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  1. I don't bevel anymore. I did for the first couple years, but haven't in over, what? About 15 years now? It's been a LONG time since I've beveled a soap. And now I only do it on certain bars, or if I need some confetti to make a confetti soap.
  2. I think the packaging looks good. but I may be biased. I'm partial to Kraft packaging. All of my labels for my candles, soaps, lotions, etc. are all done on brown/natural Kraft paper. Personally, however, if it were me, I would get rid of the "5% unsaponified oil content" Most consumers are not going to know what unsaponified means, and they will see 5% oil content and may think (if they are like me and are prone to oily skin anyway) there is free floating oil in the soap (which technically there is but not the way they will think) and will pass up the soap. I just know if it were me, and I saw that without knowing anything about soapmaking I would pass it by.
  3. Initially it will seem like heating your jars does give better adhesion, however, as soon as the temperature of where that candle is, starts fluctuating, the wet spots, and adhesion differences will start to appear. When I first started with candles, I would do all these tricks to try and get my jars to not have wet spots, etc., and then it just got to the point, where I just had to start embracing wet spots as part of the candlemaking process and IMO heating jars is just a waste of time. Wet spots are going to happen unless you use a wax that completely pulls away from the sides of the jar, and then it's just sloppy in your container (IMO). And what I have found out, is that consumers simply do not care. They honestly don't. Most of the time, unless you point them out or say something about them, they don't even notice them.
  4. If it doesn't have to be pretty, it might be easier to buy a small bag of plaster and use that instead of wax. That won't shrink, will give you the weight you need, and will also give you the stability. Because of the shrinking nature of wax, the dowel you have the bird on may slip out of any type of wax you use, but most likely won't in a plaster of paris type application.
  5. Life ALWAYS seems to get in the way!!
  6. I think any wax that has a higher melt point (what you are describing is hurricane wax, like IGI 1261) is going to shrink away from the sides, as they are meant to release out of molds. In warmer climates and having them sit in warehouses and hot sun will expand the wax, but as soon as they cool off again, they are going to shrink up and pull away from the sides. It's just the nature of wax. I don't think you are going to find any kind of hard wax with a high enough melt point of what you are looking for that won't do that. Good luck in your ventures though...
  7. They come in the newsletter, and they don't have them all the time. One time they had get 10% if you buy this much use this code, 20% if you buy a certain amount with a different code. I put in the 10% code by mistake, but didn't know it until they emailed me and said, they had changed it to the 20% because I was entitled to it. Also one time I wanted to use my paypal credit, but they didn't have that option, only option for paypal was using paypal via a checking account set up, so I called them. They answered on the first ring, and easily walked me through them doing that for me. I think it is an option on their site now. Shipping is inexpensive for me because I'm only a state away. Or maybe 2, can't remember where they are but I know it's in the west.
  8. Essentials by Catalina is one of my favorite B&B suppliers. I get most of my bath bomb colorants from them, and a lot of other things. Fast shipping, they have emailed me if I accidentally choose the wrong "discount" to make sure I get the most savings, and to me shipping is very inexpensive. And quick. I get my stuff within 3-4 days. Sometimes in little as 2 days without expedited shipping. (but I'm relatively close to them)
  9. I LOVE that cabinet Barbara. I need to get myself one.
  10. haha Ahh, there you go. I knew I had an Irish spirit in here with me somewhere!!
  11. I thought you were Irish? How is that just the right size of booze?? LOL j/k Maybe it's because I'm Irish/German 50/50 and that's why it's not enough for me... HAHA
  12. Yeah, that's only 124 scents, most are only 1ozer's, and a lot of those are repeat scents. I have MUCH more than that, and still feel I don't have as much as some people I know. LOL It's a fun addiction though. And when you start mixing, you can easily double or triple your inventory (which I've done, so yeah, I have about 10x that much, or more! )
  13. That's how many you just got, or how many you have? Either way, that's really nothing. I don't see you having a problem yet. 10x that, and then you might catch up to some of us.
  14. Mix them to make unique blends, then sell them as "limited supply" only items.
  15. Like TT said, Epsom salt is a common ingredient in a lot of bath soak type products. It's used in powders, bath bombs/fizzies, spa salts, etc., A lot of people use it because it has a lot of nice benefits for the skin in a soak.