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  1. If you visit thrift stores, you can usually find an old griddle or electric fry pan. I got mine for $3! I also keep an eye out for glass coffee pots to use as pouring pots, plastic spoons to stir, etc. I also got a large pot to use as my double boiler for $4.
  2. What wax do you use for clams?

    I've not noticed the throw being affected at all. I'm using 10% FO load and most scents are great. A few of the Autumn/spicy ones didn't have as great of throw as I wanted, but that is probably just the FO and that specific vendor. And I'm with you, I'm not doing a 2nd pour on tarts!
  3. What wax do you use for clams?

    After trying multiple blends of all kinds of waxes, I finally got a handle on my own Frankentart wax! I ended up using 50/50 of 4630 & 415, and added stearic acid to harden it up, since these are both container waxes. It pours like a dream, no bumps or divots, and HT within 2 days is amazing for most of my FOs.
  4. Stearic acid in Q230?

    Whoops - yes I meant the 4630. Right now I am in the testing phase, so that is not a concern. I've narrowed down my wax choices to either Q230 OR a 50/50 combo of 4630 & 415. Both perform well in containers and clam shells, however in molds, they are a bit soft for my taste. So I would only be adding SA to wax specific use for molded tarts. Wick choice is not a factor due to the usage I am looking for.
  5. Blending Scents Chart

    ok so Peppermint Musk is a no go, but Peppermint Lime might be good - is that right? I'm a visual person, so just want to make sure I understand how to use this.
  6. Stearic acid in Q230?

    So the 230 is performing ok for me, as is the 50/50 combo of 4730 & 415 I've recently tested. However, both feel too soft/sticky. I'm especially worried about the summer here in Texas with the softness of these waxes. Has anyone added Stearic Acid to 230, 4730 or 415? I don't have any on hand to try but will order some if anyone thinks this may help.
  7. Blending Scents Chart

    I'm still confused by what is meant by "opposite" and "diagonal" - aren't these two the same thing on the wheel?
  8. Thanks Moonshine! I went ahead and picked some of each up, just 10lbs to test. They swear by it, so hopefully this will work. Will let you know how it turns out!
  9. Has anyone tried a 50/50 of 4630 & 415? That is what my local candle supply recommended, they use it in tarts and containers.
  10. What wax do you use for clams?

    I talked to someone today, they told me they are using 50% GW415 and 50% pure paraffin ( no details given on that) for both their melts, tarts and containers. Said it works great with no frost and great hot and cold throw. and they sell it constantly. The GW416 has been pure frost hell for me, so I'm about willing to try this mixture. I made clamshells last week with the Q230 and it is creamy, with just one small almost unnoticeable spot of frost. Cold throw is good, but since its all soy I'll need to wait a while to test melt it. For me, I used to use a 70/30 para soy mix years ago. I'm inclined to use a mix using paraffin in melts for both throw and to cut down on cure time. If I can sell the parasoy mix in containers, I would be happy to, but so many people are hung up on the idea that soy = healthy
  11. I wouldn't suggest 416 - the frosting is just AWFUL. In the clamshells, its ok, but when I test melted it, the frost was disgusting in my melter once it cooled down. I got ahold of some of the new Q230 and made tarts yesterday. The cold throw is amazing, and not one speck of frost on it! I did have the trace smell of vinegar when I melted the Q230, but it dissipated and I do not smell it in the finished tarts/clamshells. No smoking when I melted it either.
  12. What wax do you use for clams?

    I've been testing the GW 416, but the frosting is just ridiculous. I'm going to try adding beeswax to see if that helps. Southwest Candle Supply showed me melts made with the Q230 and they look AMAZING - no frost, great CT - just beautiful. If the beeswax & 416 doesn't work, I'll try the Q230.
  13. Apparently that is exactly what I was doing! I just did a few pours, and the ones where I did not use the 86% factor, I had about 0.50 oz overage. Back then I was using a 70/30 parasoy blend. so 14% was probably the exact number to use. Looks like i will need to use 10% now that I'm using 100% soy. Thanks everyone for chiming in!
  14. That sounds about right. Right now I'm working with just clamshells and tart molds, and I did the same - weigh out the volume needed for each one. I was wondering what the heck I did a decade ago! Thanks so much for the assistance!
  15. I used to make and sell candles 10+ years ago, and decided to start again for fun and extra cash. I looked at my old formula sheet to give me a starting point, and I am confused by it. LOL It shows that I took the amount of wax needed for a container and multiplied by 86%, then added in FO, dye, any additives, etc. For the life of me I cannot remember why I did that!! Can someone help an aging brain on this one? Was this to account for the difference in wax between a solid and liquid form?? Or was I just crazy back then? For instance, this show to make 2 jelly jars I would need 11.70 total volume of wax, which then separated out to 0.71 oz FO and 10.99 oz wax ,