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  1. Jcandleattic

    What's going on with Yaley??

    I haven't ordered from Yaley in over 15+ years. Honestly I'm surprised they are still in business. They were always too expensive for me to purchase from them on a regular basis. I do hope they survive the fire though. Poor Cali is burning up!
  2. Jcandleattic

    What is the easiest way to sell?

    The Guild is where I have my insurance through. I finally went with them when they added candles as part of their package. I believe before what? 2009 they only insured soapmaking - adding in covering candles sometime around 2008-2009 ish. If I'm remembering correctly.
  3. Jcandleattic

    What is the easiest way to sell?

    They do cover candles, however beware that in order to have their insurance you MUST also make and sell soap, or they will not insure you.
  4. Jcandleattic

    The highest quality FO? From Europe perhaps?

    Which is why I won't buy from those who I feel "gouge" their shipping costs. There are perfectly great FO's from too many suppliers whose costs are reasonable, and shipping isn't outrageous. I stand by my statement that more expensive doesn't equate better.
  5. Jcandleattic

    Cut ‘A Sailor’s Dream’

    I really like it too, so thank you. The scent is growing on me.
  6. Jcandleattic

    Hit or Miss Rate

    We have a separate sub-forum for that. Unfortunately it hardly gets used.... http://www.craftserver.com/forum/47-scent-review/
  7. As TT said, try pouring cooler. Sounds to me as if the candle is continuing to cool after it was taken out of the mold, so no way to do an additional repour.
  8. Here is the cut. Love the color, and you can see how the tails melted down - even though they are bad pics - but I think I like them better that way. Also the scent blend was Sea Minerals, Twilight, & Misbehavin’. Smells like laundry detergent. Not bad, just not water/spa-like like I wanted it.
  9. After reading others' replies, I realized my reply was not even close to what you were actually asking, and you got great advice from everyone else.
  10. Jcandleattic

    What fragrance do you love right now

    Right now I'm loving my blend of Moonlight Path/Pink Sugar/Vanilla Silk/Strawberry. Smells soo good.. I love it.
  11. Jcandleattic

    Tough sell fragrance... have u ever

    @Moonstar You can do it when it's not a cut/paste as well. Select the word you want changed and then on the Edit bar use the drop-down on the letter A and select the color you want your text to be. The Size button right next to it will change the font size.
  12. Jcandleattic

    Heating WHILE mixing

    The absolute only time I ever use a water bath is for my Memorial (aka picture) Hurricane 'candles'. Other than that, no way.
  13. Jcandleattic

    A Sailor's Dream

    Problem with them is in almost every soap, the tails will snap off either before the first use or during the first use. The ones that sunk in due to overheating, actually look good, and look like they won't break off, so I may just start only doing the actual fin/tail portion (you'll know what I mean when I post the cut pics - which I will try to get tonight after work. I've been slammed busy for so long I barely know if I'm coming or going... LOL
  14. Jcandleattic

    A Sailor's Dream

    I should have mentioned the green and brown "twigs" are supposed to represent seaweed. Almost looks out of place, but I actually like it. The base color is blue with a slight white swirl.
  15. Jcandleattic

    A Sailor's Dream

    These were so popular last year I made some more. Scented with 3 different scents that I honestly can't remember off the top of my head other than Sea Mineral. The blend smells more laundry detergent than water/spa type though. I like them. I'll post cut pics when I take them. The very middle 3 tails sunk in up to just the fin part though because it overheated so bad and melted. I think I almost like them better that way tbh. I'll also show that with the cut pics (and will get the right 3 FO blend - LOL)