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  1. I recently bought my first liquid dyes, so I decided to do some experimenting and came out with these! Theyre both CBL-141 with a few drops of liquid dye after pouring the wax. The green one is unscented, but the other one is scented with some leftover Vanilla FO. The green is burning very fine so far, and I have yet to try the scented one.
  2. MrDan

    They have arrived!

    It really does come out super glossy! Here’s another of the raccoon I just pulled last night! More of that wonderful 141, a few drops of ivory dye, and a nice Redwood & Cedar FO. I think I’ll light him tomorrow night!
  3. MrDan

    They have arrived!

    Its not as detailed as I had hoped, but the eyeballs will be more visible when I use a deeper or darker color. The scrap of dyed wax I used was close to 1/4 oz to the almost 2 pounds of wax I used! I’m surprised any color showed up, but I’m really happy with how it’s settling in;
  4. So my new Pourette molds arrived on Saturday, and this is them! I used CBL-141 (candlewics pillar/votive blend that’s the same as the hobby lobby “premium wax”), a piece of colored scrap wax, and the remnants of some Sage fragrance oil! I now I have a 9 oz raccoon and a 12 oz snail!
  5. Yeah, I’m not a fan of painting any time. I avoid it whenever I can, lol I think a lot of these older molds were made with less detail to accommodate painting, since it was so popular back in the 70s. I might just play around with this tester one and see what I can slice out!
  6. The only problem working with two piece molds is the need to trim the excess wax, or flash. It doesn’t take a lot of practice, but a steady hand is a must! They all look great! Are you mixing your own colors?
  7. I decided to throw some scrap wax into one of the old Pourette molds I inherited, and this is what came out. Theres not a whole lot of detail involved with this one, so if you can’t tell it’s the “Heat No Evil” of the trip of chimps. He sits at 1 foot, and weighs in at an impressive 1 lb 4 oz. If you notice the dark spot near the bottom, well, that’s 40+ year old wax that original owner never cleaned out! Anway, I think if I was to seriously pour this candle (and the rest of the set), I’d have to spend a little time carving to bring out the minimal detail. Damn, that’s a lot of wax though!
  8. MrDan

    A taper for your thoughts?

    I decided to try tapers because it will be the easiest and cheapest way to keep my mother in law in candles! If the family and I are going over for a holiday, I just have to make the corresponding candle colors. Thanksgiving, I’ll make some orange and brown ones (although that doesn’t sound very appealing, but who knows?); Christmas time gets red and green! For other times of the year I can just throw in whatever scraps I have, since the tapers are only 2.125 ounces!
  9. MrDan


    I was thinking about the probe style too, but then my wife caught me trying to pilfer the one from our kitchen, so that was a no go. Like I said, I think I will be getting an IR type, mainly because the ease of use and speed. Are there any cons you’ve found with an IR?
  10. I think the title says it all: what kind of thermometer do you use, if you are still using one? I was prepping a pot of wax this morning, got the dye and fragrance in, and I’m just giving it one last temp check before pouring. Sounds easy enough, right? I’m lifting my glass thermometer out when that stupid little yellow rubbery piece decides to just let go of the thermometer!* Ive been thinking of getting a infrared type, but I thought maybe I’d see what some have to say. Pros, Cons, brands, etc. (* it may have been me that actually dropped the thermometer, but since nobody else was around at the time, we’ll blame the rubber piece)
  11. MrDan

    Further adventures in beeswax

    Since I took this picture their numbers have doubled! Beeswax is ok to work with. My only gripe is that the smell can get overpowering when you’re standing over that pouring pot. It’s not that it’s a bad smell, it’s just a really sweet, intense smell that’s just a little too heavy for this hot weather we’ve been having. I’ll probably like it more come winter time, lol
  12. MrDan

    What do you think of this meeting?

    Sounds great in theory, but then we have to worry about inferior products being placed on the market; you know these people won’t be testing any products they make.
  13. MrDan

    Further adventures in beeswax

    Ive worked with beeswax once before, when I first started making candles. I enjoy it for the most part; the cost and the smell end up being too much for my tastes. I enjoy the slightly sweet smell of the beeswax when I’m burning a candle or if they’re just sitting there, but when you’re melting it, whoo, that smell starts wearing on you! I’ve never noticed a bloom on any of my beeswax before, but that’s because my inlaws go crazy whenever I use it, and then I have no candles left!
  14. So Prime Day rolled around and I ignored it until pretty much Zero-hour. When I decided to look I was able to find my Presto Pot for $25! Score! Well, where I live must be some kind of geographical oddity, because UPS ends up losing every 3rd or 3th package I’m supposed to get from Amazon. Amazon always picks up the tab for this, which amounts to a $10 credit for me. While I was deciding what to use my credit on I noticed one of the suggestions for me was one of those little silicone owl molds for soaps, candies, candles. 2 for $10; it was like a sign! Skip ahead a couple days (the molds made it on time somehow), and I’m pouring paraffin in them. They come out ok, but always frosty. I’m varying temps and all sorts of candle fun. Then I decided to vary the wax. Beeswax is the way to go for these little guys!
  15. Now this is more than just the awesome beeswax tapers I made (I mean, look at them, they ARE awesome), but I want to point out the candle sticks I found at Goodwill yesterday! I got the little two-piece brass ones for $3, and the little three piece set (sans candles) is good for tea lights or tapers, and they were $4! Thrift stores are the coolest places ever!