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  1. Candybee

    No FREAK'n WAY...

    I've ordered stuff from them they shipped out the same day and I got the next! Everything was good quality. They cater to chefs so I doubt they can get away with cheap stuff! KWIM? LOL
  2. Candybee


    You can wear your respirator as long as you like. I only wear it during the whole time I am working with FOs. So that would be opening the bottle, measuring and weighing, and mixing in my candles. I continue to wear the respirator as I continue to make more candles until I am done. Then I air out the area or ventilate it by opening up a window or using fans. I air out the area for at least half an hour. You may also want to note that keeping pets and children out of the work area is important for their safety. I lock up kitty on candle making days so she does not ingest the vapors.
  3. Candybee

    No FREAK'n WAY...

    You'd be surprised at all the stuff they carry! Sometimes I get lost just cruising their website looking at all their stuff! LOL I've bought baskets, sandwich board signs, table displays, cafeteria trays, nitrole gloves, and more. They also carry those portion cups you can use for for melts, seasonings, oils, butters, mixes, furnishings, take out containers, plastic containers, shopping bags, signs, racks, displays, linens, and so much more!
  4. Candybee

    Donkey's Milk M& P Base

    I want to use heavy cream but for practical reasons am using coconut and goat. The coconut goes pairs well with all veggie soaps and both are cost effective for me. I love heavy cream but its kind of pricey and I can still get a nice creamy lather and texture with the coconut and goat. I might have to take another look into it though as goat milk is pretty pricey too. Since both heavy cream and goat milks are both animal products I could switch one for the other. Will have to run the numbers on my spreadsheet. Good idea Sarah!
  5. Candybee

    No FREAK'n WAY...

    I shop from them all the time and get very good quality and fast shipping. Haven't tried their oils yet as the best deals I have found are still not surpassed by Soaper's Choice. Sometimes I use ED for lye or shea when they are having their super sale deals. I would not hesitate to buy from Webstaurant if you want to try them. They have all kinds of goodies I just can't get at other places. There is one more place I sometimes buy oils from and that is Golden Barrel in Lancaster, PA. They sell in 5 gallon pails instead of 50 lb pails like Soaper's. But they have sales and sometimes I can get a better deal at GB. But GB has a smaller selection so I have only bought olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, and I think it was either palm or pko from them before.
  6. Candybee

    Beeswax VS Stearic

    I've used beeswax before to firm up soy. But you can only use a very small % of less than 5% otherwise you can get cracks in the wax. After experimenting further I found using a bit of paraffin was far better for me than beeswax.
  7. Candybee


    I wear mine while working with fragrances.
  8. Candybee

    Pecan Pie or Pecan Sticky Bun Like FO

    I love CS Pecan Pie https://www.candlescience.com/fragrance/pecan-pie-fragrance-oil
  9. Candybee

    PayPal and Candlewic

    Good to know. I sometimes order their palm wax and other stuff.
  10. Candybee

    Donkey's Milk M& P Base

    Yeah but you can get that with any milk! Goat milk, cows milk, coconut milk, powdered milk, condensed milk, almond milk, buttermilk, hemp milk, etc. Any milk gives soap rich creamy luxurious lather that can be very moisturizing. Believe me I know because I've tried all of them but the ones I like the best are coconut and goat milks. I use coconut milk for the majority of my soaps and also have a line of goat milk soap too. I only have one line of soap that does not have milk in it.
  11. Candybee

    More fragrance supply issues

    Yes. Eucalyptus Globulus is the more common inexpensive one and THAT is the one they were emailing about! Hard to imagine the price doubling overnight like that! Gadz!! I use both the globulus and the radiata in my formulations so I need to have both. Don't know yet if it will effect the radiata... hoping not.
  12. Candybee

    Black Raspberry Vanilla

    Thanks to all for looking. I think next batch I want to try the berry color again but this time swirled with charcoal black and white. Maybe I'll keep the pink too. But I think it needs some black swirls!
  13. Candybee

    Fun New Pillars

    Wow! I really, really love the blue one!
  14. Candybee

    More fragrance supply issues

    Just got an email from Camden. Their eucalyptus EO and menthol crystals will be back in stock by the end of the month according to their manufacture. But they also said the price will be more than double. I think that this may be the trend for a lot of FOs and EOs in the coming months. I expect we will start seeing prices soar, even double, or simply be OOS for months to come. I know as soon as I have enough cashola to stock up on more EOs I am going to do that.