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  1. I've never been there before so I wouldn't know. I've never made a dock pickup at any candle supplier and likely never will because there are none located near me. Just off the top of my head, Candle Science is probably about 800 miles from where I live. So frankly, I don't care what they charge. I didn't understand what it meant, thought it was humorous and as @Laura C said, it is a little unclear the way it is worded. I thought it was funny so I was just making an attempt at a little dry humor, David Letterman style. I suppose I should have thrown in a whole lot of emoticons to make sure everyone here could easily understand I was merely making a joke. Maybe the administrators should establish a special humor section of the forum. <<<------ Emoticon denoting that I'm not . I'd just like to learn things here and still have fun whenever possible.
  2. Quentin

    Advice Needed

    15% you say? Will that be in square feet, cubic feet, millimeters, furlongs, hectares, sections or quarter-sections or in square miles, Mr. Mayor? How much of MY air space above MY house do I need to include in my report, Mr. or Mrs. Alderman? Now then, let's talk about the computer. When I (meaning Kerven) calculate using your 15% figure, does that include the entire desk or just the area where the feet of my monitor make actual contact with the desk, Madame Councilwoman? How many copies of my reports will I need to bring to the next City Council meeting? Oh yes, will the city provide an easel for my pie charts, aerial photographs and other graphics I'll be bringing or do I need to bring my own? [Editor's comment: This is too much fun! I could sit here till midnight. NOT!]. Just who will come and measure, by the way ? In Quentin's Castle, Quentin does the measuring. Don't ask these questions of the lady behind the counter at the planning board office. If she DOES happen to hear you out till you're finished, she'll just hand you a form, tell you to fill it out in blue or black ink only and say "That will be $250.00". Then with a smile on her face she'll add, "We take debit cards now, too." If Mr. Inspector ever does show up, he'll look at your big wax melter and say something like: "That's a nice turkey fryer ya got there. I bet you cooked up some big uns in that thing, ain't cha?" Of course, they'll never tell you who complained. I say, no witnesses, no body, no murder weapon = no crime! I like the way you think, Kerven.
  3. Quentin

    Advice Needed

    Attorney? Never. You're 2nd question? I'll just say this. Home business goes on all the time and there will be more and more with each passing day. Let THEM deal with it. Exactly. What really bothers our friends in government is that they aren't getting their cut. I'm talking about taxes. They give it a nice name and call it something like a "privilege license". I have other names for it.
  4. Quentin

    This is nuts!

    I can't smell them anymore. Really, I'm serious. I thought no one else could smell them either. So, I signed up the lady across the street to be my tester. I take them to her, and she reports back. I know they must be doing something, because at least once a day my eyes start to burn so badly that it feels like someone threw acid in my face!
  5. This is a snip from the Candle Science checkout at the point where the customer selects a shipping method. Look at the statement highlighted in blue. I've read this over and over again and I can't make any sense of this one. "Free" pickup at their facility?
  6. First I've heard of these two types of wicks, or maybe I call them something else. I'll check out those links. You must have a list of links as big as a phone book. For you younger guys and gals who may not remember, a phone book was a..... Oh never mind!
  7. Quentin

    Dust covers & boxes

    I saw some of those sleeve things too. I can't remember why I backed away on them. The link you've given here doesn't look familiar, so I'll check it out. What material were you using to make your own dust covers?
  8. Quentin

    You tube wax hauls

    As far as YouTube, I prefer the old Driver's Education crash films that they showed us in high school to try and make us barf. Those are quite mild compared to today's prime time TV shows.
  9. Quentin

    Dust covers & boxes

    Well, I never found any that would work. Mostly I saw round and more round. The one square one that was sent to me though, was from Candle Packaging, USA. Their selection consists of exactly two items. Large & small. I even took another path and looked for companies that sold to food service and take out restaurants. Nothing. I just gave up. If you'd like to take the baton and speed off down the track, by all means do and let us know what you find.
  10. Quentin

    This is nuts!

    Try them with whipped cream on top.
  11. Wood wicks as double wicks. Yes. I've got bags full. Never dawned on me. I'' give that a try. I think @TallTayl is probably right on the figurines. Throw all your wicks in a bag, close your eyes, reach in and grab one. I am inclined to think of something with a tin core when it comes to the figurines and silicones.
  12. Greetings. Here we are again for another wick sizing question. All the wick selection guides have been helpful when I study and compare them side by side. However, they are all based on cylindrical molds and containers. How do you choose a wick size when you are using a mold or container that has a different or odd shape? I'm not talking about just square or octagonal. Those aren't too difficult. What if you have, for example, an oval that is 6 inches one direction and only 2.5 inches the other way? How about a pyramid shape or a silicone mold that is shaped like a figurine with an irregular shape? What do you do then?
  13. Quentin

    You tube wax hauls

    I love it. About 18 or 20 seconds into the video he mentions he used to shop with Victoria when he was real young, 11 or 12 years old. Now he's much older. Age 20! So much older and wiser now!<<<----- Him. Me---->>>
  14. Quentin

    You tube wax hauls

    I think Victoria is his Mother.