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  1. Sunday

    Heya from Illinois

    Hi Joey!
  2. I just sit here laughing when anyone complains about the cost of wax..or shipping hahahah...try buying it from Canada ....oh and don't forget our dollar is worth diddly-squat! Anyways forget all that we do it for the love...right? or in my case to use up my stash...dare I say hoarders collection of fragrances. Anyways WELCOME Christina!!
  3. Sunday

    A Little help getting to know you.

    What's your name? you can call me Sunday How old are you? A young happy healthy 59 or am I 58? ..yes 58.. at this point who cares Where do you live? Victoria on Vancouver island...Canada Are you married? Any kids? Married 32 years to high school crush...3 beautiful daughters How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever?Messed around with candles as a young teen 1975...remember those Scandinavian candles that looked like eggs...I hollowed out eggs and filled them with wicks and wax...made sand candles and ice candles I (guess parenting was different then since my parents let me mess around with hot wax on the stove)...,....then nothing for 40 years... nothing waxy anyways How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Fell back into candle making a few years ago sell at some farmers/Christmas markets now and then and wholesale to a store...thats all...dream of making upscale la - de - da candles...and if collecting fragrances could be my hobby ....well... If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? My husband and I have a business and I have a wedding rental business...,I'm a florist and did wedding florals up until last year. Anything else we should know? I love to garden and am in the process of turning my ten acres into a park..Yes just like you everyone laughed at me when I said that's what I wanted to do...they're coming around now ...love love love big projects Spend time helping my 85 year old mom stay in her home..broken hips and all (ohh she's not a big project....most days) ...I have collected an insane amount of vintage china teacups hahahah I'm a coffee drinker and have never used a single one. Addicted to audio books it's like story time all the time...Big Fan of Dahlias also big fan of craftsaver and all you guys...just want to have a gigantic party and invite all of you...think of the fun we would have!....we could use the teacups
  4. Sunday

    Hello there from Misty

    what a wonderful intro Barefoot Girl... l Iike you already!
  5. Sunday

    Hi ..no questions....just Hi

    Thanks Belinda ! Oddly I feel like I already know many of you...I've obviously been lurking in the shadows WAY too long! Very excited to be here!
  6. Sunday

    Hi ..no questions....just Hi

    Tons of great info LRed ...and some comical posts...looks like a fun crowd! Really struggling with all the acronyms for suppliers though...apart from a small handful I have no idea what supplier anyone is talking about ....I started taking notes hahahah
  7. Sunday

    Hi ..no questions....just Hi

    Thanks Talltayl I'm excitd to be here Hahahah Ohh I'm sure the luck it's gone....I can't believe I ever managed to make a single successful candle... my math skills suck!...but I'm really eager to learn. I think I might be a bit lazy about all the testing and testing....that's when I tend to throw caution to the wind and just go for it! ...I need to rein myself in a bit I guess
  8. Hi Everyone! I've spent endless evenings reading endless forums and realize I know nothing about making candles ...I have come to realize that all my candle success can only be attributed to to luck and not skill...so sad...but never mind ...I will get back at it with a little trepidation...and perhaps some education acquired here.