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  1. I use cotton core wicks with C3, the only thing I add is a bit of USA and some scents I add UV as they are under fluorescent lighting in the shop. I tried a lot of different wicks but really liked the cotton core best for my jars.
  2. kandlekrazy

    Working in beeswax

    Nice candles. I live in thrift stores One of the things I always search for are candle holders, snuffers and soap dishes. Since my main business is antiques/vintage I love to incorporate the old with my new candle display. FYI if you sell them mark them way up, vintage is in!
  3. kandlekrazy

    Streaked Pillars

    Love those! Love seeing all your creations.
  4. kandlekrazy

    A Sailor's Dream

    Coolest soaps! They must fly off your shelves.
  5. kandlekrazy

    Your startup costs?

    I've been doing this for too many years to even remember at my age, but this is really hard to say. If you mean just the business portion, that's different. But if you're talking supplies included, really hard because some of us will have started minimal and some dove in and bought a ton right away. I'm responding based on cost to start the business alone, no supplies.
  6. kandlekrazy

    Uncommon Autumn scents?

    Some of these blends sound awesome, I'm with the others that don't really go for seasonal mostly because they disappear after the season and if I like them I want them year round! Doesn't mean I don't make them and sell them, but as a consumer I don't buy them unless the maker says they are here year round.
  7. kandlekrazy

    Poor Hot Throw

    Just in my workshop area which was a studio apt on the lower level of our house. So prob 1000 sq ft and it did a great job, I did everything candlemaking there including curing. Just didn't burn there much.
  8. kandlekrazy

    Poor Hot Throw

    humidity will def have an impact on candlemaking overall. I used a dehumidifier when I lived at the beach, I recently moved where the humidity is typically 35-40% so I no longer need to use it.
  9. kandlekrazy

    Crappy wicks

    Doesn't that just piss you off? I hate it when supplier ship that way. They still work just fine but a pain to untangle and store as they take up more room. General Wax ships them that way so I quit buying wicks from them.
  10. kandlekrazy

    Swapping Wicks

    Another suggestion is they have stainless cake testers that are about 6" long and just about the diameter of round wicks, I've used those on an unwicked set candle and then put the wick in. Or find anything you can make a hole with after the candle sets, wood skewers work but I always have to heat gun after pushing wick in because they are a bit large
  11. kandlekrazy

    Curing multiple scents at once, is it possible?

    Put them in some type of jar instead of open containers and just shake periodically and they will eventually soak up the fo and then you can do as many batches as you want. Although I doubt the scent in the air will carry to each other in open containers from batch to batch, just may smell overpowering with many going at once and in my head I'd be losing scent.
  12. kandlekrazy

    Swapping Wicks

    Sorry, I've been moving and offline. I don't use Tabbed wicks when testing new jars or new fo's. I use wick centering tools and bend the wick to keep it in place. Sometimes they will pull out with pliers as TT said it all depends on the softness of your wax and how crimped that wick is in the tab.
  13. kandlekrazy


    I had the same problem when I went out of town and only had my laptop, yikes! I figured mine out.
  14. kandlekrazy

    Hacked---AGAIN! Anyone else?

    We are the only business in our town that asks for an ID with a cc purchase. That's how they get away with this Plus they get your info and make their own cards, some with their own name on it and all your #'s. so their ID matches. We check to be sure the name on the receipt matches but I know most businesses don't. IDK how the banks/cc companies can afford the fraud that they cover every year. We are small peanuts compared to the big fraud that happens. I'm not a fan of the prepaid cards but you're right it's about it may be the only safety net. I guess you can go to the grocery store or pharmacy and use up the small amounts on them. I've had customers pay with 3 gift cards just to use them up because of small balances on each one.
  15. kandlekrazy

    Hacked---AGAIN! Anyone else?

    Just plain sad that this happens and a real pain to get it all resolved. The cc company should have told you to monitor the card online because purchases can come through that were approved prior to your cancellation and if any are fraud report them right away. You should not be responsible for any of them. Sucks! I was hacked every year (sometimes twice) until I closed my Capital One account. Since then I've had it happen to my business checking acct and my personal debit card once each. They tell me it isn't the company purchasing from but their sites are not secure enough for $ transactions and hackers get your info way too easily. Sad to hear Aztec is one of them. I use Paypal whenever possible.