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  1. You've been busy girl! That's a whole lotta soapies! So pretty all lined up.
  2. Interesting. Thanks birdcharm for the info! Been thinking about making a type of cream that may work packaged in a squeeze tube. If I don't have to buy a heat sealer it may be doable. Looks like I can use a tube crimper or even a pair of pliers. Although I think I would go with a crimper so the seal would look nicer and probably better sealed.
  3. Sweet Tobacco Vanilla: brand new TruScent fragrance Sweet Tobacco Vanilla. The fragrance has light notes of ginger, bergamot and lavender that bring an enticing sweetness to an exotic base of vanilla, amber and tobacco to create this spicy oriental type fragrance. Thought those of you looking for a new tobacco FO might try a sample. Has anyone tried any of their other sort of new fall FOs? Nutty Caramel Crisp Cider Donut Balsam Clove White Mluberry Cedar Buttery Almond Cookie The Cider Donut, Nutty Caramel Crisp, and Balsam Clove sound intriguing. Anyone tried these yet?
  4. Those look nice. Thanks. Was checking out the tube sealer... $300.. wow! I might be looking into more simple packaging since the products I plan to use it for will be in small batches.
  5. I used to do website sales and announce them through mass emails to my customers. Those worked really well for me and generated some good income.
  6. Congrats! Time to take that break and give yourself a pat on the back! For me, its updating website and facebook pages. I don't mind bookkeeping because that was what I used to do for a living and loved it. But I just hate social media because its such a time stealer. Almost forgot I really hate filling website orders, another huge time stealer but I tell myself at least I made money today!
  7. Birdcharm this was the same thing I started to think about after I posted this thread. Its a good tactic and I am glad you put it into words. I will use this the next time I am asked. Thanks!!
  8. When I used to buy those wax blocks I would put them in a large plastic container that held a whole case of wax blocks. Then as I needed a new block I just hold one up on its side and break with a hammer. The pieces fall back into the container so no cleanup or debris gets on them. The wax stays clean in the box because I keep the lid on. But seriously one or two blows with a hammer busts up a large block into lots of smaller pieces.
  9. I never got around to making my own blend. I should start my fall candle line but am too busy right now.
  10. For soap I only use peppermint EO. I like the one from Camden-Grey and its a true peppermint and not corn mint EO. I usually mix it with eucalyptus EO for an herbal spa scent. For candles I never found one better than Peaks. But then once I found theirs I quit looking.
  11. Yes and yes! Best line ever!!
  12. Been looking for squeeze type or toothpaste type tubes and can't find any. Anyone seen any? Also wondering if you need some kind of a crimper to seal them.
  13. Nick Frost! Yes! But my favorite 'bit' actor was the one who played Shaun's dad. The whole character role was a total hoot & a half!
  14. I agree. Very cool TT!!
  15. I'm curious what oils they will carry when they reopen.... or more specifically which oils will be in stock?!!