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  1. OK, serious question: how can she keep from getting olfactory fatigue after a bunch of sniffing? Or getting nauseated from the overload? She's going to be like an addict let loose and that might get painful!
  2. I ordered only Pumpkin, Red Apple Peel and Sugar Plum, but I ordered 8 oz bottles and am really hoping I don't regret that. But not nearly that ambitious list I mentioned above, so I'll wait for another 99 cent sale to try the rest of those.
  3. I bought their absinthe once and it went bad in no time. The scent turned awful in just a few weeks and I had to toss it. That along with the lack of descriptions turned me off from ordering from them again.
  4. I wish I lived close to you as I'd be happy to drive us over there. The closest suppliers to me (Community Candle in AL and Cajun Candles in LA; I'm smack in the middle between them) are both 3 hours away, and none of my friends are into scent crafts like us on this forum. And neither of those places carries the waxes I like; if they did that would make the trip worth it.
  5. But I can't figure out how to access it on purpose if I wanted to read other stuff in it. I found it because I was googling for IGI 4761 wax, and one of the Google results was to an archived message. But I can't find a link here on Craftserver to that, or I've simply overlooked it. Does anybody know? Here is the archived message I stumbled upon:
  6. I think it was a company named Clarus out of Dallas, TX, but I just went to their site and I can't pin down exactly which wax of theirs was the GL 70/30. If I suddenly remember more details I'll let you know. I just haven't thought about this in so long it may take me a bit to dredge up all the info I had on it. Edit: it's Clarus 3022.
  7. I'm reluctant to remelt as I'm always afraid I'll kill off some of the scent. But I have grated up something too strong, melted some new base, stirred the grated bits into it, then remolded.
  8. Any updates on thoughts/results? I'm now wondering about some of these too, as I may be making my first SOS order for samples.
  9. That sounds a lot like what Sponie was describing; it's described as menthol and evergreen notes. That one was described with chocolate but I noticed another one there called Winter Woodlands Whisper that seems to be all pine, spruce and fir. I wonder if I could find something camphorous to mix with these to up the cold factor? Edit: found camphor FO at SOS, but they say it's "less nose-clearing" than eucalyptus. I would've though camphor would've been MORE nose-clearing. :-/ http://www.saveonscents.com/product_info.php/products_id/203579 Edit again: might be onto something now: " Brrrr...crisp and cool, an eye-opening combination of mints, aquatics, camphors " http://www.saveonscents.com/product_info.php/products_id/3667
  10. Is there anything anywhere that had a good camphor note to it? A watery note would probably help too. Those coupled with some of the ideas you guys had would be ideal.
  11. Eucalyptus? One of the sinus relief blends? Most of the snowy, wintery FOs I'm seeing are described as peppermint + vanilla and there's got to be some that evoke a feeling of ice cold air better than that. Is there some kind of alpine type FO somewhere?
  12. I think I can understand why you haven't tried that MMS one yet. I didn't think about checking at NG. I see it has good reviews (assuming they don't screen their reviews and refuse any not so glowing....) and someone even mentioned a moldy note to it. This sounds great, thanks! I despise the SOS site (there's no excuse why they have to make it so complicated) and so I've never ordered from them. They used to not have all that great reviews anywayso I've avoided them. You may have saved me from them again.
  13. I'm trying to come up with the deepest, richest sort of damp earth scent I can manage. Moonworks 'Gaia' was nice but they're no longer in business, so I'm figuring out other options. SOS has Dirt but is it really a rich scent or is it just topsoil? Do any of you remember JS Pumpkin Patchouli? I need to go see if they still sell that, and if that would work as an Autumn dirt scent. What do you all think about patchouli as dirt, or about Pumpkin Patchouli if they still have it? I know I've got a sample or two of some kinds of autumn leaves lying around so I may get those in some wax to check out too for this.
  14. These are on my want-to-try list: Juniper Breeze Voodoo Love Bayberry Canella Bark Christmas Essence (they don't have a description of this???) Fraser Fir Rattle Snake Grass Scotch Pine Winter Woods Pumpkin Spiced Cider Sugar Plum Any of the Fall/Christmas scents Any experiences with these, and if not these what are your faves? Thanks, guys.