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  1. Hello From Missouri

    Welcome to Craft Server!
  2. EBC Creamy Milk Face & Body Wash?

    It sounds really nice. Haven't tried that one. Just an FYI; Rainshadow Labs in OR has some wonderful skin and face care products that are organic. https://www.rainshadowlabs.com/
  3. New England Made show

    Trade shows are not the same as a juried craft show. Trade shows are for businesses that do wholesale and have a track record of 5 yrs or more of wholesale experience. Another wholesale type show is the cash and carry shows. For these shows you need a truckload of product and be ready to sell up to hundreds or thousands of the same product. People I know who do these shows tend to specialize in one product. Like say they do wax melts but make them in only 4 scents. Then they take thousands of these to the cash and carry shows and sell them by the hundreds or thousands at a time. Many who do these shows have several wholesale customers who buy from them every year. I thought about doing the shows at one time but honestly I don't want to reproduce at such a high volume like a factory. That's just not for me.
  4. Oui glass yogurt jars

    Those jars are really adorable! I've never heard of this yogurt? Is it sold throughout the US? Don't remember seeing it at my store. What store chain sells it?
  5. CS Strawberry Shortcake is awesome in candles! For apple themed a popular scent is CS Apples & Maple Bourbon, MacIntosh Apple, or Harvest Apple. I believe NG has Nana's Apple Butter, and any apple pie or cinnamon apple would work. Halloween is C&S Candy Corn, or Witches Brew, don't remember who carries it but Hayride. Don't forget pumpkin scents like CS Pumpkin Souffle, C&S Vanilla Pumpkin, BW Pumpkin Gingerbread and Pumpkin Cappuccino.
  6. Prairieannie recipe feedback please!

    Have you tried washing with one yet? It might just make a nice soap as is.
  7. Prairieannie recipe feedback please!

    Prairieannie sent me one of her goat milk soaps once and it was pretty nice. It did give off a lot of milky white water thou whenever I washed with it so that told me there was too much milk in the base. But she used bases from EBC so that could make a difference since you used the SFIC.
  8. Prairieannie recipe feedback please!

    I actually edited my original post so there might be some info in there you could use. I would try remelting the soaps as this may actually help it the second time around. Or at least try one soap to remelt in the micro, then pour it into a small container or mold you have. You can use an old plastic yogurt cup or even a muffin or cupcake mold. If the remelted soap stays blended then you know its okay to remelt the whole batch. Also, don't throw any away. You can always try adding more base to see if that helps. I have actually made some pretty good soaps from remelting goofs I made. In any event, its hard to ruin M&P, and since its remeltable you can usually find a way to save it.
  9. Prairieannie recipe feedback please!

    No its not supposed to look like that. Your batter separated in the mold and that's why you have two layers. Personally I never used her recipe because she uses a much higher content of additives than I ever would. For example I would never use more than 1 oz (about 2 tbs) of any additives or combo of additives in one lb of base. Bases are simply not designed to hold extra additives but the barest amount. You can add some but sparingly. Again, the base itself will dictate how much it may hold. Not all bases are the same and some hold more than others while yet others won't lather at all with any additives. I have read other complaints about her recipe before. It could be any number of issues that caused the batter to seperate. Anything from the base itself, an one or combo of additives, how well you incorporated the ingredients, the temperature, etc. Any insight you may have to share may help. Anything unusual happen when you were putting it together? Like did you have any issues while you were making the soap or when you poured it into the mold?
  10. Forgot to add that I once tried using wide, short, squat jars, sort of like tureen type at one time. I used them for a very short time before learning the hard way they don't make the best candle containers for a variety of reasons. However, they do make excellent wickless candles. I would definitely pick a tureen jar to use if I were making wickless candles. They are perfect for that.
  11. Forrest the National Candle Association website has all kinds of information on candles. Another good site to read up on wicks and how they perform is at Wicks Unlimited http://www.wicksunlimited.com
  12. I love the 16oz straight sided jars and use them myself occasionally. It is not necessary to double wick these jars. I single wick them and I have also single wicked larger apothecary jars successfully. I have tried double wicking and the lessons I learned from that are not to double wick jars that don't need it. So any jar at 4" diameter or under I single wick. Double wicking I leave for the very large containers.
  13. Testing without FO

    That's an excellent point!
  14. An order I received

    How do you get your micas so cheap? I sat down and figured out the actual cost per level tsp of my micas and the average cost came out to $ .10 cents. I try to buy in larger quantities than an ounce too. I used to do the $ .01 cent cost per candle for dye a few years back... but then I started buying dye chips and now its much easier to quantify the cost. Chips cost more but they work better for me in palm than the liquid. The liquids tend to morph the scent on me so I quit using them in my palm candles.