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  1. Easter Fragrances

    Exactly what Sarah said.
  2. Easter Fragrances

    CP is all I've done with them with the exception of Pink Willow & Lilac, and Forever Red. They've all soaped great, and stick (so far) Duck Farts moved a bit fast, but nothing I couldn't handle.
  3. Easter Fragrances

    I think you would like Aztec scents, they have a lot of good ones. Pink Lilac and willow, and their cinnamon vanilla is one of my favorites as well. I love their Volcano cabri blue dupe, but it's been reformulated, so not what the reformulation smells like or if it's comparable. Also love their Duck Farts. It's a water scent but has a smell of fruity and fresh in it as well. Love it. I change the name and also use it as a mixer a lot. And they have a ton of BBW dupes, that I use a lot, and they always seem to be spot on or the difference is negligible so use it anyway. There are several others that I use but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.
  4. People recommending 12% fragrance

    Cold throw is how the candle smells when it is not lit or doesn't have a pool of melted wax in it. It's what the solid wax smells like. ETA: oops, I see Candybee already answered this.
  5. An order I received

    The production cost of liquid dye is so negligible I do what @Candybee does, and calculate what I buy for that year for tax purposes under misc. and move on. (IAlso like Candy, I have only bought liquid dye once, in every color available at the time Peak first offered them, over 15 years ago, and have never had to buy more since. I rarely use more than 3-4 drops per pound of wax) Otherwise, to calculate for production I would have to put in some ridiculous cost of .000000000000000000000000001 cent per drop. (might be an exaggeration, might not be, IDK I don't calculate it into my production cost) ETA: I meant to add that I also do this for my Mica's with soap, because I don't use very much per batch of soap either
  6. Easter Fragrances

    Yes it's one of my favorite florals! Can't get enough of it.
  7. Wax, wicks, fragrance - oh my.

    I definitely was underwhelmed by the green sea spa, however, I think it will be a good mixer for something. Also underwhelmed with the peppermint. It just smells off. Maybe I was spoiled with Peaks, but I'm actually having a hard time finding a replacement as weird as that sounds. It seems like finding a peppermint would be easy. LOL Yeah, I was bummed about the zombie punch.. I even went back and looked at my confirmation order to make sure they didn't just forget it, but looks like I just didn't buy it. I have about 2 ounces left I think. But happy I got the Tutti Frutti.
  8. Wax, wicks, fragrance - oh my.

    Put in a huge order at Candles and Supplies after @Candybee pointed out that C&S carried CD spooled wicking. I'm hoping that it comes on Friday so I can play this weekend, but if not, I have some soap loaves I have planned out. It's going to be nice to feel productive again.
  9. Needing some help

    Heat guns and hair dryers are worlds apart. Heat guns get much much hotter, but don't blow as hard as a hair dryer. Exact opposite with a hair dryer, not as hot and blows too hard. All you really accomplish is blowing what little melted wax you can get to melt around.
  10. Needing some help

    Paraffin will get wet spots too, and there's also nothing to be done about it. Paraffin just doesn't get frosting on the top of the wax in the jars like soy does, but wet spots are always going to be there.
  11. Needing some help

    That;s just the nature of wax. In paraffin it's called wet spots (because the spots look wet) in soy it's called frosting (which is what yours looks like) - in soy, coloring the candles will make the frosting more noticeable, but it is normal. Nothing really gets rid of them, because once the ambient temperature or climate of where the candles are changes, they will come back. The main thing you need to worry about is getting your wicks correct by testing to make sure you don't have a dangerous candle, then worry about the aesthetics.
  12. Candle questions

    You are probably not doing anything wrong. If you could tell use where you got your wax from or exactly what wax it is, we could probably help you more. Wax will not be clear, but what you are describing sounds like mottling, which is typical of a straight paraffin wax. To help with that you could add some vybar and stearic, but that will make your candle more opaque.
  13. Wax, wicks, fragrance - oh my.

    Fruit Slices is similar to Peaks, however, it has a little bit of a after scent that has a sharp/tartness to it. It's not bad, just a little different. I'll give it a try. Apparently I didn't order zombie punch, I ordered peppermint. Typical peppermint but still not as good as purely peppermint from Peak. Green Sea Spa - smells very similar to green clover and aloe but with a hint of salt to it. And then of course Tutti Frutti. Very tutti very fruity! LOL Love it.
  14. Wax, wicks, fragrance - oh my.

    I'll let you know. I've only put Zombie Punch in soap, and it smells great - fruity with a hint of earthy, seems like what I remember - but I'll give it a resniff when I get home this afternoon and let you know. I also can't wait to resniff the Tutti Frutti. I LOVE that one It so great.
  15. old suppliers?

    Let me preface by saying I only have ever used paraffin, I don't work with soy. Fresh linen is SUPER strong in my candles, so much so, I have to drop down to only using 1.5-2% per pound in my wax, and even that can get overwhelming. Could not get this to throw in my wax no matter what I tried, but is an awesome scent in CP soap. Used to be one of my best sellers in candles, but I got so sick of it, that I quit pouring it about 4 years ago. I still have 1.5lbs of it, that I really should just put in wax and soap. I've never tried any of the others on your list.
  16. Merlin's Forest

    Another beauty!!
  17. This Ol' House

    Absolutely stunning @Scented... I wish I had half your talent when it comes to pillars!!

    Same here!! I haven't even opened the package though, my life has been such a whirlwind these days! I keep hoping my life will slow down, but honestly all it does is speed up and go faster! I hardly have any downtime these days!!
  19. Glass Glow Palm Wax

    For me, here in CO candlewic was the WORST in shipping price. The shipping for 1 case of the wax was actually more than the product itself. They are the ones that wanted $24 in shipping for 2 spools of wick. Yes, the cart game, although tedious and time consuming could save you tons of money.
  20. Wax, wicks, fragrance - oh my.

    I just got my order from them last night. LOL But I'm sure the weather had a lot to do with it, so not too upset.
  21. I agree with TT. Mine tend to get a little stronger the farther down the candle burns. Not always, but if it's not a dud fo, and the candle is wicked properly the throw will never diminish the farther down it goes.
  22. Glass Glow Palm Wax

    That's what logic would dictate Candybee, however, TX is way closer to me in CO than C&S is and yet, shipping a case or wax was $30 cheaper than it was for the shipping quote I got from Lonestar.
  23. Glass Glow Palm Wax

    Lonestar is probably the closest to the west, however, I have found that shipping from Candles and Supplies is actually less expensive than Lonestar. I'm expecting a case of it to arrive tomorrow. Not sure when I'll get to start pouring it.

    In between work stuff and the real world, I also ordered.