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  1. Favorite Aztec FO?

    Off the top of my head, I like the following from Aztec: Pink Lilac & Willow Cinnoman Vanilla Duck Farts, Cabri Blue (Volcano) Sea Minerals Forever Red Cool Water Used to love their Gogi Berries and Blood Orange, and also their Blood Lime - I think all of which are discontinued now. They also had one called Winterberry and it was awesome. I think that one also got discontinued. And I use a ton of other of their scents as mixers. I pretty much can't go wrong with anything I try from them.
  2. Popular this holiday season

    I wish the markets I did allowed that. Everyone I've done, or even gone to as a consumer has the rule of no open flame, and they don't even like it if a burner is going. They cite the fire hazard, and too many complaints from other vendors.
  3. Ombré Pillar candles

    Also in my experience containers throw scent a little better than pillars. Not all, and not always, but more often than not IME.
  4. I don't know of any courses like that - especially not in France since I'm in the States. I would try looking up techniques on Youtube. You will probably find more help there than anywhere else. Maybe call/talk to some Universities or colleges in your area and see what they offer?
  5. Ombré Pillar candles

    Main reason people make container candles more often than pillars is simple. They sell better, and people go where the market dictates.
  6. Ombré Pillar candles

    Looks like to me when you dipped the pillars the wax is not completely adhering to the cool pillar. Next time add some micro-crystalline wax to your colored wax and that will help it adhere to the pillar. Not sure what can be done with these other than gently heating with a heat gun, but not so much as to melt the wax off.
  7. Still creating for the season?

    I think @Candybee still has some shows until next week. Is anyone else still scrambling for the season? I'm done and have been done with shows and the like, however, I do still need to make some candles up for my son's girlfriend, my dog groomer, and a few other last minute gifts. I really need to stop procrastinating and get them done this weekend, or they simply are not going to get made. What else does everyone have going on? Anything fun/festive for the season? We still haven't fully decorated the house. Not sure what my problem is but I get home from work and I literally just have zero energy to put into anything and usually just sit around watching TV. I need to get out of that funk. Tonight I have a dentist appointment, so at least that will be something different, however unpleasant...
  8. A supplier for box padding/inserts

    Check out Uline also. They have a TON of packaging products.
  9. Still creating for the season?

    I forced myself to make a some candle gifts last night, so I have half what I needed to do down, so this weekend I can try and finish everything up. The dentist appt wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be so I'm glad about that. Tonight a hair appt. so nothing getting done tonight again.
  10. Bath cosmetics

    For cleansing, body and face, I use my own handmade bar and liquid soap. I use a salon shampoo on my hair, that my hairdresser gives me for free (ish) (it's supposedly a $20 bottle of shampoo - LOL but I exchange that for a candle, and it does really work for my hair type) I use my own handmade deodorant most of the time, however, about once a month I will swipe some *Degree* on myself. I have oily skin on my face, so I also use a daily oil-free moisturizer on my face. Sometimes Mary Kay, sometimes Neutragena (sp?) but I use it every day. I know so many people with oily skin that do not use a moisturizer because they believe they don't need it, which is false. They do. And by not using one is probably the biggest reason their skin is oily. I used to use an emu oil based handmade moisturizer on my face that I absolutely loved, but my friend who made it would never give me the recipe, I couldn't reproduce it (no matter how hard I tried, I'm just not good at that sort of thing) and she quit making it. And really that's about it. I do use a concealer and mascara, but that's it for make-up. I use the concealer as a foundation because it's much lighter than any foundation I can find, and it works perfect for me.
  11. As others have said, weight on a scale. Weight is much more consistent than volume measurements. Even with FO's. 1oz of a heavy bakery scent will have less volume than 1oz of a light floral scent, but when weighed on a scale they will weigh the same.
  12. Still creating for the season?

    Yes, I believe you are right and that, that is a lot of it. And for 10 years (ish) I had half day Fridays, and would use my Friday afternoons to do most stuff needed around the house. As good as this job is, and the perks with it, that is one thing I TRULY miss. Also, since I've had this job (only since end of April) I've had 3 department changes, 1 big international trip that lasted 8 weeks, AND my manager who is in a different country just gave his resignation. All of which are stressors! The only ONLY good thing about his resignation, is he is in Europe, and in a managerial position where it is required by law that he give a 3 month notice, instead of how US only requires 2 weeks, (and only to be professional, it's not required by law - at least I don't think - there may be some sort of positions that require a notice) Anyway, I am going to put forth a huge effort to get the house completely decorated and all gifts complete and done by the end of this weekend. I simply have to no matter how low energy I am.
  13. CTW Burners

    I LOVE both Levine, and the wholesale account. Sometimes I don't want 6-12 of an item, so having the option of just buying 1 is great.
  14. Aztec's Wildflower

    Oh I appreciate the offer, but I do still have a ton of Peak's sweet pea.
  15. Is it time yet to co-op any of my dupes?

    If this somehow waits until Feb I'll be able to get at least a lb of each, maybe more. My compensation package will be in by then, and we will finally be completely out of debt, minus the house payment. Man that will be nice, then I can work on paying extra for that and hopefully have that paid off in a year or 18 months. (sorry - rambling)
  16. CTW Burners

    Also, not sure what CTW burners are, but if you have a resale license you can get warmers at http://electricburner.com/ - I've used to use them a lot when I first started out, and sold a ton of tarts. I kind of got away from selling the tarts, and tart burners since then though, so am not sure how prices compare.
  17. Trimming wicks for customers?

    Me either, but when I make them (rare these days and usually only when family requests them) I always trim those too.
  18. Candle Workshop

    @Ayse, where are you located? That could help us point you in the right direction also, especially for recommending suppliers and such.
  19. Trimming wicks for customers?

    I always trim to the correct length before selling or giving away. If I'm at a show/fair, I also have a little 1/2 page pamphlet letting them know the correct length to trim to, and the results of what not trimming before each burn can lead too (soot, mushroom, smoke, etc.,) and usually I reiterate that when I'm bagging their purchase by actually vocalizing that information.
  20. You are going to find that's what most people want - strong FO's that throw well. Try Aztec. They have a ton of the ones you say you need. They carry a LOT of BBW dupes and a few VS dupes as well. I also love a lot of their masculine scents. Also, if you go to NG's site, they have all of their fo's searchable by how you want - alphabetical, by type, by color (typical color associated with that scent), all kinds of different ways to categorize an FO. Plus I have found their scents to be of very high quality.
  21. Aztec's Wildflower

    Peak's Sweet Pea? I would love to find a dupe of theirs because it's much different than most Sweet Peas I've been able to find. It has a fruity quality to it, and that's probably what drew me in...
  22. You can teach anybody anything as long as they are willing to learn, and if he is willing, you will be fine. Even doctors had to be taught how to be doctors, so, ...
  23. Reusing plastic Clamshell molds/removing labels?

    Personally if they are for gifts and not testers, I would not reuse the containers and give them out.
  24. Men and Candles

    Over my many years of selling and giving candles away, there is an interesting trend I've noticed. Men seem to love candles more than women do. Is this just me, or do other people notice this as well? Over the past several years at my craft shows I can't tell you how many times it was the men that commented on my candles, or bought my candles, or ALMOST bought a candle before their wife/gf pulled them away, and then case in point - since today is "Giving Day" I brought candles for my Business Unit here at work. Consists of 13 people (including myself) 4 women, 9 men. I put the candles on their desks before they came into work this morning. Anyway, once they found out I am the one that gave them the candles, it was the men that were more grateful. I mean the women said thank you, but the men gushed over them. Just thought I'd mention this trend. Or maybe not a trend, since this has been my experience for the better part of 20 years now.
  25. It really depends on the scent and to some extent the supplier you get that scent from. . Some scents tend to need wicking up (like bakery scents/ vanillas and cinnamons) where as some require a wick down. And some, you can use the same wick you would an unscented candle. That's why it's so important to test each new variable, including each new scent.