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  1. An order I received

    I don't know how many drops are in a 1 oz bottle, because I keep losing count. I would just divide your costs according to what they say for pounds, but break your pounds down to ounces, since you're using a 10 oz weight. And don't pitch your liquid dyes or color blocks ... if you love color. ONLY pitch liquid colors that don't give you the color they are supposed to. For example, I once had a black dye that would give me only purple, even at 20 drops to a pound of wax, which is excessive ... it got pitched (fortunately the supplier was willing to replace my bottle of dye.) The royal pain is to take everything down to an xyz weight, but once you have what you think is correct ... you shouldn't have to do it again unless you trade in 1 oz for 4 oz. Seriously I haven't been able to count the drops in a bottle and if I could ever do it, how I use dye ... I'd wonder if 1) I got a real drop, half drop, too much of a drop, 1/4 drop and 2) how do I know I used up all the dye, because I can forever get color on a chopstick. I finally ditched two bottles because I prefer eye droppers instead of the chopsticks sometimes.
  2. Merlin's Forest

    Both of these are good to hear. We go with Briar Rose from CW as I think we had heard it was a dupe, but I'm not convinced it is. However that rose is nice, particularly as a mixer in something I think we concocted last year with some other florals that we call Always & Forever.
  3. Another thought is I think Bed Bath & Beyond carry these in the kitchen gadget section and there should be a sticker on them or package info about where the item came from. Jot down that information and then contact that company directly if you can.
  4. Two colors offered through aliexpress . I think what you're looking for are crinkled potato cutters ?? Or maybe these. Admittably I cannot find a picture like yours with the winged extra grip except in singles, but the shoppers at ali express or the other place can probably help you locate them.
  5. They aren't exactly the same, but a minimum order of 10 is needed.
  6. Candle questions

    And you'll likely need additives to get the snow flake look to go away. Too, you could try pouring cooler, but first answer JC's questions about your wax.
  7. Easter Fragrances

    Go get you a Reese's pb egg lol! I really like CS' Honeysuckle Jasmine too. It will be on an experimental release this year along with Black Sea, Rosemary Pepper and stuff that isn't Eastery ... sorry, not to mislead on this thread. Another really fabulous scent that you could market to Easter but change year round is the Essence of Jesus that RE carries. It's not floral and it's definitely masculine but it really borders on uni-sex. It's a collaboration of resins and it has a powdery touch to it. Definitely not a heavy scent, which was surprising. Tulip is a mellow floral and spiritual awakening isn't bad either from NG.
  8. Merlin's Forest

    Last of the original bottle. Found a bottle we had tucked away and made it. So it will be up to getting the ones at Flaming or FB (I think it is) that have them. Yes, I'm guilty at hoarding and this year I no longer get to do so.
  9. Equipment Questions

    Lately I feel like all I've poured are tilts, though I could change that if I wanted to go to spoons, knives or fingers I suppose. I need modified forks made with no clue how to go about getting what I want done.
  10. Merlin's Forest

    This one was all done with tilts and chopsticks.
  11. Merlin's Forest

    Well that's just paper towels blocking the candles in what we hoped was the best lighting in my place on a gray and dreary day. I want to replace it with something else. Boy what I'd probably like to have out of your folders as we lost a few things, but you know, I really need to write down instructions to remember what I do any more. It's terrible if I walk away from a pot or don't finish off a bottle in the same day. I've got a handful of Ivory Woods to prove that, but at least for now I know what color I prefer to start with.
  12. This Ol' House

    What we charge for those pillars is well under the cost of the FOs. Promise.
  13. Equipment Questions

    They are counted ... the wish for 10 is an encouragement for Steve to think about doing them. I'm not handy this way and neither is my partner.
  14. This Ol' House

    I think we would love to wipe you out of all of them lol! So how much would you want? Thanks for a future place to look for this. I think it smells far better in wax than OOB.
  15. Equipment Questions

    It's very sturdy, except the one with the rubber coverings tends to smell like burnt rubber with too much heat gun on it. It also is harder to get into place. But overall, I think Steve did an awesome job. I love them with one exception ... that I can only do seven tilts at a time. Would rather be able to do 10 at the least lol.