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  1. Hopie

    Testing Wicks

    Thank you all for posting these methods, they're brilliant!
  2. Hopie

    More Pours, Too Much Fun!

    I have a big load of oils right now, and some parasoy on the way to play with. I'll keep them going until I run out, and the curing time will be staggered so I can test them. I did get that feathered palm wax in, but wanted to wait for proper wicks before I pour any more pillars. So much fun to have time to "play" right now
  3. Hopie

    More Pours, Too Much Fun!

    @Trappeur, Thank you, I played around all evening yesterday pouring them. I used to pour a lot of C3, and just started playing around with it again recently. I don't know if they are 8 or 12 oz, whichever ones they sell at Dollar Tree? I just used what was accessible to me right away without having to order them online. I used two different zinc wicks in them, for the Nag Champa, and Dragon's Blood I used the 51-32-18 zinc wicks, and for the other three I used the 60-44-18 zinc wicks. I used to use these wicks years back and they were good, but now, with the soy issues, I have no idea if they'll burn correctly or not. All of these pours are for retesting. I do recall having a problem years back with the Plumeria oil not wanting to burn unless I upwicked it, so...we shall see. For the coffee one, I double wicked it with the 51-32-18 zincs, since it was a wide diameter across the top. I have NO idea how these will burn.
  4. Heehee...Thanks, Pam....I'll give this a try. I really like the lemongrass scent, too! I'm awaiting new wicks before making any more pillars. Working on soy containers lately...posted in candle gallery
  5. Thanks, Pam! I think I will relight it as it stands and do the fold ins . I'm currently burning candle constantly for testing, sure smells yummy in here!
  6. Thanks, Candybee! Yes, I think I'd like to use a pastry bag or plastic bag. Will I still be able to get the canned whip cream effect with a simple plastic bag? (I have a lot of those around here) I made that candle last night, posted it in the candle gallery. Thank you for all of your help with this! I am having SO much fun!
  7. Here are a few pours I did yesterday. All in C-3 Soy, all with Lone Star Oils. Right to left, Nag Champa, Dragon's Blood, Plumeria, Verbena Bamboo, Baja Cactus Blossom. For the Coffee Mocha I mixed coffee and fudge brownie oil (2/3 to 1/3), then topped it off with creamy vanilla scented whipped cream. First time doing the whipped cream, but I will get better at it as I go
  8. Working on this coffee candle right now, lol! @Trappeur, those look yummy! I like the way you put the "candies" in the cakes! They look so much like chocolate that I want to reach into the screen and EAT one! My dear David thinks I've gone mad, I've been pouring candles most of the day, LOL! Sure smells good in here
  9. OH, cool! I was hoping I wouldn't need to go out and buy another mixer. So, I do melt the wax all the way down, then cool a bit to whip it up. Plop it on the "coffee" while that's still warm...I think I can do this! I will post it after I make it, even if it's a disaster, LOL! 😊
  10. Ah, I see...this is recent and didn't apply when I sold there. However, when I did a search on the Handmade, there were 400 pages of handmade items, which leads me to believe it's still a viable option for selling there. Sorry about spoiling your happy dance.
  11. Clear Black, as you surf the Handmade section, Amazon tends to run sponsored ads at the top of the listing, whether they are handmade or not. That is why you saw it there. I had one co-worker in particular who bad mouthed me behind my back to other co-workers...she mocked my dream of quitting my job to work at home full time selling online....and the funny thing is this...I did just that in three years time . Ignore the naysayers, they will one day eat crow.
  12. Awww...I am SO VERY HAPPY to have been able to help! They send you the codes immediately via your email after you pay for the quantity of codes you want. After recieving the codes, I used to just copy and paste them from my email into Amazon's listing page...lol. Be careful to only use each code once for any given product. When your inventory level goes to "0", not to worry, do not delete the listing, after you have more in stock, all you have to do is change the quantity on that page, and you're back in business
  13. You are truly welcome I can't tell you how many of these UPC codes I've purchased over the years, lol! I do remember when Amazon required them, so I researched just how to get them, and I found that site. Once attached to a certain product, you just keep changing your inventory levels as the items sell out. Again, I don't know about the trademark thing, I just know what I did when I sold there and how I personally did it.
  14. My dear David loves the scent of cappuccino mocha, so I want to make him a candle that has the coffee scent with a touch of chocolate with vanilla scented "whipped cream". I'm going to make it out of soy wax. My question is this, how do I make the wax look like whipped cream? I don't have a hand mixer here with me, it's in a storage facility an hour away. Is there a way to make it by just whipping it up by hand? Do I wait until the soy is cooler then just stir like crazy as it cools? I like to make candles and light them and set it next to him while he's working on his web site