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  1. Oh yeah and the oils are great oob so far! I like 16 out of 20
  2. I am so impressed with this company. I received my order today with lollipops!!
  3. Testing123

    So what did you order from the WSP sale?

    You all get good throw in 464 with their oils?
  4. Thank you TallTayl! I placed my order and look forward to testing
  5. I am buying fragrances that I intend to use in my product line...should I be concerned about the impact that the FO shortage is having on Rustic fragrances? Would it be wise from a business standpoint...thinking outloud
  6. Do you have a lid on your candles
  7. Testing123

    CD wick frustration - UGH

    whats the best device to use to tighten the tabs?
  8. Testing123

    Testing Wicks

    Ohhh i need to try this method! Thanks
  9. So after testing various FOs (from different suppliers) and wicks with Problend 600 I continue to get a fuel smell. I've discontinued use. Maybe my nose is just too sensitive.
  10. problend 600 is messier than 6006
  11. Just realized I put this in the wrong section. Anywho, thanks for the replies!!! I appreciate it!
  12. Testing123

    Wick Stickers poll

    I get mine from Flaming. I've never gone anywhere else so can't compare. They work well. Personally never had one slip...yet.
  13. Goodmorning everyone, would love your expertise. I'm trying to find the proper wick for Problend 600. I will be using a 9oz ....3.6 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide jar. I've tried eco - all sizes, but it either mushrooms or smokes. Any suggestions? problend is 52% soy and 48% paraffin
  14. flaming has just raised their prices .... by $2 for a case
  15. Testing123

    6006 cure time

    Do you all always follow your curing time rules? Especially during the holidays when things get backed up? I know a candle company who attaches a "do not burn until certain date" notice on their candles