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  1. Easter Fragrances

    I don't know about scents but I want some stale peeps and dark chocolate cadbury eggs! So much for trying to diet
  2. Yay! Road trip!! 5 hours round trip, I'd be there once a month. Mine is 8+ hrs round trip if there isn't a ton of traffic and not open on Mondays and I still manage to go there just to browse. Great that they threw in what you wanted to sniff. I get overwhelmed with the amount of fo to sniff when I go and sometimes end up with no new scents which is just plain sad.
  3. Leave-in conditioning spray going bad?

    I'd make sure that the preservative is still good. You're product should be lasting months not weeks.
  4. This Ol' House

    Love, Love the look of those pillars!

    I don't think $2.10 with a wood lid is all that bad. Most jars with lids will run you from $1.25-$2.50 depending on the jar/lid. Status jars at most places are close to $2.00 with lid and shipping. We'd all love to be able to pick up all that heavy stuff locally but the reality is very few of us have 1 supplier near us that has everything we want.
  6. It's all just plain sad! The inconsistencies are real, they do exist across the board with soy waxes and it's horrible that seasoned chandlers are scrambling after a year to find a good soy wax or soy wax blend. I'm personally sick of testing every batch I buy, I haven't been lucky enough to get the same lot twice and I can only buy 100-200 #'s at a time. I just gave away every candle I made to test because I'm not happy with the results from the first 4 I tried. Thank God for melts or I'd be out of this business yesterday.
  7. Mrs. Meyer's type scents in FO's?

    Don't think I've ever seen Bluebell fo anywhere. Love the Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena dish soap. Lately I've been buying 7th generation scent free but the lavender is good too.
  8. Does anyone know of a supplier on the West Coast or at least Western US for this wax? I know NG still carries it but I think suppliers are limited now, everyone I purchased from in the past doesn't carry it. I can't seem to find it doing a search, many come up but then they don't actually have it.
  9. E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

    I use bio-identical hormones both estrodiol and progesterone but they are compounded by a pharmacy and you need a prescription for them. They help with most of the symptoms, like headaches, not sleeping, night sweats, hot flashes. What really helped me thru the worst was getting off everything white and no sugar or sweeteners except stevia. Hot flashes stopped within a few days and only come back if I eat badly. I've been "in menopause" for 20 years now, still get hot flashes, it's the pits.
  10. Wax tarts

    Belinda I'm not sure what is in it but it's Universal Soy Additive and it hardens the wax a bit. With these new lots of soy I'm down to 1 Tablespoon per 5# of wax.
  11. Wax tarts

    I pour everything when it gets cloudy, melts, candles & clamshells. It's about 115 if I remember right from when I used to use a thermometer
  12. When someone copies your design

    Sorry, it's horrible to see that but on the other hand it is a compliment to your work. Like everyone said, you'll never keep up and I agree with Birdcharm as well, just protect yourself from them coming against you.
  13. Wax tarts

    No it's softer. The C3 with USA pops right out of clamshells and I've also made individual melts with no problems as long as I use silicone molds, with metal molds I have to pop them in the freezer for 5 mins before unmolding. I don't do shows nor do I ship in hot months anymore, basically sell out of my store only.
  14. Wax tarts

    I use same as containers, c3 with a bit of usa added.
  15. What type of tax ID?

    Yes it starts there, then depending on volume of sales (which we exceed at our malls) it goes up! Can't make enough to justify it.