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  1. Candybee


    Does anyone use this app with your credit card? You're supposed to be able to turn your card off and on with it.
  2. Candybee

    “ Sweet” wax

    My favorite sweet scent to add is a honey fragrance. Plus it blends so well with other scent notes and smells more 'natural' to me.
  3. Candybee

    Is it just me ? Busy Season & Stress

    I don't stress out that way. For me I get more anxious about the second day of the show. After working hard all day and getting home late I only have a couple hours to gather up and pack what I need to replace what was sold for the next day of the show. And oddly, every show, the last few minutes of driving to the show I get a slight gut wrench in the stomach thinking of unpacking and setting up. I'm not even nervous about the show but it happens all the time. I think its just the anticipation of the workout that's ahead of me.
  4. Candybee

    What would you blend with wood?

    I'd go with patchouli, amber, honey. Another way would be to go with a blend of pine, balsam, berries. Then if you like spicy blend with cinnamon.
  5. Candybee

    Salt Bars

    And these are my Salty Mermaid salt bars. My own blend of ocean, freesia, and fresh waterfall with just a hint of lavender.
  6. Candybee

    Salt Bars

    Here are a couple batches of salt bars I made. First up are my pink grapefruit.
  7. Candybee

    Fire Goddess pumice scrub

    If you loved Goddess FB did an outstanding job duping it. To me it smells just like the original. I'm not sure if it soaps the same. This version discolors but other than that is easy to soap with and it really sticks. I used VS to keep it from discoloring so I could use it with colors to make the 'flames'. Here's a link to FB's Goddess http://www.fragrancebuddy.com/Goddess-MW-Type_Fragrance-1.aspx I forgot Moonworks had it for a while too.
  8. Okay now I have to walk through Walmart and sniff it! Curious what it smells like now.
  9. Candybee

    FedX Video

    I thought the most shocking vid was the one with the package stuck on the front of the fedex truck going down the highway. Sheesh!!
  10. Candybee

    Formula for making soap recipe fit mold

    I was close. I remembered my formula for column/slab molds was something like L x W x H x 4 = oil wt. It was the 4 that was throwing me. Its .43. Thanks. Okay I have to have an easier non math symbol formula for round molds. I remember L (length) x radius x radius = oil wt. But isn't something missing?
  11. Candybee

    FedX Video

    why am I not surprized? This is why I package my orders like they are going to be handled by gorillas. I also insure them.. all of them.
  12. I used to have this written down in my recipe spreadsheet so I could figure out the amount of oils needed in a recipe to fit my molds. It was on my old comp that died so its gone. Does anyone have it and can post it here. I need both the one that works for column/slab molds as well as the one for round molds. Thanks.
  13. Candybee

    Need help re hot spots

    It works on both. Just make sure its not a really old phone as Square won't support older phone versions. If you phone is only a couple years old or newer you should be good. But to be sure you can always go to the Squareup website and check your phone compatibility from their list. I just got a new LG Tribute Dynasty android because my old LG Voltcandy android was no longer supported by Square.
  14. Candybee

    FedX Video

    Okay I don't even see a link for a vid
  15. Candybee

    Can't "Like" a post

    Now its working. Must be me. I am still getting used to my new comp and on this one I have to click on like and click on the heart too. On my old comp I just click on like period and it was done.