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  1. Tokoo

    Soap I made yesterday..

    These are so lovely looking, great job.
  2. The real question isn't how much is it going up by, but is the quality going to go up with the price or down lol.
  3. Tokoo

    Getting back into it

    Nice, I never been up that away but always wanted to visit the Civil War sites up through there. I live on the VA/KY border of VA, this place is so behind the times lol. I agree I hate how humid it gets here. About July I start feeling it, I been trying to get my girlfriend to move up to Canada, or Alaska, anywhere cold is fine.
  4. LoL yep, haven't done that in awhile, we hardly buy them, not a huge fan of marshmellows, besides for hot coco, or smores. .
  5. Tokoo

    Getting back into it

    Lol same here, went to the market Saturday it was like 78 degrees. That night went outside for a smoke, about froze it dropped to 35 degrees and I woke up to a inch of snow the next day. Some weird weather. Not sure about Candybee, but I am in Virginia.
  6. Tokoo

    Process question

    I don't think it would, a lot of people pour 6006 at high temps, so they can't have more then a minute or 2 after adding FO. I can't confirm that to be true, because I pour mine near slush to minimize issues.
  7. I have seen quite a few people microwaving wax, the first time I seen someone doing this, I instantly had a picture in my head and it looked just like yours. I know it is suppose to save time, but how much time do they really save if this were to happen. I love doing this with eggs though, kids get a kick out of it.
  8. Tokoo

    Kilgharrah -

    The texture on top is amazing looking, suits the colors to a tee, great job, and great name.
  9. Ya that's one things that bothers me about the feedback system, no really uses it, but it is what it is. Thanks for all your advice, this will differently help me out a lot.
  10. Just Amazon or Amazon Homemade page, not really sure there is a difference.
  11. Thanks, I was thinking about Esty but never used it before. I used Ebay years ago, but it doesn't seem to be that good now days. I have used Amazon off and on over the years but never cared much for it, I have to look into this route a little more.
  12. I honestly was thinking about this as well. I personally don't care for mason jars tbh, I know a lot of people love them though so its worth a shot.
  13. Thank you. I live in a backwards, unspeakable county of Virginia lol. There isn't any other markets close by, I would have to go out of state for the next nearest, which maybe my best bet in honesty. I am working on making a few displays, but there not finished yet, I make sure to pick up a table cloth, my girlfriend said we needed one at the market as well.
  14. Very true, I didn't think of it that way.
  15. Ya, I had a few people ask if they are easy to make, etc, I tried to explain everything I could, in a way they would understand. I did have the prices marked, which I don't like to do. I use to sale all the time at markets, and one thing I noticed that has changed is everyone labels prices now. It's not bad, but I always felt you lost an easy opportunity to start a convoy with people by per-pricing, but I love to Haggle, which know one does anymore.