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  1. Jeana

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    If you are using soy, try HTPs. They hold up much better in harder to wick scents. I used to use an HTP 104 for a 3” container with 464. It was really nice.
  2. Jeana

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    OK, thanks, that's good to know that it is medium to wick. Pumpkin souffle was one of the easiest scents I have ever wicked. Sounds like the Chai isn't going to be as easy lol. How do they compare on throw? PS has a super duper throw.
  3. Jeana

    Candle Science Pumpkin Chai

    Let me know how your testing goes with the pumpkin chai, and the comparison tests. Pumpkin souffle sells really well, but I think it could be nice to have the hint of spice for a twist this year. I can't do too much spice it messes with my head too much. I can get migraines from a lot of cinnamon or clove.
  4. I used to use their pumpkin Soufflé, but after smelling their new pumpkin Chai I'm considering switching. It has just a little more spice, but not too much. Anyone have any experience with the two to help me compare them, or want to give an opinion? The pumpkin souffle needed to be wicked up, does the pumpkin chai? Does it throw well?
  5. Jeana

    Website Product Pics

    It is horrible to have things stolen. I didn't notice too much until now that I would love to be using the equipment. To make things worse, I'm pretty sure it was a homeless guy I was trying to help too. I got a description from people that saw it happening.The description fits the guy and his friend perfectly 😡 I'm just super glad they didn't actually break into my shop. It could have been way worse then.
  6. Jeana

    Website Product Pics

    @MilosCandles That's a nice studio set up. I went to your website and the pics look really nice. They are very consistent. And the lighting looks good. So, you decided to go with the background sets instead of just the product with the white background. What made you chose that way? I'm still on the fence of which way to go. I had a couple light set ups, but someone broke into my storage cabinet outside my shop and stole all my photography lights I really don't want to buy it all again so i'm trying to improvise lately.
  7. Jeana

    Dust covers & boxes

    Yes, If you hit the forum button, then go down to the last item on the menu and it will say classified there.
  8. Did you look on Keystone’s website? They have a lot of Peak scents. https://keystonecandlesupplies.com/
  9. Jeana

    Dust covers & boxes

    Thanks Laura He’s my awesome little buddy.
  10. Jeana

    Dust covers & boxes

    I used to order from them. They are really close so no shipping. They started out nice but got to be a PITA. When they made my dust covers they would wait until they got an order that there would be extra space between whatever they were cutting to fit my order in. Does that make sense? Instead of just making my order, they would “fit my order in”. The orders started taking longer and longer to get. I stopped using them when they started acting like it was somehow my fault that they were late with my orders. I recently found these guys. They have much better prices, they are super nice and occomodating. http://www.westernpress.net/CandleCoverTwoColor.html They sent me quite a few samples. They have a very big selection of papers and print type options. BTW I have a few dust covers for sale in the classifieds. You should take a look.
  11. Jeana

    Dust covers for sale

    I don't remember which manufacturer these came from. I ordered from a couple at the same time. Does it matter who made them? Or are you just wondering in general who makes dust covers?
  12. Jeana

    Dust covers for sale

    I don't know the measurements of the status jars. These are a true 3" measurement, so if your opening is at least 3" it will work. It's better if it is a little larger so the top can get in and out easily. Just measure the inside diameter of your jar.
  13. Jeana

    Dust covers for sale

    I got these dust covers by mistake in my order. They are 3" diameter, very thick, quality covers. No coatings or print. I have 138 darker brown covers, and 490 lighter (more kraft like). 628 total. $50.00 for all or .08 each. They all easily fit in a med flat rate box to ship.
  14. Thank you! I’ll check them out.
  15. In my area candles don't sell very well with lids. You may be able to increase your sales with a no-lid container to make up for the increased cost of the dust cover. I'm just curious, where do you find jar lids for 13 cents a piece?