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  1. Label program

    Don't know about that program but I use the Avery designPro program. Do all my labels with that and love it. Easy to use and its a free download from Avery.com
  2. Best Christmas Fragrances?

    That is one of my staple scents for my holiday line. But now I use it as a mixer for my cinnamon apple. I had been wanting to find a dupe of Glade's Cinnamon Apple and tried mixing it myself and couldn't get it right. One day I just threw together some C&S christmas splendor with some CS Harvest apple and voila! It reminded me of the glade scent. Now its one of my top 4 sellers!
  3. West Coast suppliers

    Check out the state supplier list in the general candle section. Also, keep in mind that during the holiday rush suppliers often run out of items so it helps to stock up ahead of time. Wax is one of those items suppliers can run out of. Plus if one runs out others tend to follow as buyers look for alternative suppliers. Happens to all of us. I buy my wax supplies for the holiday season in August/September so I know I have enough.
  4. Popular this holiday season

    That's too bad. Not all shows I do will I light a candle. I do some I know have other vendors that can't tolerate it. Also, I ask vendors around my booth if they mind and if not then I go ahead. But when I do light a candle it really helps to sell them. I see other candle vendors do the same in my area so I am not alone. I live in the country so we are a bit lax here in the sticks.
  5. Popular this holiday season

    Anything that smells like a christmas tree should sell well. I used CS frasier fir and mistletoe with Fillmore's christmas tree and its my #1 seller. My #2 seller is my own custom blend of reindeer farts. Both sell out at every holiday market and christmas craft show I've done this year. Next to those would be cinnamon apple, cranberry orange, christmas hearth, cinnamon broom, and anything with a christmas theme name to it! This year I also custom blended a scent I call White Christmas and when I debuted it it started selling right away too. I use a blend of CS mistletoe with C&S candy cane. I think it helps that I open one to burn on my display table so people can see it burning and smell it. That always works for me to sell those candles.
  6. Ombré Pillar candles

    Do you know what wax was used in the original pillar? Is it the same as the wax you dipped it in? What temp is the dipping wax when you dip the candle? Re pillar vs containers, I agree containers far outsell pillars in my experience. I love pillars but sometimes I can't give them away. They also cost more to make because it takes more wax and customers always tend to go for the cheaper candle. I also think that container candles may also be perceived as being safer and cleaner since the wax is in a container and won't run.
  7. Still creating for the season?

    Whew! All you guys sound so busy! I don't decorate much for the holidays and i downsized my Christmas tree to a 3 ft one since last year. Soooo much easier to put up and decorate. The only other thing I do is decorate my fireplace mantle where I hang the stockings. I put up christmas lights and pine boughs. Last thing I need to do is shop for Christmas dinner and I won't do that until around the end of next week. So I am pretty much done with getting ready for the holidays. I do have 2 more holiday markets to do, one this weekend on the 16th and the last one on the 23rd. Right up there to the very last holiday shopping weekend. But I need the money so I'm doing them. So many emergencies this year and on top of that my old cat is having health issues and the vet bills and meds add up. So I am spoiling her while I can but I think she may be seeing her last Christmas. She has health issues that require anesthesia to treat and she is too old and has a heart murmer and high BP so its out of the question for her. So we are treating what we can and making the quality of her life as best as possible for the now but my heart is broken that I can't fix her. Sigh.. So will keep cuddling and kissing her and spoiling her while I can.
  8. You could also try beeswax at 3-5%. Any higher and you might experience cracking or cracks in the wax. But it will definitely help harden the wax. If you are not against using paraffin that is an excellent choice for adding to soy. I used to make parasoy candles and found my fav blends were 25% paraffin up to 50%. If you do try paraffin test at increments of 5% whenever you try an increase until you find the right blend for you.
  9. A good beer fo??

    Fixed it for ya. Have you looked at Brambleberry's beer FOs? My favorite is their Oatmeal Stout. They also have an Spiced Amber Ale and a Honey Ale? I think. They were kind of tricky to find so I ususally do a 'beer' search on their site and the beer FOs come up. But here's a link: https://www.brambleberry.com/Search.aspx?k=beer+fragrance
  10. Favorite FO from Fillmore?

    Not really. Before I bought it I used to mixed my own cranberry orange using CS Cranberry Marmalade and C&S Orange. It was very popular and a big seller for me. I just bought this one bottle of Fillmore's cranberry citrus to try out and liked that too. I can use either so although I am disappointed I know I have a really good blend of my own I can make that my customers love. Also, it will give me a chance to experiment with mixing CS cranberry marmalade with their blood orange. I have been wanting to try that blend too.
  11. Favorite FO from Fillmore?

    They've discontinued cranberry citrus?!! Bummer!! I forgot about the daffodil. Super fragrance and perfect for spring! I sell a lot of this in the spring.
  12. Favorite FO from Fillmore?

    Christmas Tree Nutmeg & Ginger Cedar Garland Clove Patchouli Lemon Biscotti Honeysuckle I've used quite a few over the years but the first 3 are my absolute favs and must haves for the holidays!
  13. FB carries 'sweater weather' http://www.fragrancebuddy.com/Sweater-Weather-by-BBW_type_fragrance-2-2.aspx
  14. ECo soya advanced reintroduced

    I'm not surprised at all. From what I have been reading for those that have tried the new quantum waxes they are horrible and not performing as well as the old. The new waxes just disappoint on all levels. On top of that NGI has made many blunders in the introduction and the timing of bringing out and making available the new waxes. My guess is unless they get their act together they are going to go out of business. Constidering all the mess they have made nothing they do surprises me anymore.
  15. ECo soya advanced reintroduced

    Go to there UK facebook page. They posted a link to buy it.