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  1. Velma

    Indiana Candle Supply

    Sugar cookie dough is a GREAT blender - throw some cinnamon roll in it, or other bakery scents and it really ups the sweet bakery smell. Definitely cannot use it on its on, but I use it in several blends.
  2. Velma

    Strongest Leather

    Lone Star Candle's Leather is amazing! That is my favorite one.
  3. Velma

    CS Mistletoe--what more could you ask for?

    An absolute winner last year in melts - I'm adding it in candles this year. Hope it's a big seller!
  4. Since most of us make our own, purchasing probably isn't on our radar much. My customer vary from people that change the scent every day, to people who use the same bit of wax for 3 weeks. LOL
  5. I really like 4630, but my customers want soy, so I blend with 415. For standalone melts, I add some pillar wax to add some hardiness to it. I may have to try 6006 again - I tried it years ago but decided to use a parasoy that a local supplier had. Will never make that mistake again - the supplier closed without warning, which was one reason that led to me stop making candles for several years.
  6. Velma

    What makes your product unique?

    Thanks everyone! My designer really nailed it - the only requirement I had was that leopard print MUST be used. Everything else was up to her, and she absolutely nailed what I wanted without me understanding what I wanted, in the first try. Seriously, there was no way I could do this on my own. I know nothing about graphic stuff and really have no inclination to try it. I really am someone who does most things on my own, but I gladly handed this task off to a professional. It made my life easier and made launching my etsy store a breeze.
  7. Hi all! I have made this for my personal use, just using rubbing alcohol, about 10 drops of FO and distilled water. Works great, but I have some candle customers who are asking if I can make a spray for them. I've not made anything but wax, so this is out of my element to say the least. Doesn't help that I barely squeezed out a C in Intro to chem and then switched to physics in school. After researching I think I should use polysorbate 20 in place of the rubbing alcohol - Should it be an amount equal to the distilled water, or just a few teaspoons as I did with the rubbing alcohol with the distilled water making up the rest of the bottle? Appreciate any tips on this - beyond nervous in figuring this out.
  8. Velma

    What makes your product unique?

    Like a lot of us, I do lots of my own blends. I'm just a beginner at blending, so it's trial by fire for me. I think what sets me apart is I really sat down and thought about WHO I am, who my target market is, came up with a list of adjectives to describe me and my company. From there I jotted down scent names since I rename almost everything, and then talked at length with my graphics designer about how to integrate it together. All of this before I sold anything at all. I had my company name picked out, and had already signed up for all social media platforms to reserve the name. My style is edgy, vintage, rock & roll, tongue in cheek BUT I need to be able to sell to housewives in the suburbs too. My designer put it all together perfectly! Its upscale and sophisticated yet fun and tongue in cheek to those that get the joke. My designer is a friend of the family, no way could I have afforded her services! She works for a big downtown firm and does marketing campaigns for big and important things.