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  1. kandlekrazy

    Black Raspberry Vanilla

    I'm so far behind looking here, these are perfect colors for the scent. BRV soap is probably my 2nd best seller.
  2. kandlekrazy

    Honeysuckle Pear

    Absolutely beautiful colors! That screams Summer to me.
  3. kandlekrazy

    Ocean Sunset

    So pretty! Those would fly off my shelf here at the beach.
  4. kandlekrazy

    Testing out my new tart mold.

  5. kandlekrazy

    Wax melter for palm wax...

    I've always used a Presto for palm wax. It does just fine, just make sure to heat your jars so the wax doesn't cool too quickly and you'll get all the beautiful crystals. I also cool mine under a box.
  6. They look great! I did almost the same blend, not sure what mfg my coconut wax was. It colored way better than C3 alone, which was a plus when you get an order for colored candles. I was super happy with the smooth tops I just wasn't as pleased when it came to actually burning them. I'm waiting patiently to see how your results are. I only tested Zinc & Premier wicks so far. I went ahead and used up the rest of my melting pot in melts which were fine (originally thought too soft for clams). I went back to just C3 + USA in candles for now. If I could find a decent soy candle in my area I'd quit making them and just buy wholesale to sell 🙃
  7. kandlekrazy

    Which Wick?

    I've found the LX wicks mushroom in every wax I've tried them in. In some applications they are the only wicks that burn properly so I deal with the mushrooms. I personally would rather see a small mushroom than to have the candle smoke and leave black soot. You may find the perfect combo for 1 scent and it doesn't work with other scents. You may just get to the point where you ask yourself what isn't going to drive me crazy. Wouldn't it be nice if all the variables were perfect! I think we all started where you are with frustrations and wanting everything perfect and soon learned that if you play with soy at all and fragrance oils, it's just not a perfect world.
  8. kandlekrazy

    Layered clamshells

    Really hard to use palm in clams as said, but if you want to retain color and not worried about crystals, mix 1/2 palm & 1/2 soy (or even of palm) and color, it will color way better and not get those nasty spots. Or pure palm with very little crystals since you just can't pour at high temps.
  9. kandlekrazy

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    I like the red best, late to the party again, dang! I've always found that no matter what the name, they sniff, so probably doesn't warrant both names unless you need to keep it straight for yourself.
  10. kandlekrazy

    Coloring Candles

    I use soy and typically do not color. I did however color those mini mason jars with the LOVE on them just to see if it helped show the embossing, but it really didn't. I like the look of uncolored soy wax
  11. kandlekrazy

    Best Black Ice

    Belinda, What does Black Ice smell like to you? I had a customer request it (a man) and I immediately thought perfume smell, haven't really looked it up because so many times it just says dupe. I really can't handle perfume at all even have a hard time pouring pink sugar. Thanks!
  12. kandlekrazy

    Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils

    I get almost all my essential oils from Plant Therapy, they have wholesale pricing available and are way more affordable than the MLM brand.
  13. kandlekrazy

    Fun New Pillars

  14. kandlekrazy

    Today and yesterday's efforts

    Beautiful, I missed them as well. I guess I forget to check here always looking at soap!
  15. kandlekrazy

    Selling beer can candles

    I'm sure it can be done as tins can be done and you'd be one to figure it out. I have a candle that came in a metal container and it is so over wicked and hot. Entire thing turns to liquid in under 2 hours and container is scorching. Prob 4-5" high container about same diam as a beer can just not quite as tall. I think I'd market to biker shops, gun stores, maybe even antique stores or vintage stores in your area. I don't see them selling in bars, but hey, who knows till you try??