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  1. Different areas I guess but those exact jars and lids are what sells in my store. The lady that makes them just changed to a different jar with a black screw on lid and customers want the old ones that don't screw on. Never had anyone break a jar because of lid on those, now it has happened on the status jars when they pick it up by the lid and the whole candle and jar falls.
  2. OMG that's a whole lotta soap going on. Beautiful.
  3. wowza, great story!
  4. Steal away!! LOL I'm almost done with it all. I'm down to melts and see myself phasing those out in a year.
  5. Also spoke to a few soapers at the farmers market and they said sales are down. They are all hoping holiday sales make up for this year. Our olive vendor as well said down at farmer's market. Yet our small town which has a ton of hotels has been No Vacancy almost all summer. People are still traveling just not spending as much when they do.
  6. I do have a shop and it's been a struggle this year to keep sales up. In the past we really didn't have to try to sell, now we do. Jan-Mar of this year was bad then it picked up and we've been able to stay same or better than last year.
  7. Just wanted to update. OOB Flaming's black tea was almost spot on and smelled strong. Sadly in wax it doesn't last or isn't near as strong a HT as GW's was. I made sure I used my older case of wax with this because the new wax?????? and I wanted to get a good comparison.
  8. I also bought Flaming's but haven't put it in wax. OOB smells true. I'm going to mix it so I'm not super worried if it's a bit different than Peak's.
  9. I don't do shows but I can tell you that it's not just the craft industry. I know several people who sold vintage jewelry, collectible military pins etc at our Mid State Fair and after 10 days they were lucky to break even. In past years they would do 3-5x their booth rental which is a steep $5k for the 10 days.
  10. Doesn't Lonestar still carry the wood lids? I believe I paid $1.00 each for the large lid which fits the 12.25 and 20 or 21 oz Status jar. May need to buy 12+ at a time.
  11. Well, I went to look for my bottle to sniff again as I don't remember if it had a particular scent other than sweet. I apparently gave it to a friend who I traded a bunch of candle supplies for homemade soaps. I guess I really didn't like it OOB, but I'm not a fan of anything too sweet smelling.
  12. I would just up the price of my candle by 1.50-2.00
  13. Not yet but I have it. Not sure I like it OOB but I've learned not to judge on that. Planned on testing it for summer but that never happened!
  14. This is what I've actually put into wax and sold, I have more untested scents. Apple Cinnamon (Baked Apples is my name) Bamboo & Sugarcane Cranberry Yuzu Dragon's Blood Hazelnut Coffee Orig Claire Burke (don't like this at all but I still sell it) Rooibos Red Tea Rustic Lodge Salty Sea Air (I blend this for my mermaid scent) Satsuma Sweet Amber Musk White Nectarine Toasted Mashmallow Oatmeal Milk & Honey
  15. I use about 10 of their oils and only 1 of those you mentioned. Badedas, I bought on request from someone and it sells for me. Not my favorite but some love it.