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  1. I'm not testing oils for use in wax; I'm using them for general room scent. But I think sometimes FOs don't smell as good unless they're in wax. Kind of like how you said they didn't do well in salt, but were fine in wax. I'm going to start dropping a bit of wax in my warmers and skip the water.
  2. Is the modifier to make the ingredients stay blended in the bottle? Would shaking the bottle before using achieve the same? I make just for myself and I don't mind if I have to do that each time before using.
  3. Is there one you like on the market now that you can read the ingredients and get an idea what's in it? I don't use men's aftershave stuff, but I have wondered if it isn't just like some of the toners we girls use. Meaning a lot of alcohol, witch hazel, or something like that, and I think I have seen recipes for that. Looking at a few similar items like that might stimulate some ideas for your perfect recipe.
  4. I realize that is a wide open question so if you want to answer "I add X drops and I can smell it for X days; for super strong FOs it lasts X days and for weak FOs I only get X time". I'm just trying to get a roundabout idea because I'm wondering if it's my nose getting used to whatever scent I'm using at the time and not that it's actually weakened all that much. What is that phrase we use for when you get used to a scent and no longer detect it? Is it "scent fatigue"?
  5. http://www.impulsecosmetics.com/store/c9/Cosmetic_Glitters.html I wanted to buy from there but the two main ones I want are both OOS right now. I emailed them asking when they'd be back in stock, but it may be next week before they get back to me. So in the meantime I might as well entertain myself checking out other glitters. Do you have a favorite source? I'm basically trying to come up with something like these: https://www.stilacosmetics.com/pages/glitter-glow-duo-chrome https://www.stilacosmetics.com/products/magnificent-metals-glitter-and-glow-liquid-eye-shadow
  6. I don't know what liquid soap paste is, but I might try finely grating a bar of what I have and mix with some unscented body wash. I could use my kitchen hand mixer to see if that would fluff it up, and since we're not talking about lye this wouldn't damage the hand mixer or make it unusable for food after that. Hmmmmm......
  7. I've got some bars that just with age have lost their scent, and I'm wondering about melting them down, adding scent, and then whipping to make the result fluffy? I don't even care about them setting up into bars; even if I leave them as a cream in a plastic jar, that would be OK. Do any of you have ideas or warnings about that?
  8. Didn't go shopping today after but looked on Amazon and ordered this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y9O7I1C/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It is described as small which sounds perfect for a few bars of soap, and I can throw it in the washing machine if it gets yucky.
  9. Corner rack from Home Depot, OK! Will look for today. TY! I actually don't keep anything at all now IN the shower. I got tired of removing it all when I scrub the shower so I started keeping everything in a basket just outside the shower. Another reason for that is turning upside down some bottles to get the last of the product to the opening (my favorite hair conditioner). A lot of bottles these days still aren't made with the wide flip-top end so you can stand it like that, and it wouldn't stay standing on its little tip top on the tub edge, so I had to bracket around it with other bottles. So I have plenty of room in there now for a little rack like you're talking about to keep my soap handy. Before, all those bottles were taking up all the room.
  10. Is there such a thing as some kind of little rack that would let me keep half a dozen bars separated and have air flow so they're not melting away from the water hitting them? I want to use something different every single shower, so keeping it from being over-crowded in there is somewhat of a problem. WWCSD (what would Craft Server do)?
  11. This stuff smells divine. The only description I've seen for it is "Passionate fruits with sparkling tea and classic patchouli." Have any of you sniffed this and know of a dupe / similar? http://www.bridgewatercandles.com/eec/Catalog.aspx?pageid=396&nt=p&sub=00900-SGR
  12. You know, you're absolutely right. It didn't smell like gunpowder; it smelled like steel. It had a metallic note in it that was the "guns" part.
  13. I know this exists or did not too long ago because an artisan perfumer I used to buy finished products from used it in one of their blends. I loved their blend and would happily pay their full price for it now but they no longer make it. So have any of you ever come across that? There used to be an FO called Guns & Roses but I can't remember who made it and they're out of business now. I know some of the rest of you have got to remember that?