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  1. Hey, following up on a post that you made way back in June..............pls don't withdraw from the forum ...just saying..................

  2. Pam W

    Should I seperate my scents???

    be on the safe side and store them in separate bags.
  3. I don't do a lot of wax melts but have noticed that different scents last longer than others depending on the FO used. Sorry, I'm not really any help!!!
  4. Never got into the griddle thing....but I do heat my wax in a presto, pull out what I want to work with into a pour pot...I set the pour pot in a pan of hot water (temp regulated to what I need) scent and color in the pour pots........all that said, I do not sell so anything I pour is usually on a small basis...........I can see the reason for using griddles........more than one pour pot can be kept warm at any given time
  5. Pam W

    What Happened Here?

    Going back to my 'early days' I can't even begin to explain the stupid stuff I did because I thought maybe that was the '''answer'''...but that said, it was because I was a Newbie and trying so hard to make everything right.......well, that just doesn't happen as easily as I thought. 13yrs later I'm still learning and thanks to this forum I can still move forward....learning new stuff every day without having daggers thrown at me for being confused on particular issues. Love this forum
  6. Sometimes it is good to bring Mom into the issue....other times NOT. If you want to make a product that impresses MOM then go for it...using the FO scents that you think will rock her boat..............if you have other interests as is making a product to market then we'll have to leave MOM out of the picture. I make a shaving soap that my Hubby like so I make that for him but that does not stop me from make soaps with other scents. If MOM's opinion tends to stop your future experiments, then do not give into that..........continue to experiment with other scents. As much as we appreciate the opinions of those around us, it is not always something that we can take to the open market or the bank....whatever blends you come up with should be tested.(MOM totally out of the pic)...if it is a blend that you are proud of then go for it.
  7. Ya know, you'll just have to try it out to decide if it will work............Once you get the ''burn'' down to a science then you could eliminate the cat-food label. I"ve never been into burning this type of candle(tines) . As a related topic, I do recycle various jars for container candles.....like a jar of chopped pickle relish makes a perfect candle using 4630 with a #6 ECO wick. But all that said, I do not like burning tins any size or FO....for me, they just get too hot for the amt of throw...but that's just me.
  8. Pam W

    Ultra Noob

    We have so much to share with you.......melted crayons in a can do not even come close to producing a quality candle....but it is one of those experiences that lead you to this forum and hopefully, the true nature and procedure for making a quality candle.... DoubleDee, please tell us what kind of candle you are interested in producing (container or pillar) and we can go from there. If you are a """"""""soaper"""""""""""""then you will understand the procedures for making a quality product.....whether soap or candles. Please tell us what your main interest is, i.e. pillars or containers and we can go from there.........ya know, helping a newbie is really a """high""" that cannot be explained. :-)
  9. Pam W

    What Happened Here?

    Hey, I have a degree in overthinking....the CPA I worked with for 20+ yrs always told me that I was overthinking an issue......but I have to say that over-thinking is far more productive than under-thinking..kwim?
  10. Pam W

    What Happened Here?

    Hopie, go easy on the vybar because it can lock up the FO throw....just saying :-) Extreme heat....the AZ heat should be subsiding soon.......the monsoons are past for the most part so all we AZ Natives have to do is wait for the weather to stabilize.....
  11. Pam W

    What Happened Here?

    Heck, if it only takes 10 minutes or so to get a grip........then you are ahead of me....lol.
  12. Pam W

    Uncommon Autumn scents?

    As a consumer, I really don't pay any attention to the ''''seasonal"" scents..........if I like the soap/smell then I buy it, if I don't, then I move on. The same with candles,,,,,,the season's scents don't mean that much to me...if I like it, ok, whether it is represents the season or not but then I'm probably not one that you want to hear from........lol
  13. Pam W

    What Happened Here?

    Not being familiar with your particular type of wax(and it really doesn't matter),,,,,,,as a general rule, if you get that hole around the wick it is because there was an air bubble there. While the candle is cooling, poke holes around the wick...this will allow for any captured air bubbles to escape. I tend to poke holes around the wick and with my fingers, move the wick around in circular motion..this does release any captured air bubbles. This is one of the most common defects in Newbie candles.........not a real issue and one that can be overcome by simply poking relief holes as the candle cools.....after you poke the relief holes and wiggle the wick around, after some cooling you will start to see the shrinkage around the wick....this tells you that you will need to do a 2nd pour to fill in that cavity So don't overthink the situation.......you have done everything right up to the point of pouring the wax You have done nothing WRONG...........it is all a learning experience. Now something that I want to add as a safety feature: If a candle is burned and reaches this type of cavity, the wick flame could become a fire danger.... that is why we candle makers take extra precautions to make sure there are no '''''''holes'''''' down and around the wick Quentin; if you stay with us, we will help you to become a Master Candle Maker..which I do believe is in your future. A little hit here and there and you will be on your way and we all will be proud that we contributed to your success.
  14. HOPEFULLY.............. our suppliers will realize that our accounts are being hacked and they will work with us to eliminate the threat. Whether they do or don't, I will not leave myself and my bank account open to hackers. If I want to place an order, I will call the supplier directly..........if this is a problem for the supplier then they will be eliminated from my supplier list. I'm 68yrs old., living on SS income and refuse to be scammed by anyone.......................period.