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  1. Warning ⚠️Rustic Escentuals

    Belinda what ones have you had good luck with and like from Cajun's? I was thinking of placing a order to try them out.
  2. Hello Babym,


    Sorry I forgot to let you know where I got on Etsy the roll on perfume.

    It's called Sugamommy.


    Hope that helps you.



    1. babyrn


      Thank you!  I will go and check it out!



  3. RE OOB Review

    I purchased from someone on Etsy and wasn't that impressed so I didn't want to chance it again. Any recommendations would help and hopefully someone on here does see it and I can order from them. Thanks!
  4. RE OOB Review

    Trappeur do you mind sharing the Etsy person who makes your perfume roll ons? I've been looking for someone to do that!
  5. How long is wax good for if it's been stored inside my house in its original shipping box?
  6. Definately NG, their downy dupes are dead on in soy.
  7. outragious shipping

    Now that's great customer service from Doneen. She took time out of her weekend to check into it and let ya know before Monday. That service is why I repeatedly buy from them.
  8. Lx - Htp

    Dublon, I know exactly what you are talking about and I have searched high and low for something like that but no luck. Maybe everyone can keep their eyes open.
  9. Help with Just Scent 10.95 FO sale

    Definately try the capitvatingly currant.
  10. sos quality oils?

    I have used several of their scents in the ultra and extreme concentrate and they have worked great. Their regular sos lines seemed a little on the weak side for candles but worked great in bath and body items. The results I got with the sos line could have just been a lighter scent and that is why it didn't throw good for me. I definately think they are worth a try. I still order from them for some of my scents.
  11. Thanks you guys for helping me out. Too bad I'm gonna miss the peppermint, that one is my daughter's favorite scent, anything minty! Off to burn!
  12. Ok, I got 20 candles. I got 2 from dragontears. 2 that I can't find a CT username on, and 1 I already burned and threw away the wrapping it came in. The 2 with no usernames are 1) Pumpkin, want some pie? from At My Wick's End. 2) Berry Hotcakes from Alluring Aromas. The one I burned already was Autumn Harvest a peachy orange color. So, on my list I'm showing I didn't get one from Trish, SpellKast, and candlesprite7, and Glowlite. If anyone can help, please do.
  13. Got mine today too! Went through them and I couldn't decide where to start, so I'm just going to stick my hand in the box and pull one out. We did do a great job. Everyone looks and smells so awesome! I'm in on the next swap for sure!!!!!