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  1. Cello bag size for Scalloped edge melts?

    Where are you in Texas? DFW has 3 candle suppliers. May be worth a day trip if you are close enough.
  2. No - i'm not a huge fan of soy, and i JUST got a good parasoy blend going. My concern is that they stated they had to switch to the Q waxes to comply with FDA requirements that go into effect June 2018. Now they bring back the old wax - will they again pull it off the market to meet the June deadline? Too much inconsistency. Same reason I won;t use Peak again - why put myself in a position to get burned by a supplier?
  3. I use the large Presto Pot (Big Kettle) and I have a hot plate that I use with a large, ugly pan I got at Goodwill for 50% off, so I think I paid $2 for it. My guy is looking at making a small wooden stand for the Presto, so I can place a scale on my table, pour pot on top and have the wax flow into the pot as I weigh it. Hopefully someday I'll need a larger melter, but it will be awhile. Look on OfferUp = I see the old style turkey fryers there occasionally, usually under $50
  4. So Many Changes and Loss

    Hi there! I too used Greenleaf's parasoy - are you in the DFW area? I stepped away from candlemaking about the time they closed up, so I am not sure about a replacement. Since then I've been using 6006 to make candles and melts for myself and friends/Family. Last fall I started testing in earnest to relaunch a business - I ended up blending my own parasoy with 3 different waxes. It was the only way to get the exact results I wanted, since all of the local blends and soy waxes didn't work. Since i live in Dallas, I am spoiled to have 3 suppliers within a 30 min drive in either direction, so I made do with what I could get locally, instead of paying to ship wax.
  5. The comments were the best - people didn't understand its a comedy video, and were trying to get her tips!
  6. Candle melts

    Yep, I use a 65/35 blend of paraffin to soy waxes for my melts.
  7. Scent Loss in Melts

    Nickie can you let us know which vendor is said to lose scent? I'm just curious, as I use a softer parasoy blend. And if anyone wants to share these crazy wax reviews on youtube, please feel free! LOL
  8. Scent Loss in Melts

    I'm a huge fan of Vintage Chic Scents - all of her scents are her own blends, and then she builds them. For example, she has a scent called Jackie O, which is like 4 scents blended. She has a Cookie Monster scent that is 5 scents, and she combines these two blends to make Cookie Monster loves Jackie O. Her total scent list is ridiculously long, but she restocks monthly with some sort of a theme, so every scent is not available every month, or even every other month. I have some of her melts made early in 2017 and they smell amazing. I *think* Hayden Rowe has a single scent note added to every scent, at least all of the ones I ordered had a similar note. My friends also picked it up as well when they sniffed the scent shots I received. Her packaging is very upscale, but I wasn't overly impressed with either the scents or the longevity of the scent.
  9. Golden Wax 416

    I had NO luck with 416 - the frost got worse after I melted it and then cooled. Absolutely ugly and granular looking. I will say that I did not spend a lot of time tweaking it at all, and promptly crossed it off my list of possible waxes.
  10. Fire Starters

    I ended up making 3 different kinds of fire starters this season: 1. Pretty, decorative ones using new wax ( leftover from my testing adventures this fall) and wintery/Chistmas scents. I placed these in Christmas tins for a gift set, $10 for 3 firestarters in a tin from the Dollar Tree. They sold well, especially to co-workers and friends who needed co-worker/neighbor/postman type gifts. 2. Semi Pretty ones using leftover undyed wax (from testing adventures and excess wax) with existing FO, that I then added Fireside FO to give it a smoky winter scent. The FO was one that I tried and decided not to use in candles, so using for these simply prevented waste. These were sold loose at $1.50 each or 10 for $10. These also did well at the small show I brought them to. 3. Ugly firestarters - random colors, FO, no pretty pine cones or decorative stuff added. I made these in smaller paper condiment cups ( the kind you get ketchup in at a burger joint). I used these for myself, but I think I will package in a sleeve maybe 10 for $5 and advertise as bonfire/camping starters. Would love to hear if anyone had success with fire starters, and what kind of wax leftovers you used. I am now saving all of my excess wax, pouring into molds and keeping in big rubbermaid containers for next season's starters.
  11. Searching for the perfect tart wax

    416 frosted horribly for me = I mean, frosting like I've never seen. It was ugly in the clamshells, and once i melted it in my personal melter, it cooled down to a solid but granular looking surface. I'm using a blend of 4630 & 415, and I add 4794 for molded melts. Since I have no control over my customer's warmers, I tend to use a slightly softer wax so their tealights and scentsy warmers will work on it, since those warmers tend to be cooler than the Mainstays and Better Home ones available at WalMart.
  12. Scent Loss in Melts

    I'm a member of several wax groups on FB, and it amazes me how much they spend on tarts, clamshells, etc. I've ordered from 8-10 vendors that the "waxies" adore and I found most of them to be....ok. Scent wise some were boring, their melts were not stronger than mine, and one vendor I think adds a single note scent to all of their blends to give them a unifying scent. I found one that was really innovative in their blends and am a huge fan, and one that was really unique in their branding. The others seem to be a lot of hype, as far as I am concerned. The makers must be really good at PR and promoting their brand.
  13. Stearic acid in Q230?

    No, I settled on using a blend of 4630 & 415, with a bit of 4794 added for molded tarts only.
  14. Mica as wax melt coloring

    I've added cosmetic glitter to my melts for shimmer, but not micas. May have to play with this!
  15. If you visit thrift stores, you can usually find an old griddle or electric fry pan. I got mine for $3! I also keep an eye out for glass coffee pots to use as pouring pots, plastic spoons to stir, etc. I also got a large pot to use as my double boiler for $4.