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  1. Looking for Peak replacements

    Thanks Julie
  2. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

  3. 10% off American Soy

    I've never ordered from there before. Is that the place with the Lemon Cheesecake people rave about?
  4. I haven't tried it yet but I've been thinking about gourmet flavored marshmallows.
  5. Got featured on House Beautiful

    Wow! That's awesome!!
  6. Looking for Peak replacements

    That's awesome! You rock!!
  7. Looking for Peak replacements

    Eggnog by any chance?
  8. Looking For A Good Raspberry FO

    I loved the sample of Raspberry Sorbet I tried so I ordered a larger bottle but it wasn't the same. The raspberry note wasn't nearly as strong in the big bottle.
  9. Peak Replacement testing results

    Peaks FB page says they are reopening in a few weeks just for fragrance oils.
  10. I really like a lot of their oils. And they're having a sample sale right now!!
  11. Peak Is Closing

    On Maple Street's FB page they are asking for samples so they can get some of these oils duped.
  12. clamshell molds

    One of these maybe? https://candlepackagingusa.com/melt-clamshell-molds/6-cavidades-envase-grande-clamshell-de-tarta.html
  13. I don't know if they have this particular color but The Candlemakers Store has the largest selection of liquid dyes I've seen anywhere.
  14. Front Porch FP Fragrance Oils

    Ugh I hate that bodacious buy stuff. Yes, the pricing is great but having to buy a whole pound of something just to find out it's not going to work stinks.
  15. Thank you Aztec...

    I too just tried and loved the Plum Caramel. Now I'm sad.