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    Vanilla and Discoloration

    Same exact situation with me. I've had FOs with 0% vanilla discolor various colors depending on the fo itself, and as Sarah said, I've had soaps with a very high percentage of vanilla not discolor at all. I did finally decided to resolve the problem, and yes, I use a stabilizer in every batch regardless of whether or not there is vanilla content in the FO - there are 2 reasons for this - 1.) it works with other elements besides just vanilla, so I cover myself with the discoloration, and 2.) I have all my labels for my main recipe pre-printed, and all I change on it is the name/scent of the soap, so this prevents me for either a) scratching the ingredient off of the label or b) reprinting the label myself not including the ingredient.
  2. So, a candle I made with palm the other day (Saturday I think) and the weirdest thing happened. I wish I would have taken a pic - anyway, while it was down in the cool basement everything was fine. Then yesterday I brought it up to put on the kitchen table because I was going to start testing it tonight when I got home from work. (new jar size) Well, when I got home from work yesterday, the top 1/4 inch was completely liquid, with melted wax and scent. I thought I had put too much scent in because this is a new jar and I only used 9 oz of wax. Nope, only used 3% FO as is typical. (.25 oz FO) Ambient temp in the kitchen with the AC on is about 76°. So I took it back down to the basement (ambient temp with AC about 70°) Monday evening deciding I'd deal with it later. I looked this morning. Back to solid. Umm ??? WTH man? I've NEVER had that happen, (granted have only been testing palm extensively for about a year, but) I know I've had palm candles in this same scent (different jar) in my kitchen, in the summer, at the same ambient temp and nothing like this has happened... Any of you experienced palm makers know what might be up with this??? @Candybee- any ideas?
  3. Yeah, I'd call them too. That's a bit ridiculous.
  4. Jcandleattic

    Tins vs. Glass Jars

    Depends on the opening size of the container. Size, shape of the jar, the wick system, and type of wax all contribute (among many other variables of course) to how much or how little a candle will soot. There is no 1 thing that will prevent/reduce soot. it's all about how the candle itself is assembled.
  5. Jcandleattic

    i want to make these melts

    HA I didn't realize there was a tutorial attached so my apologies. (also didn't read all the posts before posting) However, IF there is an overpour, it would seriously not matter too much what the embeds looked like or were made of because they will be covered with the overpour, and all you will end up seeing is a tiny bit of color poking out of the overpour, so I wouldn't overthink it. Just use a wax you are familiar with and like working with. Easy peasy. If you only want the tarts, then yeah, I'd pour them the same as rustic pillars, using a paraffin pillar wax pouring very cool, to get that rustic, lined look.
  6. Jcandleattic

    FedX Video

    I can't see it but know exactly which video you are talking about. To be quite honest, I just assumed that all package carriers treat their packages this way. (Not every single package, but a a lot of packages, in every package delivery company there is) I know several people (even dated a couple) who drive or have driven for UPS, and every single one of them flat out say if the box is stamped "FRAGILE" or "Handle with care" or anything stating to be extra careful/cautious on it, they purposely rough-house it to see exactly how "fragile" it is. Ever since I got told that I NEVER mark my packages with anything that isn't otherwise required by law.
  7. Jcandleattic

    Candle Dye

    For black, since these are for beads and not candles where the wick can clog, or b&b where the color can bleed or stain, you can use more than what is recommended for those types of applications and get a true black. Any black colorant should work if the beads take color easily enough.
  8. Jcandleattic

    Candle Dye

    I've honestly never seen a liquid white colorant for candles. Since you won't be using a wick, you can try using white pigment, but again, it's not a liquid. You could try a Titanium Dioxide colorant, most commonly used in soaps, but I'm not sure how it would incorporate in beads, I've never done beads before.
  9. Jcandleattic

    Weird reaction with Palm

    I have used this scent before, multiple times, in the same wax, in the same conditions, only difference would be the jar that was being used. No vanilla in the scent that I know of, but other candles made that day, with the same batch of wax that had vanilla in them, did not pool like this. I thought it was just FO at first too, however, it was a big pool, so I dipped my finger into it. It was definitely more than just FO, as my finger came out with solid waxy residue on it. As if the palm had melted along with the FO. As I said earlier, same wax, same scent, same everything except jar (and wick, but it was never lit), and this has never happened before. It seems fine now, and is burning perfectly in my test, but I'll be sure to test another one to make sure this phenomenon doesn't happen again.
  10. Jcandleattic

    i want to make these melts

    OR as is typical with stuff you find on the internet, they had no intentions of using an overpour. I never trust that people are going to do what we actually expect them to do when it comes to finding stuff online. LOL I just wanted to point out to anyone who wanted to do this, that if they did it exactly like the pic shows, it's going to not burn right. And if you use an overpour, it defeats the purpose of wondering what the tarts look like because they will be covered, so what would it matter?
  11. Jcandleattic

    i want to make these melts

    To me, it looks like a very typical paraffin wax that you would pour very cool (same way you would to get the rustic look of pillars) - I honestly don't think it is any other type of wax. However, I would not just place them in a tureen loose like that with a wick. That is asking for trouble and IMO there is no way it would burn right. The gaps and air wold make the candles/flame go out. You would need some sort of overpour, which would then cover all the tarts. Personally I love it and think it looks great, however, I would not sell something like this as it also looks very unsafe to burn, and the average consumer might just light it up! Place them in the tureen without the wick, and then you can sell as a tart set, or a wickless that they can put on an electric burner to melt the wax down.
  12. Jcandleattic

    Some of Today's effort -

    LOL Bollywood is one of my favorite styles of dance. I love watching it. The Paso Doble is another one of my favorites, and I've been trying to come up with a color scheme and design to make one of those as well...
  13. Jcandleattic

    Some of Today's effort -

    First up, Bollywood - not exactly what I wanted, but I like it. Lime Envy - Man, I cannot wait to cut this one!! And my helper! She helped create a Christmas one I didn't take a pic of, but will when I cut. She picked Home for the Holiday's, Red, Green and white for the colors, and wanted Christmas Tree embeds. She's very happy with it. (she made and poured the M&P trees)
  14. Jcandleattic

    2 more from yesterday

    Both Christmas soaps because that's what my Granddaughter wanted. She made the trees, and designed the Red/White/Green soap- it's scented Home for the Holidays... Next up - she named it, Christmas Spirit and made the snowflakes (I had to enhance them by painting on Mica, otherwise you couldn't see the details) it's scented with a mix of Ocean, Sea Minerals and Peppermint. It does smell more Christmas-y, than you would think with that mix.
  15. Irish Pride - in the mold and cut. I liked it better before I cut it. Home for the Holidays Cut Bollywood - Christmas Spirit - Lime Envy -
  16. Jcandleattic

    Weird reaction with Palm

    LOL nah, seriously, my family could not give one whit about my candlemaking. They ignore for the most part. I would have thought it was just FO, but it was so deep, and waxy - almost as if it was lit for a couple hours, however, the wick was unburned, and the volume was the same. EXACTLY! So I wouldn't have thought, even sitting in the sun that would have happened. It's NEVER happened to any of my other candles (palm included), even my J50 doesn't melt like that in the sun (gets softer but doesn't melt) I'm going to chalk this up to a weird phenomenon and go about my merry way, but keeping an eye on the rest of my palm candles that I set on my kitchen table.
  17. Jcandleattic

    Weird reaction with Palm

    I don't either. I put it out in the kitchen again today just to see what would happen and it's perfectly fine. No more leaks, seepage, nothing. Who the heck knows what happened. Maybe I dreamt the whole thing! HAHA
  18. Jcandleattic

    Forum active?

    @BiaI moved your post to a spot it would be more visible and more likely to get more answers. I agree with Maya, have you checked with Candle Science? They might not tell you, however, they would be the only ones that would truly know.
  19. Personally, I DO care, because if they don't care about hurting the person they once supposedly loved, etc., in a very public capacity, how do you think they are going to treat their customers that they could give a crap about except for furthering their pocket books? In my opinion that says more about their integrity as owners than anything else. And, it wasn't gossip when it was coming directly from the owners themselves on a very public forum. Yes, producing a quality candle is our main objective, but that is hard to do when a supplier puts their personal difficulties above taking care of their paying customers. It's happened at least twice in as many years. I don't trust that it won't absolutely happen again. Of course this is just my opinion, and although I don't use a lot of fragrance suppliers, and Peak was one of my main ones when they were local to me, I never have, and I never will rely on any 1 supplier or fragrance that I "must have" simply because of unexpected things happening to suppliers for any reason, this just being one of them.
  20. Jcandleattic

    Weird reaction with Palm

    I asked my daughter who was home yesterday, and no, she said the electric never went out, the AC was going most of the day because it's been about 98°-102° out this week. Maybe it got in direct sunlight on the kitchen table, and with the glass of the kitchen window it got way hotter than I would have thought? IDK. It seemed like it was more than just FO though, because when I touched it, it had that waxy feeling and coated my finger when I pulled it away if you know what I mean, and when it resolidified it kept the crystalizing affect, which I also thought was weird. It is just a tester candle, so I will go ahead and burn it, however, to truly test I will make a different one just to be sure. This wax is Glass Glow from Candles and Supplies. The whole experience was/is just super weird...
  21. Jcandleattic

    Weird reaction with Palm

    No, glass glow from Candles and Supplies.
  22. Jcandleattic

    Candlewic 30% off Shipping

    Good until July 22nd.
  23. Jcandleattic

    Weird reaction with Palm

    Not really, I mean, no any more or less than any other time. I usually always stir about the same no matter which wax/scent combo it is. I also had another jar (shaped a bit different, with a different scent and color but same wax and FO load) that I made at the same time, sitting next to it, and it seemed to be fine, without liquifying or resolidifying.
  24. Jcandleattic

    The other side of art...

    HAHA Love it. You are very talented. His poor car by the end of that movie. Reminded me of the car in Blues Brothers. The Dude just could not catch a break!! And he was so chill... LOL Now I need to go watch the movie again. The only part of that movie I didn't really like was when he was hallucinating was sliding down the bowling ally under all the Vegas girls' legs. It's been about 5 years since I've watched, though, so yeah, definitely time for a rewatch! Do you ever watch cake decorating shows? One I watched with Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman (the owner) did a cake of a big toe with green polish and a bowling pin background, and a White Russian glass next to it. When others looked confused or would ask him why or what it was, all he'd say was "watch Big Labowski" LOL I could have sworn the cake looked better than this, but here's an image -