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  1. Pam W


    I agree that it stands for tablespoons.........but if you making candles, I'd suggest that you do your measuring by weight rather by volume because 1 oz of vanilla FO may not weigh the same as a fruity FO.
  2. Same here.......it's rare that I pour 8 pounds of the same scented wax so I just melt the basic wax, add my stearic to it and then scoop out what I need to work with into a pour pot and go from there............so anytime I want to make a candle or two, I heat up the presto, scoop out what I need and work with the pour pot. If, on rare occasions, I need to pour 8 lbs of the same scent then I do all the mixing in the presto pot and when I'm finished, I simply wipe it out with paper towels.........no major cleaning needed.
  3. Pam W

    How much wax?

    I agree with everything posted above :-)
  4. Just a personal preference..but I absolutely hate tin containers......pillars and glass containers are my passion.
  5. Pam W


    Any/all FOs I've purchased from CS have be good....I never question their quality as far as FO scent go.....yeah, I may run across some scents that I don't like but their scents are right-on, their prices are ok and their service is right-on........JMHO
  6. Pam W

    More Pours, Too Much Fun!

    Just keep pouring those babies and highlighting our lives.............. A
  7. Pam W

    A Few New Pours

    Just pour them and we will love everything we see.............(candle addicts that we are)
  8. Pam W

    More Pours, Too Much Fun!

    yes, you will get better as it goes.......after you pour several candle, you get the hang if it and venture out into other scents. Just keep up the experiments and in the end run, you'll be patting yourself on the back for producing a candle that smells amazing.
  9. Hopie: I so want to get my hands on that pillar and hug it in the appropriate way just to show you that you have not created a monster but created a wonderful candle (with the appropriate hugging techniques)
  10. This is exactly why I went exclusively to liquid dyes ...the dye chips always caused problems which I didn't want to deal with!! I heat my wax to the appropriate pouring temp then add the liquid dye. Once the dye is added, I then pour a tiny bit into a melt=mold to check the color.....if it is what I want then I proceed, if NOT, then I add a little more dye (using a toothpick in the dye so I don't get too much) until I get the color I'm looking for. JMHO.....dye chips are a PITa.
  11. Pam W

    Sanguigno Orange Patchouli and Nutmeg

    Ya know, there doesn't seem to be anything that you create that doesn't make us (me) drool.
  12. Pam W

    CP rebatch bases

    Update on my soaps: the bars are still curing but they do feel a little oily on the outside which really doesn't bother me but I'm being a good girl and leaving them alone for a little while longer. I have extremely dry skin do to a thyroid issed so maybe the extra oil will help. Hubby's shaving soap: the minute he puts the brush to the soap, it's instant lather.
  13. The 1274 wax is a pillar wax and really doesn't burn good in containers. But if I had that candle, I'd lite it up, let it get nice and hot then, fold those corners inward so that you have basically a nice even top to start your next burn. Anytime I burned a square pillar without doing this, there was always a side blowout down the road. By folding in those corners, I always got a complete burn all the way to the botton.......talk about feeling accomplished!!!!
  14. Pam W

    The four elements

    I was starting to miss the postings of the members candles .... those pics are what motivated me to try something new. I've been in a rut for a while and by browsing the gallery, I think I have lit the fire again and hopefully inspired others to get creative. IF YOU CAN VISION IT, POUR IT :-)
  15. Pam W

    A Few New Pours

    keep it up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we love to see your creations.........