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  1. Peaks FB page says they are reopening in a few weeks just for fragrance oils.
  2. I really like a lot of their oils. And they're having a sample sale right now!!
  3. On Maple Street's FB page they are asking for samples so they can get some of these oils duped.
  4. One of these maybe? https://candlepackagingusa.com/melt-clamshell-molds/6-cavidades-envase-grande-clamshell-de-tarta.html
  5. I don't know if they have this particular color but The Candlemakers Store has the largest selection of liquid dyes I've seen anywhere.
  6. Ugh I hate that bodacious buy stuff. Yes, the pricing is great but having to buy a whole pound of something just to find out it's not going to work stinks.
  7. I too just tried and loved the Plum Caramel. Now I'm sad.
  8. I just came across O'Kayu on Bitter Creek's site. The description is ”Japanese Rice Pudding garnished with vanilla blossoms" Sounds tempting...
  9. The Spearmint is great.
  10. You could also try CS Very Vanilla. It's the same.
  11. How long are you letting them cure?
  12. I just ordered from Candle Soylutions. They are not out of business.
  13. They all sound good to me!
  14. I have thought about trying SC strawberry before but just never bit the bullet. CC Red Banana sounds intriguing...
  15. Just curious to see if there are any particular scents you just aren't happy with and have given up trying to find. For me, I've decided I will never find the perfect strawberry, coconut, or banana.