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  1. Pam W

    What would you blend with wood?

    Gee, I suggest that you try each and every suggestion made above.........ya just never know until you try a particular blend........and when you burn each and every experimental candle, you'll be in heaven. For me, I'd be trying some floral scents(lightly) and some sandlewood....but then I'm a sandalwood junky..........anything with a base of sandlewood mixed with fruit, floral, other earthly scents just makes my day.
  2. OMG, what a way to use up excess wax :-)
  3. Didn't mean to insult anyone with my ""I don't' care''' comment. Since I don't sell it isn't a biggie to me(a disappointment, yes) but I do see where it could hurt those of you that have relied on some Peak's FOs considering that so many of you do sell and rely on your suppliers to '''supply".
  4. Pam W

    Experiments in Wax

    Dan, these pillars are NOT failures. When I started making pillars, I went for 3" pillars since that seemed to be the most common size...and to this day, when I pour a test candle, it is a "3" pillar There is no limit on the color combinations you can create....if you turn out a color combo you don't really care for, just lite it up and it will soon disappear...........I have burned countless test pillars over the years and have never disappointed in doing so.......burning those test candles is your reward for trying...kwim????
  5. Pam W

    A Few New Pours

    Absolutely....she will so learn from playing with different waxes...since she really doesn't have any knowledge of the properties of various waxes, anything will be a learning experience and a ''God" send...kwim?
  6. Pam W

    A Few New Pours

    I'll give her a call and see if she is interested.
  7. Pam W

    A Few New Pours

    Ya know, you just need to send me one of those pyramid candles for proper testing...............have total faith in you but to be on the safe side,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I should test burn your creations .....:-).....hint, hint,....
  8. Ya know, as a consumer I don't give a crap about the personal relationship of the company owners. As long as I can get the FO that I need (whether from Peaks or some other supplier) I could care LESS about any personal issues between owners......its all about the supply...rather than the soap opera of the principals..........and I have better things to do than focus on the relationship of any principals of a company that I do business with. Bottom line: who really cares about the relationship of the principals?????? (Isn't producing a quality candle our main objective?)...............if not, then go for the gossip if that is what fills your day....just saying
  9. I had some charges on my account using my debit card number AFTER I had canceled that particular debit card...but the friggin bank put the charges thru.......WTF - if you cancel a card #, how the hell can a transaction go thru.............I guess that I need to educate myself on how bank card transitions are processed...one consumer rep informed me that I should use a credit card instead of a debit card....making the process easier in case of a dispute. I don't know where this goes from here but I know I cannot afford to have my bank account invaded because I have a disabled husband that needs particular meds.......and if my account is hacked leaving me with less than I need for hubbies meds...where do I go from here???????????????? Life was much simplier before the internet.....................I know that the invention of the internet has been a God send but ya know,,,,,we pay a price for that technology """"""""God Sends"""""""come with a price, i.e. those that find a way to scam the system................looking back, could I have done without the internet?????????????hell, yes................
  10. I followed Donita's directions in making water candles and that was beyond fun...all my friends got water candles one Xmas
  11. Donita, what I've been doing is MISSING YOU and your beautiful creations.
  12. Pam W

    Fun New Pillars

    Anything we can do to help you spend you money on candle supplies is our goal..........lol
  13. Pam W

    Candle Paint?

    Ya know, I totally passed on the painted candles.......wasn't worth my time or expense.
  14. Pam W

    Fun New Pillars

    I have to agree with Sarah.....watching you progress in your candle making venture does take me back to my beginnings. I only wish I had pics of some of the candles I poured way back when....having no frigging idea what I was doing, I did pour some nice candles but not having taken notes, I can not reproduce them Oh well, today is a new day and candle pouring never stops........if you can invision it, you can pour it.
  15. Pam W

    Candle nose?

    My house is a 900sf cottage style, built in 1912.....my bathroom is in the middle of the house and if I do a test turn in there, the A/C return does pull the scent out into the hall and then into the living room. That said, when I'm, making candles in the kitchen the scent does creep throughout the entire house and actually outside.......but that's with the wax/FO in the pot so it doesn't really count on the HT issue but it sure is nice.... :-)