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  1. No HT with GW 464

    Am I ok with 6% FO and added at 185 degrees? I had initially read that it should be added at a lower temp, but then saw in several different places that for this exact wax, it should be 185. And I wasn't sure if 6% was good enough, because from what I've seen that's the bottom of the range. I wanted to start there tho, because I didn't want to waste my FO. I made a couple new ones with my pint size mason jars (since my wicks are too big for the jelly jars) and 8% just to see how they turn out. And I'll definitely wait 2 weeks this time!
  2. No HT with GW 464

    Thank you so much!
  3. No HT with GW 464

    Wow, thank you so very much for all of that information! I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to explain all of this to me. I'll be taking some notes from your reply, for sure! Lol! I'm pretty patient in this area, so hopefully I'll be ok. I did read that, while soy wax itself is easy to work with, fragrance can be a little tricky. I definitely want to stick with soy, tho, so I'll keep chugging along! I had a feeling there was a lot more to the wicks that I didn't know, but I was having trouble finding some good information on the subject. Not even from the ECO people themselves. I'll get it figured out eventually. I knew going into this that I wasn't going to be an overnight success and, so far, I've done a lot better than I expected I would. The hot throw is the only area where I seem to be having trouble and I believe that with the information I got today from you wonderful people, I may be well on my way to making some beautifully scented candles. I'm currently only making them for myself, and my family and friends, so they don't need to be perfect.
  4. No HT with GW 464

    Everything I was reading online was telling me "at least 48 hours". I have yet to find a reliable source of information out there anywhere, so I figured this was my best option. The wicks I have are what came with my starter kit. I did look on the ECO website and this size jar was at the low end of the size range, so I had a feeling it was too big. I'll definitely order some smaller wicks. So if I do that and wait at least 2 weeks, hopefully I'll be ok. What percentage of FO do you recommend? I tried 6% in all the candles I had made up to this point, but yesterday I tried a pint size mason jar with 8%. We shall see. Speaking of which, do you think the ECO 14's are good for that size jar? Thank you so much for taking time out to help me! I really appreciate it.
  5. No HT with GW 464

    I looked all over the place to find out what the best cure time was, and the most common answer I found was "at least 48 hours". I did see in a forum somewhere that, like you, someone had the best success at 2 weeks. I'll definitely try that. I have oils from The Flaming Candle, Candlemaker's Store, the Etsy store where I ordered my starter kit (The Place 4 Candles) and a couple from my local Pat Catan's because I was impatient and didn't want to wait for an order lol! I did make sure that they were all specifically for candles. I'm not too educated on the oils, tho, and don't know how to find out which ones work best with soy, unless that's just a matter of trial and error. What percentage of FO do you typically add? I'm very, very new to this and am trying to learn as much as I can, but there is so much conflicting information out there. I figured I'd try my luck here and come straight to people who have actually had success making candles. Thank you for your time!
  6. I am very new to candle making, so please bear with me (and speak to me using layman's terms! Lol!) I am using GW 464, melting to 185, adding 6% FO, stirring for 2 full minutes, pouring anywhere between 135-145 and curing for a minimum of 3 days. CT is always great, but HT not so much. I've tried various oils from different companies. For the most part, I'm using 8 oz jelly jars and ECO 14 wicks. Any advice? (without adding paraffin) Thank you in advance!