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  1. Hahaha Great idea... there's a good chance they would be....I haven' t made any in a very looong time !!
  2. So I just ended up with a few hundred pillar candle molds.....really don't make pillar candles...but I guess I could....or I could just sell the molds and focus on my containers...yes I'm leaning towards selling. Just wondering what you guys think ...what is more profitable...pillar candles or container candles...where's the bigger market?
  3. hi smellywax Yes I have read that and it's good information...but I'm unsure of the size...Honestly I am thinking that its just not worth the effort .to test ...hate to waste 6000 plus wicks ....
  4. Equipment Questions

    Ohhh Ok I understand...very clever!!
  5. Equipment Questions

    hey scented....what's a tilter??
  6. please excuse my ignorance Flicker ...I only know wicks by HTP Series, Eco series, LX Series, and even then its a struggle I saw that someone kindly wrote on the boxes what they used them in (that definitely helps)...but not with what kind if wax....although I suspect it was straight paraffin looks like some more research is needed I had hoped I might be able to utilize some of them with a 464/4630 blend...May just have to sell all the wicks along with the pillar candle molds they came with! Wonder if anyone here needs pillar molds....perhaps I better place an add in the classies! Thanks a ton for your help Flicker!
  7. Is it just the black lids your looking for Reliquar? What size are they? I have lots that I don't need...if they are the right size... you can have them for the cost of shipping....I will post a picture later this afternoon
  8. Hey Flicker not sure why the photos wouldn't upload in email...but here they are...let me know if you can decipher what they actually are. I would love to know if I could actually use them. I also got the containers and molds that are listed on the side of the labels...but I did not get any wax so I have no idea what wax is suitable for the wicks.
  9. I can Flicker ...let me go out and take some pictures...thank you ...thank you
  10. Ended up with 6 huge boxes (6000) of Atkins and Pearce Wicks but can't make heads or tails of the labels on the boxes....Contacted the company but I was told they don't make candles...just sell wicks hahahah fair enough. It would be a shame to see these wicks go to waste though.
  11. Identification, input, advice

    I use silicone cupcake liners....would that work for you?
  12. Are you ready for some pictures?

    How is it that there was no vet in the area Trappeur? That Just makes a sad story even sadder. I remember my dad having to take his gun out to shoot a cow that was dying and I thought he was so cruel....I later realized he was the bravest man I knew and did something he found so difficult to do for the sake of the cow. I'm originally a city girl but when my girls where smaller we adopted 2 horses ....that's what happens when you leap before you look! They where great pets...Brandy was a 32 year old quarter horse and lived for another 10 years with us and Fant was a 22 year old Arabian with asthma ...They where affectionately known as the asthmatic and the cripple...or the lawn ornaments. I think we all learned a lot from those two horses and loved them to no end....Sadly they are gone now as are all our dogs. Sometimes I miss them dearly but the heartache of a sick animal is unbearable. I'm sorry you had to go through that but I think being a herd animal Timmy must have appreciated you being there till the end.....
  13. Are you ready for some pictures?

    Your an Angel ...a real Angel... taking care of all those cats........your pictures of Timmy and Bonnie made me cry...good thing I'm alone ...that would be a hard one to explain LOL And all that aside I LOVE your candles. Thanks for sharing....now wheres the kleenex? Please go see your Dr. and take care of yourself... so we can go for a steak dinner one day
  14. Heaven Help ME!

    Welcome back Flicker...good luck on your fresh start! I have been doing things differently ...I make what I like ...as many as I like.. and take them to the market and a few stores ...when they are sold out that's it...no commitments to repeat fragrances...my policy is "if you like it buy it".. it seems my customers don't expect anything different. It has taken the stress out of something that brings me joy...I would be happy if I could sit my studio and just make candles........although it took me a few years to figure that out .