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  1. One of my accounts I am making the clam shell melts for them and to just put the clam shells on a shelf unit is really going to be a mess real quickly so I ordered this for 11.99 and thought I would set the clam shells into each section by fragrance name. It would look neat and orderly and organized I think. I was thinking I would make up a label and put on the drawer front of each fragrance. Now the depth of this drawer is 4" deep so you wouldn't really see the clam shells as they would be hidden in the sections so I thought I would cut a block of wood 1 or 2" in thickness and drop into the bottom of each section so when the clam shells are set upright in each section they would stick out of each section. I hope this works....I can't think of another better idea. I ordered just one for me to see how it works. Geesh, I could make these instead of paying 12.99 and 9.00 shipping...And too, I would have to order 2 units to sit side by side to go the length of the shelf they will sit on, so maybe I better make them and I'll just keep this for me. its a Very pretty display Trapp...really are you going to be able to make something similar for 20.00?...maybe...but is it worth your time...probably not...just my humble opinion
  2. i was thinking the same as talltayle....big ol punch and another smaller one for the center... then you go to www.avery.com and find a template the right size...but just use cardstock rather than labels or stickers
  3. Hey Trapp Can you tell me what size you need?...I'm thinking too😬
  4. Sunday

    The highest quality FO? From Europe perhaps?

    I'm not sure if they can be shipped by air..or only ground transport (boat in your case Candlesinflorida) because of flashpoint.....just a thought Have you given sweetcakes a shot ...looks like they carry a selection of high end perfume dupes...worth a try and I'm sure ...although expensive I expect it will not be more than a shipment from France....you might also give lebermuth a try...this is just my humble opinion
  5. Sunday

    fancy pots

    That's an awesome idea ScentedPleasurez....it didn't even occur to me to tag it...how did you like them ? are they as pretty in person?
  6. Sunday

    fancy pots

    definitely lids Trapps ...or maybe with a box a lid would be overkill...hmmmm... I really like these boxes ...they come in a few colors and I drool over them every time I look at them..but at 7.00 a pop...then the jar ...wax ...fragrance etc...my free labour and still my candles are going to be 200.00each ..ok maybe not quite but you get my drift!.
  7. Sunday

    fancy pots

    I agree Trapp those are very nice and the price is really quite good...now to find some nice boxes ...hmmm...new thread maybe
  8. Sunday

    fancy pots

    Where are these from Trapp?if you don't mind sharing
  9. Sunday

    fancy pots

    thanks for the tip Hopie....really seems to be the best price so far...
  10. Sunday

    fancy pots

    they are beautiful Trapps...but where do you put the label?...maybe on the lid (which also has a pretty design on it)
  11. Sunday

    fancy pots

    thanks pughaus...it was the ones from woodenwick that I posted...I really love them but it chokes me to have to include the cost of a 5.00 jar to the cost of my candle...is that about what I can expect to pay for a nice container?
  12. Do you guys know where I can find some vessels that's just are just a bit fancier than a mason jar ...something similar to these?
  13. Sunday

    Tough sell fragrance... have u ever

    I agree Hopie I like funny names ...witty and creative names ...even cute names....but I HATE stupid names ...yup I hate the name MONKEY FARTS (it reminds me of 12 year old boy humor)... but i do agree other people think its funny and it sells for sellers..guess we all have a different sense of humor...
  14. Sunday

    Fragrance pairings

    I If it were me I would lie through my teeth 😏...wont affect the store owner one tiny bit ....but it will cost those bandits a bit of money when they try the wrong wicks....
  15. Sunday

    Fragrance pairings

    Yup THATS What Jerry and Suzanne thought hahahahah ....Ok now I will officially step away from that topic