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  1. Spotted Pillar Candle

    Yep, I'd have to agree that is mottling. When I used 1343 wax, I got a lot of this then I switched to 1274 wax and never had that problem again. (Now you may be able to stop this by added more FO but in MHO, why waste money on excessive FOs when you can get the same results using a different wax and save money in the long run.
  2. CP rebatch bases

    I've got a lot of aloe vera plants growing in the yard/ containers and am wanting to make some aloe water/juice to use in my lotions and now I inspired to add some to the CP rebatch I've noticed that when I use the CP rebatch, the soap bars are really soft so I should probably think about letting them cure for a longer time to harden. Being so impatient is really a draw-back but it all comes down to learning......kwim?
  3. CP rebatch bases

    Aloe juice is a nice suggestion...I'm game to try anything...........I love trying new things
  4. Hello from Fl.!

    Shame on you for mentioning the addiction ...lol. Personally I use only paraffin wax because I can not wait for soy to cure..I'm into instant gratification :-)
  5. E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

    Wow, I feel for all of you. When menopause hit me, it was very mild. Had many nite sweats but only had to deal with very few hot flashes during the day (like at work). I guess I'm one of the lucky ones!
  6. Equipment Questions

    I use a piece of 2x4 wood with "V" cut in it to tilt my molds. Scented: anyway you can post a pic?
  7. CP rebatch bases

    I don't usually add anything to the rebatch other than some FO basically because hubby is happy with it as it is and I've noticed that his razor blades last much longer then when he uses the store bought shave cream.
  8. CP rebatch bases

    I've been using BB's rebatch soap for years in my hubby's shave soap but am thinking that I could start adding additional oils in the process. Of course, hubby never complains but I am wondering what I can to to make the soap better.
  9. I don't use Soy, only paraffin but sometimes I get wet spots....no matter what temp I pour at. I'm in SW Arizona and you'd think that I'd never have a wet spot problem considering our temps but sometimes I do. I pour container candles that are ''prefect'', store them in the closet and later, pull them out and low and behold they have wet spots. I relate this to ambient temp changes and don't really worry about it because the candle still burns as formulated.....wet spots or not. But then I don't sell, only make for myself, friends & relatives. I suggest you wonder thru various stores that sell candles and look to see how many wet spots you can detect. The wet spots are not a sign of pour candle making but are a result of ambient temps. JMHO
  10. Aloe water

    The one thing that I was worried about is the preservative issue. The only time that I had a mold issue was when I made a lotion with Agave....molded within days....never used it again :-)
  11. wick suggestion

    I've never used coconut wax but do use Eco exclusively. Mainly in 4630 paraffin and for that size of container I think I'd start with an Eco 8. (but of course since I'm not familiar with your wax I could be off...kwim)
  12. How would you reorganize the forums?

    I have absolutely no problems with the website as it is.
  13. I do mostly candles and have found that some sample scents smelled(throw) better the re-orders.....maybe the samples are stronger to encourage future purchases....I donno.
  14. Aloe water

    Ok, I looked it up on the internet and it's pretty simple...duh. Anyway, I was thinking about using the aloe vera water in my lotions...thinking that it my help with dry skin problems. If anyone has any experience with this, I'll be so appreciative of your input.
  15. Aloe water

    Has anyone ever made their own aloe water? I have a lot of aloe vera growing in the yard and wondering if I can use it to make my own aloe water.....hmmmm???