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  1. I would agree with the upscale market folks, they do want fancy. If you took the hang tag, and made it a sticker just like the front one, then place it on the back, it conveys the same lovely message without having to do the ties. OR, just place that lovely blurb right on the original sticker, thus eliminating the need for the hang tag.
  2. Lovely packaging, for sure! Love the company name. You could also eliminate the top tag, create the same size sticker and place it on the back. It would eliminate the cost of the ribbon, and a lot of time tying the ribbons when you have to make large batches of your melts. Instead of tying ribbons, you could be pouring When I used to ship a gazillion packages a day, I was always looking for ways to cut the time it took to print labels, pack the item, tape it up and get the packages ready to ship. Small things matter when you get to a point where you're doing massive orders.
  3. Hopie

    Forum active?

    I'm assuming they won't tell you, kind of a proprietary question.
  4. Hopie

    Curing Parasoy Wax

    That's what I was thinking....stick with the two week cure. I just wondered what you all did as far as the parasoy.
  5. Hopie

    TT’s 2018 Faire Days

    Wow! How cool is that? Couldn't get the video to play, but the dragon is way cool!
  6. I know that some of you are also pouring/experimenting with parasoy wax. The wax I have chosen is 52% soy and 48% paraffin. I was wondering how long you are curing this wax? I am still going with the two week curing time, but does anyone cure them for less time, due to the paraffin content? If so, what are your results? Is it a two week cure time due to the fact that it has ANY soy content? I am curious as to what everyone else has found in this regard.
  7. Hopie

    Best birthday present ever!

    OH MY GOODNESS! Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement! You must be ecstatic! What a wonderful thing he is doing for you! When a husband supports a wife in something like this....chokes me up for sure! I'll bet you HUGGED HIS NECK over this! Please share the pictures of the progress....LOVE to see what he comes up with for you. TRUE LOVE and support! What a beautiful gesture!
  8. I've got a red one done, and a blue one in the can Got to just love these buggers!
  9. He is just under 6 1/2 inches big! He takes four of those small blocks of wax I got at Michael's for testing purposes. I was using a postal scale, but it has gone kaputz, so I don't know how many ounces he is! (I guess it was time for that scale to go bust, I've had it for SO many years, and it gave me good service when I was shipping stuff like crazy) Tried a new battery, and it would not come on..grrr! So, I'll grab one at Amazon so I can test how much weight each mold takes, since none of them have the weight needed on the packaging or instructions. I used 21 ply flat braid for my wick testing, which I haven't lit him up yet. I'm having fun just looking at his cuteness for now, lol! I just unmolded him in red this morning, and he looks great! A little tricky to do the repour, hard to see into the mold, so I used a tiny LED flashlight to see how much more I needed to pour. It worked.
  10. Hopie

    Forum active?

    You might try AFI, they do let you buy samples of their oils (maximum of six per order, and they're free, you pay shipping). They're located in Cartersville, Georgia and they do carry two citronella fragrances. There is a ten lb minimum purchase per order. You may also ask about their duplication services, but I am not sure of the minimum order for that. I have bought their Dragon's Blood oil for incense in the ten lb batch. Really good shipping time, quality oil. Here is the link: https://www.afi-usa.com/shop/index.cfm
  11. Hopie

    A Few New Pours

    Okie doke! Since you mentioned she's playing with wax, I thought I'd offer it instead of tossing it. Hate to just waste money when someone may want it.
  12. Hopie

    A Few New Pours

    Well, HI, PAM! How goes it? Do you think your friend in Mayer may want about 10 lbs of soy wax to play with? If she's near that Family Dollar on the 69, I can meet her and give it to her. I'm FED UP with it!
  13. Hopie

    A new one?!

    Adorable! Light those birdies UP! You can sell those in a cute little set.
  14. Hopie

    Greetings from the beach

    A warm welcome, thanks for joining! Glad you're here.
  15. Hopie

    The other side of art...

    Ahhh...yes, it was Jeff Bridges. I am thinking about a different movie...the one where Nolte played a homeless guy?