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  1. 8-GRAN-ONES

    Light a candle for Vicky

    So sorry to hear this news. Like others here, I had no idea she was sick. My heart goes out to her family. I to always loved her tinker bell signature. It so fit her, it was everywhere on this board. She was a great teacher, an inspiration. She will be missed..
  2. 8-GRAN-ONES

    Welcome to our new Admin

    She will be great at this.
  3. 8-GRAN-ONES

    Back in Business

    it is an addiction hard to stay away from...welcome back..
  4. 8-GRAN-ONES

    Happy to return

    welcome back...it is hard to get away from things we love to do.. Candle Science now has a distribution center in Reno NV. it really helps with shipping cost for the ones here on the west coast.. they have different types of wax, and have a very good supply of all things needed for candle making... i have found that if i buy over 200 lb of supplies, including fragrance, wax, jars, ect..the shipping cost really come down..
  5. 8-GRAN-ONES

    An old lurker returns

  6. 8-GRAN-ONES

    We have a new Mod

  7. 8-GRAN-ONES


    your soaps are always inspiring to me... another beautiful soap...
  8. 8-GRAN-ONES

    Sign Out

    lol..this pop up...
  9. 8-GRAN-ONES


    You are amazing.. I just wish I knew how you did that.. Thanks so much..
  10. 8-GRAN-ONES


    how do you want me to send it? if you want you can pm me your email..and i can send it that way?
  11. 8-GRAN-ONES


    it says 1.3 MB 1932 x 1932
  12. 8-GRAN-ONES


    well....i am not sure..it is just a picture i took of flowers in my garden.. i have tried to edit it to make it smaller, but it says it is to big..
  13. 8-GRAN-ONES


    let me check right quick
  14. 8-GRAN-ONES


    ok...i can not find that same picture... but i have found another one..but no matter what i do..it says it is to large.. how do i make it the size i need to post in the avatar?
  15. 8-GRAN-ONES


    with the new change..my picture is gone...is there anyway to get it back?