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  1. kandlekrazy

    Sticky aroma beads

    This sounds like the whole soy wax problem bleeding over into aroma beads! Geeze, when will it all level out again? I haven't used beads in quite some time and never melted them but I have some in a jar with holes on top for over 2 years and still smell the apple cinnamon. Wonder why they quit making those good beads?
  2. kandlekrazy

    What would you do?

    Thanks and I get that but would not trust the reputation to be kept up if I didn't invest the time to train someone. Not everyone takes candle making seriously and I wouldn't want to carry a dangerous candle in my stores. You did your due diligence and took the time to learn but not everyone would do that. I mostly sell melts so maybe I just train for those, it's way easier to test!
  3. kandlekrazy

    What would you do?

    I'll probably always do some for myself but want to get out of the bigger production and supplying my 2 stores. It's in my blood so I have to play with wax or soap! Yes I intend to keep supplying to my customers.
  4. kandlekrazy

    What would you do?

    Next year will be my time to completely phase out of this business. I'm torn between just using up my current stock and selling off any supplies left OR finding someone to train and take over my candle business. On one hand I'm done now in my head and on the other hand I don't want to disappoint my long time customers. I could give them a few months notice or have a seamless transition into a new person. New person would involve lots of my time and the only reason I'm hesitant. I would have to make time! It's hard to find someone in my area already doing this, there are tons of soap makers now but nobody doing melts & candles.
  5. JMO but either stand these on end so you can see the front of the clamshell or get something different to show it. When you look at the shelf I think you should be able to see the product, then again there are people that love to look in anything and everything they touch.
  6. kandlekrazy


    Welcome, you will find tons of helpful information here. Takes lots of time to read but well worth it.
  7. kandlekrazy

    Hello, new to form. Not candles.

    Welcome and enjoy the browse! We will probably learn from you.
  8. kandlekrazy

    Hit or Miss Rate

    What I love is mostly the misses and by that I mean fo's that just don't sell well! You can't go by what you love as a hit if you're planning to sell. Different areas will be different for sales as well so a listing here may not work? If you're making for yourself/family then absolutely go by what you or they love. I date my candles and melts for sale. If I look at what I need to make (I keep a stock on hand) those are the oils I consider a hit and what I reorder. Ones that are really slow or no movers never get reordered.
  9. kandlekrazy

    McCalls Smores

    So have you tried the S'mores from Indigo, Flaming & Candlewic? I'm sure there are others as well. I can't remember now what McCalls smells like. Also, RE has a blending thing on their site and I'm pretty sure I used theirs to make my own.
  10. Oh those owls! So cute. They all look great.
  11. kandlekrazy

    fancy pots

    The black jars from candlemakingsupplies are nice but beware that they are painted so if shipping far or you ship candles they do get scratched. I quit using them and I'm local to that supplier and could pick out good ones by hand. It has been quite a while so maybe check with them and see if the paint has been improved.
  12. kandlekrazy

    Look out! It’s a giant chimp!

    that is a big one! Cute but yeah the set would be almost 4#. I think if I poured those I'd be using candle paint but I don't carve (well just my hands occasionally)
  13. kandlekrazy

    Rice Flower & Shea

    Gorgeous colors! Beautiful swirls.
  14. kandlekrazy

    Salt Bars

    So pretty, I bet they both smell amazing!!
  15. kandlekrazy

    Cut ‘A Sailor’s Dream’

    Those are beautiful!! Love, Love Love.