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  1. I'm getting a few of those boxes I posted earlier (thanks to TallTayl for the original idea). They are opaque but not completely see-through, but I can slap a label on the outside. I have all my samples in some small drawers organized by supplier name, and anything larger that doesn't fit in the small drawers is going in these boxes. These first three I'm labeling "Autumn", "Christmas/Winter", and "Clean" (lavender and other similar scents). I'll add more if needed.
  2. Looking for a Clean not Floral scent

    A few of my favorite scents I'd put in the "clean" category are AH/RE "Badedas" (if they even still have this) and Nature's Garden "Cracklin' Birch" and "Desire". Probably a ton of the men's cologne type of scents would fall in this area. I loooooooooooove lavender but that's a floral.
  3. Yeah that. I've kept my FOs in a spare bedroom out of the main traffic area, yet every time I walk past that door I smell them and I don't even have as many as some of you guys do. Like I said, I can't even stand drinking a cup of coffee in there. That hallway outside that bedroom smells absolutely wonderful, mind you, but that's still not what my kitchen needs to smell like. And I have parrots, who have a more sensitive respiratory system than most pets, so I keep the FOs far from them.
  4. Lebermith and Nurture Soap FO

    This is good to know, because doesn't Lebermuth have pounds as their smallest size (other than teeny 1/2 oz samples)? I think a lot of us hobbyists end up sticking with smaller sizes because we just don't use up pounds quickly enough.
  5. I'm also reorganizing, and I found some of the boxes like TallTayl posted above at Walmart now for $5.88 each. These are Sterlite brand, and I grabbed three as a start on neatening some of my bottles. The only thing that worries me is if I stack one of these on top of another, the one on bottom might crack because you all know how heavy these FOs can get. Especially when they're in glass bottles. Maybe I can fill the one on bottom all the way to the top edge to the point that the bottles themselves then help with the weight? Dunno, that might not work out. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sterilite-File-Box-Black/19400063?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&wl13=916&adid=22222222227015428962&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=89401638857&wl4=aud-310687322322:pla-98927896617&wl5=9060135&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=local&wl12=19400063&wl13=916&veh=sem How do y'all stand storing these in your kitchens??? I can't even take a cup of coffee into the storage room where I have my FOs. The scent is strong enough to affect taste buds.
  6. Lebermith and Nurture Soap FO

    I've not seen a lot of discussion about Nurture so I was wondering if you guys had anymore input about them now? One nice thing about them is they offer a 2 oz size; to me buying anything less than 2 oz is not enough if you want to try it in different applications, so I appreciate their 2 oz sizes. (EBC in contrast jumps from 1 oz to 4 oz.) Nurture has some seriously intriguing sounding FOs such as this one: https://nurturesoap.com/collections/fragrance-oils/products/flame-tree-fragrance-oil
  7. There's a post stating Bulk Apothecary's FOs come from Lebermuth, so we'd be better off ordering from Lebermuth. Do any of you know where Essentials by Catalina, Nurture Soaps, Rustic Escentuals and Lone Star get their FOs? Or any other supplier really. I know Agilex and French something or other are two of the biiiiiig suppliers and manufacturers; ones who only sell large volumes so I won't ever be ordering from them. There are others than those two though.
  8. I've never purchased from Nurture but after Candybee mentioned them recently I perused their web site. And now I want to buy 2 ouncers of every single one of their dupes and then be deliriously happy for about a month testing them all!.....
  9. EOs are fine but rose is expen$$$$$$ive. I've never seen an osmanthus EO but if you have a recommendation for one I'm all ears. Do you have suggestions for good ones of all of those?
  10. Bumping this back up to the top to see if anyone now has more input, and add a few more specific scents: Ylang-ylang Violet Lilac Jasmine Osmanthus (tea olive) Orange blossom (neroli) Rose (I bet Candybee is going to say FB Gypsy Rose!) Basically I'm looking for the best of those florals because y'all know how head-stabby bad florals can be. I think Tony asked about jasmine and neroli in another post so I'll go peruse that too. How about any other nice florals that you guys can think of? I'm in the mood for Spring so these are interesting me right now.
  11. Candlescience sale

    Am I the only one who absolute loves that Candle Science is posting here to us?
  12. Best price for Citric

    OMG I would be over there every weekend, plundering their wares. I'm millions of miles from everywhere so I don't have any handy day trips. I would love to go into business as a wax & FO distributor here as there none in my entire state.
  13. Is there a good smelling rose oil or rose geranium oil that would be safe to use in a facial mist and won't cost me a 2nd mortgage on my house to acquire? On a related note, do any of you remember that Rose Milk lotion from way back? My mom used to use that.
  14. I found "infused with a signature aromatherapy blend of ylang ylang, bergamot and patchouli scents" and I was wondering if you guys have suggestions about that? Maybe you've seen a Pureology FO somewhere similar to how we have the Aveda dupes? Or maybe you've created a blend yourself and can recommend some quality EOs you used? Or maybe you can just tell me what to stay away from? The description was found on https://www.pureology.com/liter-sizes/
  15. Hydrating Body Mist base

    So glad you all posted this! I have a body mist base from Candles & Supplies but every FO I've tried in it, the result has been awful. I'm guessing it was the base somehow altering the scents. I can't detect a scent in the base, but somehow FOs that smell good normally are morphing in that stuff.