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  1. Testing Hell

    LX 12 so far with the scents I needed for this project. Haven't tested all I want to use in these jars.
  2. keystone bought remaining peaks inventory

    They really need to update their website. It states shipping would start on 9/28 for Peak oils. I understand they are probably overwhelmed but a ton of phone calls is not going to make it any easier on them a quick update on the website and everyone will know they aren't ready yet.
  3. keystone bought remaining peaks inventory

    I keep checking Keystone's website but if they've added Peak fo I don't see it, unless they are mixed right in and somewhere in the description it says Peak?? Anyone else have any luck?
  4. Testing Hell

    I had to take a deep breath, after much cussing and swearing, and consider my wax a New Wax that I was just beginning to test. It's the only thing that got me through, literally if this happens again next year I'll be totally over it. I had an order for wedding candles in those cute little love masons and thought I'd be bald by the end of testing. Definitely done with weddings. Now that I've figured this jar out I think it's the only one I'll sell
  5. Favorite oil in sugar scrub?

    I've tried several oils in my sugar scrub and I like the lasting results with fractionated coconut best. The feel with some other oils is nicer but they just don't have the shelf life of the FCO.
  6. Cost for fractionated coconut oil

    I think it's pretty good for a #. When I sold essential oils I bought it by the gallon which comes out quite a bit cheaper.
  7. Fruit Loops

    Wow it's so pretty! I might like that scent to replace fruit slices.
  8. Those fees are crazy high. I just decided against a 2 day vintage show that was $450 for 2 days. I thought that was sky high, lol.
  9. I think that would work for some items but I also think that sellers need to be somewhat educated on what they are selling. Then again, it's like a grocery store where you go from dept to dept or booth to booth in this case and help yourself and then check out. I like the personal touch I can give to customers when selling my items. It's very much like our multi-dealer antique stores where most times we only know what the price tag states and either I or my workers are selling, not the owner of the items. I could go either way on this, I guess I might try it.
  10. Halloween Labels

    I love them all! I think they all bring something to the scent.
  11. hello! 😊

    Welcome!! I too purchase C3 from General Wax and live in Central CA. As said 1 oz pp is plenty, sometimes too much creates not only burning problems but a bad HT. Some scents will be lighter than others but some people don't like strong or heavy scents. I buy most of my fo's from Candle Science, The Candle Source and The Flaming Candle. General Wax has some that I still use and are very good as well, they just don't have the selection that other suppliers do.
  12. Are you sensitive to all scents? Because you can do unscented products but add lavender buds or lemon zest (any citrus really), herbs, etc to your soaps if you can handle the natural scent.
  13. Excel Sheet burn times?

    Tins tend to burn hot toward the middle and bottom so that doesn't surprise me at all. As you get nearer the bottom there is less wax and usually the flame will get smaller which would explain why it goes down again toward the bottom of the candle.
  14. keystone bought remaining peaks inventory

    This could be dangerous!! I went and looked and there are several of their oils I'd like to try. I'm sure prices will be up a bit but with free shipping it will make up for it.