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  1. Testing123

    Please Help Me!

    what is the diameter of that jar
  2. Thank you Tall! Good to know
  3. I ordered CD wicks for the first time and I notice they look like ECO wicks. I'm wondering if I was sent the correct wicks.
  4. Hello have you ever used eco wicks? I ask because i just order cd wicks and mine look like eco, just want to make sure that they aren't same wicks. do eco wicks look like cd?
  5. Testing123

    black candles

    there was a member here who suggested using black pigment powder from bittercreek candle supplies to get true black candles. Mix it with the fragrance not the wax to get a true black color.
  6. Testing123


    is candle in same location as before?
  7. Testing123

    More fragrance supply issues

    things really suck for us newbies starting out. bad wax, limited Fo
  8. very interesting. i'll have to try this myself. thanks!
  9. wouldn't this make prices increase as to reach profitability?