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  1. 5-day weekend - what to do?

    Well, last weekend I made some cotton candy cupcakes and piped the top with a 3-tip coupler mechanism. Worked great. The colors not so much, but man I love this scent. The batter before saponification was so yellow it skewed all of my colors and the purple was a beautiful baby poo greenish brown. LMAO The pink was a lovely orange and the blue, a brilliant green. HAHA After saponification it fixed the purple completely, but the pink is really now a peach, and the blue is more of like a turquoise-ish. I knew this scent did this, but I dont' remember it doing it to this extent. They are just for us, as I just wanted to try the coupler which I actually like a lot. Anyway, that was long-winded to tell you that this weekend (which is a 5-day weekend for me - YAY) I'll be trying my hand at using the coupler again, but with a different FO that I know won't get so yellow. I'll also be masterbatching a couple hundred lbs of my soap mixture, and then making some loaves of soap. I'm also going to be making quite a few 16oz candles, and a bunch of palm containers and possibly, not sure yet, possibly some palm pillars or even just regular pillars. It's been a long time since I've made any pillars, I think I'm due. What is everyone else up to? Here a couple pics for reference into what my cupcakes looked like. LOL Before saponification - After Saponification -
  2. Wasted candles?

    Or, you can scoop the wax out and melt it in a melter. This is usually what I do...
  3. Peak Fragrances Reopening?

    That address is the address they were in 15 years ago, when they first came to Colorado. Or at least, very close to where they were located. They were here in Colorado for several years (I think almost 8 years) before they opened a second location in PA. So, what, now they are back? And I was under the impression (as was everyone involved) that he sold the manufacture codes to the original fragrances to Keystone, so who will have the real deal (if this is in fact the same as Peak Candle Supply - who btw on Facebook said he just wouldn't be able to pull it together to make it happen) I thought only 1 person could be the "owner" of the fragrance codes, but I really am not 100% sure on how all that works. If that's the case, these can't be the originals. I don't see anything listed on the site posted, so? IDK. I'm over Peak, Keystone, and this. As someone else said, there are too many great oils elsewhere to have to deal with this headache inducing bulls*&%&*t - malarkey.
  4. Uneven wax melts

    As Trapp said, we need more information to properly help you. What wax are you using, what temps are you pouring at, are you using molds or clam shells, are you using additives, and if so which ones, etc., We could all guess, (as others have, and yes, it does sound like too hot of a pour) but that's all it would be is guessing without knowing more crucial information.
  5. Palm wax questions

    I found the Sparkle Light and the Glass Glow wicking in my containers to be the same in the containers I make. I use CD's for these palm candles, and I never could get the wicking correct with CSN's in it. I've never use RRD wicks, so can't help you there.
  6. Lonestar has 22 new fragrances

    IMO Lonstar's FO;s are of good quality, and fairly priced. I've never had a problem with them not throwing or working in my soap, just the occasional me not liking the scent. 22 sample scents for $22 is not a bad price, for sure. The ONLY drawback for me with Lonestar is they don't take PayPal, (at least last I checked) and I hate that.
  7. Hurricane Candles

    yeah, there are many many threads about it here, on other forums, and on Facebook.
  8. Hurricane Candles

    I got my molds from Peak, but pretty much any large round mold can be a hurricane mold. I personally don't use the insert. Found it to be more of a pain than any help, however, I only make the "Forever Memory" hurricanes, with a picture insert, and with those types, the insert would just get in the way... According to Aztec, you can get the mold and insert from them - http://www.candlemaking.com/huricane-mold.html http://www.candlemaking.com/hurricane-mold-insert.html @AjahPeak is not going to reopen. Not sure where most of their supplies went or are going, but all of there scents were sold along with the manufacture codes, to Keystone Candle Supply.
  9. Presto Pot questions

    I don't keep a lid on my presto when melting wax, however, the main reason is because I don't really need to hold my wax in the presto for any length of time. For the batch sizes I like to make, my wax will melt in a matter of 20-25 minutes, and once it's melted I pour it into my pour pot. That doesn't mean I don't think it should be done, just means, I don't do it.
  10. My first show was on Oct. 7th (a one day show) and I sold almost all of what I brought. The show ended at 4, but by 3 my table looked empty, no matter how I tried to reorganize everything. Next year, I really do need to make more so I can bring more. I can't really say what the best seller was, because almost everything sold, but what I can say as to what didn't sell - pretty much anything floral, and my cute little Halloween candles. That one is a big mystery to me as to why the jars alone didn't sell those, but it's the 2nd year in a row that they have just sat on my table during my October show. So, those went to my niece(in-law) and nephew. They are always wanting candles, and come by the house about once every couple months to pick some up, so screw it, they get cute candles, and I don't have to deal with lugging them around again. LOL Now, hopefully I do just as well at my November show... (it's a 2-day show and I'm bringing almost 5x as much as I did to this show) We'll see how it goes...
  11. And now the cut of the mermaid soaps.

    They were. I ended up making 5 batches of them, and I still don't have any for my November show, and it's too late to make any for that show now. Oh well, maybe next year.
  12. I absolutely love them.
  13. keystone bought remaining peaks inventory

    They didn't have an only Lemongrass scent, it was Sage & lemongrass, but mostly lemongrass with only a hint of sage peeking through. I think you would have to have a pretty good sniffer to detect more than a tiny bit of sage in it.
  14. MY American Soy Wax Order

    I still maintain that the flashpoint of an FO has no bearing on when/how to add the fragrance. That explanation is a good one on why to add fragrance when/how you should add it, but again, has nothing to do with flashpoint.
  15. MY American Soy Wax Order

    But the only reason flashpoint is important in gel candles is to avoid cloudiness. This new wax I'm sure is not clear, or made of 90% mineral oil like gel wax is, so again, flashpoint has no bearing...
  16. MY American Soy Wax Order

    Honestly, unless you are shipping their FO's you don't really need to know what the flashpoints are. They are meaningless for anything except shipping regulations, and gel candles, (but even then it's mostly because of polarity and nothing else) Flashpoint has literally LITERALLY nothing to do with when you should add FO, how much FO to add,. what temp to add FO at, NOTHING. And suppliers of all people SHOULD KNOW THIS, and stop equating flashpoint with all the other BS crap they associate it with.
  17. MY American Soy Wax Order

    UGH - it is so irritating when SUPPLIERS don't know what the F flashpoint is. Makes me crazy, and quite honestly makes me incredibly angry when I see stuff like this coming from a supplier. They of ALL people should know better!
  18. MY American Soy Wax Order

    I realized that after I posted, that the name of the company was American SOY so it probably wouldn't have been paraffin. Sorry, IDK how to help or why it's shiny or doesn't throw, I've never used it.
  19. MY American Soy Wax Order

    Has your other pillar waxes been paraffin, or a paraffin blend. Just sounds like there is more paraffin in this pillar wax than in others you have used. All of my pillar and votive wax is pretty shiny. As for throw, another reason, is 464 is a container wax - which I have found container waxes usually do throw much better than pillar waxes do. This is why when I make my melts, I do a blend of pillar/container waxes. Pillar for the hardness of the wax, and container for the throw.
  20. It just looks like wet spots to me. just a bit of wax contracting and pulling away from the jar. all waxes do it. It's just an aesthetic problem, and nothing to be too concerned with.
  21. I don't think feather palm will give you what you want in a jar. It's typically a pillar wax, and I tried it in a jar once, and the pattern didn't come through because I couldn't keep the jar hot enough long enough for the pattern to come out. and it pulled completely away from the sides as well. If I were you I'd get some glass glow, or some other type of container palm to try. I have had the best luck with CD's in my palm wax, both containers and pillars. I tried the CSN's but just couldn't get them to burn right. But that's just been my experience - looks like @moonshine has had success with the CSN's.
  22. Belle Grove Plantation account beer soaps

    I honestly don't know what fold my lime EO was (honestly I think it might have only been 5x) but I have a couple soaps left that are about 2 years old and they are still strongly scented. I *might* still have the bottle, and if I do, I'll look and see what it says.
  23. Belle Grove Plantation account beer soaps

    The beer smell does not make it through the saponification process, at least I've never had any luck with that happening. A beer soap is quite nice with tons of bubbles, and IDK - hard to describe - you just need to use one. LOL I tend to add Lime EO to all of my beer soaps (just the way it seems to work out)
  24. Belle Grove Plantation account beer soaps

    That sounds awesome. I'd love to visit some of the old civil war battlefields like that. I love round soaps, and love the font you used for these.
  25. Did Three Orders Last Night

    Good to know their (NG) quality hasn't gone down. Just other's experiences I guess...