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  1. Ed Hardy Type in the Mold

    This definitely looks intriguing! Can't wait to see your cuts.
  2. Candlewic, here I come!

    I don't think it is, but they didn't exactly put their markers on anything.
  3. Candlewic, here I come!

    Mahogany Spice might be one you don't judge by sniffing. It blooms in wax and is pretty nice ... different and more all-seasons perhaps. Fall and winter will work well. Peppermint and Cypress comes out almost straight mint, but there's a bit of freshness with it that doesn't just scream peppermint. Sorry I cannot remember what Holiday Sparkle or maybe it was Holiday Frost was like. I have a few others we've not used.
  4. The more ordered, the better the shipping, no way around that and weird that it is that way, but it isn't necessarily the supplier gouging you ... it's the delivery service. I think most suppliers try to use a company that gives them better options. Like delivery here ... UPS is cheaper than FedEx. Both will make packages disappear though and both will throw packages in the doorway of somewhere else and call it good, but it still won't change the cost to use their service. I haven't seen a lot of companies use DHL, which was competitive in its early years I thought. And the sad thing is, USPS can't handle some of the FP of fragrance oils.
  5. Western lines honestly need leather and leather + something in there ... at least around here. We made a western line a while back. Went with hay+leather+apple and that was called Giddy Up. We went with leather + Cinnamon and that was called something else that escapes me. We went with leather + chipotle salsa and that's what became our blazing saddles. We had Good Lookin' Cowboy at the time. We don't have it now.
  6. I thought I took out all my partial thoughts. So no.
  7. If you have the time and think something here will inspire: http://www.legendsofamerica.com/we-slang.html
  8. A few women thought so lol! It was a mix of leather and something and it's that something that I think might have been like cool water (doubtful) but it was a popular man's fragrance that leather was combined with at the time ... what, I don't really know.
  9. Rose jam ... of any kind. I think all of them failed straight up on that fragrance. I think that's probably the only worst smell I've encountered, but I love the incense-y stuff from Jasmine Frangipani to patchouli. I'd like to find a better Sandalwood. I may be forever in pursuit of it, but not a big deal. I don't like pouring leather at all so when I do I make a ton of it to get it out of the way. However, DayStar used to have a fragrance with leather in it called Good Looking Cowboy that I didn't mind so much but that has been discontinued for years.
  10. Supernova FO

    If I remember right FB and Flaming are similar. If you don't want to go Nurture, you might try those. My favorite out of Lush was Breath of God, but I have none of the original left to compare it to I think it was Nurture and FB refused to dupe it when I asked because I wasn't willing to buy a lot of pounds so I've never tried their version. I love the Olive Branch, but I also really like the Sultana. I did like Avobath and there are a ton of new releases I just haven't tried out and whole bunch of renames to get used to over there.
  11. Supernova FO

    My problem is that I can't make a direct compare, because Lush is a long, long, long ways away. We do have success with Fragrance Buddy's version.
  12. Cleaning house

    You're welcome.
  13. Cleaning house

    Long time coming. Thanks! It has been added.