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  1. lisabeth13

    Hi From Canada

    Oh wow... 6 months! lol Poor guy! I don't think my husband would ever agree to live anywhere else, even if I said I was going without him. hahaha. I'm sure I'll adjust to the winter and we will find things to do to make it more bearable. I'd love to try cross country skiing, although I've heard it's pretty challenging. lol... that's funny. I've been to a Titans game and a Vols game. Once was good enough for me... I'm not super into football but I sure had to hear about it constantly in TN. Most people there are obsessed with the Vols. There is orange everywhere. It was worse when I lived in Knoxville (home of the vols) for awhile. Game day traffic there was the worst!
  2. lisabeth13

    Hi From Canada

    Yeah, so far it hasn't actually been too bad. lol The first time I visited Toronto was in February so sadly, I know it gets much worse than this. He actually bought me a Canada Goose jacket for Christmas several years ago to entice me to move here... but it took me a long time to make the move. haha. I do need some ear muffs and a nice warm hat though. But yes, the plan is to sit around and make candles all winter. Are you a Titans fan?
  3. lisabeth13

    Hi From Canada

    I looked into shipping from some of the suppliers I've seen in the U.S. and the shipping is brutal!! One place was $41. And I'm sure there are extra costs for it to go through customs and all that. I'm from Tennessee (I don't fit any stereotypes of the south though...lol) - born and raised, so while I didn't experience hot weather year round... our winters were very mild in comparison. We went out the other night for his work's christmas party, I had to wear a dress without leggings and told him I'd head back outside again once it was summer. Once it gets below freezing... I'm for sure not going out anywhere. lol
  4. lisabeth13

    Hi From Canada

    @Gary in Canada Thank you for all the great info, Gary! I will definitely check out those places! I'm trying to make it feel like home here as best as I can. It's going to be an adjustment for a bit (can we say cold??!) but I think my hubby is worth it.
  5. lisabeth13

    Hi From Canada

    @Gary in Canada Hi Gary! I just moved to Canada myself from the U.S. I'm pretty bummed about the high shipping charges and not as many options here. My parents are still state side so I may just have things shipped to their house and pick it up when I go there. I am curious though, I saw you mentioned in another thread, a FO supplier in Canada called New Direction Aromatics... have you tried that one out? We don't live too far from there so would it be worth checking out? I see they supply to Lush? Although, I'm sure Lush has custom scents made just for them too.
  6. I have exhausted myself reading through dozens of topics on here... and I was all ready to hop on the FO wagon when I came across people discussing the health issues (asthma, headaches...etc.) they experienced when breathing in FO's for hours everyday. The solution was to wear a respirator. Now... I'd be willing to do that and possibly get an air purifier down the road if that's what needs to be done... but if EO's can work, then I think I'd rather attempt that just for mine and my family's own sake. I'd be doing these candles in a very small apartment with no real way to vent the air. My husband and I have both developed seasonal allergies the last couple of years and our cat seems to have her own set of allergies as she often has sneezing fits. So, I guess my questions are: Have you had any luck getting EO's to work in candles (I'm wanting to use coconut/beeswax) Would EO's work better in something like tarts?? How well do they work in soaps & bath bombs? I really love some of the scents in FO's... but I'm a lot more weary now after having read through some of the posts on here. I even took it one step further and read through some of the MSDS on some oils... one of them said "may cause cancer". I realize most anything can cause cancer these days it feels like but when you've known people who have had cancer ... it really makes you question things like this. Especially when I'd be surrounded by these oils all day and not just a few hours at a time while burning here and there. I was also a bit concerned about the issues FO's present when they end up in the water system and in the MSDS, it says to keep it out of the drains. So... how do you clean your materials when you're done?? Or do they mostly mean just in large quantities? Anyway... what are your thoughts??