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  1. Wicking Coconut Wax

    I use the coconut/apricot blend from Candlewic. I'm not sure how helpful this will be because I use 3 wicks but the wick that works for me is the LX line. For most FOs (at 8%), i use (3) LX 12s and they work perfectly
  2. How would you reorganize the forums?

    That's just crazy! It hurts google in the end because I won't click on an ad if I know it will take me away from the site I'm on.
  3. How would you reorganize the forums?

    It would be nice if the ads that are on the site to generate income (AdChoices banner, etc) could open in a new tab instead of taking me to a different site and away from Craftserver.

    Bitter Creek sells HDPE bottles and state in the description that they are the same bottles they use for their fragrance oils so they should work fine.
  5. Glass jars are heavy so it does cost a lot to ship them. I get mine from the jar store and their shipping is fair but they are only 1 state away from me. Your best bet is to order your jars from a supplier as close to your area as possible. Another option is the Dollar tree if you have one close. You can order their glassware online and pick it up at the store.
  6. name change

    Is there any way for me to change my user name without losing my profile? I haven't been kolpin for a long time and would like to change it if I can
  7. Toasted Marshmallow

    From RE I got.... Toasted Marshmallow Bonfire Bliss Amish Quilt Pumpkin Creme Brulee Rustic Lodge Coffee House Cuban Tobacco Celtic MoonSpice Apple & Pumpkin Strudel Glazed Doughnut Pipe Smoke Lemon Verbena Apple Cinnamon Southern Pecan Pie Candy Cane Cupcake Sparkling Snowflakes Wine by Candlelight Praline fragrance oil (body safe) Winter Wishes fragrance oil (body safe) Aspen Winter (BBW type) Frozen Vanilla Snowflake Pumpkin Ginger & Apple fragrance oil NG i got... Poison Pie Dill Pickle Bacon Vanilla Bean Fruity Rings Monkey Farts Pink Sugar Love Spell Toasted Marshmallow Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Peppermint Patty Tobacco Caramel Fresh Brewed Coffee I went a little overboard
  8. Toasted Marshmallow

    Thank you everyone for all the help, I really appreciate it I just placed my $90 order with RE and my $50 order to NG. Never can have just one FO hahaha
  9. Toasted Marshmallow

    I haven't. I have tried ICS and BCN but they just don't seem strong enough for me Thanks for letting me know about RE!
  10. Toasted Marshmallow

    Just looking for everyone's opinion on the best Toasted Marshmallow
  11. Liquid Soap Class w/ Z here

    Well, mine is cloudy in the pot . Is there anything I can do to clear it up?
  12. Liquid Soap Class w/ Z here

    Mine was the same way too. I heated it up a little and stirred it. Then covered it back up and left it on the stove. I'm at work now so I won't know what it did til tonight
  13. Liquid Soap Class w/ Z here

    This is going to kill me having to wait until morning to see the results! Thanks Z!!!
  14. Liquid Soap Class w/ Z here

    Can we add the water to the soap or do you have to add the soap to the water.