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  1. West Coast suppliers

    It's not just 464, General Wax was out of C3 so I had to order from Candlewic. It worked out a little less from them since they have the built in shipping option.
  2. Messing around with my mini soap cutter

    Super cute! Great little gifts too.
  3. Still creating for the season?

    For once I got all my holiday scents & special packaging done ahead of time and everything stocked up so I could breathe in December. It's hectic enough with just Christmas planning and shopping. It only took me 20+ years to get it down to this year!
  4. CTW Burners

    Levine Gifts sells warmers and pretty reasonable. Colonial Tin Works still had them last I looked. Sorry just reread your post, you're looking for the punched tin specifically, CTW discontinued those and with good reason. They get way too hot and people were getting burned on them.
  5. Aztec's Wildflower

    No sorry, I use The Candle Source's Sweet Pea. Happy to send you an ounce if you'd like to try it.
  6. Best Candle Packaging for Shipping?

    The thinner boxes will work, especially if you use peanuts or bubble between them. What I've found works great are the boxes my glass comes in with the dividers. I take those dividers out if I only have a few candles to mail and use them between. At this time of year, everything is a rush to the carriers so more apt to have problems.
  7. Aztec's Wildflower

    Has anyone put this in soy wax yet? I ordered it mainly because of the price and a few reviews here. OOB it smells just like another suppliers Sweet Pea so wondering if it changes in wax?
  8. A good beer fo??

    Do you have the one from Nature's Garden? It's the only place I recall ordering it but sorry can't remember if it was good. I made beer candles one year in beer steins for the guys and only did it once, never even tested it because it was my family.
  9. Virginia Candle Supply

    Haven't tried. Are they only on Ebay? I'm kind of afraid of Ebay sellers mostly because they disappear too frequently and then I'm stuck looking for replacements so I steer away unless they also have their own website or have been in business for 10+ years.
  10. Reusing plastic Clamshell molds/removing labels?

    I wouldn't reuse either. The scent stays and I personally mess them up when I pop out a cube, always wrinkled. I'd worry about leakage as well, tiniest split in the plastic and you have a mess when you pour.
  11. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    I wonder if everyone went to your website or if they just listed it here? Either way I can order more if we get closer. I'm ok with you hanging on to the $ till this is a go.
  12. whew! I placed an Aztec order but haven't tried any that I ordered so I needed to test them all anyway. Everything else it's been several months ++. Maybe I'll hold off all of 2018. Wishful thinking but just maybe this will convince me not to buy more fo.
  13. Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils

    Just a few added tips for EO's. If you're going to use them, the citrus will fade the fastest and the EO itself is only good for about a year, others 3-5 years, Patch pretty much forever, lol. I keep all my 4-16 oz bottles in a refrigerator. As the bottle gets airspace (1/2 or more), transfer to a smaller bottle as air can destroy EO. They are way too expensive to waste product so educate yourself. As said already, buy from a reputable company (no MLM) and buy where you can get a wholesale account so you're paying 30-50% less than retail. As I said before, use gloves & a respirator, I can never say that enough. Even natural products can be harmful. Many EO's are harmful to children (not just fur babies). On another note, Lavender doesn't bother me and is the ONLY EO that I use undiluted on burns, scrapes etc. EO does evaporate quickly so using a carrier oil actually keeps it on your skin for a longer period of time, which means it can work better than undiluted. I love the medicinal properties of these products so I'm a daily user, even if it's just diffused. Have coffee EO going right now.....yum!
  14. Amber Tumblers

    I've seen amber jars with screw on lids at other suppliers but not the tumblers. PF Candle uses the amber jars. I didn't like Candle Science tumblers at all, not only were they on the thin side but the coloring wasn't consistent in the case I bought. Love the ones Woodfire uses with the cork tops!
  15. ECO Wicks Separating

    You can prime them again before use. It's a messy job but better than having them split apart.