Pumpkin+Vanilla Pumpkin) Thanksgiving Blessings (Be Thankful+Home Sweet Home+Pumpkin Buttercream) Thanksgiving Feast (Apple Pie+Be Thankful) Thanksgiving Morning (Be Thankful+Kitchen Spice) Vanilla Caramel (Creamy Caramel+French Vanilla) Vanilla Latte (Cafe au Lait+French Vanilla) Vanilla Nut Latte (Cafe au Lait+French Vanilla+Hazelnut Coffee) Wake Me Up (Cafe au Lait+Cinnamon & Sugar+Hazelnut Coffee) Warm by the Fire (MacIntosh Spice+Mulling Spices) Warm Muffins (Cinnamon & Sugar+Cranberry Orange+French Vanilla) Witch's Cauldron (Harvest+Pomegranate Cider) Yellow Brick Road (Farmer's Market+Harvest+Pumpkin Buttercream) ??? (Banana Nut Bread+Caramel Pecan Pie+Pumpkin Buttercream) ??? (Hazelnut Coffee+Spiced Cocoa+Whoopie Pie!) ??? (Autumn Wreath+Caramel Pecan Pie+Spiced Pumpkin) ??? (Banana Nut Bread+Buttercream+Spiced Pumpkin) ??? (Autumn Wreath+Kitchen Spice+Spiced Pumpkin) ??? (Apple Pumpkin+Pumpkin Buttercream+Spiced Pumpkin) ??? (Apple Pumpkin+Pumpkin Pie+Spiced Pumpkin) ??? (Banana Nut Bread+Hazelnut Coffee+Vanilla Cupcake) ??? (Hazelnut Coffee+Vanilla Cupcake+Whoopie Pie!) ??? (Caramel Pecan Pie+Vanilla Cupcake+Whoopie Pie!) ??? (Apple Cider+Apple Pumpkin) ??? (Apple Pumpkin+Whoopie Pie!) ??? (Apple Pumpkin+Autumn Wreath) FRESH STRICT Acapulco Bay (Midnight Oasis+Pink Sands+Sun & Sand) Adirondack Adventure (Beach Wood+Fireside+Green Grass) After the Rain (ver. 1) (Cottage Breeze+Water Garden) After the Rain (ver. 2) (Cottage Breeze+Drift Away+Storm Watch) After the Rain (ver. 3) (Coastal Waters+Green Grass+Storm Watch) After the Storm Clouds (Drift Away+Early Sunrise+Storm Watch) Afternoon Showers (Drift Away+Storm Watch) All Hallows' Eve (ver. 2) (Midsummer's Night+Nature's Paintbrush) Amber Breeze (Amber Glow+Cottage Breeze) Arabian Nights (ver. 1) (Drift Away+Patchouli) Autumn Air (Cottage Breeze+Nature's Paintbrush) Autumn Awakening (Early Sunrise+Nature's Paintbrush+Patchouli) Autumn Bonfire (ver. 1) (Autumn Leaves+Fireside) Autumn Hayride (ver. 1) (Autumn Leaves+Patchouli+Storm Watch) Autumn Horizon (Autumn Leaves+Mountain Lodge+Vanilla Satin) Autumn Memories (Autumn Leaves+Eucalyptus+Treehouse Memories) Autumn Mountain Air (Autumn Leaves+Mountain Lake) Autumn Rain (Lakeside Birch+Storm Watch) Autumn Solstice (Midsummer's Night+Moonlight Harvest) Autumn Stroll (Autumn Leaves+Nature's Paintbrush) Autumn Twilight (MidSummer's Night+Over the River) Autumn Waves (Lakeside Birch+Ocean Water) Autumnal Nights (Lakeside Birch+Midsummer's Night) Baby Fresh (Baby Powder+Spa Fresh) Baywatch (Storm Watch+Sun & Sand) Beach Bonfire (Beach Wood+Fireside+Midnight Oasis) Beach Breeze (ver. 1) (Beach Walk+Willow Breeze) Beach Bum (Beach Walk+Coconut Bay+Sun & Sand) Beach Campfire (Beach Wood+Fireside) Beach Linen (Beach Walk+Country Linen) Beach Paradise (Beach Vacation+Cottage Breeze+Ocean Water) Beach Party (Beach Vacation+Sea Harbor) Beach Retreat (Lavender Vanilla+Sea Harbor) Beach Vacation (Beach Walk+Coconut Bay+Dune Grass+Ocean Water) Beachfront Vacation (Beach Wood+Coastal Waters+Coconut Bay) Beachside Bonfire (ver. 1) (Dune Grass+Fireside+Pink Sands) Beachside Bonfire (ver. 2) (Beach Walk+Beach Wood+Fireside) Birch Bouquet (Lakeside Birch+Lemon Lavender+Sage & Citrus) Bonfire at the Beach (Beach Wood+Coastal Waters+Fireside) Boyfriend's Shirt (Mountain Lake+Soft Blanket) Butterfly Fields (Beautiful Day+Dune Grass) Cabin Fever (Fireside+Mountain Lake+Mountain Lodge) Calm Before the Storm (ver. 1) (Cottage Breeze+Storm Watch) Calm Before the Storm (ver. 2) (Beach Wood+Storm Watch) Calm Waters (Beach Walk+Drift Away) Calming Breeze (Cottage Breeze+Drift Away) Camp Crystal Lake (Lakeside Birch+Patchouli) Campground (Autumn Leaves+Fireside+Sage & Citrus) Campground Days (Drift Away+Fireside+Mountain Lodge) Camping in the Backyard (Autumn Leaves+Fireside+MidSummer's Night) Camping Out (Beach Wood+Fireside+Meadow Showers) Campsite Bonfire (Fireside+MidSummer's Night+Mountain Lodge) Cape Cod (Dune Grass+Sun & Sand) Cashmere Sweater (Soft Blanket+Vanilla Satin) Cast Away (Beach Wood+Ocean Water) Castaway (Dune Grass+Fresh Mint) Clothesline Fresh (Clean Cotton+Lakeside Birch) Cloudburst (Spa Fresh+Storm Watch) Coastal Air (Clean Cotton+Coastal Waters+Cottage Breeze) Coastal Lighthouse (Sea Harbor+Sun & Sand) Coastal Oasis (Coastal Waters+Midnight Oasis) Coastal Sunrise (ver. 1) (Early Sunrise+Sea Harbor) Coco Beach (Coconut Bay+Pink Sands) Coconut Grove (Beach Wood+Coconut Bay) Coconut Island (Coconut Bay+Sea Harbor) Coconut Water (Coastal Waters+Coconut Bay) Cool Front (Mountain Lake+Storm Watch) Cottage by the Beach (Beach Walk+Cottage Breeze) Crisp Autumn Air (ver. 1) (Autumn Leaves+Clean Cotton) Crisp Autumn Air (ver. 2) (Lakeside Birch+Sun & Sand) Crisp Autumn Air (ver. 3) (Mountain Lodge+Nature's Paintbrush) Cupid's Arrow (Drift Away+Midnight Oasis) Dawn to Dusk (Early Sunrise+Evening Air) Day at the Beach (Beach Walk+Dune Grass) Day at the Spa (Beach Walk+Island Spa+Over the River) Daybreak (Amber Glow+Sunwashed Linen) Deep Slumber (Lavender Vanilla+Midnight Oasis+Soft Blanket) Desert Beauty (Midnight Oasis+Sage & Citrus+Sun & Sand) Dream Guy (Beach Wood+Mountain Lodge+Over the River) Dreamscape (Drift Away+Midsummer's Night) Drifting Leaves (Autumn Leaves+Over the River) Driftwood (Beach Wood+Drift Away) Egyptian Summer (Egyptian Cotton+Sun & Sand) Endless Summer (Dune Grass+Pink Sands) Evening Embers (Fireside+Pink Sands) Evening Rain Shower (Clean Cotton+Evening Air) Evening Splash (Fluffy Towels+Midnight Oasis) Evening Stroll (ver. 1) (Dune Grass+Midsummer's Night) Evening Stroll (ver. 2) (Autumn Leaves+Beach Walk+Harvest Welcome) Exotic Perfume (Lavender Vanilla+Patchouli+Vanilla Satin) Exotic Shores (Midnight Oasis+Ocean Water) Fall Foliage (Autumn Leaves+Mountain Lodge) Fall-bulous Memories (Fireside+Nature's Paintbrush+Over the River) Falling in Love (Fireside+Harvest Welcome+Lavender Vanilla) Feng Shui (Midnight Oasis+Sage & Citrus) Fields of Lavender (Dune Grass+Lavender Vanilla) Fire in the Sky (Fireside+Storm Watch) Foliage Festival (Autumn Leaves+Fireside+Nature's Paintbrush) Forest Sage (Lakeside Birch+Sage & Citrus) French Countryside (Lavender Vanilla+Mountain Lake) Fresh Air (Drift Away+Mountain Lodge) Fresh Escape (ver. 1) (Dune Grass+Spa Fresh) Fresh Grass (Greenhouse+Spa Fresh) Fresh Laundry (Clean Cotton+Egyptian Cotton) Fresh Mountain Air (Clean Cotton+Mountain Lake) Go Green (Water Garden+Willow Breeze) Gone Camping (ver. 2) (Fireside+Over the River) Good Night's Sleep (Evening Air+Lavender Vanilla) Grandma's House (Fireside+Over the River+Treehouse Memories) Green Grass (Dune Grass+Greenhouse) Guy's Night Out (MidSummer's Night+Mountain Lodge+Over the River) Harvest Bonfire (Autumn Leaves+Moonlight Harvest) Harvest Sage (Moonlight Harvest+Sage & Citrus) Haunted Hayride (ver. 1) (Lakeside Birch+Moonlight Harvest) Havana Summer Nights (Amber Glow+Ocean Water) Hiding from the Storm (Soft Blanket+Storm Watch) High Tide (Ocean Water+Sun & Sand) Hippie Hideaway (Mountain Lake+Patchouli) His and Hers (Midnight Oasis+Midsummer's Night) Holiday Sachet (Lavender Vanilla+Mountain Berry) Howl at the Moon (Midsummer's Night+Moonlight Harvest+Patchouli) Hunting Lodge (Autumn Leaves+Mountain Lodge+Nature's Paintbrush) Indian Summer (Autumn Leaves+Sun & Sand) Island Bay (Coconut Bay+Island Spa) Island Drift (Coconut Bay+Drift Away) Island Getaway (Coconut Bay+Island Spa+Ocean Water) Island Orchid (Beach Walk+Beach Wood+Midnight Oasis) Island Storm (ver. 1) (Coconut Bay+Storm Watch) Jamaican Me Crazy (Coconut Bay+Midsummer's Night) Lakeside Camp (Fireside+Mountain Lake) Lakeside Cottage (ver. 1) (Cottage Breeze+Lakeside Birch) Lakeside Cottage (ver. 2) (Cottage Breeze+Mountain Lake) Lakeside Lodge (Meadow Showers+Over the River+Treehouse Memories) Laundry Day (Clean Cotton+Drift Away) Laundry on the Line (ver. 1) (Country Linen+Egyptian Cotton) Lavender Musk (Lakeside Birch+Lavender Vanilla) Lazy Lake (Drift Away+Mountain Lake) Lazy River (Beach Wood+Over the River+Pink Sands) Leather & Lace (Mountain Lodge+Vanilla Satin) Life's a Beach (Beach Vacation+Sun & Sand) Lightning on the Water (Pink Sands+Storm Watch) Log Cabin (Mountain Lake+Mountain Lodge) Lunar Eclipse (Autumn Leaves+Over the River+Soft Blanket) Man Cave (Fireside+Mountain Lodge+Over the River) Meadow Breeze (Cottage Breeze+Meadow Showers) Melting the Day Away (Drift Away+Fluffy Towels+Midsummer's Night) Men's Hideaway (Midnight Oasis+Mountain Lodge) Midnight at the Dunes (Dune Grass+Midnight Oasis) Midnight Cabin (MidSummers's Night+Mountain Lodge+Treehouse Memories) Midnight Cruise (Drift Away+Evening Air) Midnight Rain (Midsummer's Night+Storm Watch) Midnight Stroll (ver. 2) (Beach Walk+Midnight Oasis) Mint Tea with Lemon (ver. 1) (Early Sunrise+Spa Fresh) Mirage (Midnight Oasis+Pink Sands) Moon and Stars (Evening Air+Midsummer's Night) Moonlight Swim (Moonlight Harvest+Mountain Lake) Moonlit Beach (Beach Wood+Midnight Oasis+Soft Blanket) Moonlit Sands (Midnight Oasis+Sun & Sand) Moonlit Serenade (Midsummer's Night+Pink Sands+Vanilla Satin) Morning at the Beach (Beach Wood+Drift Away+Early Sunrise) Morning at the Lake (Drift Away+Early Sunrise) Morning Dew (ver. 1) (Dune Grass+Early Sunrise) Morning Showers (Early Sunrise+Storm Watch) Moroccan Sunset (Beach Wood+Midnight Oasis) Mountain Air (ver. 1) (Evening Air+Mountain Lake) Mountain Air (ver. 2) (Clean Cotton+Cottage Breeze+Mountain Lake) Mountain Meadow (ver. 1) (Drift Away+Mountain Lake+Spa Fresh) Mountain Morning (Early Sunrise+Mountain Lake) Mystic Smoke (Fireside+Midnight Oasis) Night on the River (MidSummer's Night+Over the River+Patchouli) Night Rain (Meadow Showers+Midnight Oasis) November Rain (ver. 1) (Autumn Leaves+Storm Watch) November Rain (ver. 2) (Nature's Paintbrush+Storm Watch) Ocean Air (Drift Away+Sea Harbor) Ocean Cliffs (Beach Walk+Mountain Lake) Ocean Mist (Dune Grass+Ocean Water) Ocean Mist (Beach Wood+Ocean Water) Ocean Showers (Meadow Showers+Ocean Water) Ocean Spa (Island Spa+Ocean Water) Oceanfront Oasis (Fluffy Towels+Midnight Oasis+Ocean Water) Oceanfront Property (Cottage Breeze+Dune Grass) October Bonfire (Fireside+Moonlight Harvest) October Leaves (Autumn Leaves+Lakeside Birch+Moonlight Harvest) Oh, Those Summer Nights (Beautiful Day+Midsummer's Night) On the Dock of the Bay (Beach Wood+Cottage Breeze) On Island Time (Drift Away+Island Spa) Pacific Rain (Midnight Oasis+Storm Watch) Pink Coral (Cottage Breeze+Pink Sands) Polka Dot Bikini (Coconut Bay+Pink Sands+Sun & Sand) Prima Donna (Baby Powder+Beautiful Day) Quicksilver (Fireside+Patchouli+Sage & Citrus) Rainbow's End (Beautiful Day+Storm Watch) A Refreshing Day (Eucalyptus+Nature's Paintbrush) Relaxing Retreat (ver. 1) (Lavender Vanilla+Midnight Oasis) Rise and Shine (Beautiful Day+Early Sunrise) Rising Tide (Coastal Waters+Drift Away) River Rapids (Drift Away+Ocean Water) Romance Midnight Stroll (Midsummer's Night+Over the River+Vanilla Satin) Rope Swing Over the River (Green Grass+Meadow Showers+Over the River) Sand Dunes (Drift Away+Dune Grass) Satin & Lace (Clean Cotton+Soft Blanket+Vanilla Satin) Satin Sheets (Over the River+Soft Blanket) Sea Spray (ver. 2) (Dune Grass+Ocean Water+Storm Watch) Seaside Blossom (Dune Grass+Sea Harbor) Seaside Escape (ver. 2) (Coastal Waters+Cottage Breeze) Seaside Spa (Sea Harbor+Spa Fresh) Security Blanket (Over the River+Soft Blanket+Treehouse Memories) Sensual Sands (Beach Wood+Coconut Bay+Sun & Sand) Serenity Lake (Beach Vacation+Mountain Lake) Set Adrift (Drift Away+Ocean Water+Storm Watch) Set Sail (Coastal Waters+Drift Away+Island Spa) Sleepy Hollow (Moonlight Harvest+Patchouli) Smokey Mountain Nights (Mountain Lodge+Nature's Paintbrush+Vanilla Satin) Sophisticated Lady (Pink Sands+Vanilla Satin) Southern Nights (Midsummer's Night+Willow Breeze) Spa Getaway (Drift Away+Eucalyptus) Spa Oasis (Island Spa+Midnight Oasis) Spa Towels (Dune Grass+Eucalyptus+Fluffy Towels) Splash of Serenity (Mountain Lake+Spa Fresh) Spring Cleaning (ver. 1) (Clean Cotton+Country Linen) Spring Cleaning (ver. 2) (Beautiful Day+Sage & Citrus) Spring Clothesline (Beautiful Day+Clean Cotton) Spring is in the Air (Drift Away+Spa Fresh) Spring Showers (Green Grass+Meadow Showers+Storm Watch) Stormy Beachfront (Pink Sands+Storm Watch+Sun & Sand) Summer Boardwalk (Beach Walk+Spa Fresh) Summer Breeze (Clean Cotton+Cottage Breeze) Summer Days (Beach Wood+Drift Away+Pink Sands) Summer Romance (ver. 1) (Cottage Breeze+Soft Blanket) Summer Storm (Sea Harbor+Storm Watch) Summer's Kiss (Amber Glow+Sun & Sand) Sunset Mountain (Amber Glow+Mountain Lake) Sunset Stroll (Beach Walk+Midnight Oasis+Soft Blanket) Suntan Lotion (Coconut Bay+Sun & Sand) Surf's Up (Clean Cotton+Ocean Water) Tempestuous Seas (Coastal Waters+Early Sunrise+Storm Watch) That Spa Fresh Glow (Amber Glow+Spa Fresh) Through the Woods (ver. 1) (Mountain Lodge+Over the River) Through the Woods (ver. 2) (Autumn Leaves+Fireside+Treehouse Memories) Through the Woods to Grandmother's House We Go (Over the River+Sage & Citrus+Treehouse Memories) Tide Pools (Beach Wood+Cottage Breeze+Early Sunrise) Tranquil Moments (ver. 1) (Island Spa+Spa Fresh) Tranquil Sands (Ocean Water+Pink Sands) Tranquility (ver. 1) (Eucalyptus+Spa Fresh) Tropical Grotto (Beach Wood+Coastal Waters+Midnight Oasis) Tropical Sunrise (Coconut Bay+Early Sunrise) Tropical Sunset (ver. 2) (Beach Wood+Coconut Bay+Pink Sands) Tropical Tides (Coconut Bay+Ocean Water) Twilight (Fireside+Midnight Oasis+Patchouli) The Ultimate Getaway (Beach Vacation+Drift Away) Vacation Getaway (ver. 1) (Coconut Bay+Ocean Water+Sun & Sand) A Walk in the Woods (ver. 1) (Autumn Leaves+Lakeside Birch) Walk in the Woods (ver. 3) (Eucalyptus+Nature's Paintbrush+Sage & Citrus) Walking After Midnight (Evening Air+Midsummer's Night) Water's Edge (ver. 1) (Mountain Lake+Sun & Sand) Water's Edge (ver. 2) (Mountain Lodge+Ocean Water) White Water Rafting (Coastal Waters+Over the River) Wind in the Willows (Rainbow's End+Willow Breeze) Wind Swept Sands (Drift Away+Pink Sands) Witchcraft (Patchouli+Vanilla Satin) Yellowstone Park (Autumn Leaves+Mountain Lodge+Treehouse Memories) Zen Garden (ver. 2) (Beautiful Day+Evening Air) Zen Retreat (Sage & Citrus+Spa Fresh) ??? (Fireside+Mountain Lodge+Treehouse Memories) ??? (Fireside+Mountain Lodge+Over the River) ??? (Mountain Lodge+Over the River+Treehouse Memories) ??? (Fireside+Harvest Welcome+Patchouli) ??? (MidSummer's Night+Sun & Sand+Treehouse Memories) ??? (Autumn Leaves+Harvest Welcome) ??? (Autumn Leaves+Season's Blessings) ??? (Autumn Leaves+Treehouse Memories) FLORAL STRICT Always a Bridesmaid (Blue Hydrangea+Wedding Day) Baby Girl (Pink Lady Slipper+Wedding Day) Beach Bouquet (Beach Flowers+Pink Blush+White Gardenia) Beach Garden (Beach Flowers+Garden Hideaway) Blossom into Spring (Beach Flowers+Pink Blush+True Rose) Blush and Bashful (Pink Blush+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Blushing Bride (ver. 1) (Ocean Blossom+Wedding Day) Blushing Bride (ver. 2) (Pink Blush+Wedding Day) Botanical Gardens (Lilac Blossoms+Pink Lady Slipper) Bridal Bliss (ver. 1) (Fresh Cut Roses+Spring Bouquet+Sweet Honeysuckle) Bridal Bliss (ver. 2) (Fresh Cut Roses+Garden Hideaway+Sweet Honeysuckle) Bridal Bouquet (Blue Hydrangea+Midnight Jasmine) Butterfly Garden (Garden Hideaway+Lilac Blossoms+Sweet Honeysuckle) Butterfly Whispers (ver. 2) (Sweet Honeysuckle+White Gardenia) Country Garden (ver. 1) (Blue Hydrangea+Garden Sweet Pea+Tulips) Country Garden (ver. 2) (Garden Hideaway+White Gardenia) Country Traditions (Blue Hydrangea+Garden Sweet Pea) English Garden (ver. 1) (Blue Hydrangea+Fresh Cut Roses) English Garden (ver. 2) (Blue Hydrangea+Garden Hideaway+White Gardenia) Exotic Bouquet (Fresh Cut Roses+Garden Sweet Pea+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Fields of Serenity (Garden Hideaway+Tulips) Flower Garden (ver. 2) (Blue Hydrangea+Ocean Blossom) Flower Power (Garden Sweet Pea+Ocean Blossom+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Flowers for Mom (Pink Blush+True Rose) Garden Blossom (Cherry Blossom+Garden Sweet Pea) Garden Party (Garden Sweet Pea+Midnight Jasmine) Garden Sanctuary (Garden Hideaway+Garden Sweet Pea+Pink Lady Slipper) Hawaiian Lei (Sweet Honeysuckle+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Hummingbird's Paradise (Midnight Jasmine+Sweet Honeysuckle) Lovey Dovey (Plumeria+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Make Me Blush (Garden Sweet Pea+Pink Blush) May Flowers (Garden Hideaway+True Rose+White Gardenia) Mother of the Bride (Pink Blush+White Gardenia) Pigtails and Pearls (Beach Flowers+Pink Blush) Pink Powder Puff (Pink Lady Slipper+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Pink Tulips (Pink Blush+Tulips) Rose Garden (Fresh Cut Roses+Garden Hideaway+True Rose) Secret Garden (ver. 1) (Garden Hideaway+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Southern Garden (ver. 1) (Garden Sweet Pea+Sweet Honeysuckle) Southern Garden (ver. 2) (Midnight Jasmine+Sweet Honeysuckle+White Gardenia) Spring in Bloom (Blue Hydrangea+Garden Sweet Pea+Sweet Honeysuckle) Springtime Garden (Blue Hydrangea+Lilac Blossoms) Stop and Smell the Roses (Fresh Cut Roses+True Rose) Summer Bouquet (Beach Flowers+Garden Sweet Pea+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Sweet Blossoms (Garden Sweet Pea+Ocean Blossom) Sweet Honeymoon (Sweet Honeysuckle+Wedding Day) Sweetheart's Bouquet (ver. 1) (Fresh Cut Roses+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Sweetheart's Bouquet (ver. 2) (Fresh Cut Roses+Tahitian Tiare Flower+Wedding Day) Trade Winds (Ocean Blossom+Tahitian Tiare Flower) True Love (Fresh Cut Roses+Pink Blush+True Rose) Valentine's Bouquet (Garden Sweet Pea+Plumeria) Wedding Bouquet (Fresh Cut Roses+Lilac Blossoms+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Wedding Rose (Fresh Cut Roses+Wedding Day) White Picket Fence (Midnight Jasmine+Pink Blush) Zen Garden (ver. 4) (Garden Hideaway+Sweet Honeysuckle) FESTIVE STRICT After Dinner Mint (Christmas Cupcake+Jack Frost) Candy Cane (ver. 1) (Christmas Eve+Jack Frost) Candy Cane (ver. 2) (North Pole+Peppermint Swirls) Candy Cane (ver. 3) (North Pole+Nostalgic Snow) Candy Cane Cupcake (Christmas Cupcake+North Pole) Candy Cane Kisses (Jack Frost+Mistletoe) Candy Land (Peppermint Swirls+Sugared Plums) Chocolate Winter Mint (ver. 1) (Frosty Air+Peppermint Cocoa) Chocolate Winter Mint (ver. 2) (North Pole+Peppermint Cocoa) Christmas at Home (Holiday Garland+Home for the Holidays) Christmas Cabin (Red Berry & Cedar+Sparkling Pine) Christmas Cocoa (Christmas Cupcake+Frosty Air) Christmas Joy (Christmas Tree+Welcome Christmas) Christmas Kiss (Mistletoe+Sugared Plums) Christmas Kisses (Mistletoe+Mistletoe & Fig) Christmas Memories (Christmas Eve+Christmas Wreath) Christmas Morning (ver. 1) (Christmas Cookie+Home for the Holidays) Christmas Morning (ver. 2) (Christmas Eve+Christmas Tree) Christmas Party (Eggnog+Holiday Home Sweet Home) Christmas Snow (Christmas Eve+Sparkling Snow) Christmas Tree Farm (Christmas Tree+Winter Wonderland) Cookies for Santa (Christmas Cookie+Christmas Eve+Gingerbread) Cozy Christmas (Hearthside+Holiday Garland+Sparkling Snow) Cozy Fire (Eggnog+Hearthside) Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Sparkling Angel+Sugared Plums) Dashing Through the Snow (Frosty Air+Mistletoe & Fig) Deck the Halls (ver. 1) (Holiday Bayberry+Mistletoe) Deck the Halls (ver. 2) (Hollyberry+Mistletoe & Fig) Fairy Cookies (Christmas Cookie+Christmas Rose+Holiday Sage) Fire and Ice (ver. 1) (Peppermint Swirls+Sparkling Cinnamon) Fire and Ice (ver. 2) (North Pole+Sparkling Cinnamon) Fresh Fallen Snow (Holiday Garland+Sparkling Snow) Frost Bite (ver. 1) (Frosty Air+Sparkling Snow) Frost Bite (ver. 2) (Icicles+Sparkling Snow) Frosted Bayberry (Holiday Bayberry+Jack Frost) Frosted Fig (Mistletoe & Fig+Winter Wonderland) Frosty Pines (Jack Frost+Mountain Pine) Fruit Basket (Mistletoe & Fig+Red Apple Wreath) Gingerbread House (Gingerbread+Sparkling Cinnamon) Heavenly Gifts (Snow Angels+Sparkling Snow) Holiday Cedar Wreath (Home for the Holidays+Red Berry & Cedar) Holiday Cheer (Christmas Eve+Holiday Bayberry) Holiday Pine (Holiday Bayberry+Mountain Pine) Holiday Sparkle (Home for the Holidays+Sparkling Pine) Holiday Tradition (Holiday Bayberry+Red Berry & Cedar) Holiday Wreath (Home for the Holidays+Red Apple Wreath) The Holly and the Ivy (Christmas Eve+Hollyberry) Holly Jolly (Be Jolly+Holiday Garland) Holly Wreath (Christmas Wreath+Hollyberry) I'll be Home for Christmas (ver. 1) (Christmas Eve+Home for the Holidays) Jolly St. Nick (Be Jolly+Christmas Eve) Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe (Eggnog+Mistletoe) Kissing Ball (Mistletoe+Red Berry & Cedar) Kiss-mas Morning (Home for the Holidays+Mistletoe) Long Winter's Night (Christmas Cupcake+Peppermint Cocoa) Magical Memories (Jack Frost+Snow Berry) Milk and Cookies for Santa (Christmas Cookie+Eggnog) Mint Cookie (Christmas Cookie+North Pole) Mint Medley (ver. 1) (Frosty Air+North Pole+Peppermint Swirls) Mint Medley (ver. 2) (Icicles+North Pole+White Chocolate Mint) Mountain Holiday (Holiday Sage+Mountain Berry) Mountain Snow Berries (Mountain Pine+Snow Berry) Mountain Snow Storm (Balsam & Cedar+White Christmas) Mrs. Claus's Bakery (ver. 1) (Christmas Cookie+Christmas Eve) Night Before Christmas (Christmas Eve+Red Berry & Cedar) North Pole Bakery (Christmas Cookie+Gingerbread+North Pole) Peppermint Cupcakes (ver. 1) (Christmas Cupcake+North Pole+Peppermint Swirls) Peppermint Cupcakes (ver. 2) (Christmas Cupcake+North Pole+White Chocolate Mint) Peppermint Forest (Mountain Pine+North Pole) Peppermint Overload (Jack Frost+North Pole+Peppermint Swirls) Red Hot Holiday (Festival of Lights+Sparkling Cinnamon) Ribbon Candy (ver. 1) (Christmas Eve+Holiday Home Sweet Home) Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Christmas Tree+Holiday Bayberry) Santa's Magic (Be Jolly+Deck the Halls) Santa's Midnight Snack (Eggnog+Gingerbread) Santa's Sleigh Ride (Be Jolly+North Pole) Santa's Village (Christmas Cupcake+Mountain Pine+North Pole) Season's Greetings (Christmas Tree+Festival of Lights) Ski Slope (Mountain Pine+Sparkling Pine) Sleigh Ride (Christmas Tree+Sparkling Snow) Snickerdoodle (ver. 2) (Christmas Cookie+Sparkling Cinnamon) Snow Angels (Snow Berry+Sparkling Angel) Snow-Covered Branches (Red Berry & Cedar+Sparkling Snow) Snow-Covered Pines (Sparkling Pine+Sparkling Snow) Snow-Covered Wreath (Red Apple Wreath+Winter Wonderland) Snow Day (Holiday Garland+White Christmas) Snow Festival (Deck the Halls+North Pole) Snow Frosted Trees (Christmas Tree+Peppermint Swirls) Snow Kissed (Mistletoe+Sparkling Snow) Snow on Forest Glen (Holiday Bayberry+Sparkling Snow) Snow Storm (ver. 1) (Snow Berry+Sparkling Snow) Snowflakes (North Pole+Sparkling Snow) Snowy Holiday (ver. 1) (Christmas Eve+Frosty Air) Snowy Holiday (ver. 2) (Christmas Eve+North Pole) Snowy Pines (Mountain Pine+White Christmas) Snowy Woods (Mountain Pine+Sparkling Snow) Snowy Woods Retreat (Holiday Home Sweet Home+Jack Frost) Spiced Apple Cider (Red Apple Wreath+Sparkling Cinnamon) Spicy Gingerbread Cookies (Christmas Cupcake+Gingerbread+Sparkling Cinnamon) Spiked Eggnog (Eggnog+Hot Buttered Rum) Star of Wonder (Sparkling Snow+White Christmas) Sugar Plum Fairies (North Pole+Sparkling Snow+Sugared Plums) Sugar Plum Visions (Christmas Eve+Winter Wonderland) Sweet Christmas Memories (Christmas Tree+Holiday Home Sweet Home) 'Tis the Season (Holiday Bayberry+Holiday Garland) Trimming the Tree (Christmas Tree+Frosty Air) Victorian Christmas (Christmas Rose+Mistletoe) A Walk in the Woods (ver. 2) (Balsam & Cedar+Mountain Pine) Welcome to the North Pole (North Pole+Welcome Christmas) White Christmas Evening (Christmas Eve+White Christmas) Winter Forest (Balsam & Cedar+Holiday Bayberry) Winter Kiss (ver. 1) (Frosty Air+Mistletoe) Winter Kiss (ver. 2) (Mistletoe+White Christmas) Winter Rose (Christmas Rose+Sparkling Snow) Winter Snow Storm (ver. 1) (Frosty Air+Sparkling Snow+White Christmas) Winter Snow Storm (ver. 2) (Icicles+Sparkling Snow+White Christmas) Winter Walk (Christmas Tree+North Pole) Winter Wonderland (Balsam & Cedar+Sparkling Snow) Winter Woods (Christmas Tree+Holiday Bayberry+White Christmas) Winterberries (Snow Berry+Welcome Christmas) Winter's Night (Jack Frost+Sparkling Snow) FRUIT/FOOD & SPICE Almond Cranberry Bread (Mandarin Cranberry+Almond Cookie) Apple Butter (ver. 3) (MacIntosh+Pumpkin Buttercream) Apple Crisp (MacIntosh+Cinnamon & Sugar) Apple Festival (ver. 2) (MacIntosh+Apple Cider+Apple Pumpkin) Apple Pie with a Twist (MacIntosh+Be Thankful+Farmer's Market) Apple Wine (Napa Valley Harvest+Apple Cider) Autumn Abundance (Autumn Fruit+Be Thankful) Autumn Bliss (ver. 1) (Orchard Pear+Cinnamon & Sugar) Autumn Brilliance (Napa Valley Harvest+Almond Cookie) Autumn Celebration (MacIntosh+Vanilla Pumpkin) Autumn Fruit Basket (Autumn Fruit+Orchard Pear+Spiced Orange) Autumn Harvest (Cranberry Chutney+Vineyard+Spiced Orange) Autumn on the Coast (Napa Valley Harvest+Spiced Orange) Autumn Passion (Mandarin Cranberry+Farmer's Market) Baked Pears (Orchard Pear+Creamy Caramel) Berry-Berry Goodness (Kiwi Berries+Strawberry Buttercream) Berry Cheesecake (Tutti-Frutti+Buttercream) Berry Crumb Pie (Kiwi Berries+Sweet Strawberry+Cinnamon & Sugar) Berry Good Morning (Berry Jam+Good Morning) Better than Mama's Peach Cobbler (Juicy Peach+Be Thankful+Cinnamon Stick) Birthday Party (Tutti-Frutti+Vanilla Cupcake) Black Forest Cake (ver. 1) (Black Cherry+Buttercream+Chocolate Truffle) Black Forest Cake (ver. 2) (Black Cherry+Buttercream+Whoopie Pie!) Blue Ribbon Peach Cobbler (Mango Peach Salsa+Kitchen Spice+Pumpkin Buttercream) Blue Ribbon Peach Pie (Mango Peach Salsa+Farmer's Market+Vanilla Cupcake) A Bushel and a Peck (Fruit Salad+MacIntosh Spice) Candy Apple (ver. 2) (MacIntosh+Apple Pumpkin+Caramel Pecan Pie) Caramel Apple (ver. 2) (MacIntosh+Maple Pancakes) Caramel Apple (ver. 3) (MacIntosh+Apple Cider+Caramel Pecan Pie) Chocolate-Covered Cherries (Black Cherry+French Vanilla+Whoopie Pie!) Chocolate-Covered Strawberries (ver. 2) (Sweet Strawberry+Chocolate Truffle) Choc-tini (Mandarin Cranberry+Buttercream+Whoopie Pie!) Citrus Cranberry Explosion (Cranberry Chutney+Mandarin Cranberry+Cranberry Orange) Cotton Candy (ver. 1) (Tutti-Frutti+Buttercream+Vanilla Cupcake) Country Market (Cranberry Chutney+Farmer's Market) Cranberry Pumpkin Bread (Mandarin Cranberry+Vanilla Pumpkin) Cranberry Strudel (Cranberry Chutney+MacIntosh+Caramel Pecan Pie) Creamsicle Kick (Starfruit & Orange+Buttercream) Danish Layer Cake (Sparkling Lemon+Almond Cookie+Buttercream) Fall Cider (Autumn Fruit+Pomegranate Cider) Fall Harvest (ver. 1) (Mandarin Cranberry+Orchard Pear+MacIntosh Spice) Fall Harvest (ver. 2) (Orchard Pear+Harvest) Fall Time Favorites (Mandarin Cranberry+Maple Pancakes) Farmer's Bounty (Autumn Fruit+Farmer's Market) Fresh Berry Pie (Berry Jam+Vanilla Cupcake) Fresh Fruit Parfait (Fruit Salad+French Vanilla) Frozen Fruit Sorbet (Fruit Salad+Sweet Strawberry+Strawberry Buttercream) Fruit Cobbler (Mango Peach Salsa+Apple Pumpkin+Be Thankful) Fruit Smoothie (ver. 1) (Peach & Sweet Berries+Sweet Strawberry+Buttercream) Fruit Tart (Tutti-Frutti+Blueberry Scone) Grandma's Applesauce Cake (MacIntosh+Pumpkin Buttercream+Spice Cake) Great-Granny's Apple Pie (MacIntosh+Apple Pumpkin+Be Thankful) Heartland Spice (MacIntosh+Kitchen Spice+Pomegranate Cider) Honey-Baked Ham (Orchard Pear+Home Sweet Home) Hot Fudge Sundae (Black Cherry+Vanilla Cupcake+Whoopie Pie!) Jell-O Mold Salad (Fruit Salad+Buttercream) Jelly Roll (Tutti-Frutti+Almond Cookie) Lemon Cake (Sparkling Lemon+Vanilla Cupcake) Lemon Squares (Sparkling Lemon+Buttercream) Lemonberry Pie (Cherry Lemonade+Strawberry Buttercream) Moonshine Wine (Orchard Pear+Apple Pie+Cranberry Orange) Marmalade Cake (Sparkling Lemon+Buttercream+Spiced Orange) Mexican Mocha with Whip (Cinnamon Stick+French Vanilla+Whoopie Pie!) Mom's Lemon Pound Cake (Sparkling Lemon+Buttercream+Vanilla Cupcake) Morning in Vermont (Autumn Fruit+Maple Pancakes) Mulled Wine (Autumn Fruit+Vineyard+Mulling Spices) Nana's Jam (Cranberry Chutney+Orchard Pear+Buttercream) Neapolitan Cupcakes (Sweet Strawberry+Chocolate Truffle+Vanilla Cupcake) Off the Diet (Black Cherry+Almond Cookie+Hazelnut Coffee) Orange Dreamsicle Pound Cake (Orange Dreamsicle+Spice Cake+Vanilla Cupcake) Orange Rolls (Maple Pancakes+Orange Dreamsicle+Spiced Orange) Pomegranate Martini (Tutti-Frutti+Pomegranate Cider) Pomegranate Poached Pears (Orchard Pear+Almond Cookie+Pomegranate Cider) Pumpkinberry Delight (Cranberry Chutney+Pumpkin Pie) Ripe Autumn Fruit (Autumn Fruit+Cranberry Orange) Roadside Fruit Stand (Orchard Pear+Farmer's Market) Russian Tea (ver. 1) (Sparkling Lemon+Pomegranate Cider+Spiced Orange) Spiced Fruit (Autumn Fruit+Farmer's Market+Spiced Orange) Spiced Pear (ver. 1) (Orchard Pear+MacIntosh Spice) Spiced Pear (ver. 2) (Orchard Pear+Kitchen Spice) Strawberry Crepes (Sweet Strawberry+Maple Pancakes+Strawberry Buttercream) Strawberry Funnel Cake (Sweet Strawberry+Spice Cake+Vanilla Cupcake) Sweet Cherry Pie (Black Cherry+Cinnamon & Sugar) Sweet Cinnamon Cider (Autumn Fruit+Home Sweet Home) Sweet Summer (ver. 1) (Country Lemonade+Orange Dreamsicle) Taffy Apple (MacIntosh+Creamy Caramel+French Vanilla) Thanksgiving Cobbler (Autumn Fruit+Apple Pie) Thanksgiving Pie (MacIntosh+Caramel Pecan Pie+Pumpkin Pie) Thanksgiving Table (Cranberry Chutney+Be Thankful+Pumpkin Pie) A Trip Down Autumn Lane (Apple Cider+Cranberry Chutney+Kitchen Spice) Turkey Day (Cranberry Chutney+Be Thankful+Buttercream) Tuxedo Strawberries (Sweet Strawberry+Buttercream+Chocolate Truffle) 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving (Cranberry Chutney+Apple Pumpkin+Pumpkin Pie) Valencia Oranges (Napa Valley Harvest+Orange Dreamsicle) Valentine Candy (Black Cherry+Almond Cookie) Warm Apple Crisp (MacIntosh+Apple Pie+Cinnamon & Sugar) Wassail Bowl (Cranberry Chutney+Harvest) ??? (Vineyard+Apple Pumpkin+Harvest Welcome) FRUIT/FRESH Ambrosia (ver. 1) (Fruit Salad+Coconut Bay) Another Round (Bahama Breeze+Mango Peach Salsa+Coconut Bay) Autumn Orchard Nights (Orchard Pear+Moonlight Harvest) Bahama Getaway (Bahama Breeze+Country Lemonade+Pink Sands) Bahama Mama (Starfruit & Orange+Coconut Bay) Beach Picnic (Country Lemonade+Juicy Watermelon+Sun & Sand) Bountiful Blessing (Mango Peach Salsa+Fresh Mint+Season's Blessings) Caribbean Cooler (Country Lemonade+Pink Sands) Citrus Explosion (Sparkling Lemon+Island Spa+Lemon Lavender) Citrus Madness (Island Guava+Early Sunrise) Coastal Coladas (Pineapple Cilantro+Beach Vacation) Coastal Sunset (Napa Valley Sun+Midnight Oasis) Cooling Spa (Honeydew Melon+Spa Fresh) Country Boutique (Orchard Pear+Pink Sands+Vanilla Satin) Cranberry Blessings (Cranberry Chutney+Mandarin Cranberry+Season's Blessings) Decadent Vacation (Kiwi Berries+Pink Sands) Drinks on the Beach (ver. 1) (Fruit Salad+Beach Walk) Drinks on the Beach (ver. 2) (Bahama Breeze+Coconut Bay) Exotic Woods (Orchard Pear+Midnight Oasis+Mountain Lodge) Fall Fruit Salad (Mandarin Cranberry+Mango Peach Salsa+Season's Blessings) Fall Orchard Harvest (MacIntosh & Peach+Moonlight Harvest) Fresh Comfort (Sparkling Lemon+Drift Away) Fresh Iced Tea (Sparkling Lemon+Fresh Cut Herbs) Freshly Squeezed Lemonade (Sparkling Lemon+Early Sunrise) Fruit Colada (Tropical Fruit+Vanilla Lime+Coconut Bay) Fruit Kabobs (Bahama Breeze+Beach Wood+Fireside) Hammock Time (Bahama Breeze+Coconut Bay+Sun & Sand) Harvest Hayride (MacIntosh+Moonlight Harvest) Hawaiian Breeze (ver. 1) (Cherry Lemonade+Island Guava+Drift Away) In the Orchard (Black Cherry+MacIntosh+Season's Blessings) Island Mojito (Country Lemonade+Fresh Mint+Island Spa) Lemonade Stand (ver. 2) (Country Lemonade+Beach Walk) Lemongrass (ver. 2) (Country Lemonade+Coconut Bay+Dune Grass) Lime in da Coconut (ver. 1) (Vanilla Lime+Coconut Bay) Lime in da Coconut (ver. 2) (Pineapple Cilantro+Vanilla Lime+Coconut Bay) Mint Mojito (Country Lemonade+Vanilla Lime+Fresh Mint) My Strawberry Treat (Sweet Strawberry+Fresh Mint+Vanilla Satin) Napa Valley Sunrise (Napa Valley Harvest+Early Sunrise) New England Autumn (MacIntosh+Lakeside Birch) Painter's Pallet (Autumn Fruit+Nature's Paintbrush+Over the River) Picnic at the Beach (Fruit Salad+Sun & Sand) Pina Colada (Pineapple Cilantro+Coconut Bay) Pina Coladas, Caught in the Rain (Pineapple Cilantro+Coconut Bay+Meadow Showers) Pineapple Under the Sea (Pineapple Cilantro+Sea Harbor) Rain-Washed Garden (Honeydew Melon+Storm Watch) Savannah Nights (Country Lemonade+Midsummer's Night) Spring Fresh (Sparkling Lemon+Sage & Citrus) Strawberry Fields (ver. 1) (Sweet Strawberry+Dune Grass) Strawberry Fields (ver. 2) (Sweet Strawberry+Beautiful Day) Summer BBQ (Meyer Lemon+Fireside+Meadow Showers) Summer Picnic (ver. 1) (Juicy Watermelon+Dune Grass) Summer Refresher (Country Lemonade+Honeydew Melon+Fresh Mint) Summer's Day (Country Lemonade+Early Sunrise+Sage & Citrus) Sunny Breezes (Island Guava+Coconut Bay+Sun & Sand) Sunset Cocktail (Mango Peach Salsa+Starfruit & Orange+Coconut Bay) Tropical Escape (Bahama Breeze+Pineapple Cilantro+Coconut Bay) Tropical Paradise (ver. 1) (Starfruit & Orange+Ocean Water) Tropical Paradise (ver. 2) (Tropical Fruit+Beach Vacation+Beach Walk) Watermelon Patch (Juicy Watermelon+Beautiful Day) Zesty Ginger Jelly (Cranberry Chutney+Meyer Lemon+Harvest Welcome) ??? (MacIntosh+Over the River+Season's Blessings) ??? (Cranberry Chutney+Sage & Citrus+Treehouse Memories) FRUIT/FLORAL Afternoon Picnic (Juicy Watermelon+Garden Hideaway) Apple Blossom (ver. 2) (MacIntosh+Pink Blush) Cherry Blush (Cherry Lemonade+Pink Blush) Cherry Tree (Black Cherry+Pink Blush) Days of Wine and Roses (ver. 1) (Autumn Fruit+Fresh Cut Roses) Days of Wine and Roses (ver. 2) (Napa Valley Harvest+Fresh Cut Roses) Fruit & Flowers (Starfruit & Orange+Plumeria) Hawaiian Lagoon (Pineapple Cilantro+Ocean Blossom) Honey Bee Good (Honeydew Melon+Sweet Honeysuckle) Island Air (Kiwi Berries+Ocean Blossom) Oceanside Picnic (Fruit Salad+Ocean Blossom) Serendipity (Sparkling Lemon+Fresh Cut Roses) Spring Picnic (Honeydew Melon+Garden Sweet Pea) Springtime in Williamsburg (Pineapple Cilantro+Sweet Honeysuckle) Succulent Spring (Orchard Pear+Garden Sweet Pea) Sweet Summer Melon (Honeydew Melon+Sweet Violet) Tropical Flower (Island Guava+Garden Sweet Pea) Vintner's Magic (Autumn Fruit+Napa Valley Harvest+Fresh Cut Roses) Wine in the Garden (ver. 1) (Napa Valley Harvest+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Wine in the Garden (ver. 2) (Napa Valley Harvest+Garden Hideaway) FRUIT/FESTIVE Advent Wreath (ver. 2) (Autumn Fruit+Christmas Rose+White Christmas) Ambrosia (ver. 2) (Cherry Lemonade+Christmas Cupcake) Candied Pears (Orchard Pear+Mistletoe & Fig) Cherries Jubilee (Cherries on Snow+Be Jolly) Cherry Candy Cane (Black Cherry+North Pole) Christmas Lollipop (Cranberry Chutney+Cranberry Peppermint) Christmas Punch (Pineapple Cilantro+Snow Berry) Cranberry Christmas (Pineapple Cilantro+Cranberry Peppermint) Cranberry Garland (Cranberry Chutney+Holiday Garland) Frosted Cranberries (ver. 1) (Cranberry Chutney+Peppermint Swirls) Frosted Cranberries (ver. 2) (Cranberry Chutney+White Christmas) Holiday Fruit Cake (MacIntosh+Orchard Pear+Sparkling Cinnamon) Holiday Traditions (Pineapple Cilantro+Gingerbread) Ice Wine (Vineyard+Sparkling Snow) In the Holiday Spirit (Vanilla Lime+Be Jolly+North Pole) Merry Cherry Tart (Cherries on Snow+Sparkling Snow) Old Christmas Movies (Cranberry Chutney+Christmas Rose+Holiday Sage) A "Pear" of Kisses (Orchard Pear+Mistletoe) Ribbon Candy (ver. 2) (Sparkling Lemon+Peppermint Swirls) Season of Joy (Cherry Lemonade+North Pole) Snowberry (Mandarin Cranberry+Winter Wonderland) Stocking Stuffers (Cherries on Snow+Be Jolly+Christmas Cupcake) Surfing at the North Pole (Pineapple Cilantro+North Pole+Sparkling Snow) Winter Escape (ver. 2) (Cherries on Snow+Be Jolly+Christmas Cupcake) FOOD & SPICE/FRESH All Hallows' Eve (ver. 1) (Pumpkin Pie+Moonlight Harvest) All Hallows' Eve (ver. 3) (Spiced Pumpkin+Patchouli+Treehouse Memories) Apple Barrels (Apple Pie+Mountain Lodge) Apple Picking (MacIntosh Spice+Autumn Leaves) Autumn Bliss (ver. 2) (Farmer's Market+Nature's Paintbrush) Autumn Bonfire (ver. 2) (Harvest+Autumn Leaves+Patchouli) Autumn Breeze (Spiced Orange+Autumn Leaves) Autumn Garland (Autumn Wreath+Kitchen Spice+Eucalyptus) Autumn Moon (Autumn Wreath+Moonlight Harvest) Berry Spice (Kitchen Spice+Mountain Berry) Breakfast at the B&B (Blueberry Scone+Hazelnut Coffee+Harvest Welcome) Cabin in the Woods (Home Sweet Home+Lakeside Birch) Campfire Marshmallow (Buttercream+Creamy Caramel+Fireside) Campfire S'Mores (Chocolate Truffle+Vanilla Cupcake+Fireside) Chai Tea (Harvest+Moonlight Harvest) Coconut Cream Pie (Buttercream+Coconut Bay) Corn Maze (Farmer's Market+Autumn Leaves+Nature's Paintbrush) Country Kitchen (Farmer's Market+Kitchen Spice+Mountain Lodge) Country Store (Farmer's Market+Mountain Lodge) Cranberry Stuffing (Cranberry Orange+Sage & Citrus) Exotica (Spiced Orange+Patchouli+Sage & Citrus) Fall Afternoon (Apple Cider+Autumn Wreath+Nature's Paintbrush) Fall Bakery (Apple Pumpkin+Caramel Pecan Pie+Harvest Welcome) Fall Harvest (ver. 3) (Harvest+Mountain Lodge+Spiced Pumpkin) Fall Morning (Cinnamon Roll+Autumn Leaves) Fall Welcoming (Autumn Wreath+Home Sweet Home+Harvest Welcome) Family Baking Day (Apple Pumpkin+Caramel Pecan Pie+Mountain Lodge) Gingersnaps (Cinnamon & Sugar+Moonlight Harvest) Gone Camping (ver. 1) (Kitchen Spice+Mountain Lodge+Over the River) Good Morning (ver. 1) (Cinnamon Stick+Hazelnut Coffee+Beautiful Day) Grandma's Apple Dumplings (Autumn Wreath+Spice Cake+Vanilla Satin) Grandma's Cupboard (Apple Cider+Hazelnut Coffee+Patchouli) Grandma's Pumpkin Cheesecake (Pumpkin Buttercream+Vanilla Cupcake+Vanilla Satin) Grandmother's House (Home Sweet Home+Autumn Leaves+Over the River) Halloween Night (Vanilla Pumpkin+Moonlight Harvest) Harvest Festival (ver. 2) (Harvest+Kitchen Spice+Fireside) Harvest Romance (Spiced Pumpkin+Vanilla Satin) Haunted Hayride (ver. 2) (Harvest+Nature's Paintbrush) Haystack (Spiced Pumpkin+Nature's Paintbrush) Hearthside (Autumn Wreath+Mountain Lodge) Hearthside Warmth (Autumn Wreath+Lakeside Birch) Hidden Harvest (Farmer's Market+Over the River) Holiday Feast (Be Thankful+Whoopie Pie!+Mountain Lodge) Holiday Kitchen (Apple Pumpkin+Kitchen Spice+Harvest Welcome) Indian Summer Nights (Harvest+Midsummer's Night+Mountain Lodge) Jack-o-Lantern (Spiced Pumpkin+Moonlight Harvest) Kitchen Mischief (Be Thankful+Mulling Spices+Midsummer's Night) Landing at Plymouth (Be Thankful+Ocean Water) Leaf Peeping (Cranberry Orange+Maple Pancakes+Autumn Leaves) Let's Go Nuts! (Banana Nut Bread+Hazelnut Coffee+Harvest Welcome) Light Autumn's Day (Farmer's Market+Meadow Showers+Season's Blessings) Lighter than Air (Strawberry Buttercream+Early Sunrise) Magical Hayride (Apple Pumpkin+Mountain Lodge+Treehouse Memories) Moonlit Jack-o-Lantern (Spiced Pumpkin+MidSummer's Night) Morning Cupcake (Chocolate Truffle+Orange Dreamsicle+Pink Sands) Mountain Harvest (Harvest+Mountain Lodge) Mountain Spice (Spiced Orange+Mountain Lodge) October at the Orchard (Apple Pumpkin+Farmer's Market+Season's Blessings) October Dusk (Harvest+Midsummer's Night+Moonlight Harvest) Oktoberfest (French Vanilla+Spiced Pumpkin+Mountain Lodge) Orange Glow (Spiced Orange+Nature's Paintbrush) Orange Incense (Spiced Orange+Patchouli) Orchard Days (Apple Cider+Spiced Pumpkin+Nature's Paintbrush) Raking Leaves (Harvest+Autumn Leaves) Romance in the Pumpkin Patch (Pumpkin Buttercream+Early Sunrise+Vanilla Satin) Russian Tea (ver. 2) (Kitchen Spice+Spiced Orange+Early Sunrise) Sage & Sweet Potato Pie (Be Thankful+Sage & Citrus) Scarecrow (Harvest+Autumn Leaves+Nature's Paintbrush) Season's Siesta (Autumn Wreath+Vanilla Satin) Season's Spices (Kitchen Spice+Fresh Mint+Season's Blessings) Sinfully Sweet (Chocolate Truffle+Vanilla Satin) S'Mores (ver. 2) (Almond Cookie+Chocolate Truffle+Vanilla Satin) S'Mores at the Beach (Vanilla Cupcake+Fireside+Sun & Sand) S'Mores on an Open Fire (Buttercream+Whoopie Pie!+Fireside) Spiced Cider (Apple Cider+Harvest+Harvest Welcome) Super Clean (Spiced Orange+Lemon Lavender) Sweet Mocha Blend (Almond Cookie+Hazelnut Coffee+Vanilla Satin) Thanksgiving Homecoming (Be Thankful+Home Sweet Home+Harvest Welcome) To Grandmother's House We Go (Home Sweet Home+Over the River+Vanilla Satin) Toasted Marshmallows (ver. 2) (Vanilla Cupcake+Fireside) Toasted Marshmallows (ver. 3) (Buttercream+Fireside+Over the River) Vanilla Twilight (French Vanilla+MidSummer's Night+Treehouse Memories) Welcome Home (Autumn Wreath+Harvest Welcome+Treehouse Memories) Witches' Parlor (Spiced Pumpkin+Patchouli) Witch's Brew (Mulling Spices+Patchouli) Witch's Spell (Mulling Spices+Moonlight Harvest) ??? (Autumn Wreath+Harvest Welcome+Season's Blessings) ??? (Apple Cider+Banana Nut Bread+Season's Blessings) ??? (Apple Cider+Buttercream+Harvest Welcome) ??? (Farmer's Market+French Vanilla+Season's Blessings) ??? (Apple Pumpkin+Be Thankful+Over the River) ??? (Be Thankful+Pomegranate Cider+Harvest Welcome) ??? (Be Thankful+Pumpkin Pie+Harvest Welcome) ??? (Farmer's Market+Pumpkin Pie+Harvest Welcome) ??? (Harvest+Soft Blanket+Treehouse Memories) ??? (Hazelnut Coffee+Spiced Cocoa+Fireside) ??? (Apple Pumpkin+Spiced Pumpkin+Autumn Leaves) ??? (Autumn Wreath+Spiced Pumpkin+Harvest Welcome) ??? (Vanilla Cupcake+Whoopie Pie!+Fireside) ??? (Home Sweet Home+Vanilla Cupcake+Harvest Welcome) ??? (Apple Cider+Harvest Welcome) ??? (Apple Cider+Season's Blessings) ??? (Apple Cider+Treehouse Memories) ??? (Apple Pumpkin+Autumn Leaves) ??? (Autumn Wreath+Harvest Welcome) ??? (Autumn Wreath+Season's Blessings) FOOD & SPICE/FLORAL Almond Blossom Tea (Almond Cookie+Midnight Jasmine) Dream Come True (French Vanilla+Pink Blush+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Wedding Reception (Almond Cookie+Wedding Day) FOOD & SPICE/FESTIVE Bobbing for Apples (ver. 1) (Candied Apple+Sparkling Snow) Christmas at Grandma's (Kitchen Spice+Christmas Cupcake) Christmas Day (Be Thankful+Peppermint Swirls) Christmas Morning Breakfast (Hazelnut Coffee+Maple Pancakes+Mistletoe) Cuddling by the Tree (Apple Cider+Deck the Halls+Holiday Sage) Eggnog Latte (Cafe au Lait+Eggnog) Everyone is in the Kitchen (Kitchen Spice+Christmas Cookie+Holiday Sage) Family Memories (Kitchen Spice+White Christmas) Festive Feast (Be Thankful+Christmas Eve) Figgy Pudding (Be Thankful+Mistletoe & Fig) Frosted Peppermint Cookies (Buttercream+Peppermint Swirls) Gingerbread Latte (ver. 1) (Cafe au Lait+Gingerbread) Gingerbread Latte (ver. 2) (Hazelnut Coffee+Gingerbread) Grandma's Kitchen (ver. 1) (Harvest+Pumpkin Pie+Christmas Cupcake) Grandma's Spice Cake (Cranberry Orange+Farmer's Market+Gingerbread) Gum Drops (Mulling Spices+Red Apple Wreath) Hand-Crafted Christmas (Autumn Wreath+Spiced Orange+Holiday Garland) Holiday Fruit Basket (Farmer's Market+Welcome Christmas) Holiday Memories (Spiced Orange+North Pole+Red Apple Wreath) Holiday Open House (Mulling Spices+Holiday Home Sweet Home) Holiday Punch (Candied Apple+Pomegranate Cider+Sparkling Cinnamon) Holiday Treats (Candied Apple+Balsam & Cedar+Christmas Cupcake) Holiday Wassail (Mulling Spices+Sparkling Cinnamon) Hot Apple Cider (Candied Apple+Holiday Home Sweet Home+Sparkling Cinnamon) I'll Be Home for Christmas (ver. 2) (Home Sweet Home+Christmas Eve) Italian Holiday Biscotti (Almond Cookie+Christmas Cookie) Jeweled Garland (Cranberry Orange+Holiday Bayberry) Marshmallow World (Buttercream+Christmas Cupcake+Winter Wonderland) Mrs. Claus's Bakery (ver. 2) (Almond Cookie+Christmas Cookie+Gingerbread) Nutcracker Sweets (Almond Cookie+Hazelnut Coffee+Christmas Eve) Peppermint Bark (ver. 1) (Buttercream+Frosty Air) Peppermint Bark (ver. 2) (Buttercream+North Pole) Peppermint Ice Cream (Creamy Caramel+French Vanilla+Peppermint Swirls) Peppermint Latte (Cafe au Lait+Peppermint Swirls) Peppermint Mocha Latte (ver. 1) (Hazelnut Coffee+Peppermint Swirls) Peppermint Mocha Latte (ver. 2) (Hazelnut Coffee+North Pole+Peppermint Cocoa) Peppermint Patty (Chocolate Truffle+North Pole) Peppermint Vanilla Latte (Cafe au Lait+North Pole) Reindeer Treats (Buttercream+Christmas Eve+Gingerbread) Roasted Chestnuts (Cinnamon & Sugar+Home for the Holidays) Seasoned Greetings (Spiced Orange+Holiday Garland) Snacks for Santa (Pomegranate Cider+Christmas Cookie) Snowed In (Home Sweet Home+Sparkling Snow) Sparkling Christmas (French Vanilla+Sparkling Cinnamon) Spice Cake (Spiced Orange+Gingerbread+Sparkling Cinnamon) Spiced Eggnog (Cinnamon & Sugar+Eggnog) Sweet Scents of the Season (Cinnamon & Sugar+Red Apple Wreath+Sparkling Pine) Vanilla Ice (ver. 1) (French Vanilla+Frosty Air) Vanilla Ice (ver. 2) (French Vanilla+North Pole) Welcome Christmas Morning (Cafe au Lait+Welcome Christmas) Winter Retreat (French Vanilla+Frosty Air+Winter Wonderland) Winter Solstice (ver. 2) (Early Sunrise+Icicles) FRESH/FLORAL April Showers (ver. 1) (Storm Watch+Pink Lady Slipper) April Showers (ver. 2) (Meadow Showers+Storm Watch+Beach Flowers) April Showers Bring May Flowers (Spa Fresh+Storm Watch+Sweet Honeysuckle) Arabian Nights (ver. 2) (Beach Wood+Midnight Oasis+White Gardenia) Autumnal Wedding (Moonlight Harvest+Fresh Cut Roses) Baby Shower (Baby Powder+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Beach Bliss (Cottage Breeze+Beach Flowers) Beach Blush (Beach Wood+Pink Blush) Beach Hideaway (ver. 1) (Coconut Bay+Garden Hideaway) Beach House (ver. 1) (Beach Walk+Ocean Blossom) Beach Resort Vacation (ver. 1) (Island Spa+Ocean Blossom) Beachfront Rendezvous (Cottage Breeze+True Rose) Beachside Bridal Bouquet (Sea Harbor+Fresh Cut Roses) Beautiful Bouquet (Beautiful Day+Blue Hydrangea) Blooms by the Water (Over the River+White Gardenia) Blushing Blades of Green (Green Grass+Pink Blush) Boardwalk Oasis (Beach Wood+Midnight Oasis+Beach Flowers) Boy Meets Girl (Midsummer's Night+Pink Blush) Brand New Day (Fresh Comfort+Daffodil) Bubble Bath (ver. 1) (Cottage Breeze+Country Linen+Fresh Cut Roses) Butterfly Kisses (Clean Cotton+Pink Blush) Butterfly Whispers (ver. 1) (Beautiful Day+Garden Sweet Pea) California Coast (Beach Wood+Mountain Lodge+Garden Hideaway) Cemetery Gates (Home Sweet Home+Fresh Cut Roses) Changing Seasons (Lakeside Birch+Garden Sweet Pea) Cheek to Cheek (Midsummer's Night+Pink Lady Slipper) Cottage Flowers (Cottage Breeze+Pink Blush) Date on the Beach (Midnight Oasis+Beach Flowers+True Rose) Day at the Park (Green Grass+Meadow Showers+Sweet Honeysuckle) Desert Oasis (Midnight Oasis+True Rose) Destination Wedding (Coconut Bay+Pink Sands+Beach Flowers) Early Spring Bouquet (Meadow Showers+Sweet Honeysuckle+Tulips) Easter Egg Hunt (ver. 1) (Island Spa+Garden Sweet Pea) Emerald Gardens (Fresh Mint+Patchouli+Garden Hideaway) Enchanted (Ocean Water+Pink Blush) Estuary Blossoms (Over the River+Beach Flowers) Evening Serenity (Midnight Oasis+Pink Blush) Exotic Romance (Midsummer's Night+Stargazer Lily) Exotic Shores (ver. 1) (Dune Grass+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Fairy Glen (Soft Blanket+Garden Hideaway+Pink Lady Slipper) Fall Romance (Vanilla Satin+Wedding Day) Fantasy Island (Coconut Bay+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Field of Flowers (Beautiful Day+Sweet Honeysuckle) First Date (ver. 1) (Midsummer's Night+Cherry Blossom) First Date (ver. 2) (Midnight Oasis+Soft Blanket+True Rose) Flower Garden (ver. 1) (Greenhouse+Spring Bouquet) Garden Pond (Dune Grass+Ocean Blossom) Garden Rain (Meadow Showers+Sweet Honeysuckle+White Gardenia) Hawaiian Bliss (Dune Grass+Plumeria) Hawaiian Breeze (ver. 2) (Coconut Bay+Beach Flowers) Hawaiian Dunes (Dune Grass+Fireside+Garden Hideaway) Hawaiian Vacation (Coconut Bay+Plumeria) Herbs & Blooms (Fresh Mint+Garden Hideaway) Hidden Pond (Meadow Showers+Storm Watch+Blue Hydrangea) Hot House Flowers (Greenhouse+Blue Hydrangea) Hot House Roses (Greenhouse+True Rose) I Do! I Do! (Midnight Oasis+Wedding Day) In Full Bloom (Meadow Showers+Sweet Honeysuckle) Island Beauty (Coconut Bay+True Rose) Island Blooms (Pink Sands+Pink Blush+White Gardenia) Island Storm (ver. 2) (Storm Watch+Sun & Sand+Beach Flowers) It's a Girl (Midnight Jasmine+Soft Blanket+Pink Blush) Japanese Garden (Spa Fresh+Cherry Blossom) Kiss the Girl (Drift Away+Pink Blush) Lakeside Garden (Drift Away+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Let It Be (Midsummer's Night+Garden Hideaway) Let's Stay In (Fireside+Pink Blush) Lost at Sea (Coconut Bay+Mountain Lodge+Beach Flowers) Love is in the Air (Beach Walk+Pink Blush) Lover's Quarrel (Storm Watch+Pink Blush) Luscious Greens (Green Grass+Meadow Showers+Garden Hideaway) Mermaid's Perfume (Ocean Water+Velvet Petals) Midnight Blooms (Midnight Oasis+Beach Flowers) Midnight Breezes (Dune Grass+Midnight Jasmine) Midnight in the Garden (Midnight Oasis+Tahitian Tiare Flower+White Gardenia) Midnight Romance (Willow Breeze+Sweet Violet) Midnight Stroll (ver. 1) (Mountain Lake+Garden Sweet Pea) Moonlight Sonata (Midsummer's Night+Ocean Blossom) Moonlit Walk on the Beach (Evening Air+Ocean Blossom) Morning Air (Drift Away+Midnight Jasmine) Morning Beauty (Early Sunrise+Pink Blush) Morning Glory (ver. 1) (Early Sunrise+Garden Sweet Pea) Morning Glory (ver. 2) (Early Sunrise+Soft Blanket+Garden Hideaway) Mountain Meadow (Mountain Lake+Garden Hideaway) New Car Smell (Lavender Vanilla+Ocean Blossom) Night-Blooming Jasmine (Midnight Oasis+Midnight Jasmine) Ocean Getaway (Ocean Water+Beach Flowers) Ocean Sunrise (Early Sunrise+Ocean Blossom) Pink Clouds (Fluffy Towels+Pink Blush) Pink Dunes (Dune Grass+Pink Lady Slipper) Pretty in Pink (ver. 2) (Pink Sands+Pink Blush) Pretty Petals (Beautiful Day+Fresh Cut Roses) Pure Bliss (Beach Walk+Pink Lady Slipper) Pure Elegance (Beautiful Day+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Pure Romance (Midsummer's Night+Sweet Honeysuckle) Rain Dance (Storm Watch+True Rose) Romantic Getaway (Beach Wood+Drift Away+True Rose) Rose Water (Ocean Water+True Rose) Rustic Wedding (Over the River+Wedding Day) Salt Air Blossoms (Sea Harbor+Ocean Blossom) Satin Petals (Vanilla Satin+Midnight Jasmine) Sea Flower (Drift Away+Beach Flowers) Sea Spray (ver. 1) (Ocean Water+Ocean Blossom) Seascape (Ocean Water+White Gardenia) Seashore Wedding (Beach Vacation+Midnight Jasmine) Seaside Garden (Dune Grass+Garden Hideaway) Seaside Wedding (Sun & Sand+Ocean Blossom) Secret Garden (ver. 2) (Meadow Showers+Garden Hideaway) Secret Garden (ver. 3) (Meadow Showers+Treehouse Memories+Lilac Blossoms) Shabby Chic (Sage & Citrus+Pink Lady Slipper) Silky Bubble Bath (Vanilla Satin+Lilac Blossoms) Sleeping Beauty (Soft Blanket+Pink Blush) Spa Sunset (Midnight Oasis+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Splish Splash (Cottage Breeze+Soft Blanket+Fresh Cut Roses) Spring Awakening (Beautiful Day+Lilac Blossoms) Spring Breezes (Willow Breeze+Cherry Blossom) Spring Morning Dew (Pink Sands+Garden Sweet Pea+Lilac Blossoms) Spring Rain (Mountain Lake+Blue Hydrangea) Spring Showers (Water Garden+Garden Sweet Pea) Spring Thaw (Storm Watch+White Gardenia) Springtime Breeze (Soft Blanket+Garden Sweet Pea) Springtime Meadows (Green Grass+Sweet Honeysuckle+True Rose) Springtime Showers (Meadow Showers+Blue Hydrangea) Storms of Paradise (Storm Watch+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Stormy Seas (Storm Watch+Ocean Blossom) Stroll Along the Beach (Drift Away+Ocean Blossom) Summer Kiss (Sun & Sand+Pink Blush) Summer Meadow (Dune Grass+Fresh Mint+Garden Hideaway) Summer Morning (Cottage Breeze+Plumeria) Summer Romance (ver. 2) (Sage & Citrus+Pink Blush) Summer Shower (ver. 1) (Water Garden+Midnight Jasmine) Sun-Kissed Sands (Coconut Bay+Sun & Sand+Pink Blush) Sunday Walk (Over the River+True Rose) Sunny Afternoon (Early Sunrise+Soft Blanket+Sweet Honeysuckle) Surfer Girl (Lavender Vanilla+Sun & Sand+Pink Blush) Sweet Dew Drops (Fluffy Towels+Garden Sweet Pea) Sweet Summer (ver. 2) (Storm Watch+Sweet Honeysuckle) Sweet Sunrise (Early Sunrise+Sweet Honeysuckle) Tahitian Vacation (ver. 1) (Beach Vacation+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Tahitian Vacation (ver. 2) (Beach Walk+Beach Flowers+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Take Me Away (Midnight Oasis+Soft Blanket+Wedding Day) Timeless Romance (Midnight Oasis+Beach Flowers+Pink Blush) Tranquil Moments (ver. 2) (Island Spa+Garden Hideaway) Tropical Cove (Sea Harbor+Tahitian Tiare Flower) Under the Stars (Midnight Oasis+Garden Hideaway) Unwind (Eucalyptus+Pink Blush) Wedding Bliss (Beautiful Day+Wedding Day) Wild Mountain Flower (Mountain Lodge+Pink Lady Slipper) Zen Garden (ver. 1) (Water Garden+Cherry Blossom) Zen Garden (ver. 3) (Eucalyptus+Garden Hideaway) FRESH/FESTIVE All Through the House (Midsummer's Night+Mountain Lodge+Sparkling Snow) Babes in Toyland (Soft Blanket+Home for the Holidays) Baby, It's Cold Outside (ver. 1) (Fireside+Frosty Air+Sparkling Snow) Baby, It's Cold Outside (ver. 2) (Fireside+Icicles+Sparkling Snow) Backwoods (Autumn Leaves+Fireside+Mountain Pine) Berry Christmas (Mountain Berry+Red Berry & Cedar) Christmas at the Lodge (Mountain Lodge+Christmas Eve) Christmas Daybreak (Early Sunrise+Winter Wonderland) Christmas Hearth (Fireside+Holiday Garland) Christmas in the Mountains (Mountain Lodge+Home for the Holidays+Mountain Pine) Frosted Windows (Storm Watch+North Pole) Frosty Mountain Air (Mountain Lodge+Frosty Air) Frosty Night (ver. 1) (Midsummer's Night+Frosty Air) Frosty Night (ver. 2) (Midsummer's Night+Icicles) Frozen Lake (Mountain Lake+Winter Wonderland) Gulf Coast Christmas (Storm Watch+Sun & Sand+Balsam & Cedar) Holiday Berries (Mountain Berry+Holiday Garland) Holiday Sage (Sage & Citrus+Holiday Bayberry) Lumberjack (Mountain Lake+Mountain Pine) Merry Mountain Christmas (Mountain Berry+Be Jolly+Christmas Rose) Moonlight Sleigh Ride (Moon on Their Wings+Warm Woolen Mittens+White Christmas) Mountain Retreat (Mountain Lake+Mountain Lodge+Mountain Pine) Nor'easter (Storm Watch+Winter Wonderland) Over the River and Through the Woods (Mountain Lake+Christmas Tree) Peace on Earth (Patchouli+Christmas Tree) Pine Boughs on the Mantle (Fireside+Red Berry & Cedar) Romance at the Lodge (Mountain Berry+Peppermint Cocoa) Santa's Day Off (Fireside+Christmas Eve+Mistletoe) Seaside Snow Flurry (Beach Walk+Snow Berry) Season of Peace (Drift Away+Winter Wonderland) Ski Lodge (ver. 2) (Mountain Lodge+Sparkling Snow) Snow-Capped Mountains (Mountain Berry+Sparkling Snow) Snow Caps (Mountain Lake+Mountain Pine+Sparkling Snow) Snow Day Vacation (Warm Woolen Mittens+Sparkling Snow) Snow Storm (ver. 2) (Storm Watch+Sparkling Snow) Solstice Incense (Patchouli+Red Berry & Cedar) Spring Melt (Drift Away+Sparkling Snow) Upon a Midnight Clear (Early Sunrise+Storm Watch+Deck the Halls) Vanilla Fantasy (Vanilla Satin+Jack Frost+Sparkling Vanilla) Winter Escape (ver. 1) (Mountain Lodge+Winter Wonderland) Winter Solstice (ver. 1) (Early Sunrise+Frosty Air) Winter's Bride (Vanilla Satin+Christmas Rose+Holiday Garland) Woodland Noel (Mountain Berry+Mountain Lodge+Christmas Tree) Yule Log (Fireside+Holiday Bayberry+Holiday Garland) FLORAL/FESTIVE Midnight Kisses (Midnight Jasmine+Mistletoe & Fig) Season of Hope (Garden Sweet Pea+White Christmas) Winter Rose (ver. 1) (Fresh Cut Roses+Snow Berry) FRUIT/FOOD & SPICE/FRESH Apple Festival (ver. 1) (MacIntosh+Harvest+Autumn Leaves) Autumn Hayride (ver. 2) (MacIntosh+Pumpkin Buttercream+Nature's Paintbrush) Autumn's Bounty (MacIntosh+Farmer's Market+Season's Blessings) Big Bad Bahama Mama (Bahama Breeze+Orange Dreamsicle+Coconut Bay) Candlelight Romance (Black Cherry+Chocolate Truffle+Vanilla Satin) Caribbean Queen (Bahama Breeze+Almond Cookie+Sun & Sand) Crisp Apple (MacIntosh+Cinnamon Stick+Harvest Welcome) Good Ol' Apple Pickin' (MacIntosh+Apple Pumpkin+Harvest) Harvest Blessings (MacIntosh+Pumpkin Pie+Season's Blessings) Harvest Market (Cranberry Chutney+Farmer's Market+Nature's Paintbrush) Meyers Farm's Blessing (Meyer Lemon+Farmer's Market+Season's Blessings) Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Pineapple Cilantro+Kitchen Spice+Vanilla Satin) Thanksgiving Dinner (Cranberry Chutney+Be Thankful+Season's Blessings) FRUIT/FOOD & SPICE/FLORAL Peachy Keen (Juicy Peach+Orange Dreamsicle+Pink Blush) Strawberry Shortcake (ver. 3) (Sweet Strawberry+Vanilla Cupcake+Pink Blush) FRUIT/FOOD & SPICE/FESTIVE Candy Store (Cherries on Snow+Almond Cookie+North Pole) Holiday Cookies (Cranberry Chutney+Almond Cookie+Christmas Cookie) Marmalade Wishes (Sparkling Lemon+Spiced Orange+Christmas Cupcake) FRUIT/FRESH/FLORAL Jelly Beans (ver. 3) (Pineapple Cilantro+Lemon Lavender+Pink Blush) Luau (Bahama Breeze+Coconut Bay+Beach Flowers) Off to Dreamland (MacIntosh+Soft Blanket+Garden Hideaway) Sensual Spa (Honeydew Melon+Eucalyptus+Pink Lady Slipper) Tickle Me Pink (Cherry Lemonade+Pink Sands+Pink Blush) Tropical Island Retreat (Island Guava+Cottage Breeze+Tahitian Tiare Flower) FRUIT/FRESH/FESTIVE Snow-Covered Trees (Cherries on Snow+Mountain Berry+Balsam & Cedar) FRUIT/FLORAL/FESTIVE Advent Wreath (ver. 1) (Autumn Fruit+Fresh Cut Roses+White Christmas) FOOD & SPICE/FRESH/FLORAL El Dia de los Muertos (Fall Festival+Midsummer's Night+Fresh Cut Roses) FOOD & SPICE/FRESH/FESTIVE Celtic Christmas (Spiced Orange+Fireside+Mistletoe & Fig) Ski Lodge (ver. 1) (Apple Cider+Fireside+Sparkling Snow) Thanksgiving in the Mountains (Be Thankful+Mountain Lodge+Mountain Pine)
  14. I started thinking this might exist as "spiced orange" or "mandarin spice". Does that ring any bells for you all? Are there some FOs of those names anywhere?
  15. Darbla

    Opinions on Pumpkin Souffle

    Somebody on here used to talk up a blend of CS Pumpkin Souffle with something else that took the burnt edge off Pumpkin Souffle. If I can remember it I'll add it here.