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  1. i have rematched soap back in the mold...looks pretty good too. Thanks for all the tips and help...
  2. Thanks, I found it
  3. ok....i understand now... I will give that a try in a few days. It is already in a mold, so I will have to scrape it out.. good...i hated to waste good soaping oils..
  4. how should i do for the extra water for the new lye.. I had thought of rebatching, but thought I would just be adding more water..
  5. I was making up some non fragranced soap.. I had my lye pre-batched from about a month ago, that I used. I had planned on using GM. So I thought I will just really make this nice and use all GM, instead of water.. My mistake is: I used twice as much at water/GM as I should have, and used 1/2 the amount of lye I needed..for the amount of soaping oils. Is there anyway to salvage this soap? I feel really stupid...after 9 1/2 years of making soap, I should not be making these kind of mistakes....
  6. It is a soft scent.. thanks kandlecrazy for posting the description
  7. i am not sure barbara.. does B&B dupe from others?
  8. I just recently was in the mall, & smelled this scent...I liked it so well I bought some. Not sure how new it is. But I am thinking it is fairly new. Does anyone know if a dupe has been introduced yet? I have checked several places that seem to do dupes, but no luck yet. I would love to make some things with this scent.
  9. They have been out of exotic amazon for along time.. i am about out
  10. hey moonshine...have you tried the balsam & citrus...it is awesome in 415 too
  11. wonderful...that is what i use...i will definitely give it a try..
  12. i have not tried it in wax...i will have to give it a try..Which wax do you use moonshine?
  13. beautiful colors...i love that fragrance too...your soap is beautiful..and that fragrance, it will stick forever & ever... and i found out too...once it starts moving, you had better work fast..
  14. Looks great love your color combo
  15. doesn't it feel good to get a good job like that done...it is a rewarding feeling..