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    Married mom of 2. Love to make candles, soap, and b&b items. Love cats. We have 2, plus a sweet dog!
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    Likes ~ Colors: Cool colors and jewel tones. Royal blue, purple, teal, deep pink. Love vibrant colors. Scents: eo's, plus vanilla, citrus, spicy, bakery, fruity fo's. Hobbies: Flavored coffees & herbal teas, knitting & crocheting, reading, See's chocolate, and collecting cute Snoopy stuff! Love pillars w/ interesting textures / finishes and layers; love handmade lotions, creams & scrubs.
    Dislikes ~ Scents: florals; heavy perfumey scents; straight lavender (ok in blends though!)

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  1. Crafty1_AJ

    Streaked Pillars

    Cool effect!
  2. Crafty1_AJ


    Does anyone else see a pair of lips here? It's scented in French Vanilla, so I guess I could call it "French Kiss" ...
  3. Crafty1_AJ

    When did you start?

    I started making novelty candles when I was about 13 years old in my parents' basement. Worked with whipped wax, too. Back then (pre-internet! gasp!) paraffin was the only type of wax available, and hobby / craft retailers were the only place to get supplies. Fast forward to young adulthood, and I began experimenting with paraffin pillars, tarts, votives, and containers. Focused on containers. Then began experimenting with container soy. Been selling for several years now.
  4. Crafty1_AJ

    You know you're a chandler when...

    Over the course of a year, a minute is a minute measure of time. I'm not content with this content. I object to that object. I need to read what I read again. Excuse me, but there's no excuse for this. When I burned that double wicked candle, the results were wicked. Someone should wind this post up and toss it into the wind.
  5. Mental health break. I'm PLAYING in my workshop today. WHOOT!! My regular chores and pouring re-stock candles? Bah humbug. Tomorrow. Just finished pouring 4 pillars (I only make those about once a year these days - lol) and am now crocheting a scarf and hat set for my daughter. Pooh on the laundry and cleaning the bathroom. They can wait, too. They get priority status all too often. Next up, I may just cut some fabric for a new quilt. Or pour some chunk votives in fun colors!
  6. Crafty1_AJ

    Soaping Oils

    I love their speed. They are occasionally out of stock on an item I need, but I can give them grace for that since shipping is so fast. And since Chicago isn't terribly far from me, shipping is reasonable, and I get my pails in just a couple of days typically. They are great. And they have some of the weirder oils that are more difficult to find!
  7. Crafty1_AJ

    You know you're a chandler when...

    As in, "Why do they have a musical called "Wicked" ?? Is it about making candles?
  8. ...you read the word "wicked" (2 syllables, as in EVIL) as "wicked" (1 syllable, as in SELECTED A WICK FOR A PARTICULAR CANDLE). *sigh*
  9. Crafty1_AJ

    Anyone using KY125 wax?

    Some soy waxes are straight up soy, such as GB 415, BC's EZ Soy, and KY Pure Soy. Others have "additives" or "enhancements" added, such as KY-125, GB 444, GB 464, and CB-135. These ingredients are added to increase fragrance load or help with frosting, scent throw, etc. Since 415 is straight soy wax, and KY-125 contained additional botanicals such as cottonseed oil, they are not the exact same wax. C-3 is about the only soy wax I have not worked with, but I believe it falls into the former category, alongside 415 and such. My understanding is that It's a straight soy wax.
  10. Crafty1_AJ

    Anyone using KY125 wax?

    No, they discontinued it.
  11. Crafty1_AJ

    Anyone using KY125 wax?

    KY 125 is no longer made.
  12. Crafty1_AJ

    This is nuts!

    So... you're saying having lots of candles around is a problem? *Laughs nervously*
  13. Define "like" ... I would rather eat haggis than wick a tureen.
  14. I like status jars and apothecary jars. But I mostly use square masons because they are thick and withstand shipping well.
  15. Crafty1_AJ

    Major Dissapointment

    Oh, sorry to hear that. It bites to work so hard and not earn a fair profit. Hang in there! You can't go anywhere but UP after that experience!