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  1. Why is scent throw diminished?

    This question might have been addressed in some form, but has anyone talked to the suppliers of these waxes, to see if they have done any testing and what problems they're having? Does not candle science test all their Fragrances with 415? I wonder how they're doing with their testing?
  2. Testing Hell

    This is so sad... I really feel for those that have built a business with these different waxes.. i wish all of you the best of luck with your testing. but you all are keeping such a jovial attitude. I admire you.. i have about 20 fragrances that I also spent months testing, just to have for my own use and give as gifts. I started making my first candles about 10 years ago. And to be truthful, I don't know if I have the heart to start over retesting. I just may use up my remaining fragrances, into melts..
  3. Vitamin E

    I am needing vitamin E.. Does anyone know a supplier, with a good price? It's been awhile since I last bought, it has really got expensive...
  4. Black Raspberry Vanilla

    so pretty!!! barbara
  5. GB wax ?

    With all my testing I found cd wicks worked best for me in 415..
  6. GB wax ?

    Thanks for all the info.. i am planning on going thru Reno in the near future.. i'll probably pick up a box at candle science and give it a try.. it is the wax I have used for the last 10 years also..
  7. GB wax ?

    This is sad, with so many different waxes being changed, and causing so many problems, it's almost like they're trying to sabotage the smaller candle makers.. But if the makers of wax can't figure out how to produce wax that is useable, they're going to be hurting too because people are not going to be buying the wax.. I just feel for the ones that have made a good candle business for themselves.. It is challenging!!!
  8. GB wax ?

    I have been reading the problems with the different brands of wax. I have not bought GB wax for a couple years.. I use 415, is there any problems going on with it that I should know about before I buy it again? I mostly make for myself and gifts. I have had good luck with this wax once I learned how to use it. any feedback would be appreciated
  9. Getting closer

    Looks great.. good luck
  10. All Hallows' eve from bcn

    Sorry it took so long to get back, I was in Salt Lake City when I read this I just got home late last night.. I guess I did not test all hollows Eve.. but one I did test and did very well in 415 was twigs and berries.. sorry I couldn't be of more help
  11. All Hallows' eve from bcn

    I am not home right now... but I think I have used this in 415...I will check and if I have I will post..
  12. they are absolutely beautiful... I love everything about them.. good luck...i hope you sale everything you take...!!!
  13. My order to Indiana

    i only make candles as a hobby, and use 415..which these do really well in orange chiffon cake pink sugar home sweet home i have not tried the others you listed.
  14. Bug off essential oils

    I recently, for the first time purchased from Oregon Trail supply the bug off essential Oils. I would like to make my spray as simple as possible is cyclomethicone a good base? or should I add anything else?
  15. Confession time: Major Mistake:Soaping

    it turned out great.. not quite as smooth as when it is first made. but totally acceptable. the body of the soap is smooth, but the top is not as smooth looking as a first pour.