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  1. Wax, wicks, fragrance - oh my.

    My need for the gooseberry is much....nerdier. Lol. There is a book and video game series called The Witcher. One of my favorites of all time. The main love interest, a sorceress, is said to always smell of Lilac & Gooseberries. <3 So I really wanted to make some sugar scrubs, lotions, soaps, etc. all based around her and scented with that. I am beyond excited.
  2. Wax, wicks, fragrance - oh my.

    I just ordered from C&S! Including shipping, they were the cheapest I could find for 6006. And since they're the closest distributor to me (I'm in ME, they're in PA) it got here like 2 days after they shipped it! Woo! I also ordered Gooseberry FO because I have been looking for one everywhere and they had it on sale for $9.99/lb! They also included a pour cover thing with the FO, so that's pretty cool. Overall, I'm very happy.
  3. Well....as a newbie, that was very educational haha. But now you're making me question the jars I'm looking at. https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/g16-03c-case12jar-12oz.html Are these too wide? I'm also looking at doing 16oz Apothecary Jars, which are very wide, but I would be double or even triple-wicking them....so would that be okay? Wicking is the most complicated and confusing part about candle-making....
  4. Oui glass yogurt jars

    So crazy that you posted this lol. I literally just made my first one today Haha! I love these so much. They're so adorable. I was thinking about doing even more of them but probably without lids. I did a bit of searching today and only found rubber/plastic lids for them, so I'd rather go lidless. I was also trying to see if there's any way to buy these in bulk lol. 😂 Here I was just trying to see how much wax I could fit. No wick or fragrance or anything. 5oz of wax.

    I am up in Farmington, a couple hours from both Orono and Portland. Much more out in the boonies. It's so exciting to see so many Mainers! Love it!
  6. Tired of 464, any recommendations?

    So glad to hear you say this, because I just ordered 60lbs of 6006! So excited to try it. I've heard great things. And I completely agree with your sentiment. I am so excited to move on away from pure soy. I'll be trying CD wicks for now, and possibly zinc depending on how the CD's perform.

    Are you from Maine too? Shipping is the real killer for us Mainers....without shipping it would be more like $1.50 a jar. I've been really struggling with trying to figure out my target audience, but I really decided to go with what I enjoy! So my candles and other products (soap, B&B) are going to be fantasy/nerd themed, so more of a fun market. Not necessarily high-end. Do you have any recommendations for jar distributors with decent shipping rates to Maine? I could be persuaded to change my jar if I still thought it looked nice. I want my candles to be affordable while still making a profit haha.
  8. Tired of 464, any recommendations?

    I have been having this thought a lot lately, and this thread only makes me feel it even stronger.....if soy is so bad/frustrating/poor quality/etc. then is 6006/parasoy even worth it? Even with a little bit of soy? Wouldn't pure paraffin just be better? What reasons would you have for doing parasoy at all over just pure paraffin?

    I have been looking for the perfect jar for months....in the meantime I have been learning about candle-making using cheap walmart mason jars. But what I really want are nice thin-bottom Tumbler jars. Like the ones at Candle Science. The problem is that they are just sooooo expensive. Especially once you get lids too. The cheapest I have been able to find them, with some neat custom wood lids, is about $2.10 a piece after jar, lid, and shipping. If I bought like a pallet of them it's like $1.90 a piece, but I can't afford that right now, and don't need that many anyway. Is that reasonable for jars? It literally doubles the cost of my candles. I just don't know if I can justify spending that much on them, since it will make my cost per candle so much higher. They would look a lot like the one in this picture, though this is not my picture.
  10. I should probably introduce myself...

    Absolutely agree @Candybee. I do most of my 'making' at night anyway when the kids are in bed and hubby is home to be there just in case I need him or the kids need him or something. I will definitely be doing that with soap. I am still trying to figure out WHERE I will be doing soap...I do everything else in the kitchen, but I don't want a spare little lye crystal to get lost on the kitchen floor where a crawling baby could find it. I'm thinking either basement or outside when it gets warmer.
  11. I should probably introduce myself...

    I read a lot about the different types of soap-making before deciding on M&P. Mostly I decided because it seemed simpler and I was also worried about having lye around the baby and animals and everything. But after seeing how just absolutely stunning some peoples' CP can be, I decided I have to give it a try! And I know that I just have to be careful and keep it out of reach....just like sharp kitchen utensils or anything else. I haven't made my first batch yet, but I will soon. It has been a lot of money so far already, but I love it so much! My husband has given me a budget every month. I'm okay with that! I definitely agree that it just feels worth it because of how much I love it.
  12. I've already posted in here a couple times since I joined a few weeks ago, but I never really introduced myself haha. Sorry about that everyone! So rude of me. Here goes! My name is Sara. I'm a stay-at-home mama to two beautiful girls, 9 years old and almost 1! I got into this hobby last Fall and just kind of dove in head first. I was going to just do candles, but I ended up getting into M&P soap, scrubs, bath bombs, and I decided to start doing CP soap soon too. All in just a few short months! (My poor husband...lol.) I just love it all so much. It can be hard to find the time to make with a baby, but I even just enjoy reading and learning everything there is to learn about all of these different products. They're slowly starting to take over my house too, as I'm sure many of you can relate to. For now I'm still learning the ropes, but I really hope to eventually turn this into a full-fledged business. A lot of you are really inspiring and I feel like I can learn a lot from you! Oh and I almost forgot! I am from Maine.
  13. People recommending 12% fragrance

    That's what I was thinking! I usually do about 9% in soy, but I plan on doing 6% when I try out 6006. 12% just seems like it would be so expensive....
  14. I'm in a few groups on Facebook, and there are always lots of people struggling with hot throw. Every single time, without fail, everyone responds with, "up your fragrance to 12%." Now, I'm still a newbie myself, so I really don't have any room to talk. But that hardly seems like it should be the only solution? Throw more fragrance at it. MORE FRAGRANCE. Pretty much every supplier I've seen recommends 6% for almost every wax. Maybe a bit more for soy sometimes. I was just wondering what some of you more experienced chandlers thought about that.
  15. Frustrated with soy...

    Thank you @Sarah S! (My name is actually Sara too haha. ) I really needed to hear that. I live in a small town that has a lot of interest in being all-natural, and sometimes I feel like I need to impress them? Or cater to their interests? I guess? Although, I'll be honest, I think most of my clientele will be out-of-town once I start selling. And I think you're so right....the quality of the product and my personal value in it should be more than what I think certain people want. I have been so frustrated lately....frustrated with my candles not throwing enough, frustrated with my bath bombs crumbling, and I have been a bit down on myself because of it. And thank you @TallTayl for taking the time to send me all of those resources! I'm really glad I found this forum.