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  1. Well, I don't use Palm, so I'm not sure about that, but I would assume you would just have to give it a stir each time. Like I said for mine, it never really gets harder than the slushy stage, and my paint stir attachment fits down into my 5 gallon tubs so it's easy to give it a quick stir to make sure it's mixed well. As for the time saving aspect and weighing out, instead of weighing out each individual oil at time of soaping, I only need to weigh out my masterbatch oil - 1 weight vs 6 - or 0 if I weigh out individually at time of masterbatching. Also, no time in waiting for the oils to cool if I was to need to melt them before soaping. My oils are usually fluid at time of soaping, and if not, literally 15-20 seconds in the microwave does the trick, and still no wait time for cooling. As for the lye masterbatch, instead of weighing out the lye beads, then the water (or whatever liquid), then adding the lye to the liquid, then waiting for the solution to cool down, all I so is weigh out is my extra liquid and add it to my already liquid lye solution. I soap RT, so that right there saves at least 20-30 minutes or more in wait time alone, not to mention the time it takes to weigh out the beads and the water. As for storage, I have the whole basement dedicated to my soaping stuff, and I mix my lye then store it in an airtight cleaned out detergent bottle, As long as the lid is on tight, and I'm careful, it's no more dangerous than the storage of the lye beads. Also can't help you with the Aloe. I've only used it a handful of times, and although there was a very slight difference in the feel of the soap, I'm not sure that feel was worth the cost of the Aloe so I didn't continue to use it. Honestly though, this is probably a personal preference thing. I know a lot of people that swear the soap feels better when using Aloe as the liquid.
  2. My main recipe is 60% hard oils, and when I masterbatch I make sure and stir every 15 minutes to half hour until it starts getting thick then every 5 minutes. It never really gets solid unless it gets super cold in the basement. When it gets a little more solid than slushy I just take my paint mixer attachment (attached to a drill) and give it a good stir. Lately I've been going one step extra, and after I make my huge 100-200lb masterbatch, I then weigh that out in my batch sizes.It works for me because I'm lucky and have the containers, and the room to do this. My lye masterbatch I make a 50/50 solution, weigh it, then let it cool overnight, then reweigh, add water to get to original weight (if it needs it) then bottle it up in an airtight cleaned out detergent bottle. When I go to use it, I make sure my safety gear is on, make sure the lid is on securely, then give it a good shake (probably doesn't need that but I do it anyway) then just soap away. I've been doing this for about 3-5 years now (I honestly can't remember when I started doing it) and have not had one failed batch due to masterbatching, to date.
  3. I thought you did masterbatch? What are you waiting for? It's such a time saver.
  4. So TT is inspiring with her oodles and oodles of beautiful soaps, so am wondering what everyone will be soaping this weekend? I've been promising my granddaughter since I got back in country that she and I would soap together, and she has asked me almost everyday when we will be doing it, so this weekend, even if it's just making the embeds I'll be soaping with her. Going to make up the embeds for my mermaid soap, so making the mermaid tails, the seashells, and pebbles. I'll probably also create the scent mix and let it sit and 'marinate' for a while. Then if time permits, actually make the soaps, and maybe start on the plans (more in depth plans anyway) of creating my Fire and Ice soap. I seriously doubt I'll get much more than that done, but maybe some container candles. How about you guys? Any exciting plans for anyone?
  5. Awesome!! I wish I could be that motivated. Maybe soon. Maybe.
  6. Anything website or picture related. I just hate it. (which is why it's so lacking)
  7. Wrap the wick around a dowel rod, or popsickle stick and lay that across the top of the jar while the candle is setting up.
  8. Vybar can bind with your scent and hinder scent throw, so keep that in mind as well. The more you use, the less your throw will be. If you are using stearic, you may not even need vybar. Have you tested not using vybar at all and only using stearic? I would try that before changing to a different vybar or using vybar at all.
  9. Was this container wax already a blend? It looks like it has too much Vybar in it, and if it's a manufacture's blend, it already has vybar in it, so the vybar you added may not be needed. I get that "alien brain" look too, when I get heavy handed with the vybar.
  10. Yes. I don't use EO's in candles, melts, smelly jelliy's, etc., and I use all of my scents for multiple applications, so it would be silly to get an EO just for 1 product. I personally don't like the 'tingle' and I have never, not once, ever had anyone ask me in the 15+ years I've been making soap, if the mint soaps I make are "tingly", so what is the point, really? Just an added expense for something that, IMO, is not needed. Not for me, and my applications anyway.
  11. I use those jars, but not those lids. I use the glass flat top lids with my 16oz apoth's. I don't use your wax (or any soy product) but I do double wick with the smallest zinc wick I can find with most scents. I *think* with your wax you would be able to get away with single wicking from what I've read here on the board, but since that wax doesn't pertain to me, I never really retained the information. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  12. I have a few on order that should be here in the next week. I'll let you know what I come up with and if I find any I like. I have a peppermint EO, but would really rather have the FO specifically for avoiding the 'tingle' factor.
  13. Well said Scented. You hit the nail on the head!
  14. That's how I make my glass glow tarts. I shrink wrap them once they are out of the tart molds. Looks like se2653 has done it with no problems, but I've never poured palm at that low of a temp before (because anytime I've tried its lost its crystallization affect) and I've also never mixed it before...
  15. Phil was the characters name, not sure the actor - Bill Nighy (just looked it up) My favorite skit/line of the movie is this scenario when they were making their plans, LOL: "Take car. Go to Mum's. Kill Phil - Sorry Phil - grab Liz, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over."