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  1. Ah, I hadn't put together what Etsy was trying to address by including the shipping...makes sense from their perspective and in light of Amazon and eBay's fees. And that's interesting to note that many Etsy buyers won't move, despite multiple positive buying experiences. Protection is important. I'm still trying to accept that fees for doing business keep increasing, and my income is not. Lol.
  2. jerry

    New label for Woolrich type shop.

    You make such nice labels, @Trappeur! I'm conflicted - I like both the red and the green. The green is more understated and less outright lodgey to me, so I lean that way...either would be lovely. And what a great list of scents!
  3. I've seen lots of complaints about etsy's fee increase and folks deciding to move to their own shopify or squarespace or big cartel site. (These are yarnie folks, not wax/soap people) Has anyone considered this? Don't you think your long time customers will follow you?
  4. Some of my extended family really liked CS Black Sea; now I'm curious about Aztec's. Not that I need anymore oils. Love seeing everyone's processes too.