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  1. MrDan

    The other side of art...

    Thanks! Its funny, because when I try to work in color I get so confused, lol. I can do maybe two colors, but that’s pushing it. Candles has been the first real use of color in awhile, aside from some of my paper mâché works.
  2. MrDan

    Candlewic 30% off Shipping

    Also, it’s only if you choose UPS ground as your shipping method. It just made my order about $15 less!
  3. MrDan

    A new one?!

    And since I had more wax left than I thought I would, I finished off the family. Ok, that sounds like I snuffed them. I guess technically I do plan on snuffing them, don’t I?
  4. MrDan

    The other side of art...

    @Jcandleattic Yes! That is the best cake ever! lol I rewatch The Big Lebowski about once a month. It’s my way of trying to channel my inner Dude-ness!
  5. MrDan

    The other side of art...

    @Jcandleattic If that’s the case...
  6. MrDan

    A new one?!

    My niece and I have always had this deal: if you buy the supplies, I’ll make you one. She wanted some candles so she bought me a couple new plastic molds. And it turned out ok! I took all the scrap paraffin I had (Country Lane) and now there’s a 12 oz quail on my counter! Testin to take place later today!
  7. MrDan

    The other side of art...

    Down and Out in Beverly Hills! Now that you mention it, they are kind of similar looking! Another good flick too, lol
  8. MrDan

    The other side of art...

    Oh my...no! Jeff Bridges was Lebowski. A must watch for those who haven’t yet, or haven’t in a while. I think everyone should aspire to be like The Dude, lol And thank you! Thank you! That precious little thing is now my 10 year old monster, lol. I only mostly kid. And the wild haired one is Beetlejuice! I’ve always liked to say the only person with worse hair is my mother in law, and that’s not just in the morning!
  9. MrDan

    The other side of art...

    Thats The Dude from The Big Lebowski! Graphite is pencil, or what most people call lead. I do add a little charcoal or chalk now and then. And I’ve always got more! Maybe next I’ll share some of my paper mâché sculpture!
  10. MrDan

    The Last Couple of Weeks...

    You can barely notice the green if you look at the bottom, where I haven’t cleaned it up yet. I have a feeling it’s going to give off a nice green glow! Or I hope it is, lol Right now I’m just working with red, yellow, and blue dye chips and mixing my own colors. It’s fun making all these odd colors, but not very consistent.
  11. How tall did you say he is? 6”? I think yours is almost twice as tall as mine (3.5”). Mine take about 4.5 oz, which is kind of a pain to make, lol. Love that lavender color though!
  12. MrDan

    The Last Couple of Weeks...

    Oddly, it’s not black! It’s a really dark green with some Pine fragrance. I think if I’d left it smooth the color would have been more noticeable, but that’s an experiment for another day. The pillars are little tiny guys! 2” x 3.5” and 2” x 6.5”. I’ve got a larger pillar mold somewhere, but that takes a pound and a half of wax. Not that I’m against making them that big, but the smaller guys are easier for this round of experimenting and testing! Now let’s see that owl! lol
  13. So a couple people on here know already that I’m also an artist. I generally work in graphite and tend to do portraits that make me happy or remind me of a good time in life. Hopefully I’m not posting too much; just wanted to share. Enjoy!
  14. MrDan

    The Last Couple of Weeks...

    Oddly enough, that green owl in back is the only one made with the IGI 4625. But the other owls are made with the Country Lane wax! You get a completely opaque product, but you still get that nice paraffin shine! The IGI 4625 is slightly more translucent, which I love on the pillars. I still have plenty of experimenting to do with both waxes and multiple types of molds. That’s the best part though!
  15. MrDan

    The Last Couple of Weeks...

    That premium wax (I think it’s Country Lane) really does work wonderfully with plastic molds! Pour at 175-180, and no release agent needed! These little guys burn pretty well, if a little disturbing. It usually stars “bleeding” from the eyes, and then the head splits open. Most people I’m selling or giving them to aren’t burning them of course; they’re just too cute! I made one that’s blue on the outside, but deep red on the inside. I’m hoping it’ll give me a “bleeding” effect, but I don’t think it’s going to work. It’s still fun though!