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  1. Suggestions for "Snow" fragrance

    I mix my own "snow" type fragrance. I use a blend of christmas tree, candy cane, vanilla, and a little peppermint. If I wanted to make it lest of a christmas or pine scent I would use patchouli instead. Maybe patchouli and mint. We get some snow here and to me snow would be a perfect blend of that earthy scent of patchouli mixed with the fresh minty notes of peppermint or candy cane if I wanted it sweet mintyness.
  2. Can we talk one more time Pumpkin Pie?

    I am still using CS pumpkin pie as a mixer for my pumpkin pie. But this year I am switching from CS pumpkin souffle to their new toasted pumpkin spice. It has pumpkin notes in it but I am liking the spice and buttery notes almost nutty notes. I got a sample and really liked it so I ordered a bottle. Its should be here by Wednesday. So when I next make candles I will try the new mix of CS pumpkin pie + CS toasted pumpkin spice. I have to try something because for the last year my pumpkin pie has become a slow mover. It sells okay but not the way it used to. I am thinking customers want something a little different. I also tried FB's apple pumpkin and really liked that. I put it into soap and the apple note really comes through. Its kind of weak in CP, don't know how it is in candles. But I liked the scent so much I am thinking of making my own apple pumpkin blend. Maybe macintosh apple or harvest apple with pumpkin pie or pumpkin souffle. I also picked up a lavender apple from FB and really like the spa like quality of that. I am thinking a lavender, pumpkin, apple blend would be lovely and very different and refreshing for fall.
  3. I love a good challenge but it can be frustrating too! Hope you find your right combo. Occasionally I have to go to the source to make sure I am duplicating the right scent and not what I remember the scent as. So I would go buy an orange creamsicle or two and relive the experience. Its happened to me before. Most recently with snickerdoodle. They were more carmalized than I remembered them being.
  4. My Soap Curing Racks

    Before I bought my wire shelving units I looked at different options including the same bakers racks you talk about. I thought at first I would go with the bakers racks but when I did the math on the cost and space of the wire shelves I went with those instead. They hold more soap, cost less, and have more space options between racks. They just made better sense for me. Although I do know soapers that use them.
  5. Is Soapalooza still selling FO

    I haven't bought from Soapalooza in quite a while. I think the biggest reason was the FOs quit working for me in soap they way they used to. I started getting FOs would fade or seperate out of the soap. Also, the sizes available were weird. You could buy 8oz but not a pound. I just didn't like all the CP problems I started to experience plus the size limitations for sale, so eventually I just gave up and moved on to other suppliers. Its a shame, because the FOs used to be some of the best.
  6. Can you still get petrolatum? Isn't that the same stuff they use in vaseline? Anyway, if you do try the petrolatum use sparingly until you get the right % as that stuff can cause your candles to smoke and soot. But it does soften up the paraffin making it closer to a container paraffin depending on how much you use.
  7. Its been so long ago that anyone has discussed fingernailing of paraffin. Don't know if you can even get any of the old threads in a search. I know about it because I used to get it on my paraffin pillars. But to me fingernailing is more of a vertical crescent shape on the outside surface of the candle sides. They look almost like someone gouged their fingernail over and over again up and down the sides of the pillar. The circular patterns you have in the pics look more like mini air pockets or wax seperation just under the surface. I'm not sure what causes that, could be a temperature sensitive issue or an additive issue or both. If you are having luck with your stearic/vibar combo I would continue using that. Sorry I can't help you with it. I made pillars for a short time with paraffin so I never resolved my fingernailing issues. I went on to soy and palm pillars where I have never seen fingernailing. But each wax has its own pros and cons to work with.
  8. ? about wholesale pricing

    I have a flyer I make up for my wholesale products. From what the article on line-sheet talks about its pretty much the same thing as I do with my flyers. I list these items on the flyer: Wholesale prices, including a price break if I have one for that product. Minimum information (you can list a dollar amt.; eg. $100, or you can choose a product amount) for candles, I chose a two case minimum but that is because I sold to a lot of small retailers in the valley here. But I allow the customer to mix and match and worked with them on scent selection. Also, I sold by the case so they have to buy in sets of twelve. I feel as thou if a customer does not at least buy 2 cases it does not make selling them wholesale worth it to me. Also, less than that and they won't have an effective selling stock. More candles stacked on a shelf sell better than one candle here, one candle there, etc. List of fragrances, I also include thumbnail pics of the candles. I list purchasing info; what payment type I will take like credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash. Payment due date. If your customer does not pay on time will you charge them a fee? I list my contact and company information, including website, email, phone, facebook and/other social media addresses, etc. and make sure my logo has a prominent place on the page so the customer will be sure to see and remember it. I list payment, shipping, and return policies. Most companies like to be invoiced and pay in cycles when they cut checks. Are you prepared to wait up to a month or longer to be paid? If you prefer payment on delivery list that on your flyer. This is a lot of info to put on a single one side piece of paper. So some of the print may be smaller than others. Think of putting together a resume of your product. You want it to stand out and be read. You want key points to be easy to read and stand out. So take the time to put together an attractive flyer that is simple yet effective. PS. I always, always, leave business cards with every meeting, every sale. So even if I am shipping the umpteenth order to the same customer for two years I still include a business card. And if I have made changes to scent selections or pricing or purchasing or policy I make sure to send them a revised flyer so they always have current information on my product.
  9. Moonstar the soaps all from test batches I just made. So they really need more time to cure and harden up. I just wanted to package some with the new labels so I could email a pic to my account. I don't know yet if all the fragrances I used will hold up until over time. The honey and oatmeal I know will because those are ones I have used before. So far they all smell pretty good but the lavender apple scent has already faded. I think next time I am going to make my own blend of lavender apple from FOs and EOs I know work for me. Once I smelled the lavender apple FO I liked it right away. But what matters is what my account likes. Re lime in CP soap I use regular lime EO which is essentially 5x. It sticks like crazy and smells wonderful in CP soap. Frankly I don't see why anyone would want to go to all the trouble of looking for a 15x lime when a standard 5x works so well!
  10. I found and downloaded a couple of 18th century fonts to use in the labels. The blue pic on the top of the labels is their logo. Here is a link to the plantation's website: http://bellegrove.org/ Its in the heart of sacred ground known as civil war battlefield grounds. There are historic battlefields all over the Shenandoah Valley and there was even a battle fought at Belle Grove.
  11. I just made these for my wholesale account with Belle Grove Plantation. The plantation was established in 1797 and is now a well kept historic site complete with a ghost. They have been selling my soap and B&B for a couple years and recently asked me for something new. So I told them about beer soap and this is what I came up with. I made them 4 test batches. One made with plantation hive honey, one with oatmeal, and a couple with pumpkin puree.
  12. Made my first beer soap!

    Posted pics of my new wholesale beer soaps in the gallery if you want to see them.
  13. Made my first beer soap!

    Those look awesome! Love the foam at the top. Mine are not fancy at all. Just simple soap rounds from pale tan to medium dark in color. But they could still get darker. I have not gone to any local breweries yet. Before I spend my money on fancy beer I wanted to use some inexpensive beer first to make sure I can make it. I am also considering asking around for some mash so I don't have to worry about the alcohol. If I can get some mash from a local brewery for a good price that would be awesome!
  14. How hot are you heating your wax before adding the brown colored wax? What are the instructions for adding the color? How long are you mixing the wax once you add the color? I use rediglo dye chips and if you don't heat the wax hot enough some colors don't blend well. But then they tend to leave color flecks in the bottom of the candle.
  15. Made my first beer soap!

    Ended up having to rebatch the pumpkin soap. When I cut it there was oily fragrance in the center. Fortunately it was so soft I was able to mush it up into the crockpot with my hands. Just finished scooping it into the PVC mold. Hopefully I will have a saved soap log. Will see tomorrow once its hardened and cooled completely overnight.