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  1. Tigerwife

    Wick help!

    Thank you so much for any help! I'm still pretty new at this and trying to figure things out. My candles smell good, but I want them to be pretty as well. GB464 ECO10 wick 10% FO load The first photo with the whitest wax was after the initial 2 hour burn. You will see the cauliflower wick and wax that was left up on the sides of the tin. I trimmed the wick and started a 3 hour burn. The last three are during and after that subsequent 3 hour burn I did last night when someone suggested pictures. Of course I didn't end up with a cauliflower wick, so maybe that corrected itself with time. What's driving me crazy is the wax around the edges. It seems to burning a deep pool, not an even shallow pool. My wick may not be perfectly centered, but this happened with my last batch as well where the wick was perfectly in the middle. I'm not getting frosting or tunneling, just that darn messy wax ring. If ECO isn't a good choice for 6 oz tin, are there suggestions for another type? I don't mind buying others to test, but would like to stick with one provider that offers multiple types due to shipping costs. Are 8 oz tins easier to work with?
  2. Tigerwife

    Wick help!

    For this round of testing, I used Eco10 wicks in 6 oz tins. I'm getting a cauliflower wick and a ring of wax left around the top after my initial 2 hour and 3 hour burn. Should I try I higher number wick (12 or 14) or smaller number (8) in my next round of testing?
  3. Is there a reason you don't use(test) the ECO series from CS? That's what I've always used in 464 in tins and now I'm thinking I need to try something else.