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  1. You just don't need much vybar if any at all. See what the 1/4 tsp does, but I would back that down to 1/8 or a few grains if you honestly feel you need it.
  2. Well that's a loaded question lol! I was a Peak fan when I first started back making candles. There are some mainstays that just are not findable out there. I get the trust thing completely so I'm figuring even if we are able to stock pile some FOs, it's time to start looking for others. The problem is the others aren't necessarily where we do business. This means we get to take our business out there to some other folks ... plenty I haven't heard about. To answer your question though ... no matter what ... whether Peak's comes back for life or a half life ... find your replacements because you know where to go and some of them may be better and less expensive etc. and you won't be searching for a panic button when/if it happens again. I guess I come from the line of life that says if it happened once, it will again. Best to get prepared. That still doesn't answer you question about where to find FOs ... there are still plenty of companies out there ... still too numerous to count ... who offer fragrances. For the most part, all of them have something to offer. There are companies some of us will never go to again just because of a bad experience, but my bad experience doesn't equate to Tom, Dick and Harry having the same problem(s). There is a list of suppliers in the fragrance section as up to date as is possible. Check them out. Thinking you can search by name on here and get an idea of some people's thoughts.
  3. So then we can buy from you? LOL!
  4. I use it all the time. For me, it helps to keep my wax from sagging under heat. It's supposed to help with mold release, opacity and whiteness ... but don't use it for white, it wasn't meant to be used that way. It can be used in mottled candles to help with the weeping. A high percentage of stearic will decrease mottling. You'll have to experiment for what that would be. Typical use with paraffin is 1 oz per pound or they say roughly 3 tablespoons.
  5. Well could be she sent them and they landed in a box called spam. I don't check it. I get dizzy seeing all the junk in there. Occasionally I might do a light scan down 2-3 days worth, but usually not.
  6. So how do you feel about sharing your tutorials here once your restrictions are lifted as a newbie?
  7. I'm curious what you've sent to be duped.
  8. I never got a shipping notice when I've ordered. She will get your order to you ... for me it was generally 5-8 days later and sometimes 10 if she ran out of something or was short in pounds and then would call.
  9. Not seeking to draw attention to you. Just was curious Appreciate you're willingness to help find replacements. So how did you get into candlemaking, just by working there or are you drawn to the craft side, sought to be a tension release, lover of candles etc.?
  10. Where have you looked? I like this fragrance but I can't say where is from because it was a written label and believe the fragrance bled. I have seen that heather is offered out there, but whether phthalate free I cannot say. I have to go back fragrance crawling.
  11. Likely in bits and pieces on the web. There were two crashes that I can remember. Keeping the old board, before Vicky took over, was always a hope, but it was unstable.
  12. Welcome to the forum! So curiosity gets to me and I am wondering who you worked for?
  13. Someone mentioned French Vanilla Amber I think and so I'm wondering if Lonestar's Amber Vanilla might stand as a sub. It's been too long since I smelled the FVA to recognize it even.
  14. Never tried it and probably would have and fallen for it. Was hoping Down Home Country would have had similar notes, but not really. It's going to lack the sage and clove unless the anise part gives it a similar hint of a spice or warmth. But what about Autumn Lodge? " top notes of winter green and pine needle with middle and bottom notes of fir balsam, cinnamon, and spice." DHC is NG AL is Lonestar
  15. Got a description on it? Or can you describe it?