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    Sales Manager for Clarus Specialty Products, LLC. A specialty wax company. We focus on the candle, cosmetic, adhesive, and chewing gum industries.

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  1. added a tad of petrolatum,poured at 190 and insulated my cooling box. Got an improved adhesion but ct/ht seem muted. Cosmetic more than performance.


  2. Hey Chuck,

    sorry about not getting back to you...I haven't been on here in months. This probably isn't the best way to get in touch with me - you can contact me anytime via email bford@clarussp.com or phone 803.324.4902. I am sorry to hear the wax is giving you problems. I have not heard anything from other customers, but I will look into it and see if there is anything very different from usual.


  3. Hey Brad, what's up with the 3022? Headed into another case and the wax is very off. Cannot get much adhesion and it reminds me of 6006 with all the air pockets around the wall. This is the second time I've messaged you about the 3022 and I really need some feedback about what might help this wax to perform like the old formulation. Please give me some feedback or thoughts and whether you are getting any other complaints about quality.


  4. Hey Brad, what's up with the 3022? The deeper I go in this case the worse the wax gets. Very poor adhesion on jar walls, lots of air in the wax and ct is not too hot. Has there been a change in formula or is this just an off batch? Kinda worried it doesn't behave as usual. TIA