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  1. Can anyone suggest a coffee scent that is sweet and bakery like but not overpowered with cinnamon or caramel? The coffee definitely needs to stand out. I use 464 wax.
  2. Black Sea from candle science is strong and very masculine. Also Perfect Man from Natures Garden.
  3. Pink sugar

    TT’s is by far the best! Just Scent would be my second choice
  4. Just curious what your thoughts and experience is with two of the same fragrances from different suppliers and one smelling a lot stronger OOB. I know it’s subjective but does it necessarily mean it will be a stronger scent than the other in the finished product?
  5. Fragrance Oils from Nature’s Items

    Yes I will definitely do that!
  6. Fragrance Oils from Nature’s Items

    I placed my order at 10:30 pm Tuesday and by Wednesday at 11:30 it had shipped. Flat rate shipping of $8.00. It will be here Friday.
  7. Has anyone heard of or ordered from this company before?
  8. I will take 1 pound each of pink sugar, sweet amber, & Black vetyver cafe
  9. Does anyone have any opinions or info on Southwest Candle Supplies blended waxes? Shipping is quite cheap to me and I am ordering some 464 and thought about trying their line.
  10. Essential Oil diffuser and candle FO's

    I use mine in the diffuser all the time.
  11. Has anyone used Pumpkin Souffle from Rustic Escentuals and CandleScience? If so, are they similiar? Differences? Which do you prefer?
  12. Warning ⚠️Rustic Escentuals

    Belinda what ones have you had good luck with and like from Cajun's? I was thinking of placing a order to try them out.
  13. Hello Babym,


    Sorry I forgot to let you know where I got on Etsy the roll on perfume.

    It's called Sugamommy.


    Hope that helps you.



    1. babyrn


      Thank you!  I will go and check it out!