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  1. Thank you, this is a really big help! I may be able to replace the blades on my current one with these. There’s nothing wrong with it other than bad blades. But if these don’t fit, I’ll check out the acrylic one
  2. Can anyone recommend a beveler/planer? I would like to be able to buy replacement blades. I've had the one I have now for years, but I can't change the blades on it. I see some acrylic ones and bladeless ones now. I'm wondering how well they work.
  3. Jeana


    I don’t know about the electricity in storage units really, I’m just throwing out ideas. I was lucky to get a small office space about 9 years ago. When I started I used one side of the shop as a hair salon, and made products on the other side of my shop. When I built up enough accounts I dropped off the hair part. That’s why I say you can get creative and make it work.
  4. Jeana


    Sometimes you have to get really creative to keep moving forward. Can you borrow a corner in a friends garage to pour? Maybe rent an inexpensive storage place to pour in. I don't know where you live but some places have storage places for about $50 month. You could possibly ask some commercial places in business parks if they have 100 sq ft areas to rent. If you look around you never know what you could find. But if you want to sell, and you are bothered by the scents already, you'll have trouble when things ramp up pouring at home. My whole shop is only 325 sq ft. But I have a front and back door, and I can leave. Even if you have a porch or balcony, I would pour out there on a table.
  5. I've been playing with a lot of paraffin lately and I really start having respiratory issues with it. Even at small amount. I've used several types and it gets pretty bad. I don't get this with natural waxes. I was ready to switch completely to paraffin, but couldn't handle it even for testing.
  6. I forgot about loss of HT with Stearic. I used to use it with palm pillars and it wasn't too bad. The max I would use it is 2%. I would prefer to use BW, but it is so expensive I have to keep my options open. The waxes I'm playing with right now are compatible with both BW and stearic. I've seen on other posts that you pour a lot of BW candles. Do you ever see inconsistencies from order to order of it? (Like we see in soys and paraffins) Does it ever burn differently? I don't mind about color differences, but I do mind if it would have varying burn results every order. Who would you say has the best prices for BW?
  7. Jeana


    I've definitely been there. I used to pour in my kitchen at a house I lived in. I really didn't like doing that when I started to make enough to sell. How many are you pouring at one time? And how often are you pouring? Are you selling them?
  8. For those of you who like to firm up your container candle wax (just a little) Which do you prefer stearic or beeswax? And does anyone have any input if both are consistent order to order without seeing changes in the way the candle burns or behaves?
  9. Jeana


    If I stay in the shop I'll continue to wear it until the candles set up. While pouring I have both doors open for ventilation and use the mask. I prefer to shut the doors when the candles cool, so they cool more slowly. That's why i usually just leave after pouring.
  10. Jeana


    Since you're talking respirators, I have to give a shout out to this one. I LOVE it. It is the first one that is small enough and comfortable enough for me to wear for extended times. It is really light and easy to get on and off. I get a really weird feeling if I don't wear it when making a lot of candles. I wear it when I make soaps too. https://www.amazon.com/GVS-SPR449-Elipse-Nuisance-Medium/dp/B016630UJU/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1527124248&sr=8-10&keywords=elipse+respirator