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  1. pughaus

    You tube wax hauls

    LOL I'm such a sucker for the ASMR vids-- I can happily spend an hour watching someone turn pages in a magazine!
  2. these just popped up at Calcandlesupply in case anyone is looking for a double wicker with a nice wood lid http://calcandlesupply.com/16-oz-cali-jar/
  3. I get that but I am just re-posting their (A&P) test results which I have to assume is with the same wax in the same test conditions. But if this statement from the vendor is true: "The higher the yield, the smaller the wick and the flame and the resulting heat generated" then the flame heights and ROC numbers should increase as you go down that chart I posted. Instead they are all over the place. What does it all mean??? 😵
  4. Here's the performa chart reorganized by Yield, from small to large. I'm confused by their statement : "The higher the yield, the smaller the wick and the flame and the resulting heat generated" The flame height and rate of consumption data on their chart for several wicks below does not jive with that.
  5. I did test SC21 briefly and found it to be almost identical to coco83 re; wicking and appearance. It didn't have the whiteness of the IGI 6570.
  6. pughaus

    Best birthday present ever!

    Fabulous! Can I move in ??
  7. pughaus

    IGI 6570A Scent Throw

    Bourbon butterscotch sounds delicious! As a candle and a cocktail 🍹
  8. pughaus

    IGI 6570A Scent Throw

    @Laura C Honestly, I didn't test the wax with fragrance enough to say much about the throw. But I have found that in general in my cocowax tests; throw and burn quality tends to improve after 1 week+. Ideally I (try) to let mine cure 10 days or more. Also, if you are using an htp 105; I'd say try some testers with an 83 or even a 73... I suspect that 105 is going to get very hot n smoky as you get down the burn. A wick down + longer cure may improve your throw. What FOs are you testing in this?
  9. pughaus

    IGI 6570A Scent Throw

    How long did yours cure? I didn't get jump lines in that wax but I did get sinkholes and wet spots in the few testers I poured..
  10. @Laura C for gauging the MP diameter on the pan tests- I found it helpful, at the very start, to just take my glass, hold it upside down a press it into the wax around each wick. That gave me a nice indented circle that perfectly mirrored my container diameter. re: melt pool depth- I don't know how much you can assess in an "open space" test like a pan test. The container is such a factor in MP depth. I suppose you can try and compare consumption by looking at the depths in the pan, but IMO the pan test is really useful as a diameter test and to give a basic idea of wick performance in a new wax: flame heights, mushrooms, etc..
  11. pughaus

    Slippery floors

    What tries to kill me every time I use it is my stainless steel appliance cleaner- that stuff seems to be made of a WD40 and silicon and no matter how careful I am, some always ends up on my floor just waiting for me to walk across the kitchen and slide on my butt. It's like a banana peel in a can!
  12. pughaus

    Slippery floors

    something else is going on there. The wax is not traveling throughout your house.
  13. pughaus

    Another marketing observation

    the down side of neverending sales or marking up so you can mark down is that you train your customers to wait for a sale and never pay full price. I'm not a fan of that approach and while it's a common pricing strategy in dept stores, it's also true that the very dept stores that use that strategy are pretty much failing across the board. Also, crafters aren't mega retailers and have very different business models and appeal. I don't mind rare sales for say, closing out a collection that's being discontinued, moving out some excess seasonal goods, or for very limited times- like a one day 20% off flash sale for your VIP buyers only- but personally, I wouldn't use mark downs as a regular marketing strategy; especially not for handmade, small production goods whose appeal should not be low pricing but rather, quality, limited qtys, uniqueness... I do like incentives that encourage people to buy more or add on: like a buy 3 get this free or buy 4 get free shipping type of thing. I especially like targeted marketing and keeping your loyal customers with you by offering them 1st dibs at a new fragrance, exclusive candle of the month specials.. etc. IOW discounts + perks should be reserved for your best customers with the goal of keeping those customers loyal and not necessarily for luring in new accounts. (full disclosure: I'm a Dir. of Marketing )
  14. It's not you. It's the coconut wax. I will even go out on a limb and say, there is no "right wick" out there that will make it less so. I have tested so many wicks in coconut waxes in the last year- from the common to the obscure only- available- spooled and unprepped in bulk and my conclusion is:coco wax alone burns too easily and soots like hell. If anyone would like to disprove that with a clean burning off the shelf coconut wax blend or all coco wax candle I will gladly pay freight and test burn their coco wax candle and document the results. I love the idea of an all or mostly coconut wax candle but the reality, for me, has been ..not so good.