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  1. Tokoo

    4625/6006 Wax

    I have mostly been using 60% 6006 and 40% 4625. If I add to much 4625 I don't get as good of a HT, never noticed the funky smell. I like 60/40, but mine are not super hard, I prefer melts of the firm side. I did a 50/50, that worked good, but I had little to no HT.
  2. Tokoo

    4625/6006 Wax

    I have to give it a try, have been so busy lately, I haven't made anything. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Tokoo

    Need your criticism please

    Oh that makes sense then. You seem to have what is needed to catch the eye, clean, and professional looking. I'd say you done a great job, Illustrator can be a challenge using itself.
  4. Tokoo

    Need your criticism please

    Looks pretty good, but I would try and stick with one color scheme to make it easier, but I guess it would depend on what color paper your using as well. The 2 in the middle seem to catch the eye a little more the the others.
  5. After letting my soy candles cure for a month, I took them to the local market to sale. They are 8oz jars, and due to not having pretty labels, I was more worried about making my money back instead of a profit. I priced them out at $6, I went 2 days so far, and my results were not good. I also took a pound of individual melts for $1 each. I sold 1 candle, and 5 tarts in 2 days, I figured with Mothers Day, around the corner, and only one person in my area that sells candles I would sale at least 4-5. I have 5-6 different scents, like fruit loops, butt naked, blueberry, monkey farts, and love spell. Very few people even looked at them, but the ones that did told me how awesome they smelled, but thought they were to high. Not sure were to take them now, but I don't think I will be able to sale them at that market, I guess I could try online, but their not really pretty enough for that I think. Any suggestions.
  6. Thanks everyone, didn't see this. Love finding this forum, its been so very helpful.
  7. Tokoo

    4625/6006 Wax

    I bought some 6006 and 4625 wax for tarts. I wanted to test them to see how they would do, right out of the bag I could tell I wouldn't be happy with the results, but I melted a little of each, and poured them. After sitting for 24 hours I tested them out, I was right The 6006 with less then 1% FO had a good hot and cold throw, but its so soft. feels like butter plus I hate the oily texture it has. However the 4625 was like a brick, and barely had a cold throw, with no hot throw (that could be fixed by increasing the FO maybe). So I wonder if I could mix the 2 for a better result, or mix the 4625 with something else. Not sure if that would be a waste of time, or money. I was going to get the soy tart wax, but I don't really like the feeling of soy tarts.