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  1. This and the height concerns me. Those taller sides mean more heat held in.
  2. Dang it, now I'm regretting not going for that sale.
  3. Black Canary is getting Black Vanilla whether she wants it or not, since the naughty minx did not reply to my message from days ago asking her what she liked.
  4. I found Drakkar Noir in my stash last night so that's now "Dark Knight" (but I'd like to try that Lone Star FO I mentioned above). Green Irish Tweed got laterally promoted to "Green Arrow". Wild Mint & Ivy is still "Poison Ivy".
  5. OK, I wish I'd had THIS for that Dark Knight idea: "A men's fine fragrance with a masculine combination of leather, black currant, and oak moss." That's Lone Star's scent called Dauntless. https://www.lonestarcandlesupply.com/dauntless.html What I went with this time was Green Irish Tweed to keep from buying something else at the moment. But I might have a "Dark Knight 2019" for next time. What would be your ideas for Green Lantern and Black Widow? I also cosplay as them. That Green Irish Tweed would be PERFECT for GL so I'll go that route next time and find something like I said above for Dark Knight. Is there a Dior Poison FO?
  6. There is a discontinued perfume oil, that I would buy by the gallon if I could, that I am always trying to reproduce. Every orangey Christmas scent makes me stop and stare because this discontinued perfume smelled a lot like our orangey / clovey / Christmasy scents. The description doesn't sound like it would exactly, but it does; the mulled wine and the woods and bayberry make it really Christmasy. This is the description of it: "Spicy mulled wine flowing through the musky heat, warm leather and bright clash of armor, the damp branches of Cornish hawthorn, blackthorn, juniper, English elm and bayberry, and the magical tingle of dragon's blood resin." Tintagel from BPAL
  7. https://www.lonestarcandlesupply.com/yuletide.html "Dirty pinecone"? If any of you have tried this, is it really as bad as those two reviews say? Because reading the notes, it sounds wonderful.
  8. Darbla

    Update on CS whiskey and leather

    I apologize for sending us off-topic for a moment but you all reminded me about the distinction between Scottish whisky and Irish whiskey: http://www.whiskyforeveryone.com/whisky_basics/whisky_or_whiskey.html Whisky or whiskey? ... The Scots spell it whisky and the Irish spell it whiskey, with an extra 'e'. This difference in the spelling comes from the translations of the word from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic forms. Whiskey with the extra 'e' is also used when referring to American whiskies. I only know this because I love all things Irish (I have ancestry there) and I drink Jameson.
  9. I'm wondering if they have to pay any kind of royalties to use that name? Does it really smell all that unique or special? Is there something else close to it? Get one of these duping places to dupe it...... 🦊
  10. Darbla

    FO Companies

    What's the fun in that?
  11. If not vodka, what else? Witch hazel has too much of it's own scent. Or maybe I need to consider some of those spritz and mist recipes that use fractionated coconut oil, if something oily/slippery aids with scent longevity on your skin? I've seen some of those recipes floating around. I'm not selling or even gifting these; this is for myself only. I'm asking in case I have some ingredients already that I can put together and make a body spray base without buying a gallon and paying those extortion-level shipping costs. I don't mind even making very small, 2 oz amounts so that I use it up quick. I'm mostly trying to motivate myself to use more of the FOs I have before they start going bad (which all will eventually do)....
  12. Yeah, I cook a lot from scratch because superheroeing doesn't come with a paycheck. If any of you have a suggestion for Black Canary, the blond on the far left in the top pic, I'd love to make something for her as a gift that won't go in the raffle baskets. She's the hero who organizes a lot of the charity efforts in her city, and I'm next door doing it in my city. I have 3 WW costumes: the gladiator style that Gal Gadot has now made famous, the New 52 look that I'm wearing in the group shot above (the briefs have 4 larger stars), and then the classic Lynda Carter look. All of these (and many more variations of her costume) have been in the comic books. This character has been around since the 1940s and the costumes are always being redrawn, updated, freshened up, that kind of thing. Lady Thor is in a pic below with me and some United Blood Services nurses when we promoted their "Be A Hero" campaign.
  13. Just plundered. Luckily after all the reorganizing I did recently I can find stuff fairly easily now. Contenders that I'll experiment with over the next couple of weekends: "Dark Knight" -- Peak - Stormwatch -- Peak - Black Canyon -- Flicker's - Green Irish Tweed "Poison Ivy" -- MMS - Wild Mint & Ivy -- Cajun - English Ivy
  14. NaughtyNancy, you are on the right track. I like the Poison Ivy idea! As a matter of fact, I have "wild mint and ivy" that I just came across a couple weeks ago when cleaning and organizing. I was wracking my brain about any men's scents I had, like maybe I could slap the name "Thor" or "Superman" on them. Black Canyon, Green Irish Tweed, and I know I have a few more masculine FOs. I know I have something DARK besides Black Canyon that I might could label "Dark Knight", right? I've got RE/AH Badedas which I absolutely love. Wonder if that could be the "Themyscira", Mediterranean scent I had in mind? I've got MW Sea Witch too, for something ocean-breezy. I've got a ton, like you other FO ho's, too many to list, so I'll pick your brains for general ideas and then post later what I end up going with. I need to revisit the fresh green scents I have and see what I can come up with for "The Shire" idea.
  15. LOL Thank you, I don't remember ever mentioning it on here, and I wouldn't have now but I actually could use help with ideas for the raffle. I wish I had a nice printer and had worked on having labels and stuff like that to jazz them up, but I never pursued that. They'll just have to be happy with my little hand-scribbled name on the warning label on the bottom. The owl is because I'm a bird person. There's dog people, there's cat people, and then there's...... us